Session 12

Shae Vanderin: [1d20 = 2]
GM: lol
Nick (Shae Vanderin): for the record thats 3 1’s before any 20s
GM: k?
GM: [20d20 = 212]
‘Alex’ connected
GM: 20 d20.. one 1, no 20s
Raegar: so
Raegar: Where areth
Nick (Shae Vanderin): heya dave how goes?
Raegar: it goes awesome
Raegar: how about you?
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ill be better tomorrow.
Kiergath: .
Kiergath: Douglet hasn’t answered my email, soooo
Kiergath: That’s what she said.
Kiergath: Alex, you here?
Alex (Hoxton): I am
Nick (Shae Vanderin): howdy alex wb
Hoxton and Raegar had made a noble agreement
If Hoxton did not hasten his efforts to BAPTISE THE ENTIRE BANDIT POPULATION post haste
Campaign saved.
Then RAEGAR would join Hoxton in HOLY SYMBOLIC UNION under Horus
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, do you intend to accept those among these people who have committed crimes of theivery, kidnapping, and possibly murder?”
Raegar: “Yep.”
Shae Vanderin: “Please help me to understand why.”
Raegar: “Shades of grey Shae, Shades of gray.”
Kiergath: gray or grey
Raegar: good
Raegar: this isnt confusing at all
Kiergath: they’re both accepted.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): both are acceptable.
Raegar: ok
Hoxton: “Men are all good, Shae, intrinsically. Especially if they are capable of opening their heart to Horus, who can forgive all.”
Raegar: “Its not right to let these people get slaughtered by dwarven mortars.”
Raegar: “Its not right to clear them out and give them no other alternative but thievery.”
‘Doug’ connected
Raegar: “From what we know of the area, it was a restive place before the populace were driven to extremes.”
Raegar: “I want to give them a home.”
Raegar: "Besides, do you really believe they would simply say “oh alright, we’ll just leave thanks for the warning strangers” ? We’d be asking for a fight that I doubt we can win.“
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “What about justice? What of those who have suffered at the hands of their actions? And most importantly do you not think that given the opprotunity they will revert to such crimes again this time under your control and therefore as your responsibility?”

Shae Vanderin: “If I may make a suggestion… why dont we cross check the population that you intend to take on with the list of wanted names at the government office. That way at least you can have some reassurance.”
Raegar: “Those wove suffered at their hands are those who pushed them to thievery by stripping them of land and opportunity.”
Raegar: “Cross check…?”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Sure Shae, sounds like a plan.”
Selene: “So what, we take a list and hand it to the governor?”

Raegar: “Sure Selene.”
Shae Vanderin: “More the opposite, we obtain the list and check it vs the population.”
Raegar: “Thats exactly what we’ll do.”
Raegar: “And if we find the population contains, oh, wanted men.”
Hoxton: “Moreover, any who are found to be wanted, they will be provided a chance to atone for their crimes in the eyes of Horus.”
Shae Vanderin: “I only hope that if that is the case their sincerity can be verified.”
Hoxton: “All are sincere when they take the sunblood.”
Shae Vanderin: “Carry on then.”
Your guide takes you to one of the pavillions.
Campaign saved.
Within, people come and go, addressing a person standing at a map. He occasionally slides pieces across it as reports come in.
The map covers most of a mid-sized camp table.
The man in question seems middle aged, wearing a light mail tunic and a dagger hanging from his belt.
Shae Vanderin: Glance at the map, it is of the local region I assume?
To one side, leaning over the table is a young, black-haired woman in a worn black coat, boot-length with short sleeves. She seems to be watching the proceedings. Her only arms are a rapier hanging off the back of her belt.
The map is indeed local, of the forest between Tombshade and Garmol.
Most of the pieces they are moving appear near Tombshade.
Raegar: does it appear as we are going to be introduced?
Raegar: that*
Bandit: The bandit you’ve been following leads you into the tent, “As you can no doubt surmise, we are already familiar with the preparations in Tombshade.. we did not, however, have an answer.”
The bandit you’ve been following leads you into the tent, “As you can no doubt surmise, we are already familiar with the preparations in Tombshade.. we did not, however, have an answer.”
Campaign saved.
Bandit: “In any case, this is my second in command, Bertram. She is not one of us, but came here from Tombshade only a few days before you entered the forest.”
Bandit: “Her name is.. I’m sorry, what was it?”
The woman looks at him – and you – for the first time, “Ryasi.” She then turns her attention back to the map.
Bandit: “In any case.. I am in charge here. My friends call me Bill. What exactly are you proposing?”
Shae Vanderin: “Excellent, then you know of the hopelessness of your position?”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: "… Right.
Bandit: “Hopeless positions are no stranger to us here, miss. We were in one before we came here, and we’ve been in one since we arrived.”
Raegar: “What my friend means is that you dont need to bleed over the leaves of a forest, fighting dwarves paid in part by those who drove you here.”
‘Doug’ disconnected
Raegar: “INstead, I want to make your situaton hopeful once again.”
Raegar: “I have a real place for you to settle down, the means to keep the town alive for as long as necessary and the great advantage of the fact that in Ashby, you can defend yourselves from things that would harm you.”
Raegar: “Its a chance to come out of the woods settle back down to a normal life and helping me.”
Raegar: “I am no fan of the local nobles… I seek to break their lock on trade.”
Raegar: “That, starts with having another source for the goods they sell, mainly food.”
Campaign saved.
Ryasi mutters from near the table, “From what I hear, it’d be better if someone broke their necks – more to the point.”
Raegar: “I disagree.”
Raegar: “Tat is too quick, you should help me strive towards my goal, making them destitute.”
Raegar: “Wouldnt that be a much sweeter end?”
Ryasi: “Quick doesn’t leave a live enemy behind your back.”
Raegar: “That worries me as well…”
Raegar: “Which is why, frankly, that I need you perhaps as much as you need me.”
Bill: “Friends! Friends! You speak of slaughter and vengeance, I care only to keep these people here alive. One thing before another!”
Raegar: “I will not hide from you that having more people at the hamlet, let alone people with experience with weapons, would be of great help.”
Raegar: “Not just against any attempts the nobles might make on the town but also against the roaming undead.”
Raegar: “The people of Ashby are the destitute of Garmol. They came to the town to find a better life.”
Raegar: “I fear that without more people in town, we couldnt deal with the bigger threats out there.”
Raegar: “Dont forget that you also have the dwarves to contend with here, I dont see how this isn’t a win win situation.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “If we leave soon, we may keep everyone alive.”
Bill: “It will take us some time to call everyone in – we’d already begun the process, but the forest is large.”
Shae Vanderin: “That is fair. Can we assist in some way?”
Bill: “I cannot see how – runners have already been sent.. its simply a matter of waiting for their return.”
Shae Vanderin: “How long before the dwarves are reported to arrive with their shock troops?”
Bill: “They haven’t left Tombshade yet… going by our most recent reports, we probably have two days to start moving north.”
‘Doug’ connected
Kiergath: wb
Raegar: welcome back doug
Doug (Ilphvrae): thanks
Doug (Ilphvrae): the PC wanted to show me it was still boss
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm. All the same, it may be a wise precaution to have a plea for more time written up to submit to their generals should they arrive unexpectedly. If you like Raegar and I can see to it being delivered to them as a neutral party.”
Selene: “A plea on what grounds?”
Shae Vanderin: “Lack of bloodshed. I doubt the dwarves are bloodthirsty.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Say, arent these the dwarves we met on the road some time ago?”
Selene: “Same regiment.. not the same company, given the ones we met were headed north, out of Mishria.”
Shae Vanderin: “Possibly part of the same detachment, but those dwarves were bound for Talas I beleive.”
Raegar: “The governor mentioned the name of the company to me early this week… I cant seem to remember if they were…”
Raegar: “Ahh.”
Selene: “So, what. We wait here two days for stragglers?”
Raegar: “I dont like that either.”
Bill: “I certainly can’t leave without giving everyone ample chance to return.”
Ryasi: “So why not send most of the people here – including your women and children – north? A small group could wait here.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphy – you find a great deal of this rather boring in all likelihood. Spot check?
Ilphvrae: Skill [Spot]
[1d20+9 = 11]
You notice the large black horse standing around next to the pavillion you’re in. It has a red mane and tail, and slung from the saddle is a rather long firearm of some sort. Rather different from the matchlocks you’re used to back home.
Doug (Ilphvrae): oh my…
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae examines the gun without touching it, trying to get a good look at it
Shae Vanderin: “Well it is up to you all. I think that a message to the dwarven commanders now letting them know a peaceful settlement has been or soon will be reached would be a good idea to prevent any unneccessary hostilities from erupting.”
Raegar: “I was thinking sabotage.”
Raegar: “Frankly, I dont want any dead Dwarves, but we also dont know if these said dwarves are getting paid a bounty.”
Raegar: “If they are..”
Raegar: “Any message we send to them about a peaceful solution may well be ignored.”
Shae Vanderin: “That is true. If they are an honorable army with only the goal of routing the inhabitants of the forrest then they will arrive and make their demands before an attack is ordered.”
Selene: “I think their demands are rather clear – disperse back to your homes or die.”
Shae Vanderin: “Indeed. It will be their final warning before they commence with operations. But if Raegar is right and they are paid via bounty it could hasten their approach.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Do I know anything about the dwarves of Tombshade?
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)]
[1d20+2 = 21]
You know this is Mishria and there are no native dwarves.
Shae Vanderin: What of the Daltrithaar dwarves, are they typically pretty honorable?
you really have nothing to go on
Shae Vanderin: k
Shae Vanderin: “I dont know. If it were up to me I would send word, only if because it is the honorable thing to do. Though honor has cost armies victory in the past.”
Ryasi: “Honor is usually a construct of the losing side.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “So, sabotage it is.”
Bill: “What exactly are you proposing?”
Raegar: “Freeing beasts of burden, powder could explode.”
Raegar: “…I dont know! General Mayhem!”
Raegar: “I honestly dont really plan these things in advance, I just show up and break things unnoticed.”
Ryasi: “These dwarves seem to enjoy their artillery. Spike the guns and soak the powder.”
Ryasi: “I enjoy an explosion as well as anyone, but you seem to want to avoid bloodshed.. and magazine explosions can be a messy thing.”
Raegar: “You could spoil the beer too.”
Raegar: “thatll do it.”
Raegar: “That might lead to the most casualties though.”
Raegar: “Ever see a dwarf shoot while sober?”
Raegar: “Its like reverse us.”
Bill: “I think it would still be best to send most of those here already north. There’s no sense in endangering anyone. It doesn’t take everyone to keep watch here.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Oh, of course.”
Raegar: “I thought we had agreed on that”
Sorry, I didnt notice if we did.
Shae Vanderin: “If you want I could lead the group here back while you wait for others to arrive.”
Selene: “Oh? I assumed you would want to keep an eye on Raegar – I was going to offer to lead them back.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thats probably a good idea Selene.”
Shae Vanderin: I suppose we are just letting time pass till the other camps report in.
Okay, I thought Raegar was planning pre-emptive sabotage.
Raegar: I was!
Raegar: “Now… How do i dress like a dwarf..”
Ryasi: “Unless you’re a wizard, I’m not guessing the answer is ‘very well’…”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “You’re right. I’m way too good looking.”
Raegar: “Its a curse.”
Raegar: “We could just sneak in under the cover of night.”
…okay, I guess the question is are you actually really going to do this, or should I start fast forwarding.
Raegar: I dont know
Raegar: two days is a long time
actually, its five seconds if you decide to wait.
Raegar: “We should wait a day. If we still need time, we could proveeds.”
Raegar: proceed
To put this in perspective, if you left today to start wreaking havoc amongst the dwarves
you would run into them somewhere in the forest and have to sabotage them in their marching camps.
Raegar: not
Raegar: gonna
Raegar: happen
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Lets wait.”
By morning, most of the camp is stowed and has left northward, guided by Selene.
Shae Vanderin: Wait some more.
the only ones remaining appear to be Bill, Bertram (his lieutenant), Ryasi, and about a dozen sentries.
Shae Vanderin: “How long till the runners return from the outer camps?”
Bill: “Should be in by this evening.”
Shae Vanderin: Sword practice to pass the time.
Are you swinging at air, or seeking a sparring partner?
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: sorry.
Shae Vanderin: Air to start, if anyone wants to join me will spar with them to see if I can teach or learn any new tricks.
You use a two handed sword?
Shae Vanderin: Yes greatsword.
In between talking to Ilphvrae, the woman identified as Ryasi approaches you.
She doesn’t actually speak, she simply inserts herself infront of one of your swings-at-air and parries it by way of an invitation.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Again!”
Shae Vanderin: Swing at her with a nonlethal strike.
Your new acquaintance is fighting you with a rapier and a dagger. You’re not familiar with the style.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1)
[1d20+5 = 18]
Shae Vanderin: – whatever for nonlethal
[1d20+12 = 17]
That’ll get through.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage)
[2d6+3 = 9]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): its -4 to hit if you are striking with nonlethal.
GM: [1d20+12 = 25]
GM: [1d20+12 = 30]
GM: [1d6+1 = 5]
5, nonlethal.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Back off a bit. Then respond with a flat bladed smash to the lower body.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 20]
GM: [1d20+12 = 14]
Shae Vanderin: -4
GM: [1d20+12 = 26]
GM: [1d6+1 = 2]
You start your swing, and almost connect before the blade is turned aside by a quick parry.
GM: [1d20+12 = 25]
GM: [1d4+1 = 3]
3 points from the counterattack. She misses on her turn.
^ nonlethal
Shae Vanderin: “Not… bad.
”color:#660066;“>Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 10]
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#660066;“>GM: [1d20+12 = 21]
”color:#660066;“>GM: [1d20+12 = 18]
”color:#000054;“>Misses, your go.

”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Next hit wins it.”

Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 24]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+5 = 15]
GM: [1d20+12 = 27]
That’ll get through, no crit.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+3 = 8]
You knock her head over heels.
Shae Vanderin: Offer a hand to help her up.
Ryasi: “Let that be a lesson.. never go up against a greatsword with a toothpick.”

Shae Vanderin: “You fought well. What brought you out here if I may ask?”
Ryasi: “I’m.. not from around here. I was passing through and the local problem attracted my attention. I wished to investigate, and this seemed the place to do it.”

Shae Vanderin: “Do you know any more than we do about the situation?”
Shae Vanderin: “Or is it pretty much common knowledge as to what has happened here?”
Campaign saved.
Ryasi: “I suspect I don’t know much more than you do, if anything.”

Ryasi: “I’ve only been in Mishria for about two weeks.. I’ve been travelling inland from the eastern coast.”

Shae Vanderin: “I suppose our invitation extends you also, will you be joining us in Ashby? We plan only to stay there until things get settled before we depart for other places.”
Raegar: “We are?”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “I assumed so, yes. Did you have something else in mind?”
Raegar: “I think you underestimate the finality of bankrolling and purchasing a town.”
Raegar: “Do you mean we are just putzing around Ashby because we have nothing better to do?”
Shae Vanderin: “Is Ryasi invited to come back as well then?”
Raegar: “…Of course. Im objecting to the second part of your statement.”
Raegar: “Or perhaps I did not understand your meaning.”
Shae Vanderin: “Probably not, we southerners are often misunderstood. Think nothing of it.”
Campaign saved.
Over the course of the evening, several more groups drift into camp.
Shae Vanderin: Wait for their response about possibly leaving.
Most are exhausted by a day’s flight.
Kiergath: I have been advised that some parties need to leave.
Raegar: mainly me.
Raegar: I dont work fridays ussually..
Raegar: but this week is different
Shae Vanderin: ok np.

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