Session 10

‘Pitr De Vries’ connected
‘Doug’ connected
‘Nick’ connected
Raegar: hello Douglas.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sup
zug zug?
Raegar: Dabu


If you will all recall way, way, way back to last week..

Campaign saved.
Having unlocked ACHIEVEMENT: BOUGHT THE FARM, you set out to spelunk a crypt that Shae had seen on a map somewhere.
After nearly dropping Hoxton down a chute, you climbed down into the crypt..

Where you found yourself hotly engaged with a dozen horrible vile icky icky undead.

Raegar was nearly discombobulated with a longsword, and Hoxton was smitten.

Fortunately, despite the odds and some really crappy rolling, you won and retreated to lick your wounds.

You then sallied forth yet again, engaging another pack of undead and some sort of Foul Ghostie, all of which you proceeded to send back to their eternal rewards.

Raegar: that means we killed ‘em
We prefer “Re-deaded”.

Doug (Ilphvrae): :)
You retreated back to the entryway to lick your wounds and identify the destroyed swords.

from the destroyed ghostie.

there we go

*or possibly the destroyed ghostie’s swords.
choices, choices..

You had two magic swords which you doled out to Raegar and Ilphvrae.

Shae Vanderin: What do our supplies look like? Do we have enough to wait and rest up to full health?

I.. have no idea. Are you carrying food?

Raegar: is there still places to explore here?
Raegar: are there?
Raegar: was there another door?
Raegar: look for hidden passages.
Your last battle was in a hallway.. you don’t nkow what was beyond the undead because you never actually entered the hall.

Raegar: go there
Unrelated: If Raegar’s inventory is any indication, yes, you have supplies still Shae.
Shae Vanderin: Ok.
more-over, you’re not far from friendlies, so I’m not really gonna dice over spare food.

Raegar – you have a corridor. It goes about 50 feet, then turns 90 degrees to the right.

Also, there’s a door to the left at the end.

Raegar: so, around the bend is a door?
Raegar: or there is a door AND a bend?
No, sorry; there’s a 50 foot corridor.

You can take a door (left) or you can go right (corridor)

Ilphvrae assists in the exploration of the rooms looking for anything that could be of use, traps and/or secret doors
Raegar: attempt to open the door.

She’s locked.

Raegar: good thing i can open locks

Raegar: yeeep
Campaign saved.
I see talk, no dice.

Raegar: Skill [Open Lock] [1d20+7 = 24]
Okay, you can open locks.

this one, anyway.

Raegar: "Well, that was easier than I thought.
Selene: “Never a good sign.”

Raegar: “And I still have all my gangly bits and pieces.”
Raegar: “always a good thing.”
Lasariel: “Did you mean dangly? I hope so.”
Raegar: “I have a cold.”
Hoxton: “This is hardly appropriate tomb-raiding conversation, ladies; if you are that interested in Raegar’s dangly bits, speak to him in an inn.”
Raegar: “I’m open to invitations.”
Hoxton gets bored and opens the door with the loving hand of Horus.
The door splinters, spraying the room beyond with shrapnel!

Beyond is a room, square, filled with racks.

Raegar: torture racks?
Nay, shelf racks.
Raegar: hmm
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “..Interesting.”
A few tables, as well.

Raegar: lawnchairs?
And an all too familiar smell.

Raegar: oh poop
Raegar: “Who had the beans for breakfast?”
Wrong smell.

Shae Vanderin: Blood?
Nay, herbal.

Shae Vanderin: Ugh.
Raegar: “It smells like a wood nymph croaked.”
Ilphvrae holds her nose
Raegar: “Hoxton, theres evil over there.”
Raegar points into the room.
Selene: “Preservatives. Same as on the undead in Rurik. Surprised we didn’t notice it fighting the ones earlier.”
Hoxton hefts his mighty hammer and stomps into the room.
Raegar: “I was busy holding onto my head.”
A minute passes as Hoxton stomps around the room. To your surprise, if not your relief, nothing leaps out at him.
Raegar: tour the room
Laid out on the shelves are rolls of rotten cloth and what appear to be embalming tools.

Shae Vanderin: “Keep your eyes sharp, see if we can find anything useful on the shelves.”
Raegar, under one of the tables, you find a chest.

Ilphvrae explore the room, looking for hidding things. traps, doors, stashes of loot, etc…
Raegar: test the lock
Ilph, one wall of the room is lined with weapon racks.
Campaign saved.
Raegar – no lock.
Raegar: open it with the tip of my sword
Small cloth bags.

Raegar: “Found a chest over here.”
As soon as you open the chest, the smell increases a hundred fold.

Raegar takes out a cloth bag.
Raegar opens it.
Selene dives out of the room, gagging. Ilph makes a fortitude check.

Raegar – its full of some sort’ve plant matter. It smells rather foul.

Ilphvrae examines the weapons in the racks
Ilphvrae: Fortitude save
[1d20+4 = 17]
You keep your stomach in line. But its not happy.

Ilphvrae ties her sash around her face and nose
The weapon rack is currently burdened with twenty longswords and twenty large steel shields.

Raegar: Hmm…
They could all use some work, but they’re salvageable.

Raegar: “We should bring some of this up to the surface.”
Ilphvrae agrees
Raegar: “In fact, we could turn it into the authorities.”
Shae Vanderin: “What?”
Ilphvrae: “The men could use these weapons, replace those shortwords and these shields are steel.”
Shae Vanderin: “Why not keep it for our company, no doubt we will need weapons and armor.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “You can give that smelly stuff to the Gov. if you want to give them anything
”color:#540000;“>Ilphvrae gather up the stuff off the racks and start lugging it to the first room and stack it up
”color:#540000;">Shae Vanderin helps.
You haul the 20 swords and 20 shields out of the room.

Raegar sighs..
Shae Vanderin: Head back.
You now have… 44 old longswords and 20 old shields in the entrance.

Shae Vanderin: “Already a worthwhile haul.”
Oh, and 24 skulls.

Shae Vanderin: “Question now is, do we press on or leave now with what we have?”
Lasariel keeps poking around on the shelves while you’re busy.

Raegar: "There is no question in my mind that we must press on.
Selene: “Seems unwise to leave without completing the sweep.. no telling what else is down here.”
Shae Vanderin: “I am only concerned of our current wounds. If we encounter anything as dangerous as we already have it could be bad. It might be a good idea to have one of us scout ahead for potential danger, someone who can move quietly and not be noticed. That way we can gather intelligence on the area.”
Ilphvrae: “Well then lets us contine then. Are we fully healed and ready to go or do we need another day of rest before we venture on.”
Lasariel: “A day’s rest may not be a bad idea..”
Raegar: “Very well.”
Lasariel: “While we’re at it, we can start transferring some of that stuff up and out to Ashby.”
Shae Vanderin: Back to main room then for a full 24 of rest and healing.
Thats… four HP / level, is it?
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I think so yes
Nick (Shae Vanderin): think so.
Shae Vanderin: “Thats a good idea also Las.”
Shae Vanderin: Start hauling stuff up while we rest.
yarr. With a whole day, you can easily truck your plunder up to Ashby, and bring down additional provisions.

Doug (Ilphvrae): Woo!
Shae Vanderin: “I feel much better about this now. Tactically would anyone like to scout ahead in this crypt for danger while the rest of us remain behind a ways? Or would you rather we all travel as a group?”
Raegar runs into the room
Raegar: “INCOMING!”
Raegar: “Its something BIG.”
Shae Vanderin: Draw sword.
Shae Vanderin: “What?! What is it?”
Ilphvrae Looks up “What did you do!”
Raegar: “I’m not sure what it is.”
Raegar: “I found another door.”
Hoxton readies his mighty hammer.
Raegar: “It was locked.”
Raegar: “I unlocked it.”
Shae Vanderin: “I didnt even know you wandered off!”
Raegar: “Something… large… snarled and ran into it.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Well, no you didnt, thats the point of wandering off.”
You all hear the sound of cracking timber in the distance.

It sounds sort’ve like when Hoxton picks locks.

Raegar: “hide
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “it’ll come this way..”
Raegar: “We need to surprise it.”
Raegar goes to the side of the door.
Ilphvrae: We in the main entrance room?
Selene drops down behind a pile of rubble with her bow.

Footsteps. Heavy and stompy.

Raegar: now.. do i go melee or do i go ranged..
Shae Vanderin: Head to a wall and stand still beside it.
Raegar: ranged it is..
Ilphvrae finds a dark spot behind some rubble to hide
Like Hoxton if Hoxton weighed a few hundred pounds.

Shae Vanderin: Trying to hide.
Raegar: …
Raegar: said the legolas wannabe
Shae Vanderin: Want hide rolls?
Boromir said that.
Not Legolas.
Raegar: lol
Doug (Ilphvrae): :)
Stomping into the room is a massive, mishapen creature.. humanoid…

Its parts do not match, and it is clothed in rags.

You see stitches running across its body, and it has fists the size of sledgehammers.

Raegar: does it look “inteligent” ?
Raegar: sentient is a better word
This is compounded by its heavy leather gloves, which are studded with metal and small blades.

Raegar! There is an unpleasant intelligence in its eyes, yes.

Raegar: hmm…
Shae Vanderin: Can I get a knowledge check to see what it is?
You need no knowledge check, for all know the legend of Doctor Raegarstein and his forbidden experiments.

Shae Vanderin: Flesh golem.
But no, seriously, do you have any knowledge related to undead or golems?

Campaign saved.
Raegar: i have plenty of knowledge with undea
Raegar: d
Raegar: i even get a + 2 to things.
Okay, yes, you know its some sort’ve flesh golem.

Shae Vanderin: religion.
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Knowledge (Religion)]
[1d20+2 = 4]
Shae Vanderin: I know nossing.
[1d20 = 2]
Raegar: aaand neither do i
Neither does Raegar, apparently.

Raegar: Well
Raegar: if i die I die.
Doug (Ilphvrae): except that it has some intelligence where as a normal golem does not.. eeep
Raegar: “Hello.”
Kiergath: no, no, with those rolls they don’t even know that.
Kiergath: They may think they all have brains. :P
Doug (Ilphvrae): Hehehe
Raegar: I just said hi to the flesh beast.
Uh hmm…

Raegar: Aaaand
Raegar picks out some food from his pack.
Raegar: “Hungry?”
Raegar tosses some food to the fleshy thing.
Undead Abomination: “Hooooongryyyyyy…”
Raegar inches forward and picks up the food and holds it out for the thingy.
Uhm.. Yes. One moment?

Okay, two things.

One: Raegar, strength check.

Raegar: Isn’t Shae the negotiator? =P
Two: Initiatives, everyone.

Raegar: Strength check
[1d20+3 = 9]
Raegar: im dead
Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 28]
Shae Vanderin: Initiative [1d20+5 = 11]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+5 = 24]
Raegar is currently in the air with a very large fist wrapped around him.


Ilphvrae Lets fly with an arrow from the shadows
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 27]
yarr. no SA

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+3 = 7]

Raegar: hmmm
Raegar! You are in the air!

Raegar: could i try chopping its hand off?
You could make the attempt, yes.

Raegar: ok
Raegar: full attack longsword
Raegar: try to chop the hand off
Raegar: undead?
god yes

Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+8 = 25]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+3 = 4]
Raegar: booo
Raegar: + 2

Hoxton: “PUT! THE ELF! DOWN!”

Hoxton smashes his hammer into the vile fleshy thing, doing damage.

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Rush forward and slash at the things legs.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1)
[1d20+5 = 12]
Thats actually a hit.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+3 = 14]
Hoxton: [1d20 = 13]
Hoxton: [1d6+2 = 7]
Shae Vanderin: Also
Shae Vanderin: Free action switching aura.
The abomination..

misses Shae…

Raegar, you swing through the air, narrowly missing Hoxton.


Ilphvrae Lets fly with an arrow from the shadows yet again
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 23]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+3 = 4]

Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 15]
Raegar: is that good?
Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+4 = 8]
except aren’t you using a sword?
Raegar: didnt he throw me?
Raegar: ooooh
he swung you like a mace.
Raegar: sorry
Raegar: …chop his arm off
Raegar: watch want me to do?
You hit and do damage! Its alot like if you’d done it with your sword, seeing as it shares dice.


Raegar: reroll everything?
Raegar: okay
Shae Vanderin
Hoxton: Err, sorry. “RAARRRR!! Horus! blahblahblah. UNBELIEVER! SHINY LIGHT! blahblahblahSMITEblah.”

Carry on.
Shae Vanderin: Spin slash same leg.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1)
[1d20+5 = 7]
Liiittle too low.



Shae, you are missed with a fist! Hoxton is missed with Raegar.

Lasariel throws a rock.


Ilphvrae Fires another arrow
it is dead.


Raegar, you are dropped to the ground as it keels over backwards.

Raegar: “That went better than expected.”
Raegar: “im dizzy.”
Raegar: “I need to lay down a little.”
Raegar falls backward.
Shae Vanderin: “That it did. Ugh this thing is disgusting.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: "

Lasariel: “But fascinating. Do you think they’ll give you more for a skull that size?”

Shae Vanderin: “Look were all still in one piece. Let’s go check the room this thing was in and move carefully… good point Las… hmmm.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm.”
Raegar: “To that room I found!”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets decapitate it just in case.”
Raegar: “Good night… sweet abomination..”
You decapitate it.

And then you march down to the door Raegar unlocked.

Its not there anymore.

Raegar: “I only knew you for a short time, but the time you spent trying to bludgeon me against the paladin was memorable.”
Ilphvrae turns her head “Thats disgusting”
Raegar picks up the head.
Raegar holds up both sides of its mouth.
Raegar: “Hey look! Its smilling!”
Raegar: “HAH!”
The doorway it came through leads to a small round room.

Raegar puts the head on his shoulder.
There is a large stone slab in the middle of the room, about the size of the creature.
Shae Vanderin: “This must be were it was… created.”
Shae Vanderin: whispers^
Lasariel: “I just have one problem with this whole set up.”

Shae Vanderin: “I suggest we wait here while you scout ahead. Whats that Las?”
Lasariel: “How was it supposed to get out? This is a dead end. And it couldn’t get out the entrance we came in.”

Indeed, there’s no other door in here.
Ilphvrae Looks at Lasariel and listens intently
Raegar: “Well, did you notice outside?”
Ilphvrae starts a search for secret doors and passages
Shae Vanderin: “Search the room anyway, there may be a hidden tunnel or doorway.”
Roll it, folks.
Raegar: search?
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Search]
[1d20 = 7]
Raegar: Skill [Search]
[1d20+5 = 9]
Ilphvrae: Skill [Search]
[1d20+13 = 21]
And if I add all your numbers together..
Ilph, you stumble on a switch on the pedastal.
err, slab.
Ilphvrae: “There is a switch here.”
Ilphvrae points at the switch
Indeed, there is.
Ilphvrae: “Shall I activate it?”
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm, ok but be ready to run.”
Shae Vanderin stands by the doorway.
Ilphvrae activates the switch
You trip the switch..
On the other side of the room, a section of wall shifts to the side.
Campaign saved.
Beyond, you see a short hall, and then a doorway.
Oddly enough, light flickers beyond.
Raegar: “Interesting.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets move in slowly. Find a way to keep that door open in case it tries to close on us once we are beyond.”
Shae Vanderin: “Standard marching order, Hoxton please dont go ahead we need to stay together here.”
Ilphvrae removes a pitton from her pack and if it will work, wedge it under the door to keep it from closing
Nick (Shae Vanderin): if you didnt remember that 2×2 shae/hox then raegar/sel then las/ilph
Shae Vanderin: “Weapons drawn, dont be caught off guard by anything.”
Shae Vanderin: Spell [D Minor Aura – Motivate Dexterity] > + 4 on initiative and Dex based skill checks
Campaign saved.
You creep forward.

The doorway leads to a large chamber, square, easily a hundred feet to a side, illuminated by glowing braziers.

The walls are lined three-high with burial alcoves.

Sarcophagi are set into the floor.

You notice that the alcoves are mostly empty, and many of the sarcophagi gape open.

There is a doorway on the far side of the room.

Raegar! Spot!

Raegar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+8 = 13]
Blind as a bat, you’re still able to see tracks in the dust.

Raegar: “+ 2 for undead
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: + 4 from shaes aur

”color:#000054;“>spot is wisdom

”color:#000054;“>Raegar: NEVER MIND

”color:#000054;“>You still see the tracks.

”color:#000054;“>For tracking is what you do.

”color:#000054;">Raegar: what kind’ve tracks?


Many of them appear to be made by feets similar to those of the undead.

Many.. many… undead..

Raegar: theres braziers right?
They all go the same direction – out that doorway across the room.

Yes. Four of them.

Raegar: BIG braziers..?
Raegar: as in tippable?
Quite large, they illuminate the whole room.
I would say probably not tippable by any means you here possess.
Raegar: damned
Campaign saved.
You notice that several of the sets of footprints are booted.

These milled around the room for awhile before leaving.

Hoxton: [1d20 = 5]
Shae Vanderin: “Hells… I’m tempted to suggest we open these coffins to see if there are any riches inside. But I get a bad feeling that would be a bad idea.”
Lasariel: “I get the feeling, judging from what we’ve already run into, that ‘riches’ would amount to whatever weapons the dead were buried with..”

Raegar starts checking Sarcophagi.
Shae Vanderin: “Still useful.”
Shae Vanderin: “Go ahead Raegar we will cover you.”
Shae Vanderin draws a javelin.
Raegar, you find six that are unopenned.
This leaves about 14 that are open.

Are you opening these six?

Lasariel: “These mishrians do everything so strangely.. its all about form and aesthetics; they have these huge numbers of undead, and they hold them in underground tombs rather than keeping them stationed on the surface..”

Raegar: “Guys.”
Lasariel: “Me? I’d keep them in the open where they were immediately useful.”

Raegar: “6 unopened.”
Raegar: “I suggest taking up stations just in case.”
Ilphvrae finds a place inthe shadows away from the crypts and hides with her bow ready
Shae Vanderin: “We are watching you and prepared if any undead come out.”
Raegar: open up the sarcophagi
Shae Vanderin: “Lets keep a 30 foot distance from each other circled around each as Raegar opens it.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “
”color:#000054;“>You open the first one.
”color:#660066;">Campaign saved.
The smell is terrible – the body within seems to have decomposed badly.

There is no movement from the corpse.

Lasariel casts a spell, then peers around the room.

Raegar: keeeeep
Raegar: opening things
Lasariel: “I don’t think there’re undead in those six – at least not any more. That may be why they were undisturbed.”
Shae Vanderin: “Anything inside?”
Raegar – you open each in turn. The scene within is largely the same.

Ilphvrae: “Failed creations then perhaps?”
There are six more longswords.
Lasariel: “Looks like the embalming jobs didn’t take.”
Shae Vanderin: “Aye, not a total waste.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets collect the blades and then move to the archway.”
Ilph, you see something moving in the corridor beyond the far entrance.

Ilphvrae makes a hand signal and a slight whisle, points to the movement
Whistle, eh? Neato, initiatives.

Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 26]
Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 25]
Raegar: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 17]
Round 0 – Ilph whistles and makes a gesture towards the doorway. There is a sudden howl from down the hall, and four quadrupedal shapes begin loping towards the room at great speed.
Round 1.

Four emaciated black hounds clear the doorway, eyes glowing red in the brazier-light.

Raegar: OH
Raegar: FUN
Raegar: undead?
Raegar: its for my rolls you seeĆ 
Yes they are.
Raegar: ok
Ilphvrae Fires off an arrow at one of them
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 30]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+3 = 6]
You hit! You do damage!
Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: What is our distance to the first doorway?
The one you came in?
Shae Vanderin: yeah.
Shae Vanderin: I.E can we make it back there as a choke point?
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Fall back to the hallway! Use it as cover!”
Shae Vanderin: Head for the hallway and ready an action to strike at any enemy that comes into range.
You are now in the hallway
Raegar: back to the hallway.
Raegar: shoot
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 23]
Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+4 = 6]
Raegar: + 2
Ilphvrae find a spot to shoot through the doorway while whatever cover I can take
Doug (Ilphvrae): On my turn anyways
Unfortunately, your turn happened a while ago.
Before Shae yelled to flee.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I see so they left me.. how nice
Pretty much. :P

Selene flees through the door.


Hoxton moves towards the doorway, but does not exit the room.

Lasariel flees.


Nobody has line of sight or line of fire.


Doug (Ilphvrae): can I run without giving an AoO?
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae runs through the dorrway with the rest
Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: “Hold the line. If they do not come to us we will move ahead slowly.”
Shae Vanderin: Ready attack action again.
Is everyone just waiting for them?
Shae Vanderin: Thats my plan.
Is Shae the only one here?
Doug (Ilphvrae): I am waiting
Combat End
Raegar: sooo
All is quiet beyond the door.
Raegar: they…
Raegar: hmm
Raegar: “They didnt follow..”
Lasariel: “They’re undead – that doesn’t automatically mean stupid.”

Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “True. Lets move forward slowly around the perimeter of the room to the other door way. Watch for them and take them down quickly if they attack.”
Shae Vanderin: Doesnt matter which perimeter fyi.
You creep around the outside of the room, reaching the opposite entrance without incident.

Shae Vanderin: Peek around and see what we can
Shae Vanderin: Any sign of the emaciated dogs?
Spot checks?
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Spot]
[1d20+5 = 8]
Ilphvrae: Skill [Spot] [1d20+9 = 23]
Raegar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+8 = 15]
I will grant you’re not caught flat-footed when, re-constituting themselves mid-leap, they come hurtling out of the sarcophagi embedded in the floor.

Campaign saved.
This does not, however, save Ilph from a rather nasty bite.


Selene, Raegar and Hoxton, however, are missed.
Raegar: Its melee time
Yes. Yes it is.
Raegar: guys
Ilph, you have just been chomped by a large, evil, undead dog.

Ilphvrae Fires off an arrow at one of them
Warning – if you shoot, I will be taking AoOs.
Ilphvrae: grr
So its time to put that new + 1 sword to use.
Ilphvrae: draw both swords, new sword in the off hand
Doug (Ilphvrae): So thats a -4 to hit with the off hand?

no two-weapon fighting feat, off-hand is light..

is -4 main, -8 off.

Doug (Ilphvrae): NM
Ilphvrae swings her Scimitar
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 26]
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Damage) [1d8+2 = 9]
Shae Vanderin
It yelps in a reasonable fascimile of pain.
Shae Vanderin: So 4 of these hounds…
Shae Vanderin: one on Ilph where are the other 3?
Selene, Raegar, Hoxton
Shae Vanderin: Can I get to the one that attacked Selene?

Going by the marching order, she’s right behind you

Shae Vanderin: Move up and strike it trying to turn its flank to Selene.
Roll it.
Shae Vanderin: Combat Exp – 2
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) + 5 [1d20+3 = 10]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 19]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 9]
not so much.
Raegar: does a + 1 sword also get + 1 to damage?
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+3 = 9]
Raegar: + 1
Raegar: + 2
Raegar: so 12
Raegar’s dies.
Selene hurts hers. Hoxton misses.

Lasariel casts a spell, and then gestures at the dog attacking Ilph.

Ilph is missed. Selene is missed.

The dog attacking Hoxton misses the dog attacking Ilph.

Ilphvrae swings her Scimitar
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 31]
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+11 = 26]
no crit.
Ilphvrae: Scimitar (Damage) [1d8+2 = 6]
Shae Vanderin

Ilph’s is dead.

*Shae you have one attacking Selene, and one that was attacking the one attacking Ilph.
Shae Vanderin: Swing at the same one on Selene. Downward defensive slash.
Shae Vanderin: Combat exp – 2
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) + 5 [1d20+3 = 23]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) + 5 [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) + 5 [CONFIRM] [1d20+3 = 7]
no crit.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+3 = 9]
Raegar: whats left?
one attacking Selene
and one that was attacking the one on Ilph.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 9]
which now looks to be planning to attack the one on Selene.

Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 19]
Miss / Hit
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+3 = 8]
Raegar: + 2
Yarr, it dies.
Selene backs off. Hoxton looks bemused.
Lasariel makes a beckoning gesture at the last dog, and it moves to stand next to her, head down and whimpering pitifully.

Shae Vanderin: “That’s an amazing trick Las. Well fought all.”
Ilphvrae moves over to Lasariel “Oh I so want you to show me how to do that!” /bounces a little bit
Raegar: ..bounce?
Lasariel crouches down next to it and pets it, “Ahwww.. who’s a cute little scruffy, shaggy undead puppy with blood lust issues?”
Yes. with excitement, I assume.
Shae Vanderin: “There is a doorway at the end of this hall, check your wounds for any kind of filth these curs might have been carrying.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Have you read her bio?
Shae Vanderin: “Then we move forward together.”
Raegar: does her bio feature the words “made of rubber” or “pogo stick”? =P
You check your wounds.. there appears to be no filth festering in Ilph.
Doug (Ilphvrae): No, no but if you read it you ‘may’ understand why she behaves such ;)
Nick (Shae Vanderin): boobs bounce man, and so do 15 year old girls when excited.
Kiergath: ^
Doug (Ilphvrae): Not that you can see her boobs bouncing! She keeps those secured in her leather armor!
Kiergath: point remains, she bounces.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Any bones laying about?
not really, no.
Doug (Ilphvrae): :(
They all left.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sticks?
in a crypt?
Doug (Ilphvrae): A skull?
Spot trails along next to Lasariel.
Only in Shae’s backpack.
Doug (Ilphvrae): sigh
You gather at the doorway.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I wanted to play fetch with spot :(
Shae Vanderin: Move up to the doorway and look inside.
The dog growls warningly whenever Ilph or Selene draw too close to him or Las.

Las, as a result, trails a little farther behind the group.

Doug (Ilphvrae): Don’t like cats I guess :P
Shae – you peer through the doorway. Beyond, you see a sloping corridor leading upwards.

This one is not lined with alcoves.

Raegar – you keep seeing masses of tracks in the dust. So many they blend together.

Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Ugh.. I dont like this..”
Shae Vanderin: Define slope in approx angle and what is the size of the corridor?
Ten feet wide. Approx angle: 10*
Shae Vanderin: 0 being flat 90 being straight up correct?
Shae Vanderin: ok sorry geometry and I dont agree all the time.
Shae Vanderin: “Lets go forward carefully, the slope isnt quite steep enough that we need to worry about anything heavy rolling down on us.”
Up ahead, you see a doorway, and a light flickering beyond.
campfire bright.
Shae Vanderin: “Keep alert and watch for any pressure plates or anything out of the ordinary. Move quietly as possible.”
Hoxton nods, rattling his armor.
Raegar: “,,,Wait here.”
Shae Vanderin: eh he still gets a roll :P
Raegar: “Wait… Here…”
Shae Vanderin nods to raegar.
Hoxton apparently forgot to oil his armor.
Raegar: sneak ahead.
Raegar: as in move silently
I assumed.
Raegar: wonderful
Shae Vanderin: + 4 to your stealth if within 30 of me.
Are you going to roll, or let me make up a number?
Raegar: Skill [Move Silently] [1d20+10 = 29]
You get to the doorway.
Raegar: do i see anything?

Six bodies, sprawled on the ground.

One lays in the campfire, burning merrily with the wood.

A seventh body stands, robed and hooded in black, and an eighth stands slightly to the side. Both have drawn weapons, dripping with blood.

They are speaking in a language you do not understand.

The six dead look to be bandits.

On the far side of the room, across the fire, you see a doorway leading outside into the fading light of day.

Raegar: can i see selene?
If you look back to the group, yes.
Raegar: hand signals
Raegar: relay the information to her
Selene: “Six bodies – bandits. Two others, both armed. And another exit to the outside.”

Doug (Ilphvrae): Whats that? Timmy fell in a well?
Spot: Arf?

Raegar: Are the guys down there distracted?
Down … there? You’re above the party.
Raegar: oh
Raegar: in the room
Raegar: …the enemies
They don’t seem to have noticed you.
Raegar: anywhere i could hide in there?
Shae Vanderin whispers, “Ok. I say we charge in surprise them, and demand an explanation, if they make any hostile move, we knock them out and interrogate them if possible later.”
Raegar: signal to selene
Raegar: “Rush in in a moment.”
Raegar: Hide behind the ruble.
Shae Vanderin: “On Reagar’s signal, charge.”
brb a moment.
Are we all here?
Raegar: sure
Doug (Ilphvrae): maybe…

Raegar, I’m assuming you aren’t giving a signal, because, well.. you moved away from the door.

Raegar: nope
I’m gonna need another hide check after you go into the room.

Raegar: Skill [Hide]
[1d20+10 = 13]
Raegar: if those are undead
Raegar: i get + 2
Campaign saved.
Both figures startle and spin to face you.
Raegar: crap
Raegar: “NOW
Shae Vanderin: Charge.
Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 7]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+5 = 23]
Ilphvrae: Initiative [1d20+9 = 27]
Raegar: thee things undead ?
Raegar: setting up my rolls.
One is, one isn’t.
Doug (Ilphvrae): How far to move up quitly and peek around the corner and fire off a shot?
sneaking is out of the question if you want to get there.
Doug (Ilphvrae): quietly*
Raegar: why the hell would you want to anyways?
Doug (Ilphvrae): better chance to get off a BS
Doug (Ilphvrae): to keep unnoticed so if you get fuckkered I can still run :P
When Raegar yells “NOW”, something above you also yells; “L’elamshin d’lil oloth ser ulu harluth jhal”
Doug (Ilphvrae): BUT
Ilphvrae moves up and lets fly an arrow at the non undead one
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 13]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Doug (Ilphvrae): sigh
Raegar: Intelligence check [1d20+1 = 9]
Newp. You have two targets; now that they’re facing you, you can tell one is a black-skinned elf under his hood. The other.. well.

You’re not sure what you’re looking at, other than the two glowing eyes in the hood.

He’s got a big sword though.

Shae Vanderin: eeek
Ilphvrae: “Drow! Or something that speaks it.”
Raegar: “Replies something in Drow
This gives both pause. They raise their swords, ready but no longer in an “I’m gonna gut you, sucka” pose.

Raegar: “Drow
Campaign saved.

And a great drumming was heard as the great celestial sky-god known as the DM tapped his chin.

Ilph babbles in drow.

Selene translates what she can hear for Shae.

Selene: “She just asked them who they are, why they’re here, and told them to drop their weapons so we can talk.”

Raegar: “Drow
Shae Vanderin looks on cautiously.
Raegar, Ilph; the unidentifiable figure swings his sword down, the point striking the stone and sending up sparks. Two gauntletted fists wrap around the pommel and it stands, motionlessly.

The second figure, now speaking in common, "We will *not lower our weapons. We will talk. And then we will go from there."

Shae, given you charged, you’re probably at the entrance as well.

Campaign saved.
Hoxton and Selene are also there.
Ilphvrae in common “That is fair, we will keep ours ready as well. Why are you here? What happened to these men?”
Shae Vanderin: “Speak then and answer our questions, if we determine you are not hostile we can go from there.”
Raegar: “Shae.”
Raegar: “Put. Away. Your. Weapon. Now.”
Raegar: “Unless you want your head removed.”
Raegar: “Trust me.”
Raegar: “The rest of you do the same.”
Raegar: “And stop hiding, its useless.”
The robed one leaning on his sword laughs, a spectral, echoing laugh. It speaks, in a deep, almost archaic common accent, "You think *you have the position of strength, here?“

”color:#540000;">Shae Vanderin takes a long look of apprehension at Raegar then sheathes her weapon.

The drow glances nervously at his companion, “What happened here was a misunderstanding. We wished to know where this tomb was. As you can see, we now do. They felt they were owed; money was not part of our arrangement.”

Raegar: “You won’t find anything else. We’ve cleaned it out.”
Raegar: “This place was not finished..”
Ilphvrae: “I see, they tried to rob you. You defended yourselves. That is fair.”
“Not.. not finished? Oh, but there you’re wrong – there were some hundred-odd undead in the main burial room alone.”

“Of course, a few had decomposed and had to be left behind..”

Ilphvrae: “What would you want with over a hundred undead? That is a lot of stink to be around.”
The robed one with the glowing red eyes turns to stare at you.

Raegar: “Shes young.”
Raegar: “Very very young.”
Raegar: “Shes also sorry, very very sorry.”
Raegar: “Aren’t you Ilph?”
Ilphvrae: “Your not a Drow as well?”
Raegar: “He’s not a drow, no.”
The robed one with the glowing eyes is about six foot five.

Ilphvrae: “Oh, huh.. Thought it was some neat magic trick.” shrugs
The drow is about.. five foot five.

The drow sighs, “I’m really not sure what else I can tell you. You seem like nice people, and you don’t have the look of the locals. So..”

Raegar: “We simply happened upon the hole and thought… Riches.”
Raegar: “We did not intend to walk into whatever it is we’ve walked into.”
Shae Vanderin: “Why were you searching for this tomb? And how did you hear of it?”
“Well now, we simply acquired a map and we came to look.”

Ilphvrae: “Yeah, it sure is not like the books though. No over flowing chests of treasure, no glowing magic weapons.” sighs
Raegar: “…”
Shae Vanderin: “Like us then, that is why we came here.”
“Well, no.. the treasure is the undead. If you want wealth, find a country that buries its dead with its wealth; in Mishria they keep the wealth.”

Shae Vanderin: “Ill make it a point to remember that.”
“Very practical people; not at all like most humans.”

Shae Vanderin: “So, what did you say your plan with the undead was? Ive not known folk to seek undead as you do.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “

”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Watching his answer carefully here.

”color:#660066;“>Shae Vanderin: Skill [Sense Motive]
[1d20+6 = 24]
”color:#000054;">Ilphvrae: “Huh… good idea. Look for treasure in houses not tombs. I think I read a book about a hero that borrowed from the rich and gave to the poor… Why I don’t know.”

“Our plan? We simply sought to set them free; to cast off the shackles of their bondage. Should not all creatures be free to do what it is they do?”

Raegar: ok guys
Raegar: im sorry but im already an hour later than when i wanted to leave
Raegar: i gots to wokr in da mornin
Nick (Shae Vanderin): np

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