Kurdros Ironbelt

Captain, 7th Kheledrast


A fairly cheery looking Dwarf, red haired and bearded, wearing a sleeveless grey greatcoat fastened with a red sash. A large wheellock pistol hangs from his belt opposite a falchion.


A captain of the Dwarven light infantry, Kurdros Ironbelt is fairly young for an officer, having received his present rank during the Daltrithaar advance on Tombshade. The fighting in the forests south of Garmol was particularly vicious, and it was the Dwarves who spearheaded the advance. What was normally a five day journey in peacetime became almost two weeks of back and forth fighting through the trees – fighting that wore through the 7th Kheledrast’s chain of command until it left a young corporal wearing a captain’s braid.

He conducted himself well in the campaign – well enough that when peace was restored and the order of battle was replenished, he retained his new rank. Since the war, like the rest of the 7th Kheledrast, he’s been on garrison duty in Tombshade.

Kurdros Ironbelt

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