Session 18

Raegar: hiya nick
Nick (Shae Vanderin): hey peeps
Alex (Hoxton): Hi
Nick (Shae Vanderin): hey Alex glad you made it
Alex (Hoxton): Me too :)
It was hard, I think he had to climb through snow both ways.. and then when he finally got home, he had to climb out of his chimney and rapel down the side of his house.
From there, he hand-cranked the generator to power up a small cattle prod, which he then used to poke his generator gerbils into action
thus powering the computer and modem he now uses to communicate with us.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ah right snow, that white cold stuff that falls from the sky outside of the southern US.
Raegar: LIQUID
Raegar: SOLID
Campaign saved.
GM: [3d8 = 11]
This is rather the “Questions, comments, concerns?” state ,for the record.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ill brb in 3 mins then Im ready to start.
Douglet will “be there shortly”…
Alex, you weren’t here last … several sessions, actually, so.. questions? Comments? CONCERNS?
Oh, I have one comment.
‘Doug’ connected
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): wave
that doesn’t work to greet doug.. or alex.. sigh.
Hoxton: [1d10 = 7]
they don’t understand the pain.
Doug (Ilphvrae): eh?
HAI GUYS!” is how one of the idiots in the GW guild always greeted /guild.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Oh I see
his other tag word was "sumpthin’ “
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): gtg

”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): sup doug

”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): I have tried to teach you to not recruit the developmentaly disabled but you never listen :P
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): haha
”color:#000054;“>that was all dave.
”color:#000054;“>ugh, I miss a few of those guys, but since they were the ones I hardly ever saw anyway…
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: He was funny to me.
”color:#000054;“>He was funny to me, too, until he started causing trouble.
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: He was a communist agitator
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): Shame on you dave for laughing at a mentaly handicaped person. SHAME
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Anyway, you pretty much know my plan already Morgan. So for a week Ill be working with the new recruits unless something else comes up.
”color:#000054;“>OKAY, folks, here’s the dealio.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;“>Shae is spending the next week putting her THIRTY TWO NEW CLOWNS through their paces.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): Woah, woah! Clowns? Fuck man I thought you said they were mimes not clowns…
”color:#000054;“>yeah, exactly, them.
”color:#000054;“>They all have white face paint, striped shirts and black berets
”color:#000054;“>and they use their swords in sync.
”color:#000054;“>its kind’ve silly looking.
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): also are we doing new feats at 1,3,6,9 or the new pathfinder at 1,3,5,7,9
”color:#000054;“>pathfinder? wots ’at, precious?
”color:#000054;“>this is 3.5
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): it was a good try :P
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): I plan on spending some time in Gamol finding out what they need supply wise besdies food stuffs
”color:#000054;“>remind me later and I’ll seriously consider it.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): WTF is pathfinder?
”color:#000054;“>pathfinder is the true successor to 3.5
”color:#000054;“>as opposed to 4.0 and 5.0 which are LOL
”color:#000054;“>its not WoTC
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): Oh I see
”color:#000054;“>its a third party who realized that 3.5 and D20 really are good systems, they just need tweaked
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: ITS SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA
”color:#000054;“>as opposed to WoTC who decided they needed to make a new system to make all the d20 shit obsolete
”color:#000054;“>how’s that work as a summary, nick?
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): and to milk the people out of their money
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: wooo! go free market!
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Shae Vanderin): perfectly done.
”color:#000054;“>that said, if you do come up with pathfinder based tweaks, hit me with them OUT of game
”color:#000054;“>and I’ll consider adopting them
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: I think wotc made MMIV on acid.
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: bad acid..
”color:#000054;“>Douglet, the main concern is, of course, food.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): Thats WotC for you. Why I quit with Magic and Legends of the 5 rings. ever couple of months a new set of cards came out… got to spendy
”color:#000054;">Its probably the main “sure thing” in Garmol at the moment.. everything else is rather secondary.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I will also be shopping around for a wagon or two for a really good price
Doug (Ilphvrae): and I spose I will need horses for them unless we have enough
Those are suddenly a bit harder to come by; you can borrow the Brother’s again, though.
Doug (Ilphvrae): That will have to do I supose
Alex (Hoxton): Assuming there’s a tithe in it for the church.
well, that’d be optional… strictly speaking.
Hoxton: But encouraged.
Alex (Hoxton): Serverely
Raegar: why do i get the feeling that for the name of a bunch of monsters wotc just thought “yeah, those vowels go good together.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): She gave a gold last time and will again this time
GM: lol
Raegar: you guys dont like Raegar do you
Campaign saved.
apparently not..
Raegar: Hey doug
Raegar: Guess what Raegar has that you wouldnt need to buy?
Doug (Ilphvrae): whats that Raegar?
Raegar: all they are used for at the moment is.. like.. a fort..
Raegar: or something..
its true.
Shae Vanderin: Im going to donate 800 silver to the group mercenary fund and pay the soldiers for the week.
Raegar: how much did we say they cost?
32 men, 2 silver a day…
Raegar: I think you just payd ‘em for the month..
64 * 7.
Shae Vanderin: I didnt have enough to cover a month.
you paid them for a almost two weeks, I think.
one and a half, at least.
Shae Vanderin: I did when we had 18
Shae Vanderin: not 32
Ilphvrae: 448 silver every 7 days
Shae Vanderin: correct I am putting 800 to the guild fund so thats not enough for 2 weeks.
Shae Vanderin: So unless someone else wants to pitch in.
Doug (Ilphvrae): 44.8 gold a week
Doug (Ilphvrae): What do you have dave?
Doug (Ilphvrae): ya said Rae had something
…really, doug? what were you just looking for.
Raegar: poodles
Doug (Ilphvrae): Oh.. he has wagons?
Raegar: nobody ever asks me to borrow stuff
<sigh> Raegar has a town; he has a lot of things.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: things and various implements
Doug (Ilphvrae): Well when I inquired last session I was told the only wagon was the brothers :P
the DM doesn’t speak for his players.
and since you didn’t ask Raegar then, either..
Ilphvrae Ilphy goes to find Raegar and Shay
Doug (Ilphvrae): Shae*
Shae Vanderin is working with the new recruits, easily found.

GM: how did I do that…

GM: ah
GM: tilde
GM: silly thing
You find Shae!
Ilphvrae: “Shae a moment, over here.”
Shae Vanderin: “Sure, whats up Ilph?”
Raegar: am I easily found? Depens when
Raegar: I have a busy week..
you’re easily found.
Unless Ilph wants Shae alone, you can be there too.
Ilphvrae: “I am planning a run to Tombshade, a merchant run. Not sure what all I will be able to bring back food wise but Gamol needs food. We should put the lads to work escorting me down and back up. While that is going on you can find us a contract.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “I hate the idea of a empty wagon down but that cant be helped. We can talk about a bonus for them depending on how well I make out selling what I pick up.”
Shae Vanderin: “That was in line with my plan as well. It seems to me that the local military has things under control here so there may be little work. At the end of the training Ill go with you to Tombshade. Unless something comes up in the meantime.”
GM: [2d100 = 99]
GM: [1d4 = 1]
Ilphvrae: “I was thinking about going now, like first thing in the morning it will be a 7 or 8 day trip all together.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): You there for this Raegar?
Raegar: “Are you bloody insane.”
As clarification.. I believe this is day 1 – we have not fast forwarded.
Raegar: “You are 16 years of age.”
Raegar: “You have no protection.”
Raegar: “you want to leave without the party, with trade goods.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): something like that ;)
not quite, Raegar – she wants to take the mercs with her.
Raegar: “Ride for a few days. Hope you dont get killed by robbers.”
before they’ve had any chance to even drill together.
Shae Vanderin: “Is there a rush? Id like to have the men trained and aquainted first. It should only take a week.”
Shae Vanderin: “if they are competant.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): I would have the troops and I never said I would not take people with me. I was going to ask Selene and Las if they wanted to go.“
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): I would have the troops and I never said I would not take people with me. I was going to ask Selene and Las if they wanted to go.”

Ilphvrae: I would have the troops and I never said I would not take people with me. I was going to ask Selene and Las if they wanted to go.“
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “So, what exactly do you know about Tombshade?”

Hoxton: [4d8 = 25]
Campaign saved.
Raegar: Horus be praised
Ilphvrae: “It is a town a bit larger then Gamol”
Raegar: “Good, good.”
Raegar: “What else.”
Ilphvrae: “Well as I have not been there before I am not sure what else. I would look up the military gov. and inquire as to who to buy from.”
Raegar: “I thought you disliked humans.”
Ilphvrae sighs “You are starting to sound and act like my sister, treating me as not able to do anything because I am young.”
Raegar: “Where your sister would have been diplomatic about it, I simply don’t have the time and patience. Your plan is stupid.”
Raegar: “You will have a bad time. Most likely die.”
Ilphvrae: “I do not like to see people suffer more then I do not like humans.”
As cruel as he is, Raegar still always makes me laugh.
Raegar: “tombshade is a trading city, dominated by humans, that have the military governorship in their back pocket.”
Raegar: “Now, how do you think they might receive a new trader?”
Ilphvrae: “No you sound just like her. Grow some breasts and put your hands on your hips kinds like your doing and waggle your head some when you talk and you sound just like her.”
Raegar: “…Have a great trip.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Do you have a better plan?”
Raegar: “Sure, wait for us to be ready to leave. If we dont have any work lined up, we are already heading to Tombshade.”
Ilphvrae: “I know you elves live like for a billion years and stuff but some of dont have that long to do stuff.”
Shae Vanderin: “I feel I will have the men ready in one week. For me its not a matter of time but money.”
Raegar: “This is giving me a headache. Let me just say this, if you do elect to leave, good luck, dont use your family name, dont use your relation to Garmol, dont use your relation to Ashby. Hide your true identity. You’ll have an easier time.”
Raegar: “With that said, there is much to do, I’ll leave it to you to decide.”
Ilphvrae: “Fine. I will wait. /em sighs
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#540000;“>Ilphvrae goes off to her hooch
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: During the week I will also inform the recruits of the temple to Horus and that Hoxton is the head priest there. If any of them are interested in spirtual ways I point them in that direction.
”color:#000054;“>none of them, no.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton is a powerful capable priest. We however disagree on quite a many points. Especially his view on women. Still go to him if you wish.”
Shae Vanderin: kk
…nevermind, they check in at the shrine on hearing he’s one of their own people.
That said… Shae trains, Raegar does things which he has told me before we even got started.
Hoxton does things.
Ilph sulks in her tent like Achilles on the beaches of Troy.
Shae Vanderin: Did I get the sashes?
And it is now six days later.
Shae Vanderin: Blue, officers green.
Raegar: TARTANS!
The sixth day dawns.
And passes..
As the sun begins to set, a cry goes up from the ramparts.
Campaign saved.
Panicked shouting follows, and people scurry to the northern earthworks, excitedly babbling and pointing into the northern sky.
Anyone in town.. which at this moment is all of you… is either awake, or woken by the commotion.
Shae Vanderin: Id be awake at that hour.
Shae Vanderin: Look to the northern sky to see if I can see anything if it is light enough.
Raegar: go forth
Raegar: and look at skies
In the sky to the north-west, towards Rurik and the forest, you see what can only be described as a tear in the fabric of the sky.
The night sky is rent open, revealing an unearthly red glow.
Shae Vanderin: Approx size and distance?
Ilphvrae goes out and looks too
Many, many miles.. it looks to be over the forests around Rurik
Raegar: “Looks to me like they decided to fix the gas problem.”
Great gouts of flame spit forth from the portal, striking the earth in pillars of fire.
Shae Vanderin takes a step back in awe.
Shae Vanderin: “What.. what is that?”
Hoxton: “Lo, see Horus and his love cure the earth of it’s affliction!”
Raegar: “Hehehe… I like burning things…”
Elsewhere over the forests, clouds begin to form, thick and black; lightning rains downwards, illuminating the night.
Raegar: “Well, what it appears to be is great pillars of fire, striking the earth.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Crazy weather.”
As if as a final, awe inspiring performance, great balls of flame streak from the heavens, impacting with such force and vigor that even here, in Ashby, the ground trembles.
The glow of flames so many miles away illuminates the twilight, and billowing clouds of smoke rise upward.
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, what does that mean? Horus, no impossible..”
Raegar: “I dont like this anymore..”
No additional catastrophe comes from above, but the flames continue, as if the entire forest were ablaze.
Shae Vanderin: Is there any religious omen associated with a display like this?
Yes – most of them involve the end of days
And they don’t usually end so suddenly.
Hoxton: “When Horus bends his will, everything is possible.”
Shae Vanderin: The forest does not continue all the way south to Ashby correct?
Nope, it barely extends as far south as Rurik.
Rurik is on the very southernmost fringe.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Ilphvrae, was that kind of magic common during the war? Ive never seen such a thing.”
Hoxton: “It is because you haven’t opened your eyes to faith, fool woman.”
Shae Vanderin: I look around, am I the only one dumbfounded by this?
Raegar walks off.
The peasants are staring in shock.. or have collapsed in faints, or in quivering heaps, or praying to every god they can name.
many have fled back into their homes or tents.
Ilphvrae: “They used great magics in the war, you should ask Selen though, she faught in it, I think. Las may know more about this as well.”
Hoxton: “Fear not! The noble and faithful of Horus will come to no harm!”
Selene is watching in silence, nearby. Lasariel doesn’t seem to have come from her hut.
Ilphvrae go stand by Selene
Ilphvrae: “what was that Selene? Kinda scary”
Selene: “I’ve never seen a display like that.. even during the war. Whatever you found up in Rurik must have scared some very important people.”
Campaign saved.
Selene: “I’d say they decided that the plague couldn’t be allowed to spread, and that they simply burned everything around it.”
Ilphvrae: “I see.. did not know magic could do that…”
Selene: “I’ve heard.. rumors.. but never seen such things done.”
Ilphvrae: “Raegar and Shae touched the buildings and stuff, are we gonna have to dodge blass of fire fromthe sky cause they are gonna get kaBoomed next?”
Selene: “I doubt it, they haven’t rotted.”
Ilphvrae: “Good point… would have been kinda exciting thoough. The dodging part, not the rotting, it stunk really bad.”
Ilphvrae: “Then again maybe not so much fun…” /em sighs
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Find some strong drink and dull my senses.
Selene: “Quite… ah, well, I guess we’re leaving in the morning, and the show seems to be over.”
Ilphvrae looks around then gives Selene a quick hug and goes back to her hooch
You retreat to your hut, leaving a confused Selene behind.
It is your planned day of depart!
Shae Vanderin: Wake up, pack up, have a light meal and then head outside at dawn.
When you awaken… the first thing you all notice is that smoke still billows from the north.
Shae Vanderin: It would be odd if it wasnt.
and from the glow on the underside of the smoke clouds, the fires still rage.
Where exactly are you headed?
Campaign saved.
Let me rephrase – is there anything people want to do in Garmol, or just run through.
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GM: ,,,
GM: guu?

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Campaign saved.
GM: sigh.. stupid hamachi.. when it decides to get fucked, it really gets fucked.
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Doug (Ilphvrae): :(
GM: There’s dave….
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‘Nick’ connected
Campaign saved.
‘Alex’ connected
….right, anyway, my question; is there a stop-over in Garmol on the way south, or just bustling through to Tombshade.
And secondly: Who all is coming with you? All 32 mercs?
Shae Vanderin: Yes on the mercs. In regards to a stop over we may as well stop by the lumber mill to check on its progress.
Shae Vanderin: But thats up to the party.
So nobody has any business in Garmol.
Campaign saved.
Selene and Lasariel tag along as well.
Raegar: “Well, Shae, you paid their wages for the next weeks, its up to you who we should bring.”
I think she said all of them.
Shae Vanderin: Correct.
You arrive at the mill without incident, in any case. Work is proceeding well.
Shae Vanderin: Ask if a girl named Roselyn has visited at all.
The foreman notes that they haven’t had any need to hunt since they arrived – something in the forest is providing them with game for some reason.
Shae Vanderin: Ah that would be her.
Raegar: “Told you she was a good seed..”
Raegar: “I like her.”
He notes a party of dwarves came through not long after you left the forest and headed in to Garmol
Shae Vanderin: “A good seed with fine silk worth quite a bit if we can convince her to trade.”
Raegar: “Indeed.”
Shae Vanderin: By the way, did Selene and Las come with us?
Raegar pulls a bolt of silk out of his bag.
Selene and Lasariel tag along as well.
so yes.
Raegar: “You mean this, right?”
Shae Vanderin: “Is that one of the bolts from her cave?”
Shae Vanderin: “If so then yes, it seemed to be of fine quality.”
Campaign saved.
indeed, looks like the same stuff.
Shae Vanderin: “I would love to get some of it some day in the future.”
Talking as you ride,I presume.
Shae Vanderin: nod
Doug (Ilphvrae): did we bring the wagons?
one, at least.
Doug (Ilphvrae): ok
since I assume you brought Hansen’s.
Shae Vanderin: How about horses, we are riding of course but does the company have horses as well or are they marching?
Ah, sod it, then Hansen came along too. Priests, huzzah.
uh, no, they do not have horses. They’re tramping along behind you
Shae Vanderin: Keep going, probably stick to the main road unless anyone has any issue with that.
The men do not!
The brother driving the wagon for Ilph does not.
The men sing rousing Mishrian marching songs, like “Yawgmoth’s Body” and “When Grandpa Comes Shambling Home”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae drops back towards the men and starts singing a marching song to keep up moral
Oddly enough.. I hate to say it..
But your four day journey actually passes uneventfully.
On the fifth day, you leave the forest and get your first sight of Tombshade.
Shae Vanderin: If we pass anyone along the way, ask them of the status of Tombshade.
The city of Tombshade is, at first glance… large. Far larger than Garmol, and surrounded by a massive stone wall. The city itself surrounds a large plateau, at the summit of which is a large structure that looks to be half mauseleum and half fortress.
Fields surround the city as far as the eye can see, and not un-tilled earth like around Garmol. This is a city still in its prime, seemingly unaffected by the war.
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm. Well lets see what we can find out.”
Campaign saved.
As you draw nearer the city, though, you can see the gibbets upon the battlements.
Most are empty, some are not.
Shae Vanderin: “Familiar sight.”
Raegar: “Right.. It would be wise to stop mention of anything related to a relationship with Semara, Garmol, Ashby or the events in Garmol here.”
Raegar: “These are more your type of people, Shae..”
Raegar: “You won’t find much respect for the common man.”
Raegar: HEY
Raegar: btw
Raegar: we didnt mention it aapparently
Raegar has a bear.
Raegar: yea
Raegar: bear
Not a beer.
It isn’t a typo.
Alex (Hoxton): Hoxton is not Raegars.
Shae Vanderin: “You insult me Raegar, I have great respect for the peasant class. Who else would do the common labor that fuels a cities industry and economy?”
Hoxton: “Easy. The Women.”
There is a little chuckling from the ranks.
Shae Vanderin: “Quite funny Hoxton.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): time of day?
Hmm… about noon.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Approach the city weapons obviously sheathed.
As you draw nearer the city, a lone figure rides out from the gate on a pony.
At the same time, you begin hearing the rapid tapping of drums.
Doug (Ilphvrae): great they think were coing to invade
Doug (Ilphvrae): coming*
The rider draws near at a fairly good clip, and you see a great deal of activity on the battlements.
Alex (Hoxton): For the record, my weapon is very obviously brandished with the full might of Horus.
About thirty feet away, the dwarf – for that is quite obviously what he is – comes to a halt.
Shae Vanderin: Hold the line, wait for the rider to approach.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Hello.”
Dwarf Officer: “Good day! Who are you, and what brings an armed company to Tombshade? We’ve had no word of such a thing.”
Hoxton: “Ho there, longer-blessed of Horus. There are those among our number who are Horus’ disciples, and I beg you let us enter, for we seek naught but peace.”
Dwarf Officer: “Right, one paladin – what about the rest of you?”
Shae Vanderin: “Shae Vanderin, Head of this company, seeking work in this great city.”
Raegar: “I’m here for the sights.”
Shae Vanderin produce the company registration papers.
Ilphvrae: “I am here to see about purchasing goods for trade.”
Shae Vanderin: produces*
Raegar: “I hear its quite nice in the summer.”
The dwarf approaches closer, Shae, and takes the paper to read it, if you allow him.
Shae Vanderin: I do.
Alex (Hoxton): Rip. Tear.
Kiergath: “What papers?”
Kiergath: :P
Alex (Hoxton): :P
Dwarf Officer: “Colonel Semara, eh? Good egg, that one – though you won’t do to repeat my words elsewhere. There’s a reason I’m on watch this hour.”
Dwarf Officer hands the papers back.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin takes them and nods.
He turns in his saddle and removes his black felt hat, waving it three times in the air towards the city.
Another drum call, more activity.
Dwarf Officer: “Everything seems to be in order, in any case.”
‘Alex’ disconnected
Dwarf Officer: “You can proceed into the city – welcome to Tombshade. Not that there’s much welcome here.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you. What is your name sir?”
Dwarf Officer: “Kurdros Ironbelt, Captain, seventh Kheledrast. At your service, . . . .”
He lets it hang, obviously an interrogative.
Raegar: “…I’m Raegar.”
Shae Vanderin: “Well met captain.”
‘Alex’ connected
Shae Vanderin: Head into the city when all are ready.
Campaign saved.
The dwarf arches one heavy eyebrow at Shae, nods at Raegar, wheels his mount and returns to the city ahead of you.
Raegar: “Captain, captain.”
Raegar: “one moment.”
He stops, turns.
Raegar: “If you do enjoy the company of Col. Semara, perhaps, it may be safe to ask you.”
Dwarf Officer: “Yes?”
Raegar: “What should we watch out for in the city? What are the sore issues?”
Raegar: “I would hate for one of us to end up as a decoration on the walls you see..”
He wheels his mount and comes back to you, riding abreast of your group; “As with most of Mishria, the main issue here is the power vacuum.”
Captain Ironbelt: “With Yawgmoth dead, High Command in their infinite wisdom decided not to interfere here..”
Raegar: “Ehh.. I find that given the opportunity.. Most things that walk on two legs will snap at each other..”
Captain Ironbelt: “So we’ve got nobles and peasants all across the bleedin’ province at loggerheads.”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): afk brb
Hoxton: “Not true Raegar – true of men, yes, but women are more prone to spread their legs open than walk on them.”
Raegar: “I see… That is a shame.. Your commander, whats his take on it?”
Campaign saved.
Captain Ironbelt: “My commander? That’d be colonel Jurgen Dagremar.. tough old bastard, and not prone to wasting time with morals or who-started-whats.”
Captain Ironbelt: “He’s got three regiments in Tombshade – the First, Fourth, and Seventh – three thousand good Dwarves, and he’s got us playing slavemaster for this blood-sucking shite.”
Raegar: “I see, slavemaster for the nobles?”
Captain Ironbelt: “Aye – he’s got us watching the fields, the city gates.. nobody in or out without proper papers, nobody out from Tombshade unless on official business or to work the farms.”
Captain Ironbelt: “Its orders, you see – maintain the peace, maintain productivity. As long as the crops are planted, as long as goods get produced, thats what matters.”
Captain Ironbelt: “Don’t get me wrong, the colonel’s a top rate field commander – but this occupation duty is hell on the mind. Brings out the worst in people.”
anyone can feel free to jump in here, you know – he’s right there with all four of you. .
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): Not much for Hoxton to comment on
Hoxton: “Mayhap Horus could spread some more light here – put some of the best back into the lot.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Nothing for me to say…
Captain Ironbelt: “If you’re after lodging, you’ll find most of the larger inns in the district around the center of town, thats where most of the traders do their business.”
Raegar: “Well Captain Ironbelt, all of this information will do us wonders, I thank you.”
Captain Ironbelt: “The garrison is up on the summit if you need the military for some addle-brained reason, not that that’ll do you much good.”
Raegar: “If you find yourself in need of some ale, stop by the inns, I will gladly buy you and your men a round.”
Captain Ironbelt: “Oh, and, I’d stay away from the majority of the plateau base, excepting the road upwards. Whole thing is riddled with catacombs and crypts.”
Captain Ironbelt: “We plugged the entrances up top, but the colonel’s seen no need to do a thorough sweep, so no telling what in blazes is still in there.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Capt. I know this is a silly question, but who are the honest merchants that I can deal with fairly?”
Ilphvrae: “and what ones should I avoid”
Captain Ironbelt: “Thats simple. Avoid the successful ones.”
Captain Ironbelt: “If they’re successful, they’re crooked. If they’re on the rocks, they’re being run down by the others.”
Ilphvrae nods at the Captain
Captain Ironbelt: “Oh, and.. I’d avoid any talk of Semara around the colonel.”
Raegar: “Told you…”
Captain Ironbelt: “He was absolutely livid over that stunt she pulled a few weeks ago – I heard she brought in some band of sellswords and rounded up every bloody bandit in the forest, got ’em all rehabilitated.”
Shae Vanderin smiles.
Campaign saved.
Captain Ironbelt: “Between me and you, friends, we could use some of her brand of justice around here. But the less said about that, the better.”
Raegar: “I see, well, good on you then.”
You get to the gates, and he leaps off his pony – another dwarf comes to lead it away towards a stable near the gates. “I’d best get back to my watch, in any case. Keep your heads down in Tombshade.”
He stomps off.
Shae Vanderin: Head in and take in the sights.
Shae Vanderin: “Finding a large inn to accomodate everyone should be our first priority.”
Tombshade is a bustling city compared to Garmol; the streets are full of people, especially on this main avenue from the gate.
Campaign saved.
As you get closer to the center of town, you start seeing many, many wagons moving about. A large open-air market can be found near the town center, filled with stalls and tents.
Shae Vanderin: “This is a grand city of commerce.”
Uniformed city guardsmen can be seen everywhere, although you see few dwarves.
Most of the guards inside the city itself, once you get away from the wall, seem to be local militia.
And they are… abundant, to say the least.
One of the central features of the city square appears to be a large gallows, adorned with not one but ten nooses, ready to go.
I mentioned Tombshade is a bustling city, but to call it a happy city would be a great injustice.
Foreigners – and they aren’t hard to pick out – seem to be quite jovial, as do the upper class locals.
Hoxton: “Horus needs a greater influence here – these people are miserable.”
But the great majority of the people here simply flit from task to task, drawing little attention.
Shae Vanderin: Any southerners here?
From Carthon? None that you could pick out.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Ok. Well I think the plan is to find an inn. And then get aquainted with the layout of the city. For me that means the government office, fighters guild (if there is one), and merchants guild in order to advertise our arrival and willingness to take on jobs for profit.
You find a large inn near the merchants’ quarter with a number of large rooms.
Fighter’s guild, there is none.
Shae Vanderin: I also address the company and tell them that we are in a foreign land and to watch their behavior else there may be consequenses enacted by local law that could prove dire.
Merchants’ guild.. again, no guild; inquiries point you towards the main administration complex.
Raegar: Find the stablemaster for our inn
You do however find, in the inn, a young man wearing the same cut of Carthonese merchant robes with which you are familiar.
Raegar: is it firly large?
Raegar: fairly*
…the stablemaster is quite large. The stable, not so much.
Shae Vanderin: And of course the market which probably sells some interesting things.
Raegar: mm..
Raegar: did we pass any large stables on our way here?
The stable itself is proportional, so spacious.
But not large. That’s biased against fat stables.
The stablemaster, though, he’s big.
Raegar: uh huh..
Raegar: so. okay.. theres that..
Campaign saved.
Raegar: find the barkeep
Barkeep: “I’m a barkeep!”
Barkeep: “That means people talk to me!”
Raegar: “If I was bloody stinking rich and wanted to have a drink with those similar to me, where would I go?”
Barkeep: “Your parlor, where you invited all your filthy blue-blooded friends for a private soiree.”
Barkeep: “Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
Raegar: “Indeed, who has a large parlor and has invited all of their friends?”
Raegar: “Theres money in it for you.”
Raegar: take 5 gold out
Raegar: an put em on the table
Barkeep: “Do I look like I’m rich? By the Lich’s bony pecker, I run an in—oh, well now.”
Campaign saved.
Barkeep: “Well now, I heard there’s a bit of a to-do at the Wrenn estate this evening. ’Course, I only know that because they bought up every bottle of good brandy in the city, seems like.”
Raegar: “Got anything strong that smells like brandy?”
Barkeep: “For you, my dear chum, I have something better. Actual brandy. All yours.”
Barkeep: “Ten gold a bottle.”
Barkeep: “…twenty for three.”
Raegar: “Very good. Hold them till the evening. I will be back.”
Raegar: hand over the 5 gold coins
Raegar: and an extra 0
Raegar: 20*
He sets aside three bottles.
Raegar: Then head out to find a haberdashery.
Right, Raegar runs off.
Everyone else?
Meaning, what’re y’all doin’, cos Raegar is boring me to tears.
Ilphvrae stows her gear in her room (if we have them yet) and go peruse the market and look for the not so well to do merchats
You do indeed have them yet.
The market!
Shae Vanderin: Admin office, posting our availability to work for those in need of mercenary help. Then head with Ilph to the market.
You both head to the market!
Shae Vanderin: Keeping an eye on my coin purse.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: And Im just browsing and watching Ilph’s back as she shops.
The market is… a bustling, hustling affair.
Ilphvrae, you find a number of merchants apparently in dire straights.
They’re readily visible by low amounts of wares and rather twitchy appearance.
Doug (Ilphvrae): we talking stalls or buildings for these merchants?
Stalls, for the most part.
Doug (Ilphvrae): What goods do they seem to be selling?
Well, none of them are selling food – thats for sure.
There’s a carpenter, a smith.
Doug (Ilphvrae): bummer on the no foods stuffs.
Ilphvrae: “What are our plans from here, Shae? We continueing south or working between here and Gamol?”
a tinker, pounding away at mending someone’s tools.
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Anyone selling intruments? Lutes or flutes?
Shae Vanderin: “Well it depends. We are dependent on where we can find jobs or other forms of income. I hate to sound like that is my only driving force but at the moment it is a top priority.”
Shae Vanderin: “So we will stay here if we can find opprotunity, if not we may have to look elsewhere.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): one of the poorer merchants or a more prosperous one?
Doug (Ilphvrae): head over to the merchant selling the lutes
Ilphvrae starts looking over the lutes
Quite well made.
Reasonably priced, as well.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Price marked on it?
Aye, we’re modern like that.
Doug (Ilphvrae): how much?
Doug (Ilphvrae): barter would fall under what skill?
diplomacy, in all likelihood?
Doug (Ilphvrae): bummer, was hoping appraise :P
Campaign saved.
no, that just tells you what its worth
Doug (Ilphvrae): yeah
Doug (Ilphvrae): I took bluff over diplo :P
Shae Vanderin: “I could speak to that merchant for you if you like Ilph.”
Ilphvrae gets the merchants attention
Shae Vanderin: “My parents trained me how to barter.”
Ilphvrae: “No thats OK, this is a fair price.”
He stomps over,“Yes? What can I help you ladies with?”
He pauses, taken slightly aback, looks at you both.. then looks past you and around his stall.
Shae Vanderin: Follow his gaze, what took him aback?
Ilphvrae: “Good day to you my friend beams a smile at him I am interested in this Lute here. Do you make them your self?
”color:#000054;“>…The two of you.
”color:#000054;">"Make them? Heavens no, I just sell them!“
”color:#000054;">Ilphvrae: “Oh I see looks slightly disapointed where do you get them from, if I may ask?”
“From the people who make them.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “I see, I see… and is that from here in the city or do they come in from someplace else?”
“Look, girly, do you want to buy a lute or not?”
Shae Vanderin: “I think hes a very busy man Ilph. It looks to be of pretty good quality.”
Ilphvrae: “There is a good chance that I do and will from you even, but can’t you answer a poor young girls question? These are of nice quality and my couriosity on who made it is great.”
Ilphvrae bats her eyes at the merchant and smiles
Ilphvrae reach into her pouch and fiddles with the 5 gold
He turns and stomps back to his counter.
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “I guess he is not interested in making any money today, its a shame to. My poor coins will have to go unspent makes them clank together in her hand
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Dont worry about it. We will find you a lute at some point. These merchants seem to be frustrated with the state of things or so well fed that a single sale isnt important to them.”
Raegar: ..I have a lute
Doug (Ilphvrae): any other sellers of instruments?
Yes, one.
On exiting the first, you run into Raegar.
Ilphvrae: “Hello Raegar”
Raegar: “Hello Ilphvrae.”
Raegar: “Looking for anything?”
Ilphvrae: “Was looking to see what merchants may be looking to do business and I am looking for a lute or a hand harp or flute.”
Raegar: “Ehhh…”
Ilphvrae: “That person nods in the direction of the merchant they just left was very grumpy.”
Raegar: “How so?”
Ilphvrae: “Not your typical merchant, willing to banter during a sale.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: "Well, if its just you and Shae… “
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “You know this culture isnt particularly impressed with the female persuasion..”
Alex (Hoxton): Preach it, brother!
Ilphvrae: “He is either got to much money or just an ass.”
Ilphvrae: “Yes they are rather barbaric.”
Raegar: “What were you trying to figure out?”
Shae Vanderin: “Carthon is much different. Women there are equals, several women sit on the council. It seems Mishira is just different.”
Ilphvrae: “Who made the lute, was it here in the city or from someplace else. Was a rather well made lute.”
Raegar: “Was it.”
Ilphvrae: “Just couriosity on my part.”
Raegar pulls out a lute.
Raegar: “Did it look like this?”
Alex (Hoxton): Did you just fucking David Blayne a lute?!
Raegar: ive had a lute for a while
Raegar: even played it
Alex (Hoxton): oh. less impressive than magic tricks :(
Ilphvrae: “Where I am from most, no all merchants love chatter and to talk. He was an ass.”
Raegar: i gots a plan.
Alex (Hoxton): Is THIS your lute?
Raegar: Lol
Ilphvrae: “It looks similar, may I see that?”
Alex (Hoxton): Or is your lute over here in that bucket of fish?!
Raegar: “I wouldn’t bother, it isn’t the same I’m sure.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar moves over to a quieter out of the way spot.
Raegar breaks the lute at the bridge.
Ilphvrae follows
Raegar: “Which shop was it?”
Ilphvrae looks to it with her eyes
Raegar: “Very good.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): She is a theif after all :P
Raegar: “Now, you dont know me.”
Raegar: “just go back into the shop in a few minutes
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: …was it even a shop?
”color:#000054;">Ilphvrae: “Sure”
I made the mistake of saying he had a counter, so yes.
It was an actual shop.
Raegar: grand
Raegar: bust in the door
Define bust.
Raegar: burst in
Raegar: im about to yell at a guy
Raegar: "i received one of your “FINE” instruments as a bloody gift.“
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “AND IT BROKE IN HALF IN A SECOND. YOU are selling shody merchandise.”
Ilphvrae looks at Shae “If I say anything just play along.”
Raegar: now
Ilphvrae: “Going to pretend that I have not been in the shop before. They think females are stupid, I will play that game.”
Raegar: ill be waving around the broken lute like a lunatic
Shae Vanderin: “Uh, what the hell are you two doing?”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae walks back into the shop
He looks absolutely flummoxed, “What are.. you… Sir, really, there’s no need for that sort of yelling, bring it here and let me take a look at it.”
Ilphvrae: “Oh look instruments, see I told you that had a shop here.”
“Good gods, girl, do your parents know you’re running around the market unattended?”
Raegar: aff i shoudlve thought this through, coulda been more convinsing.
GM: “Sir, if you’ll bring that lute over here, we’ll see what we can do about your trouble, shall we?”
Raegar: oh well not perfect
“Sir, if you’ll bring that lute over here, we’ll see what we can do about your trouble, shall we?”
Raegar: Toss it to him
[1d20 = 5]
Ilphvrae look the merchant up and down and then put on my nobles face
Raegar: you should’ve caused a distraction
Raegar: i didnt think about it till now
The merchant looks at the lute, keeping one eye on Ilph as he does.
Raegar: “Will you stop looking at those silly girls and do something about my problem.”
“Sirrah, I am sorry to say that whoever gave you this lute mislead you – its not one of mine. Explains a great deal, I’m afraid. Still, I’d be happy to replace it for you – we have a fine selection.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “….Not yours?”
Raegar twitch
“No, see this here, the maker’s mark? None of my wares have those.”
Raegar: i knew there was one of those..
“This was made by a craftsman in Garmol.”
Raegar: “Impossible.”
Raegar: “Show me the difference, I was assured this was crafted in Tombshade. Not the boondocks.”
Ilphvrae looks at Shae, “did he just yell at me?” starts to cry “You should go get my father to deal with this mean man. Talking to me like this, like I am some commonor.”
Raegar: “If not your supplied, then who made this one?”
Raegar: plier*
Shae Vanderin just looks on this whole spectacle in shock.
“This is the mark of Hans Jaeger, in Garmol. Retired mercenary – physician, I believe. Took up making instruments as a hobby. Retired early, got rich off the wars overseas.”
Raegar: “Is he.. Ugh.. cheaper than yours?”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): afk brb
Campaign saved.
“Good craftsmanship, but everyone gets unlucky sometimes. Too bad it had to happen to you – tell you what, I’ll sell you one of mine for three gold – this has all been a terrible misunderstanding.”
Ilphvrae takes Shae’s hand “Lets go and make sure you tell my father about this shop.”
Raegar: “What exactly is to make me believe im not simply buying another Hans Jaeger?”
Ilphvrae still in tears
“As I said, there’s no maker’s mark on any of my products – feel free to investigate. If you’ll look here, the mark on yours is quite visible.”
He points it out, and indeed, it is.
Doug (Ilphvrae): get a good look at the layout of his shop
Doug (Ilphvrae): onmy way out
Raegar: “…That seems counter-intuitive.”
Raegar: “If theres no makers mark, who the bloody hells makes your instruments.”
“Good, honest craftsmen right here in Tombshade!”
The way he says it, it sounds like a practiced slogan.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “You’ll have to excuse me.”
Raegar: “But having been burned once by merchandise that wasnt as advertised, I am not in a very trusting mood.”
“Certainly! Quite understandable.”
Raegar: “This whole business of makers marks, no makers mark has caused me some trouble.
”color:#540000;“>Shae Vanderin pulls Ilph out of the shop
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “Good. A quiet shop is better.”
Raegar: “Now that its just us men.”
“I don’t know whats wrong with that girl, she barged in here, pretended to want to buy a lute, and then started prattling on about suppliers and other things well over her.”
“I mean, she’s no need to worry about such things!”
“And then to charge back in here making a scene, as if I’d never seen her before!”
Raegar: “Who makes your instruments, I find honesty harder and harder to come by in Tombshade.”
GM: “I’m sorry sir, but that’s not something I’m permitted to discuss. You see, there are rules here.”
“I’m sorry sir, but that’s not something I’m permitted to discuss. You see, there are rules here.”
Raegar: “Madness isnt it, I was discussing it a few nights ago with my dear friend the Wrenns.”
Raegar: “Complete disregard for the rules.”
[1d20 = 18]
Raegar: “s*
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;">"Well.. I guess it can’t hurt.“
”color:#000054;“>He pulls a piece of parchment from under the counter and scribbles on it before handing it over – it contains an address.
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “Hmm.. That satisfies me shop-keep. I shall take two lutes.”
“Take your pick, sirrah. And as I said, the replacement for yours will be only three gold coins.”
Raegar: “Who am I to call upon, should I ever need repairs or some-such?”
Raegar: “And the second?”
“Five, I’m afraid. I do have to make a profit.”
Raegar: “Oh very well.”
Raegar: hand over 8 gold
He takes it, “The man at the address is Jakob Schliemann. Very talented craftsman. If anyone can fix something, he can.”
Raegar: “Very well, I thank you.”
Raegar: Leaaaave
Raegar finally exits the shop.
Ilphvrae has gone back to the inn
Shae Vanderin: “What was the point of that?”
Doug (Ilphvrae): and I prolly need to call it here for the night
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): sounds good
Shae Vanderin: “Ilph, from now on. If you want to get involved in any mischeif of your own design. Do me a favor and leave me out of it.”
Shae Vanderin: “And Ill tell Raegar the same thing when he gets back here.”
Raegar: “Well, I have a name for you Ilphvrae.”
Raegar: “A supplier.”
Raegar: “And a lute.”
Ilphvrae: “Oh don’t be such a spoil sport. Your not that old yet.”
Raegar: “HEre.”
Raegar: hand over a lute
Ilphvrae: “Why Raegar, thank you!” beams a smile at Raegar
Selene: “Lutes.”
Ilphvrae bounces around a little bit
Selene: “You came to Tombshade…”
Raegar: “Whats all the business about trouble?”
Selene: “…for lutes..”
Raegar: “And new clothes! … Err..”
Raegar: “Well..”
Raegar: “You know..”
Raegar: “I’m also angling to get us into a nice reception at one of the noble houses.”
Shae Vanderin: “And nearly getting into trouble in order to get the name of a lute supplier? Is there a method to this madness I am not seeing?”
Raegar: “Tell me, Shae, why do you hate freedom?”
Ilphvrae: “I was trying to find a supplier of well made items, that ass of a man was being an ass.”
Selene: “Nearly? From the show you folks put on, I’d say you’re already all going to be watched by morning.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “People have a habit of forgetting me.”
Ilphvrae: “All they saw was a spoiled noble child acting like a spoiled noble child.”
Shae Vanderin looks at Raegar and blanches, “I do not hate freedom, I just have empathy for that merchant and am lacking in understanding of your reasoning for berating him.”
Raegar: “I dont know, ask Ilphvrae.”
Raegar: “I do things when I’m bored.”
Raegar: “Sometimes people get hurt.”
Ilphvrae: “He got me the information I needed. It was an act, I am sure Raegar has no ill feelings to the man.”
Raegar: “…Why DID I scream at an innocent”
Shae Vanderin: “You do- things.. when bored?”
Raegar: “Yes! … And you just have to admit I have a knack for not getting into trouble.”
Ilphvrae: “I forget that these people are barbarians with their attitutes to women.”
Ilphvrae: “I would have had Raegar do the looking for me to begin with”
Shae Vanderin: “Look. You have this conception that all merchants are evil money grubbing maggots who prey on societies people in order to line their pockets. But it is not so! There are honest merchants and even honest nobles in this world.”
Ilphvrae: “Why I choose to come south” /em shakes her head
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “That dwarf as we entered the city said ‘Avoid the well of merchants! They are all crooked!’ Well you assumed this man to be crooked and you learned he was not. All Im saying is try to give everyone a fair chance before you judge them.”
Raegar: “No I dont Shae, thats the farthest thing from my mind.”
Raegar: “I see merchants as an opportunity.”
Raegar: “Everything is an opportunity.”
Ilphvrae gives Raegar a hug and scampers off to her room
Selene raises her eyebrows and watches Ilph’s retreat, “She’s.. been… doing that a lot lately.”
Shae Vanderin: “So, you did this to somehow get an audience with Tombshade’s upper class?”
Raegar: “We live short insignificant lives in the grand scheme of things. One should really waste no time in grabbing what life throws at you.”
Raegar: “…Your people have odd mating customs.”
Selene: “No, no, that’s not a mating custom, believe me, you’d know the difference.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): yeah my claws did not come out :P
Raegar: “Which reminds me of a joke, ever hear the one about the one eyed whore and the orc chieftain?”
Selene: “Where I come from, usually it has something to do with fool orcs not knowing the proper hole for the job…”
Raegar: “You didnt ask me whether she had one or two eyes before she took on the job.”
Raegar: “And Shae, I got nothing.”
Shae Vanderin: “Look all Im saying is weigh the risk vs the reward. If you feel what you got reward wise was worth the risk of us getting into trouble with the local authorities then so be it.”
Raegar: “All I did was get sherry and nice clothes with hopes of talking my way into the party.”
Selene: “We got a name. A name for a supplier who will do no business with us, because in this city to do business with anyone without proper paperwork is illegal.”
Selene: “So we have nothing.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “And thats where the nobles come in.”
Raegar: “..Althought I have to admit, thats complete serendipity, I had no clue about the laws of this town.”
Raegar: “In any case… It does seem that to get anywhere in this town… You need credentials.”
Raegar: “And to get credentials, you have to do something in this town.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): OK I am out lads. Phone
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok cya Doug.
‘Doug’ disconnected
Raegar: “Which obviously leads us to only one conclusion, lie.”
Shae Vanderin: “What is your overall plan Raegar? Why do you care about becoming an importan person in Tombshade?”
Raegar: “I do?”
Raegar: “Oh, I’m sorry.”
Raegar: “So, the company doesnt need my help then?”
Shae Vanderin: “Maybe I misunderstood, what is your plan?”
Raegar: “I can just sit back and do bugger all?”
Raegar: “There IS no plan.”
Raegar: “There never is!”
Selene: “I believe the ‘plan’, such as it is, is to get into the proper circles to find your mercenary outfit employment.”
Selene: “Mercenaries are employed by only one kind of circle – the ones with money.”
Selene: “Which means these blue-blooded, blood sucking leeches they call nobles in Mishria.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ok well that does make sense.”
Raegar: “…What she said sounds better than my stumble-randomly-into-rich-people-work plan..
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “Im bad at naming things..”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “So we are going to work for the blue-blooded, blood sucking leeches?”
Shae Vanderin: “Because there is profit in it yes?”
Selene: “Sure, why not?”
Selene: “My morals are hardly set in stone.”
Raegar: “Personally, I was thinking of an entirely different plan.”
Raegar: “There Is a plan, im not so sure you’d like it.”
Shae Vanderin: “And the reason you all didnt care about what happened in Garmol, was because there is no profit in it, yes?”
Raegar: “Not in the least.”
Shae Vanderin: “Im only asking so that I know what our attitude is.”
Raegar: “Its quite surprising how much you can infer, wrongly, about my motivations when you truly know so little about me.”
Shae Vanderin: “Then tell me Raegar. All I know of you is that you are an elf from outer Mishira.”
Raegar: not gonna be quite that easy
Raegar smiles
Shae Vanderin: “You know my past. I tell it freely.”
Raegar: “And thats another mistake if you ask me.”
Shae Vanderin: “Call it pride. If that is truly a vice then it is one I am guilty of. I love my homeland.”
Raegar: “It really is a huge advantage to be able to switch your morality to what serves best your purposes.”
Shae Vanderin: “Are you talking about me or about yourself, or about how we should be?”
Raegar: “You are a smart girl, figure it out. After all, you figured my motivation in Garmol.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “This isn’t the place or time for this in any case.”
Shae Vanderin: “Truly Raegar you have me off guard quite a bit of the time. I cant make heads or tales on your motivations most of the time. I only say it now because we are in a foreign city and I dont want to see us end up in those gallows we saw over some foolishness or misunderstanding.”
Shae Vanderin sighs, “Lets get a drink.”
Barkeep: “Drinks? Someone called for drinks?”
Barkeep sets down a tray of mugs.
Barkeep: “Drinks! Drinks all around! Drinks on the house! Praise Horus!”
Raegar: “..Hoxton’s been busy.”
Shae Vanderin: “Wine if you have it. If not strong ale.”
Barkeep: “I have no wine, the nobles bought it all up for their soirees and house parties. Ale! Good strong ale!”
He bustles off, spreading ale mugs to all the tables, “Ale! Lifesblood of the peasant! Lifesblood of the impoverished mass! Drink it, and think of your brothers in bondage!”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton to me is like a wall. I keep having this glimmer of hope that hes going to realize both me and Ilph are useful and not just women to toil for men’s sake.”
Selene: “Hoxton, bless him, is a peasant. The very image of what we came to this place to liberate.”
Shae Vanderin: “But time and again its as if his beleif to the contrary is as strong as his faith in Horus.”
Selene: “In a few decades, perhaps we’ll beat that out of them, but for now? Think of it as a sort of rustic, frontier charm.”
Shae Vanderin: “Yes except for the fact that he may not take things we have to say seriously. Which might endanger us. I could see it now ‘Hoxton dont go down there, theres a dragon’ and he will respond ‘What woman? You wouldnt know a dragon from a lizard!’ and tromps down to his death.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or something similar.”
Shae Vanderin drains half her mug.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): anyway, well pick this up next week?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): k night guys.
‘Nick’ disconnected
Alex (Hoxton): Night!
‘Alex’ disconnected
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