Ilphvrae Do'ghym

Ilphvrae Do'ghym stands about 5 feet tall and looks to weigh around 100 lbs. She has a slender build but slightly muscular.


Name: Ilphvrae Do’ghym
Alias: Raven, Morgaine Bloodmoon
Nickname: Ilphie
Race: Paka
Age: Appears to be 15 or 16 years old
Hair: Long black hair with a bluish tinge (think of a ravens feathers with the blue tinge to it)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Tanned

Ilphvrae Do’ghym stands about 5 feet tall and looks to weigh around 100 lbs. She has a slender build but slightly muscular. She is lightly tanned. She has long black hair with a bluish tinge to it that she pulls back into a ponytail most of the time. She is commonly found wearing some well made leather armor that has been dyed black. A scimitar adorns her left hip and a dagger protrudes from each of her boots. She wears one splash of color and that is blood red sash tied around her waist.


Ilphvrae is the second child of Phyxantar the master of the fairly well known merchant family, Do’ghym. The Do’ghym are one of the few of the Kilath Clan that still retain their land holdings and their minor noble rank for whatever that is worth these days. Ilphvrae has a sister, Laelkacha who is much older.
Ilphie, as she is known to her family, is and has always been a daddy’s girl which is of great consternation to her sister. Lael took over much of the duties of a mother to Ilphie after their mother died when she was only 3 years old. Out of love for the family and the inner need of order in all things Lael tries to force Ilphie into a mold of herself. This has caused quite a few verbal disputes between the sisters and 1 pottery and dish breaking episode where Lael found out the extent of her sisters agility and the perfection of her aim. Both were very embarrassed by this incident as they both have a great sense of honor and pride.
Being that she is the second child and yet to reach her age of majority, Ilphie spends a lot of her time exploring the more colorful sides of the city. She has developed numerous skills quite commonly associated with a thief and rogue. She is quite adept at skulking in the shadows and moving as silent as a feather on the wind. She has yet to encounter a lock she can’t open and found some skill in anti thieving device removal or avoidance. To her this is all a game, a play being acted out from one of the many books she has read, right down to the street name she has taken of ‘Raven’. She also uses another name, that of Morgaine Bloodmoon, another character she has derived from her flashy romantic novels of the Dashing Rogue.
After a falling out (more of a I will show you by running away) with her sister over her sisters insistence that she attend the company meetings, even though she yet has a roll in the company, Ilphie has started her life as an adventure.

Ilphvrae Do'ghym

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