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By the old reckoning the year is 413. Four hundred and thirteen years ago, the Lich king Yawgmoth established his domination of these lands, ruling all he surveyed with an iron fist. All the continent, from the southern shores to the border of the Great Forest in the north, was brought to heel.

For just over four hundred years the Lich ruled, his power cemented by an endless army of the Undead and guarded by the watchful eyes of his Demonic allies. It was a peaceful time, of prosperity and plenty for all his many subjects. The laws were strict but fair, trade and industry flourished, and there was no fear of bandits on the roads.

All of this changed six years ago. The Kingdom of Daltigoth pushed south, cementing its hold as far as the edge of the Great Forest. A tenuous peace held sway for five long, anxious years.

Last year all of that changed. For unknown reasons, perhaps madness brought on by centuries of undeath, the Lich king Yawgmoth sent his demonic lieutenant to assassinate the king of Daltigoth. Howling their war cries to the four winds, their armies poured across the border, cutting a swathe through the Undead legions and ultimately shattering the Lich’s hold upon the land.

It has been just over a year since the fall of Yawgmoth. The Daltrithaar army has retired, save for garrisons. Many of the people have come to see them as liberators for delivering them from the rule of the Undead.

Undead who still walk the land and lurk in shadowy parts of the kingdom, now without a master.. and whispers speak of far darker things lurking in the deep, dark places of the former kingdom of Mishria.

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Campaign Start

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