Session 11

‘Pitr De Vries’ connected
Nick (Shae Vanderin): too funny :P
Nick (Shae Vanderin): LOL
Alex (Hoxton): …wait, what?
Kiergath: …Nothing.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): heya Dave welcome.
Alex (Hoxton): Oh, hi dave.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: ….lets see…
Kiergath: Doug cannot join us, he has an end-of-term paper that needs written and its crunch time.
Kiergath: I got a lengthy rant about how he’d love to but can’t.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): understandable.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): I do need a recap though, its been awhile.
the real trouble here is we ended mid-conversation.
You had continued your expedition into the LOST CRYPT OF RAEGARTON-ASHBY.
Raegar: wait
Raegar: one moment
A VILE ABOMINATION had been bested, despite its best efforts which included using Raegar as a club.
Raegar: need to finish something
…does this something really mean I can’t start writing a recap?
Alex (Hoxton): Continue.
I’m not planning on starting, I just want to try and get this done so people can read it.
Valiant Raegar attempted to REASON with the beast, offering it love and food! The beast appreciated the offer, but misunderstood, and began using Raegar as a CLUB with which to bash Hoxton.
Campaign saved.
The party had also found what appeared to be a preparation chamber, with embalming tools, herbs, and arms for the deceased.
The party looted this chamber, gathering the rusted weapons and shields for transport to Ashby-Raegarton.
Alex (Hoxton): Ow.
You had continued on, finding a secret passage leading into the main burial chamber.
You found this to have been already emptied!
You did however draw the ire of a pack of undead hounds, three of which you slaughtered mercilessly, and the fourth of which is now Lasariel’s pet.
It follows her around, guarding her from enemies and Ilph.
GM You continued on, Raegar nobly scouting ahead.. before you found a SECOND EXIT, following the tracks of the undead which had already left the tomb.
GM You continued on, Raegar nobly scouting ahead.. before you found a SECOND EXIT, following the tracks of the undead which had already left the tomb.

You continued on, Raegar nobly scouting ahead.. before you found a SECOND EXIT, following the tracks of the undead which had already left the tomb.
Campaign saved.
It was HERE, at the VERY DOORSTEP OF THE VILE CRYPT, that you encountered a lone Drow, his tall, somber comrade, and six dead bandits laying around the room.
Ilphvrae shot at one of them, missing, before Raegar managed to negotiate a hurried ceasefire.
Conversation was made, with the final question being “But why? WHY would you want to free all these undead!?”
And the strange answer that it was because all things deserve their freedom, to do as they naturally do.. no?
It was then that Raegar said.. “hay guys! g2g!”
Finito. Discuss.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok
DM is brb.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): one minor question, was the loot that we found saved
You have 50 rusty swords and 20 rusty steel shields.
I believe is the count I came up with
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok that was all right? nothing else I dont recall.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: sorry
Raegar: all set now
Alex (Hoxton): You should be!
Alex (Hoxton): All set, not sorry.
Raegar: i dont remember where the conversation was when we left
Campaign saved.
Its a good thing I posted logs!
Shae Vanderin: “I suppose that is a matter of philosophy or faith. So then you consider yourselves liberators of the shackled?”
Hoxton: “Indeed. We should give these poor beings their final rest, and grant them their freedom. It is as Horus-Re would wish it. I take it that you are both of like mind, to set free those bound by the evils of this place?”
Shae Vanderin: “Uh, well I suppose but I think that my insticts are telling me that your idea of freeing them differs from theirs Hoxton.”
Drow: “It is a mere difference of mechanics – we both wish them freed of this evil place.”
Shae Vanderin: “As in I think they mean to set them loose upon the world.”
Drow: “This is their home, and their duty is to defend it – should they not be permitted to serve their purpose?”
Hoxton: “Indeed, woman, listen to the man talk some sense! We shall help liberate their poor souls and set them on their way. Free their souls to return to their loved ones as they will.”
Raegar: “Well, you know, of course they should.”
Shae Vanderin is clearly taken aback.
Shae Vanderin: “Well ok then!”
Raegar: “Our purpose is to loot it dry. Should we not be allowed to do our job too?”
Raegar: “You know.. I mean.. Hypothetically.”
Drow: “Forgive me, I assumed you had been doing so already.”
Drow: “Especially with the way the little one back there was speaking.”
Ilphvrae fidgets.
Raegar: “Theres always more jewels to prop out of some ancient cursed idol somewhere.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “So, now that you know our purpose here and we somewhat know yours, perhaps we can come to some mutually beneficial understanding that ends up with us leaving this place in one piece?”
Raegar: “Im a fan of keeping all my pieces where they are.”
Drow: “You seem disinclined to stop us from going our way.. you cannot prevent our goals, as we already achieved them.. and your own search for trinkets is of no concern to us.”
Drow: “I see no real reason for this meeting to end in violence.”
Raegar: “Where are you from anyways?”
Raegar: “You are drow, there are only so many places.”
Hoxton: “Well put, good sir. May Horus’ light guide you in your quest, and may it take you far from this evil place once your mission is completed.”
Drow: “I’m sure it will.”
He turns back to Raegar after responding to Hoxton, “We are from far to the south. We will leave it at that.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: he wearing any type of regalia?
Nothing distinctive.
Raegar: hmm
Raegar: im starting to think
Raegar: these people might be of interest to the military governor..
Raegar: “Very well, I think we should take our leave. Nice meeting you.”
Shae Vanderin: Good point.
Raegar: I mean… If they want to open the old crypts and let the undead out..
The drow smiles, “Always a pleasure to meet the locals.. especially ones versed in civilized languages. Very well, you have my leave to go.”
Shae Vanderin: Course the military governer may or may not care as the bandit problem is the main concern.
Raegar: for now
Raegar: =P
Campaign saved.
Raegar: Is there another way out of this room other than the way we came?
Yes, an opening out into a field.
Raegar: head towards the exit
Shae Vanderin follows.
They make no move to stop you, and your party files out.
Shae Vanderin: “Well that could have gone poorly.”
You find yourself on the open plains around Garmol. Behind you is a large earthen burial-mound type affair, with an open doorway leading within.
You see the road not far to the south, and the lights of watchfires from Raegarston.
It is presently early night / late evening.
Raegar: “We should head off to town.”
Raegar: “Set out at dawn for Garmol.”
Shae Vanderin: “Good plan.”
Shae Vanderin: “Maybe we can ask for a wagon to gather those swords/shields we found as well.”
Raegar: “I have wagons”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “We will wrangle a few locals.”
The swords, wagons, and Raegar’s chest of herbs are currently in Raegarton-Ashby.
…swords, shields, and chest*
Raegar: oh yea, we sent them back
Shae Vanderin: right my bad
Shae Vanderin: Head to Reagerston, sleep and rest.
One moment.
As you draw near Raegarton, a chill runs down your collective spines.
Shae Vanderin: Look around and listen.
Will saves. Everybody.
Shae Vanderin: Will save
[1d20+4 = 18]
Except Hoxton who I believe is immune to fear..
Raegar: Will save
[1d20+2 = 14]
but I don’t remember how that works with paladins..
Raegar: wait, fear?
Yes, fear.
Raegar: so if its from undead
Raegar: i get 2
Raegar: if its from a spell, I get +2
Raegar: =P
No, no its not.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): d-d-d-dragon fear?
Hoxton is the only one who does not find himself cowering in fear on the ground, overcome by a horrible sense of dread.
Lasariel seems oddly nonphased.
Campaign saved.
A massive, dark shape swoops overhead, visible only as blackness against the star-filled sky.
It speeds off to the south, silent save for the beating of wings.
Alex (Hoxton): Oh, +4 to my colleagues.
It doesn’t help.
Alex (Hoxton): Ah, kay.
Shae Vanderin: “W-what the nine hells was that?”
Raegar: “It was bloody horrible is what it was.”
Hoxton: “…my, that was a well fed raven. Why are you ladies on the ground? Did you swoon?”
Raegar: “I FELL
Lasariel: “That… was what you might describe as a bad thing.”
Raegar: “Flying dwarves?”
Hoxton: “You should watch where you are going at night, good Raegar. There are dangers in the stones at your feet.”
Raegar: “Yes, dangerous stones. Stones have it in for me.”
Shae Vanderin: “It was flying south.. isnt Garmol south?”
Garmol is east.
As is Raegarton.
Shae Vanderin: phew ok
Raegar: “Oh crap.”
Raegar: “What if..”
Raegar: “Its done its work already?”
Lasariel: “Hmmm?”
Raegar: “Lets head to town.”
Shae Vanderin: “Yes. Lets.”
Campaign saved.
You head into Raegarton.. are greeted by the sentries.. and put up in the spare shacks.
Shae Vanderin: Was there any obvious way to tell where the flying thing (probably a dragon) was comming from?
At a guess.. Probably took off in the direction of Raegarton and banked south.
So.. behind you.
Shae Vanderin: k
You are fed, and able to sleep the night in comfort.
Shae Vanderin: “I had no idea the north would be so dangerous. I mean I knew undead were an issue and bandits were in no short supply but.. Ive never seen or felt anything like that which flew overhead.”
Shae Vanderin: “And Drow elves?
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “Drow elves?”
Shae Vanderin: “Yes well… elf.”
Hoxton: “Girl, it was just a bird. There’s no need to be hysterical. You’re not making any sense.”
Shae Vanderin: “No need to placate me Hoxton. I know what I saw.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “How could you see anything? You were busy swooning over Raegar’s manhood, which he tripped over. No use denying it.”
Hoxton heads out to check on the fortifications in Raegarton.
Shae Vanderin looks shocked, but then laughs.
Raegar: “…I like Hoxton now.”
Raegar: “Well, what we should do is head to town.”
Raegar: “That or try to track the dragon.”
Alex (Hoxton): Raegar be crazy.
Alex (Hoxton): Hoxton can’t smite a dragon yet. He doesn’t even have a mount.
Shae Vanderin: “To report on our findings, sure, not much else to do anyway.”
Raegar: “Very well.”
Morning comes..
Labor parties are out at the break of dawn.
Hoxton has joined the parties working on the rampart.
Others are busy at work in the fields.
Hoxton chants the song of the Believers of Horus, loud and clear.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Hmm…”
Raegar: head off to hoxton
You notice a number of unfamiliar faces have joined the workers; lean and ragged compared to the city folk, and armed.
Raegar: “Hoxton, I have a question for you.”
Raegar: “What would it take to build some sort of shrine to Horus-Re”
Raegar: “I may be willing to bankroll the whole affaire.”
Raegar: did i give everyone a stroke or something?
Raegar: =P
No, just doing research
Hoxton: “Raegar, a true shrine to Horus-Re is in the heart and the mind. But I could have something temporary up within a few hours. I have a spare sigil I can bear to part with to protect these poor people. I may need eight gold to purchase the holy symbol of Horus, however.”
Raegar: “Very well.”
Raegar: Give hoxton 8 gold pieces.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: It hath been deducted from my hoard
Now remember Hoxton, put that gold to its intended purpose or Raegar gon’ come get you.
Alex (Hoxton): …I do so immediately. Horus’ will be heard. 40 gold hooooooooooo to the local Religious Warehouse.
You break your fast, and then prepare to set out for Garmol.
Raegar: “I will have a work-team start building a small stone housing for the Sigil. Would that be appropriate?”
Hoxton: “I am sure one of the gentle people in this town would have a spare outbuilding to house it in for now. Horus does not ask for much, and is humble. But a small housing would be sufficient for a more permanent altar.”
Raegar: “Very good.”
Raegar: to town!
Shae Vanderin yawns and finally comes outside well into the morning.
Shae Vanderin: “Ah, Garmol yes let me just gather my things.”
Shae Vanderin: Prepare for travel and depart.
Some of the local children seem to be attempting to bring their love of dogs and their fear of undead into line with regards to Lasariel’s new pet.
They’re meeting with mixed success, although the dog seems unusually friendly.
Lasariel herself skips out of the trip to town.
Campaign saved.
Your journey back to Garmol is uneventful, however.
Shae Vanderin: “Selene, have you spoken to Lasariel at all? As in what her history is and what her talents are?”
Selene: “I have not, and have no intention of speaking to her.”
Raegar: “..Her talents seem to be magic.”
Shae Vanderin: “Im fairly certain that if she is Mishiran that her pet… could cause some trouble as it is against local law to own undead here.”
Selene: “Oh, I’m fairly certain she’s not from around here…”
Shae Vanderin: Does the law state that only Mishirans are banned from owning undead?
You can believe it does or does not.
Shae Vanderin: While in town Im going to research that.
Shae Vanderin: Carry on.
Raegar: Right well, on to the military governors place
You return to the military quarter… the officer of the day is different today.
Raegar: whats her name again?
Campaign saved.
Raegar: military governor..
The overall commander is Colonel Dareia Semara.
You, however, are currently at the front desk.
The rather over-worked looking young man occupying the main officer sighs, “What’s your business here?”
Raegar: “Here to see the governor.”
“The governor is a very busy woman.”
Raegar: “As am I.”
Raegar: “Im sure dragons can really loosen up her schedule.”
Raegar: “Dragons… Undead hordes…”
He stops in mid-rebuttle..
“Second door on the right.”
Raegar: “Thank you.”
Raegar: head there
You do so. The door is ajar.
Raegar: knock
Colonel Semara: “Enter.”
Raegar: i forget emote..
GM: ./emote not good enough?
Raegar: thats what i thought..
Raegar: enter
You find yourselves back in the governor’s office. She herself is again sitting behind a desk overburdened with paperwork.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Good morning Colonel Semara.”
Colonel Semara: “Ah.. Raegar, Shae Vanderin, and … I’m sorry, have we met?”
Raegar: Selena wasnt here last time
Raegar: nor was hoxton right?
Hoxton is the one she’s questioning. Selene did not come in.
Raegar: ah
Raegar: “This is Hoxton, a dear friend of mine, champion of Horus. He keeps me alive when I am otherwise indisposed by various creatures with sharp bits.”
Raegar: “Hes a fine fellow.”
Colonel Semara: “Interesting job description.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hello Governor.”
Raegar: “You should also ignore anything he says about women. He has issues.”
Shae Vanderin bows slightly
Colonel Semara: “Local, I take it.. its a common problem.”
Raegar: “He just wants to protect them so bad..”
Raegar: “In any case… We were exploring the areas around my budding little community and we found one of those old bothersome Mishrian crypts.”
Raegar: “We cleared it out, at much peril to ourselves.”
Raegar: “Now… We met a very interesting party in there.”
Raegar: “A drow and a pet undead knight.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “They claimed to be from the south. They seemed intent on opening crypts… I figured, perhaps Daltigoth might be interested in foreign agents going after what are essentialy Mishrian weapon hoards..”
Colonel Semara: “That .. is troubling, yes. These two, they opened this crypt and allowed the occupants to escape? Were there many undead inside, do you think?”
Raegar: “We killed most of them and the crypt seemed to be unfinished.”
Raegar: "I doubt they “freed” many of the creatures contained therein.“
”color:#000054;">Hoxton: “Indeed, and my comrade Raegar and I freed the remainder.”
Raegar: “But, there is no way we could verify any type of numbers other than to report how many we killed.”
Raegar: “…Explain what you mean by freed before she has us executed.”
Colonel Semara: “I believe you mentioned he was a Horus follower.. I’m familiar with the concept.”
Raegar: “As I’ve often mentioned, I enjoy my various bits where they presently reside.”
Raegar: “Good good.. Never too safe..”
Hoxton: “Nonsense. Women lack the ability to execute the stronger of the species.”
Raegar: “…Right.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Lastly, we encountered what could only have been a dragon.”
Raegar: “Or a very large, scaly, overfed raven of epic proportions.”
Raegar: “Which I doubt..”
Colonel Semara: “I have to say, I prefer your second possibility..”
Colonel Semara: “Where was it and which way was it headed?”
Hoxton: “It was most certainly the second. Raegar and Shae were engaged in intercourse on the ground while I watched the bird fly south for the winter.”
AFK on account of DM ROFLMAO

Carry on.
Raegar: I thought it ws heading east
Hoxton: “It’s only natural he would be mistaken, given Shae’s natural charms in that area.”
Kiergath: no
Raegar: ah ok
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “The direction is correct.”
Colonel Semara: “South.. and this drow said he was from the south as well..”
Shae Vanderin: “We didnt see any evidence to support the fact that the dragon and drow were somehow connected aside from seeing both in a relatively short time frame.”
Shae Vanderin: “Which may well be enough.”
Colonel Semara: “Even unconnected, these two events are both unpleasant.”
Colonel Semara: “This is the last thing we needed.. we already have enough undead running around, now foreigners are letting more out.”
Shae Vanderin: “The dragon brought forth a sense of dread.. one stronger than I have ever known. It was possibly magical in nature.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “It figures that you would be terrified… the crow affected the men among us not at all.”
Colonel Semara: “I appreciate the information, truly, although you’ll understand if I would’ve preferred not to have it.”
Raegar: “Well, at least now you wont be caught off guard.”
Colonel Semara: “Raegar, I’ll have that notice drawn up and dispatched to Ashby this afternoon – it sounds like they’ll need to defend themselves now more than ever.”
Shae Vanderin: “What is the status on the bandit problem within the city?”
Colonel Semara: “The bandits are only a problem if you happen to be a wealthy Mishrian merchant or nobleman.. as such, I have no bandit problem, nor do my soldiers.”
Shae Vanderin: “Noted.”
Campaign saved.
Colonel Semara: “Either they will work out their problems like civilized men – unlikely – or one side or the other will cease to be. That would solve my problem, and theirs.”
Shae Vanderin: “What is the law of the land on ownership of undead. My understanding is that it is wholly prohibited.”
Colonel Semara: “No Mishrian may use or animate the dead under pain of death. That is all the law there is.”
Raegar: "So, in theory, I could have an undead butler named Jeeves.
Colonel Semara: “Certainly. Of course, if you gave Jeeves armor and a weapon, people would probably ask questions regularly.”
Colonel Semara: “But as long as he was simply a butler, nobody would bother you in all likelihood.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or undead to work your farm since you are not Mishiran.”
Raegar: “Pity I cant animate the dead. I can only create the dead.”
Raegar: “Well, I think we’ve taken up enough of your time.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I hope you can use the information we’ve provided.”
Colonel Semara: “Unfortunately, yes, I suspect I can. Thank you for the intel.”
Raegar: “Should you need any help.. We are looking for work.”
Colonel Semara: “I’ll keep that in mind.”
Colonel Semara: “Now that you mention it.. there’s one thing.”
Raegar: “Oh?”
Colonel Semara: “We have a bandit problem. Whether they’re a direct threat to my men or not, I have to admit they’re an issue.”
Colonel Semara: “I don’t want them dead – that won’t do anyone any good.”
Colonel Semara: “Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a moderate in that regard. The road between here and Tombshade is almost impassable to the local nobles and merchants – they can’t move goods two miles without being waylaid in the forest.”
Hoxton: “We can spread the light of Horus among them, and no longer will they pursue their vagrant ways.”
Raegar: “Hmm… Let me understand something correctly…”
Raegar: “Is the problem that you cannot get goods across or that the bandits are attacking noble and merchant caravans..”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “What is the difference? The bandits are disrupting the peace.”
Colonel Semara: “Hang the blasted nobles! We need those goods – what little food comes in here comes from the south, and with every bit lost in the forest the nobles just raise the price on the rest.”
Raegar: “So, attacks on nobles would not be a problem if the food and such came through..”
Shae Vanderin: “And none of the farms here in Garmol are being worked due to the labor shortage and poor wages the nobles are offering.”
Raegar: “Oh I have a grand idea.”
Raegar: “And frankly, the least you know about it Commander, the better.”
Colonel Semara: “If it weren’t for the shortage its causing, any attack on this blue-blooded vermin would make me happier.”
Raegar: “You cant tell me not to do something if you dont know what I’m about to do..”
Raegar: “So, with that in mind, I think we shall take our leave.”
Raegar: “I have every hope that your problems will soon be solved.”
Colonel Semara: “Tombshade is garrisoned by the 4th Kheledrast – Dwarves. They’re preparing a sweep north that’ll bathe the entire region in blood.”
Hoxton: “Horus willing, they will be.”
Shae Vanderin: “How long till the Dwarven army marches?”
Colonel Semara: “I have word saying they’ll move north in a week. If the bandits aren’t clearing out of the forest by then, it’ll be chaos.”
Shae Vanderin: “Have the bandit leaders been given warning?”
Colonel Semara: “Difficult, as I have had no means to give them any until now.”
Colonel Semara: “I can’t use my own soldiers.”
Colonel Semara: “I need them to lay down their arms – or at least settle back down. I don’t want a bloodbath.”
Shae Vanderin: “I understand. We are to be your representatives.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “I would be interested in such.”
Hoxton: “Horus will get them to lay down their arms. Fret not, pretty one. Raegar and I will sort those vagabonds out.”
Raegar: “No Shae..”
Colonel Semara: “I’m willing to furnish provisions and mounts, as well as fifty gold for expenses. Two hundred more on return, if you’re successful.”
Raegar: “We are to expresly not be the commanders representatives..”
Raegar: “We are a solution to a problem..”
Colonel Semara: “This is out of my pocket, not the treasury, and I will deny ever providing it or paying you.”
Shae Vanderin suddently looks excited at the mention of profit.
Shae Vanderin: “We will do what we can governor, but words alone may not be sufficient. And since our group is obviously outnumbered force is not an issue either. We will convey the warning and do our best to have them stand down however.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: issue = possibility.
Colonel Semara: “I shouldn’t have to mention that under no circumstances are you to engage in combat with the dwarves.”
Hoxton: “Do not worry, Lady Governor. What Shae fails to realize is that in the presence of the First of Horus-Re, the bandits will cease their activities immediately.”
Raegar: “Governor.”
Raegar: “Would you say that, perhaps, the road might be diverted to pass through Ashby?”
Raegar: “I may have a solution to the noble and the bandit problem.”
Kiergath: OOC: Technically Ashby is on the road north from Garmol. Tombshade is on the road south.
Raegar: ah
Raegar: never mind that
Raegar: i though Ashby was south
Nick (Shae Vanderin): was about to ask where ashby was.
There are two roads leading out of Garmol. One goes west briefly, then north. Ashby is on that road.
The other leads south to Tombshade.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Where can we pick up our mounts?”
She scribbles out a brief note, stamps it, and hands it to you. “Stable. You can’t miss it. Give this to the soldier on watch.”
Colonel Semara: “Where are you staying the night here? I can have the supplies there waiting by morning.”
Raegar: “I have business in town.”
You tell her the name of an inn!
The.. Drunken.. Horned.. Mermaid… Yak..
Raegar: the drunken Yak-maid?
Ah, yes.
Shae Vanderin: “Very well. Is there anything else before we go?”
Actually, no, The Drunken Meryak.
Its like a mermaid, only without the hot bits cos its half yak.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Very good.”
Raegar: “Always a pleasure governor.”
Raegar: Reagar heads out the door.
Shae Vanderin: Same
You exit.
Shae Vanderin: does the new inn we are staying at have baths?
Yes, Shae.
Shae Vanderin: “Im headed to the inn, join me if you wish.”
Raegar: “I have a little business in town. I have to find more impliments for Ashby and try to find more migrants.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin heads for the inn.
Hoxton arrives at the inn in a very merry disposition, happily frittering the night away.
Shae Vanderin: Bathe, change, and start asking around about local mercenary jobs to get some leads.
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Gather Information]
[1d204 = 15]
Campaign saved.
GM: Shae!
A number of merchant houses are hiring.
Mostly routine guard duty, either at warehouses in town or cargo escorts.
There is also a 300 gold piece bounty on a bandit named William Tavish, for “Murder, Extortion, and Savagery Most Vile”
Shae Vanderin: ok got it.
Shae Vanderin: Poke around a little bit more to hear what Tavish did.
Shae Vanderin: I will then relay that to the group when I get back.
“I heard he’s seven feet tall!”
“He lined up ten caravan guards behind a merchant, got an arbalest, and test fired it to see how many of them it’d drive the bolt through.”
Campaign saved.
“He brought my momma food for the coming winter!”
Shae Vanderin: omit that one.
Shae Vanderin: omit any one that paints him in a good light
“He tied a merchant to two of his men, got them roaring drunk, and dangled a keg of fine wine infront of each! They tore him apart!”
Shae Vanderin: “So, just saying. When we get back from this current mission, we might want to see about bringing this Tavish to justice!”
Indeed, she regails you with all of the above. Except for giving momma food.
Raegar: get drunk
Hoxton: Hoxton starts a prayer group for William Tavish.
Hoxton arrives at the inn in high spirits, along with a rotund jolly gentleman, younger than he, in functional, plain robes.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Myyy spuuurs are rusteeeed my coat is reeeent my pluuuumes are damp wiiiith raaaaaaain and the thistle down and the baaarleybearrrrds are thick on my hooorses maaaane…”
Shae Vanderin: Have a glass of wine.
Shae Vanderin: cup whatever
He is introduced as Brother Hansen, also of the temple of Horus, and a conoisseur of both wine and blessing things.
Raegar: oh crap theres a priest.
Raegar: OH GOOD
Raegar: Get drunk with the priest
Shae Vanderin: Sit with them while they get drunk.
Raegar keeps filling Shaes cup.
Shae Vanderin: drink slowly.
Raegar: “I once learned a drinking game from a bunch of dwarves.”
Alex (Hoxton): as mentioned before, much praying for Horus to guide William Tavish.
Brother Hansen joins Hoxton in his prayers.
Shae Vanderin: “What are you praying about? That Tavish will change his ways?”
Raegar: “Hello Hoxton, who is your friend?”
Raegar: “Tavish? Who’s Tavish?”
Shae Vanderin: Relay the above to Raegar if I havent already.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: so, you omit the part about feeding family?
Shae Vanderin: ya
Raegar: kay
Raegar: “Lets tan his hide.”
Hoxton: “Ah, Raegar, Shae. This is Brother Hansen, an initiate of Horus-Re. He is to accompany us in my quest to save the souls of those bandits who plague this area. And Shae, I pray for Horus to guide William. All manner of men can be brought to see the light.”
Brother Hansen: “I’ve heard he paints his banners with blue blood. Its still red, of course. But you get the idea.”
Raegar: “…Lets invite him to live in Ashby.”
Hoxton: “A living servant of Horus is worth a hundred slain in his name. You would best remember this, Brother.”
Brother Hansen: “Oh, I can’t do that, I’ve been assigned to Hoxton.”
Raegar: “No, I meant the noble-killer.”
Raegar: “Then again, it might be the ale talking.”
Shae Vanderin: “Assigned? As in you are taking orders from Hoxton?”
Hoxton: “We take orders from none other than Horus-Re himself.”
Brother Hansen: “I take orders only from Horus. I seek guidance from Hoxton, as the more experienced in worldly matters.”
Raegar: “…Oh he sure is.”
Raegar: “Pay special attention to his opinions on women.”
Raegar empties his mug.
Raegar: “You’ll find his opinions particularly apt.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin glares at Raegar.
Raegar is visibly holding back laughter.
Brother Hansen: “My father always taught me to treat women well and with kindness. They cannot help their birth, nor their qualifications.”
Hoxton: “Well put Brother Hansen.”
Shae Vanderin: “On that statement of holy wisdom, I think I will depart. Good night.”
Shae Vanderin heads to her room.
Brother Hansen: “She seems ill at ease. I admire her for her apparent attempts to elevate herself, but the strain of fighting such an up-hill battle must trouble her greatly.”
Hoxton: “It would appear so. Unfortunate, but so it is, Brother. Come, let us pray for Tavish, that we may save him yet from death.”
You pray and/or drink the night away.
Campaign saved.
It is 10:30. How are we for time.
Raegar: im good
Shae Vanderin: im good
Err.. morning comes, sun rises. There we go
Shae Vanderin: Head downstairs after packing get breakfast, wait for the others.
Brother Hansen and Hoxton are passed out where they were praying.
Selene is packed and sitting at the bar, nursing a drink.
Raegar is hung over.
Shae Vanderin: “Any opinion on this peace mission Selene? As in how to go about it. Im a bit lacking on ideas.”
Campaign saved.
Selene: “These bandits are commoners. A year ago they were artisans, shopkeepers.. They’re not soldiers, and they have to know it.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm.”
Shae Vanderin: “I think I see what you are saying.”
Selene: “We have a choice for them – death at the hands of the dwarves; because that’s whats going to happen.. Or a new start.”
Selene: “I know those dwarves – if they have to to stomp out the problem, they’ll burn the forest to ash.”
Shae Vanderin: “Isnt the new start just going back to their old lives and living in poverty?”
Selene: “Ask Raegar. He seems to be having success.”
Raegar: “We are bringing them to live in Ashby. Period.”
Raegar: “Let me be perfectly clear.”
Raegar: “We arent killing any of them.”
Raegar: “Desperation drives people to extremes.”
Shae Vanderin: “You are what? Back to Ashby, theres probably several thousand of them.”
Raegar: “..Even better.”
Selene: “Ashby.. surrounded by miles of untilled land.”
Selene: “I’d say that, for Raegar’s plans, thousands is ideal.”
Shae Vanderin: What season is it?
There’s the rub. Autumn.
Shae Vanderin: “Gonna take quite a pretty copper to feed them all through the winter.”
Raegar stays completely silent.
Raegar reaches into his bag.
Campaign saved.
Raegar pulls out his purse.
Raegar drops it on the table.
I’m guessing there’s an appreciable thunk.
Raegar: “Ive got nearly 500 gold pieces.”
Raegar: “I think we can buy food to last the winter.”
Shae Vanderin casually reaches for the bag and pulls out some of the coins.
Shae Vanderin: “Where did you get this???”
Raegar: “…Donations.”
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Sense Motive]
[1d20+6 = 19]
Dave, I think Shae wants a bluff roll.
Raegar: Shae is human correct? =)
Raegar: Skill [Bluff]
[1d20+4 = 5]
Raegar: wont matter
Alex (Hoxton): LOL
Shae, your ability to take him serious
is limited largely because he’s laughing while he said it
Raegar: to be fair, im not trying to lie.
Raegar: it would’ve been plain that im not serious
Shae Vanderin whispers across the table, “You stole this didnt you?! Raegar, do you know what this could mean? You could be executed for this by the nobles or merchants or whoever you stole it from. Didnt those crucifications outside of the city when we first arrived show you what they are capable of?”
Campaign saved.
Raegar groans.
Raegar puts his purse away.
Raegar: “If you wish to push the issue we can have a long drawn out conversation on morality and the greater good. If not, you can take it at face value that these were donated.”
Selene: “Whichever you decide, in the middle of an inn is probably not the best place to have it.”
Hoxton snorts and sits bolt upright. “Donations… at the back… in the box….”
Hoxton: “No Hiram, Gwen didn’t take the donations… It was me.”
Hoxton blinks a few times, then rubs his eyes. “My you’re all up early.”
Shae Vanderin just looks on stunned wide mouthed in disbelief.
Brother Hansen snores into the tabletop.
Raegar: “You shouldn’t worry so much Shae. My skin is my own.”
Raegar: “The less you know the better.”
Raegar: “There is something to be said about plausible deniability.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Now, if we can leave the moral highground behind, I think we should be picking up our horses.”
Hoxton: “Was the little she-manx trying to jump your bones again, son? She’s a vicious one, that. Don’t let her get to you and it’ll be fine. Shall we off to round up these rabblerousers?”
Selene: “They, and the provisions, are waiting outside..”
Raegar: “No, nothing like that Hoxton.”
Raegar: “Is this the end of this business Shae? Are you ready to leave?”
Shae Vanderin: “After you.”
Hoxton heads outside after waking Brother Hansen.
You depart!
Four horses and a cart are waiting.
Shae Vanderin takes a horse.
The cart is hitched to a dejected looking mule of epic proportions, and burdened with a Holy Symbol Onna Stick, as well as a large barrel.
Hoxton takes up position next to the cart, prepared to walk alongside it, using his warmace as a walking stick.
You set out. Marching order?
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin last.
Alex (Hoxton): Out front to set the pace!
Raegar: “Im not so sure about horses and riding.”
Raegar: “It makes me nervous.”
Hoxton: “Fear not, good son Raegar. If you wish to ride, you may take a spot in the cart.”
Shae Vanderin: why do I have a 4 misc bonus to ride?
Raegar: waaait i meta’d
Raegar: im a freaking ranger
Shae Vanderin: oh right my aura.
Raegar: never mind that
→ Shae Vanderin: I have no ide—-ah
The first day of travel sees you leave the open behind, entering the forest.
It gets steadily more dense as you travel.
Campaign saved.
By nightfall, the road is flanked by woodland quite tightly, though you notice that, about a day’s travel, there’s a clearing along the road.
Its quite obvious it has been used as a stop-over before.
after about a day’s travel*
Do you take advantage of this camp site, or continue on?
It is getting into evening.
Shae Vanderin: “Lets stop here.”
Selene: “Makes sense.. if we’re looking for bandits, stop at the standard camp sites.”
Shae Vanderin: Set camp, water and feed the horses, rest the night.
Shae Vanderin: 1 man watches in the order of Shae, Selene, Raegar, Hoxton/priest.
Shae Vanderin: “Selene, are you proficient in snare building to give us some kind of perimeter warning or defense?”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Or is anyone for that matter?”
Selene: “Sure, shouldn’t take too long.. Raegar, a hand if you please?”
Raegar: what would that be?
Raegar: survival?
Raegar: “Of course.”
You trap the perimeter.
Shae Vanderin: Light a campfire and dig through the cart to see what supplies they gave us.
There are no supplies on the cart except a large barrel.
The promised provisions are in your saddle bags.
Food, water.
Shae Vanderin: Works.
Raegar: “..I wonder whats in the barrel.”
Raegar opens the barrel
If you approach the barrel after that statement
Hansen springs to defend it
Brother Hansen: “Wine! For the shrine of Horus in Ashby! Away with you!”
Brother Hansen: “You can’t drink ceremonial wine just anywhere!”
Raegar: “..I dont want to.”
Shae Vanderin: “Why are we carting a barrel of wine bound for Ashby out here to negotiate with bandits?”
Raegar: Skill [Sense Motive]
[1d201 = 5]
Brother Hansen: “I suppose to persuade the bandits that there’s a good reason to go to Ashby..”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: Lets just get rid of the bad rolls right now..
Shae Vanderin: “Thats a good reason actually.”
Raegar: “So, you brought it to negotiate with the bandits but we cant drink it.”
Brother Hansen: “Why would you drink it? I was under the impression you owned Ashby – you don’t need to be persuaded.”
Raegar: “No.. the.. bandits.”
Shae Vanderin: “Its proof that there will be wine wait for them if they convert to Horus and move to Ashby.”
Raegar: “..The brother broke my brain.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thats how I take it at least.”
Raegar: “Well, that makes sense.”
Hoxton: “Horus welcomes all into his order with a blessing of Wine.”
Hoxton: “His blood flows through us all, regardless of age. But it stays with us forever, and we walk bathed in his light.”
Brother Hansen: “Verily, for Horus is a kind and moral god. Not like some, like Bast, where new initiates are welcomed with a vile ritual of fornication.”
Selene: “I wouldn’t call it vile, necessarily.”
Raegar: “Say, if you were to join the order of Bast and the order of Horus in the same evening, you’d have a great night out.”
Brother Hansen: “Blasphemy!”
Raegar: “No, no it was a joke.”
Selene: “It could only work once..”
Raegar: “You cant take half the things I say seriously.”
Raegar: “No offense intended. I have a sense of humor.”
Campaign saved.
Verily, may I get on with the watches?
Raegar: yu^
Raegar: p
Alex (Hoxton): Tick tick!
Shae Vanderin: go go go
[1d10 = 3]
[1d10 = 2]
[1d10 = 6]
GM: [1d10 = 2]
Shae Vanderin: Pack up, eat, prep the horses and cart, and continue on.
You pack up, eat and continue on.
All through the second day, you cannot help but feel as though you are being watched.
You are unaccosted, and at the end of the day’s march you find yourself at another camp site.
Campaign saved.
A pile of firewood has been stacked near the center, next to a ring of stones.
Raegar: time
Raegar: to go
Raegar: into the woods
Hoxton: “Look! Horus provides for us, friends! Come, let us camp.”
Hansen and Horus proceed to make camp in the clearing.
…Hoxton and Hansen
Horus and Hoxton?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): lol
Shae Vanderin: Same routine, same watch, same snares.
Alex (Hoxton): Well, I am the embodiment of Horus on Earth
Raegar: im in the woods
Raegar: hiding
Fair enough.
Raegar: stalking the party
Shae Vanderin: “I suggest whoever is on watch try to take up a defensive position.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “

”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Back to a tree at the very least.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: ""
Hoxton: “Defensive? We’re hardly looking for a fight. Horus will watch over us tonight.”
Hoxton: “He has already provided a wonderful bounty.”
Shae Vanderin: “Just take my advice Hoxton, for once…”
Brother Hansen: “I think she speaks with wisdom in this case; it would be best to be cautious.”
Selene is already up a tree.
Alex (Hoxton): When he stands guard, he prays with is eyes open, leaning against the barrel.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Continue on, noting how far we have traveled and how much further we have to go.
In the morning, however, you are not alone.
Shae Vanderin: strike that last statement then :P
Sitting on the other side of the road, with a bow and sword laid out next to him, is a man.
Raegar: “Hello.”
Man: “Good day to you!”
Shae Vanderin: Put on my armor.
Raegar: “I am Raegar, we were sent to look for the people who live in these woods and have been playing the role of highwaymen.”
Raegar: “Not for a fight mind you.”
Hoxton: “Good day to you kind sir. Horus shine upon you.”
Raegar: “In fact, you might say we are here to suggest a solution to their predicament.”
Man: “That’s interesting.. most people who come out looking for highwaymen are looking for a fight.”
Man: “You’re clearly not out here because you want to take up banditry, you’re well off and well fed to boot. I’d say you’re foreigners.”
Raegar: “We are.”
Raegar: “I am the elf responsible for the creation of a small hamlet farther up north called Ashby.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I am no friend of the nobles of Gamroth. I am a friend of the downtroden.”
Raegar: sorry
You keep butchering that name because you hate it.
Man: “Ashby, eh? I’m familiar with it; news travels fast, and some men have gone that way already.”
Shae Vanderin: let me know when I get all my armor on, I know it takes awhile.
Raegar: “We’re here in an unofficial capacity, I want to invite you to Ashby.”
Raegar: “Secondly, I wish to warn you that the Dwarven Garrison farther south is set to burn down the forest.”
Raegar: “This is not a threat. I simply wish to impress upon you the two choices in front of you.”
Man: “Ahh hah.. so old J├╝rgen down in Tombshade has finally decided to put his boot down..”
Man: “Well, that’s awfully good of you, sirrah.. but I’m just one man – I suppose you’d want to put it to my associates.”
→ Shae Vanderin: K, done
Raegar: “I would, I’d also apreciate not getting shot before I have a chance to say my piece.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Or after.”
Man: “I don’t know what you’ve been hearing, but there doesn’t tend to be much of that unless the other side starts it.”
Shae Vanderin: “Perhaps you could lead us there, to your associates?”
Shae Vanderin: “Or have them come to us if you prefer.”
Man: “I’m more than happy to take you to them if you’d like.”
Raegar: “Very well then!”
Man: “Very well. Whenever you’re ready to travel, we can be off.”
Hoxton readies the cart.
Shae Vanderin: Ready up and follow the man.
Shae Vanderin: Who all is riding horses besides me?
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: So the other 2 are just trailing the wagon?
no idea.
Hoxton was striding along infront of it.
Shae Vanderin: No I mean the other 2 horses.
Shae Vanderin: Werent there 4?
ah, yes
Shae Vanderin: kk
Shae Vanderin: just curious
The man leads you a little ways down the road, and then turns down a path.
Hoxton continues guiding the wagon.
Raegar: “What exactly did you mean by the other side starting it?”
Raegar: “Are you being attacked?”
Campaign saved.
Man: “Not actively, no, but sometimes the merchants decide they’ve got numbers on their side.. usually carelessness on our part, and sometimes they manage to ambush us..”
Man: “Generally we attempt to make sure they don’t see any point in resisting.. they’re less likely to fight overwhelming odds, nobody gets hurt.”
Hoxton: “Mayhap if you walked with the light of Horus and joined with us, they’d have no cause to bother you. A peacable life, serving the true Light, with no pain other than that of a good day’s work.”
Man: “A year ago, perhaps that would have worked.. but now, until the story of Ashby, its all seemed a dream. It still seems incredible that the undead aren’t bothering it.”
Hoxton: “Horus protects, my friend. His reach is ever felt in Ashby.”
Shae Vanderin raises an eyebrow, “Indeed.”
Raegar: “Well, it isn’t bothering it yet because we’ve tried clearing the area..”
Man: “Maybe… but will it work in the long run? Legally we can’t even arm ourselves to defend our homes.”
Raegar: “Ahhh theres where Ashby is different..”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “We have the approval of the military governor to arm the town.”
Man: “Huh.. that’s a big step forward.”
Its about two hours later that the forest gives way to a clearing, filled with tents, lean-tos, and all manner of improvised pavillions.
Hoxton guides the cart into a reasonable approximation of the center.
Sentries pace the perimeter, armed with a motley collection of weaponry.
Shae Vanderin: Approx numbers?
Alex (Hoxton): 6.5 billion.
Campaign saved.
Including, you notice, some women and children.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): lol Alex, the bandit horde from hell.
Alex (Hoxton): MONGOLS
Hoxton: “Even though the shade of the forest, I can feel the light of Horus touching all of these souls.”
Brother Hansen: “Does that mean we intend to initiate them all?”
Raegar: “Hoxton, a word.
”color:#000054;“>I think we need to break here before we get too dialogue intense.. its midnight.
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): sounds good.
”color:#000054;“>So, finish the coming exchange, Raegar.
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): can we resume next tues?
”color:#000054;“>But we’re cutting before you get to a meeting.
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: ok
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath: next tues is good for me.
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “How does Horus view the innocent Hoxton?”
Hoxton: “Yes, Hansen. Every last one. What can I do for you, Raegar? Do you wish to partake in the lifeblood of Horus as well?”
Brother Hansen goes a little pale, mumbling to himself, “I don’t think we brought enough wine.”
Hoxton: “Horus blesses all of his children with the innocence of light.”
Raegar: “How important is it to Horus to keep the innocent alive and healthy?”
Hoxton: “Small portions, Brother.”
Hoxton: “Oh, of the utmost importance, Raegar. We cannot take the life of an innocent, or by inaction allow an innocent come to harm.”
Raegar: “Wouldn’t Horus look favorably on all of us if we can do some good in this world?”
Hoxton: “Of course Horus looks favorably always upon those of his blood, but also those who do good in this world.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Then I beg you Hoxton, wait till we bring these folk back to Ashby before bringing religion into this, dont be too forceful here today.”
Raegar: “I dont want to leave anyone behind because they were not yet ready to accept the blessings of Horus.”
Hoxton: “Horus will bless those whom choose him, but I would like to see if their leader might partake of the sunblood. As a sign of Faith.”
Raegar: “If you wait till we are back in Ashby, I will partake in the sunblood.”
Brother Hansen: “..we don’t have enough wine..”
Hoxton offers his hand to Raegar. “We will get more, Brother, when we pass through town again.”
Raegar shakes Hoxton’s hand.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand… finish!
I consider that a sufficiently dramatic moment.
Alex (Hoxton): That was a sweet deal, Dave. Congrats.
Alex (Hoxton): It was epically dramatic.
Raegar: =)
Nick (Shae Vanderin): yup nice game all.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): dont be a stranger alex, well see you around.
Alex (Hoxton): I try not to be too strange. Catch you guys later.
Night chief
‘Alex’ disconnected
Raegar: Can we do 2 sesses next week?
Shae Vanderin: heading to gw2, let us know next game about any xp.
GM: I’d like to.
GM: Now that’ve started again
‘Nick’ disconnected
GM: And Doug’ll be free from school, so he should be able to play too
GM: Killing the server.
GM: we’ll try for tues
‘Pitr De Vries’ disconnected

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