Franz Eisenberg

Vampire, Count, Master of Tombshade


A tall, elegant man in his thirties, well groomed and dressed in the latest fashions of the aristocracy. Well spoken, polite, but with an almost tangible aura of power and dread about him.


Count Franz Eisenberg is very old. When Tombshade was first founded by decree of the lich king Yawgmoth, an Eisenberg – presumably Franz himself – oversaw the effort. Since then, he has been firmly entrenched in the city. When the war came, Eisenberg personally led the defense of Tombshade, surrendering the city only when the walls had been breached and the citadel itself threatened by artillery.

After the war, the Daltrithaar left the nobility in place – not realizing what those same nobles frequently were. Presumably, Eisenberg and his fellow holdouts used this time to strengthen themselves, bolstering their forces and biding their time.

Now, with the events of sessions 20-21, Eisenberg has launched an offensive against the occupiers, casting the Dwarves out of Tombshade and re-lighting the old Mishrian beacons atop the citadel. . .

Franz Eisenberg

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