To Seek the Stars

Patch Notes - 11/14/2012
  • Current drafts of the ranged weapon overhaul, melee weapon addition / spear overhaul, and armor overhaul posted but NOT IN PLAY YET.
  • Mishria and Daltigoth articles edited to include forms of armor generally present.
  • The four lumberjacks have helped themselves to the party’s stores to re-equip.
H'okay, here we go

Patch Notes 0.1

Blanking of the last campaign finished. Some pages left behind – test pages, house rules sections, since they can be converted.

NPCs removed; previous party is still ‘there’ until the players can pull the data out to save it.

Patch notes 0.2

Session logs posted.

Xenaphon's Journal - Entry 2
War is Hell. Prison camps are worse.

((...Retrieved from Xenaphon “Zen” Cidraen’s data files after the Ymirjar IV Prisoner Exchange…))

Xenaphon's Journal - Entry 1
Downtime, more precious than gold.

((...Retrieved from Xenaphon “Zen” Cidraen’s data files after the Ymirjar IV Prisoner Exchange…))

La 4

Added an introduction on the Draconian Armada page.

La 3

Added the race portals, even if the Paka one is the only one with content. Not anything new, just another, semi-handier way to see things.

Entry the Second

Minor updates! Clan Illistyn has received details and Clan Kilath is pretty largely done.

Entry the First

So. Here we are. On the adventure log. This isn’t so much an adventure log as a “Hey, look, we’re working!” kind’ve deal. You know? Nah, of course not.

So what’s new. A major overhaul on the starship system is underway, as we leave behind the old D-20 system and create something a bit different. It draws a lot from the things like Starfleet Battles, Fasa’s old STSTCS, and scraps of an old starship combat game called Alpha Omega. Yeah. We’re drifting more towards tabletop wargaming in that respect and less RPG. But that’s not a bad thing, since its what the ship aspect of it is meant to be usable for. Any of it happening in an adventure should largely be background / catalyst material, going however the GM needs it to go.

What else? Well, we’ve got new entries on the Paka clans started, the race page on the Paka as well. Expect more there. Whats coming next.. most of all, finishing the clan entries, and getting a bit more numbers entered, so more of my players can actually, you know, roll characters.

I know, weird idea, huh?


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