Session 24 and 25

Chat log started at 19.3.2013 / 19:07:30

Campaign saved.
‘Pitr De Vries’ connected
‘Nick’ connected
Nick (Shae Vanderin): hey guys, gimme one minute
Campaign saved.
Raegar: yay
Raegar: Steam broke
ahhh damnit
I sent Doug his wake-up call, he’ll be along.. I think.
depending on how he interprets “the server will be up shortly”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): want me to page doug?
no, he just got on hamachi and xfire.
mmm… damn you dave, you’ve got me almost as excited as you are.
possibly more.
‘Doug’ connected
Raegar: morning doug
Doug (Ilphvrae): Howdy
I do gotta ask, did anyone who wasn’t here at least take a look at the last log?
I refuse to start this session with 2/3s of the party not knowing the situation. :P
Doug (Ilphvrae): Yes I did look at it while you and I was e-mailing
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): They were getting their faces ate by lawn Gnomes
lawn gnomes? god no
lawn gnomes are harmless little bastards with bushy white beards and tall pointy hats.
and one had a hand cannon..
Raegar: speaking of which
Doug (Ilphvrae): Harmless? You have never encountered them in the dark then, while slightly tipsy…
oh, right, I was going to figure out loot.
Raegar: Doug..
Raegar: I’ll have to tell you sometime about a tradition in my parts called land gnome hunting.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sup Dave?
GM: lawn, I think you mean.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Yes, yes you will :)
Raegar: thats the play on words.
Raegar: Its mostly done drunk
Raegar: and with golf carts
Raegar: so im a champ
Doug (Ilphvrae): :D
Raegar: ah, doug
Raegar: ive talked to these two about it
Raegar: morgan to a greater extent
Raegar: now nick tonight
Raegar: i was planning a special campaign..
GM: “special”
GM: remember the finger quotes
Ilphvrae: Prolly kinda plays like mailbox baseball then.. except we use a pickup truck, softball bats and well mailboxes…
Raegar: you guys would be monster hunters
Raegar: sorta
GM: gothic horror based on renaissance central europe
Raegar: It’d be a gothic horror
GM: ^ summary
Raegar: yea.
GM: since you stumble over your own tongue when it comes to those
GM: .
Doug (Ilphvrae): minus the whole it is not a federal offense to kill a lawn gnome…
GM: no, its just petty vandalism ;)
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Who knew mail boxes were protected by the feds…
GM: dave, note on hamachi if you haven’t seen it.
GM: aren’t they technically OWNED by the feds?
GM: I know some places they are…
Doug (Ilphvrae): Some yes, some no but still are covered by the protection
GM: and god forbid you do anything untoward to a garbage can
GM: :P
Ilphvrae: The big metal ones with multipul people yeah
GM: they will ream your ass
Raegar: so
Raegar: let us begin
GM: ah, yeah, sorry, sec.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sounds cool Dave
Raegar: so, start working on a concept char people..
Raegar: level 3
For all people NOT aware.
which means Doug
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sorta like Cathulu, eh?
Feat progression is now all ODD LEVELS
not every 3rd
Doug (Ilphvrae): Oh cool.. retroactive?
…there’s nothing to be retroactive about.
You got one at level 1 and you got one at level 3
the first level it would affect is 5
Doug (Ilphvrae): Ok yeah thats right
then 7, 9, etc.
Doug (Ilphvrae): sighs
shhh, no complaining, more feats good.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Not about that. I am just so fucking far behind it sucks hobbit balls
you are aware you’re the same level as all of the party except one person.
Doug (Ilphvrae): fucking school
Raegar: i wouldnt worry about it.. weve been getting aaa looot of xp in this place..
Doug (Ilphvrae): Damn them and their fucking mid terms and final exams and double fuck them on them being closed book too
GM: yeah, we get the idea
GM: its fine, if you live tonight you’ll have it made
GM: did I say if?
GM: I meant “in the unlikely event that”
GM: wait, that came out worse
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Would it be too much to ask if you could draw out a quick rough layout of the dungeon as weve explored it so far?
also, this is a dungeon crawl. therefore, this session’s musical score is brought to you by ZZ Top. Because tradition.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): lOL
Shae Vanderin: L
zz top is Hraf for srs bsns.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sorry, One is playing atm…
as for a rough layout, it was already made for last session.
NONE of that is to scale.
Shae Vanderin: Perfect.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I will throw in some Journey when the shit hits the fan
“S” is the stairs out.
#1 is the room with 3 pedastals that used to have the six skeletons in it (that Shae and Raegar fought)
#2 is a HUGE room resembling an inverted mayan stepped pyramid.
those are not corridors, they are ramps.
The lowest “level” of the pyramid is 20 feet across.
Each “level” consists of a 10 foot walkway, lined with sarcophagi.
Lasariel estimated over a thousand undead in that room.
Shae Vanderin: What is the ‘S’ and ‘X’ markers?
I already said what S is.
its the stairs out.
As for the other, I’m getting there.
The central corridor, leading north, ended in a large room.
Stairs down from the door led into the room, and a large raised dais occupied the far side.
Campaign saved.
On that dais is a large stone arch, adorned with various strange inscriptions and runes.
The "X"s were placed to mark where the party was seeing movement prior to a gnomish attack
Doug (Ilphvrae): strums a tune Clean shirt, new shoesAnd I don’t know where I am goin’ to.Silk suit,black tie,I don’t need a reason why.They come runnin’ just as fast as they canCoz’ every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man. strums tune
DM recommendation: El Diablo
Doug (Ilphvrae): Did you ever hear the storyThat happened not long ago’bout the man with a tan:El diablo de Mexico?And this man played his handAnd he lived by the luck of the draw;Now and then and again,Found him steppin’ outside of the lawHey, hey!
You have one final corridor left unexplored.
there you go.
Other notes..
Hoxton is still present and being NPCed.
Raegar: “Well, lets go and see whats down the third corridor..”
Lasariel is the only NPC present.
Shae Vanderin: Am I here?
William has been sent back to Ashby for reinforcements.
Shae, I’m assuming you were recouperating in the entrance from.. ah… I don’t know, exhaustion / wounds / feminine problems.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): lets go with the first 2 and watching the party’s back
um.. hmm… doesn’t work so well.
Quite. So.
Raegar: Hes drunk
Raegar: and passed out
Ilph, congrats, you arrive in the entrance just before Shae leaves.
to go back down the stairs.
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar you said you found a dais with a runed archway. Lasariel, were any of the runes understandable to you?”
Doug (Ilphvrae): OK
Campaign saved.
William arrived in Ashby last last night, and you set out on your own – since you’re faster than the rest of the help.
Doug (Ilphvrae): follow along with Shae, moving sliently
The party has convened in the central chamber.
Lasariel: “Not without more study.. at a guess, its some sort’ve gateway.”
Raegar: “Oh, gateways are always good.”
Shae Vanderin: “Agreed, it may be the source of these undead, I wonder where it leads.”
Ilphvrae: “Like a portal?”
Lasariel: “Source of the undead? We know where the undead are from – they’re from here..”
Lasariel: “Yes Ilph, exactly.”
Raegar: “I say we check out the third corridor.”
Raegar: “We still dont have a clue whats down there.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “I guess that means you want me to go have a peek, right?”
Raegar: “Eyep.”
Ilph, you have a 15 foot wide corridor.
Ilphvrae stick to the shadows and/or darkness and move as quietly as I can.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): afk bio sorry
About 20 feet in… you find a sarcophagus set into the floor.
It is labled, clearly, in Mishrian Gothic, “Erikur the Indomitable”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Also looking for anything along the way, footprints, traps, child eating monsters…
Doug (Ilphvrae): Do I have any idea who he may have been?
Hoxton swings his hammer back and forth in boredom.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Ok same as above, keep moving in being caeful to not touch the sarcophagus.
Campaign saved.
20 feet farther down.. another sarcophagus.
Doug (Ilphvrae): These are just in the hallway correct, not in a alcove or a room?
they’re set into the floor of the hall.
you could walk on the lids, if you weren’t avoiding it.
Doug (Ilphvrae): So in the floor of the 15 foot wide hall, got ya
This second sarcophagus is labled “Miriam the Ever-victorious”
Doug (Ilphvrae): move up another 20 feet and see if there is a 3rd, same as above
You do however see, from here, the doorway at the end of this 100 foot corridor.
Doug (Ilphvrae): OK go back and report what I have found so far
Only two sarcophagi though.
Doug (Ilphvrae): following my above movements
Ilphvrae comes scrambling back to the party.
Raegar: “Well, not entirely different from what we’ve seen so far.”
Raegar: “Lets go kill the things then.”
Hoxton: “More Undead! They must accept the Light of Horus or face destruction.”
Lasariel: “Do you really want to ask thousands of undead to accept the light of a sun god?”
Ilphvrae: “Two tomb thingys, with some guy names Erikur the Indomitable and the other with a person named Miriam the Ever Victorious on them. then a 100 feet more down the way a door.”
neg, 60 feet.
you covered 40 of that.
Doug (Ilphvrae): OK
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “A bit farther down is a door” revised
Raegar: “Lets do this thing.”
Hoxton: “Of course, woman! All must be given the opportunity, save those who forsake it through unwarranted aggression!”
Raegar: go forth
Raegar: stand behind the sarcophagus.
Raegar: “Someone else kick it.. I ended up under the lid last time..”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Stay back and in the shadows
Shae Vanderin: “Form a defensive position around these sarcophogi one at a time focus attacks on one till its down then move on to the next.”
Shae Vanderin draws her blade.
Raegar: “so.. just do what.. we’ve been doing then?”
Shae Vanderin kicks the lid to disturb it.
“Come out, heathen! Accept salvation!”
Hoxton: “Come out, heathen! Accept salvation!”
Shae Vanderin: Spell [Fortitude Minor Aura – Demand Fortitude] > 4 on Fortitude saves 30ft aura
Hoxton swings his hammer down into the lid.
Aside from the sound of a maul striking stone…
There is no response.
Ilphvrae lets out a small chuckle and says “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;Or close the wall up with our English dead.In peace there’s nothing so becomes a manAs modest stillness and humility:But when the blast of war blows in our ears,Then imitate the action of the tiger;Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;Let pry through the portage of the headLike the brass cannon; let the brow o’erwhelm it
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “Thats weird.”
Raegar: “…I think Ilphvrae’s gone cracked..”
you cannot appreciate Shakespeare until you’ve heard it in the original Klingon.
Shae Vanderin: “It may be dormant. Lets pry the lid off.”
Shae Vanderin pulls on the lid.
Shae pries the lid off.
inside is an immobile corpse.
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, do you sense evil from this corpse?”
It lays at rest, greatsword clutched in its hands, but does not move.
Hoxton: “Nay!”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Well… Lets do number two then.”
Lasariel: “Peculiar.. not the first time we’ve seen the magic fail.”
Raegar: “Hoxton, crush its skull just to be sure.”
Lasariel: “I believe there were a number in the first tomb as well, no?”
Raegar: “Well, good. Now its doubly dead.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Does the sword look to be of quality?
at the very least, its a masterwork greatsword.
Ilphvrae: “Shae, grab up that sword, it is of high quality.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets take the sword and see if we can determine if it has special properties later.”
Spot urinates on the next sarcophagus.
Shae Vanderin takes the sword carefully and stows it.
Doug (Ilphvrae): that pee has to smell really bad.. spot is dead aint he?
You’re not really sure what Spot is.
You assumed he was undead because he was in the crypt.. on the other hand, he does things that undead don’t normally do.
Shae Vanderin: Move to the next sarcophogus. This one is Miriam the indomnitable?
Yes, it is.
Shae Vanderin: Same formation. Let Hoxton ring the bell to see if anyone is home.
Shae, the lid is heaving upwards as you arrive.
[1d20 = 6]
[1d20 = 1]
Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d205 = 12]
GM: [1d20 = 16]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+5 = 11]
Ilphvrae And his fortune he had madeLet him live high on the hogTil the day of the raidWhen they hunted him like a dog.He was out on the run,Knowing he could get by,‘Cause the men killed in sinWere not there to testify.Hey, hey!
Ilphvrae: Initiative [1d20+9 = 21]
Shae Vanderin: thats actually only an 8 for me
Campaign saved.
I’m going to start docking experience for copy/pastes of modern music and literature. :P
Doug (Ilphvrae): bah
Doug (Ilphvrae): It kinda fit the mood though :P
Ilph, you see as the lid is thrown aside and a gaunt, armored figure rises from its slumber.
It currently is brandishing a sword and shield, and wearing heavy armor.
ratty strings of hair still fall from its emaciated, leathery head.
Shae Vanderin: make my init 8 if you can, I didnt have my dex aura up.
→ Shae Vanderin: yarrr, k
Ilphvrae Strums her lute “And the noble heroes stand firm against the raging undead from the tomb! Let the battle rage and bring down our stinky foe!”
yep, that’s ilph
Doug (Ilphvrae): Inspire courage
…K, if anyone wants to know what that does, feel free to look it up
Raegar: It lifts our spirits.
Raegar: =P
Ilphvrae: 1 to attack and damage and saves vs charm type stuff
Raegar: this guy is goin’ down
Shae Vanderin: nice
Campaign saved.
Raegar: so..
Shae! As the one who was approaching the sarcophagus when Spot woke her up..
Raegar: whos turn..
it swings in your direction.
GM: [2d20 = 31]
GM: [1d82 = 7]
GM: [1d4+1 = 4]
You are battered with both sword and shield.
I care nothing for your meager attempts at heroics.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 26]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+10 = 15]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+9 = 14]
if I told you you missed, would you cry like a little girl?
Raegar: i would
Just, you know, hypothetically.
Shae Vanderin
You land two mighty hits, it looks unpleased.
Doug (Ilphvrae): If those missed I am leaving :P
Raegar: we are good as long s we keep fighting the undead
Raegar: =P
Shae Vanderin: Swing at the things legs with a sidelong slash.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) 6 [1d207 = 16]
That will not do it.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: [1d20+9 = 19]
Hoxton: [1d10+7 = 14]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 32]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+12 = 30]
no crit.
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+3 = 7]
Ilphvrae lets flys an arrow
Doug (Ilphvrae): Dont forget to add 1 to your attacks and damage
Nick (Shae Vanderin): yup have been
Hoxton: [2d20 = 7]
It flails at Raegar, but misses.
Raegar: Make his day unpleasent…
Nick (Shae Vanderin): also morgan you told me to remind you of my damage reduction aura.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d2011 = 14]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 26]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+9 = 13]
Raegar: stupid magical sword..
Raegar: …didnt matter
Raegar: “Well, well, well… This one didnt manage to tear into me.
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “This pleases me.”

Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “You notice these names they come up with for their dead are usually false advertising?”

Raegar: check out its sword and shield.
Lasariel: “Makes me wonder if the magic is weakening…”

Raegar: “Exceptfor the dwarf skeleton.”
Shae Vanderin examines her wounds and shakes her head in disappointment, “I should have parried that.”
Raegar: “He was indeed aroused..”
Ilphvrae pears into the open coffin and see if anything is in there
Nothing, save for the corpse half-keeled over into it.
Ilphvrae examine the armor and weapons for quality
The corpse is has a heavy metal shield, a longsword, and a suit of half plate.
Shae Vanderin: Salvagable?
The armor is in pretty good shape.
Doug (Ilphvrae): want me to roll for appraise or is it ovbious the quality?
The shield, ditto.
The sword’s seen better days.
Raegar: whats the sword?
Shae Vanderin: Spend a few minutes removing it from the corpse.
…you mean other than “a longsword”?
Raegar: missed that part
Shield and armor are both apparently masterwork.
Ilphvrae: “Good quality on the shield and armor.”
The hall is silent. A doorway stands open at the far end.
Ilphvrae: “Could maybe get it sized to fit you, Shae”
Unless Shae is particularly well endowed in certain aspects, it wouldn’t take much work at all.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin nods.
Shae Vanderin: “Lets keep moving, so far our luck hasnt been half bad.”
Ilphvrae moves towards the doorway, moving quitly and inthe darkness/shadows. Looking for anything along the way.
nothing along the way.
The room beyond you can see three raised platforms.
Someone’s apparently already been here.. there’s dried blood on the floor, and the bones of skeletons lay scattered on the floor.
Also several un-moving small bodies.
Doug (Ilphvrae): if they did not move up with me, motion them forward
Shae Vanderin: Move up.
Six collapsed skeletons, three dead gnomes.
Ilphvrae reports what she has seen in the room
Two double doors opposite the main entrance
Shae, if you’re keeping track, the dead skeletons have three more tower shields, three longspears, and six shortswords.
Shae Vanderin: Thank you.
The gnomes appear to have been stripped already.
Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “I bet I know whats behind the door…”

Raegar: “Whats your guess?”
Ilphvrae: "Whats that? /em looks at Lasariel
Lasariel: “Another room, just like the one on the other side.”

Lasariel: “This whole thing has been a mirror.”

Lasariel: “I’d say we’re in a crypt built to guard that portal.”

Raegar: “Hmm…”
Raegar: open the doors
The room beyond is too large for you to see, even with your vision.
Shae Vanderin: “Another room filled with undead?”
However, it does look to be another inverted steppe pyramid, much like the other.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: but larger
you couldn’t see much of the other, either.
Shae Vanderin: Its probably a twin of the other side.
Shae Vanderin: Is there a golden sarcophagus at the bottom of this one?
Raegar: “So, what do we do?”
You can’t see the bottom.
Shae Vanderin: Are there undead?
Shae Vanderin: or is this one empty?
Hoxton: “Looking into this room makes my head ache. So many unbelieving souls!”

Lasariel: “And I’m sure they’re all just dying to have you preach to them…”

Ilphvrae chuckles
Raegar: “Well, lets go take a look.”
A light flares up far, far at the bottom of the room.
From here, you can make out the sarcophagus at the bottom level.
But it is the only thing you can really see in the otherwise dark room.
you think something’s there with it, but at this distance its really not easy to tell.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin whispers, “Lets move forward, slowly.”
Raegar: do so
Shae Vanderin: Standard formation.
Shae Vanderin: 2×2
you move up, descending the ramp into the room..
Each “layer” is indeed lined with alcoves.
However, as you enter the room, you realize that these alcoves are open.
At least the ones in your limited field of vision are..
Shae Vanderin: Empty I take it?
Raegar: werent they full on the other side?
They were sealed.
Raegar: i see
Raegar: “Well… This side has been disturbed.”
Lasariel: “I think the dead gnomes were a good clue.”

As you get deeper into the room, you make out somebody..? perched on the sarcophagus at the bottom of the room.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: keep going
Raegar: i think..
Shae Vanderin: Following Raegar as he and Ilph are the only ones who can see anything beyond the light in the center
Doug (Ilphvrae): WTF do you mean follow me? I am hanging int he back :P
As you reach two levels above the ring of light in the center, you are certain that there is indeed someone sitting on the sarcophagus. The lid is off, and its sitting on the lip.
It is watching you, and at this range is eyes are visible blue glows.
Raegar: “Hello.”
There is a slowly growing glow from four braziers at the corners of the lowest level, and they slowly flicker to life.
Ilphvrae stay back in the shadows
This allows you to see a second figure, standing to the rear left of the sarcophagus, holding a long pole from which hangs a black banner adorned with a skeletal red hand and a number of arcane glyphs.
Shae Vanderin: Do I recognize the symbol?
Campaign saved.
Both figures are adorned in heavy black armor, bone showing through the gaps.
Shae – its a Mishrian battle standard of some kind. I’d say all three of you recognize it to some degree or other.
A bleached-white skull caps the top of the pole.
The seated figure stays seated, hands clasped together in its lap. A sheathed sword stands upright next to it, leaned against the sarcophagus.
It speaks in a cracked, whispering voice; “What business do the living have in this place?”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “The war between Mishira and Daltigoth is over. By order of Daltigoth law your existence is not permitted. We however are not Daltrithaar servants; we have come here to explore this place and determine if it is a threat to the local villages on the surface.”
Raegar: …Raegar starts running
Raegar, you see movement in the shadows above you, on the ramp.
"Peace, honored enemy! I have given thee leave to enter you are safe, are there not ancient codes even among foes?“
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “I dont like this..É

”color:#000054;“>Raegar: Raegar comes back..

”color:#000054;">Raegar: “What is this place..? I am not from these parts.”

Undead: “You stand in a crypt of Mishria. It lays outside the primary ring of garrisons for the city of Garmol, and serves to defend the Gate at the center of this complex.”

Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Whats the gate for?”
Undead: “It goes to another plane.”

Undead: “The chamber containing the gate, as well as the primary entrance and corridor were already in existance when Mishria was founded. The rest of this complex was built after it was found.”

Raegar: “We came down here thinking that this place was deserted… We were wrong..”
Undead: “Our orders are to defend the portal. We cannot do that from the outside.”

Raegar: “What happens now that the Lich is gone?”
At those words, you hear the rustle of dry whispers throughout the room.
Undead: “The… Lich.. is gone?”

Raegar: “Indeed. He was killed in the War.”
Raegar: “Do you know there was a war?”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae trys to become the wall
Undead: “Your companion spoke of Daltigoth and Daltrithaar. I do not know these words, and thus did not respond. What has happened upon the surface?”

Ilph, a voice whispers in your ear, “Parleys.. can’t stand ’em. How ’bout you?”
Raegar: “The Lich and Daltigoth went to war, as I’ve said, I’m not from these parts but it seems a death in the Dalrithaar royal family caused it.”
Ilphvrae stifles a squeek and turns her head to look and see who said that
Raegar: “The war was long but eventually, the Lich was drawn into open combat and was destroyed.”
Undead: “I do not know the land of which you speak. The Lich is eternal. Your words ring hollow without proof.”

Campaign saved.
Raegar: i aint got proof..
Ilph, you are standing next to a figure half made of shadow and mist, save for the bones of its upper torso, arms and skull, which seem solid enough to be leaning on a longbow and for its shoulders to support a quiver. Its remarkable how bored the undead can look.
Raegar: “What kind of proof would you like me to provide?”
Ilphvrae: “Umm.. hello. They can be OK, if a fight can be avoided. Needless deaths serve no purpous.”
Undead: “Bring me one who saw the war. If it lets us, we will see the truth in its mind.”
Raegar: “As you will, what will you do if we can prove this to you?”
Campaign saved.
Undead: “If what your comrade says is true, what could we do?”
Shae Vanderin: “Will you continue your orders of guarding this place?”
Ilph, the thing looks at you with gleaming red eyes, “Death always serves a purpose. Young death, when the bones are strong.”
Undead: “We were ordered to guard this place by the Lich. If he is dead, we have no orders; we would be guarding this place for a dead kingdom. This serves no-one.”
Ilphvrae: “I am sure you have a very good point, but if it is all the same to you, I would rather not experience that quite yet. You know many more stories to read, more adventures to live.”
The wraith-thingy seems to shrug at you, Ilph, before looking back at the parley.
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Inside she is fucking freaking out… Picture the loony toons cartoon where the cat flies to the cealing of the room when scared, well if she could do that she would bedoing it…
Shae Vanderin: “Agreed. And your duty to this place has been impressive and honorable. Yet once we show you this proof your long stay here as sentinels will come to an end. The surface world will not accept you as I have said.”
Undead: “Then it seems we are at an impasse.”
Raegar: “We have a pass, we have a pass.”
Raegar: “We will return with proof. Dont listen to her, shes not well.”
Raegar: “Feminin troubles.”
Raegar: “Let us leave now!”
Raegar starts backing out slowly.
Undead: “You may go, so long as you do not activate the portal.”
Shae Vanderin shakes her head, “What I mean to say is that perhaps in addition to proof, we could find a haven for you and your kin. A place where you could live out your existences as you see fit.”
Above you, you hear the tramp-tramp-tramp of armored feet filing up the ramp.
Raegar, the figures you saw in shadow are no longer blocking your exit.
Ilphvrae hears Raegar say lets go and starts heading out, quickly
Ilph, as you scramble out, you see two lines of undead, armored in black iron and carrying large round shields and spears, marching down the corridor towards the entrance / the portal room.
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae as she leaves, waves bye to the undead thingy and gives a little bow
Doug (Ilphvrae): the one that was speaking with her*
Doug (Ilphvrae): Have to be polite and all
It gives a little wave, but little else.
Ilphvrae after seeing all the undead, she moves even a little faster
The marching undead are actually ahead of you, going the same way you are.
Doug (Ilphvrae): not a run or a trot but a quick walk
They, however, turn towards the portal room.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Yeah I umm.. dont go that way
The party reconvenes in the entrance!
Shae Vanderin: Was the undead not interested in my offer?
It doesn’t speak after dismissing you.
Shae Vanderin: Ok.
Raegar: “…That was unpleasent.”
Lasariel: “I thought they were quite civil.”
Shae Vanderin: “It could have gone far worse..”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “They were very civil, Las.”
Raegar: “So, what are we going to do about this…”
Ilphvrae: “I think one was propsoing to me, to make me undead or something. Why flattering as that was I had to turn it down.”
Shae Vanderin: “Find someone who was in the final battle with the Lich, ask them to come and let their mind be read.”
Lasariel: “Then what?”
Shae Vanderin: “Then hopefully the undead will leave back through that portal.”
Lasariel blinks in confusion.
Shae Vanderin: “The situation is this”
Shae Vanderin: “These undead were harmless guarding a portal.”
Shae Vanderin: “We came along and threw a wrench in their eternal mission by telling them the Lich was dead.”
Raegar: “I dont think… They will leave through the portal.”
Ilphvrae: “I don’t think they want to leave, even if they can see that the Lich died. Getting them to leave will be a challenge.”
Shae Vanderin: “Now Im thinking that they are going to be stirred up with this new knowledge and cause problems unless we fix this mess we made.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “I am not sure how you are going to convince some vet. of the war to let a undead, who they have fought against a lot of and seen friends die from, to let one close enough to read its mind.”
Shae Vanderin: “If they are a soldier, they will understand their duty to the country.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or alternatively…”
Raegar: “Well… We Could just blow the entrance..”
Shae Vanderin: “We can just ignore the problem and hope nothing bad happens.”
Ilphvrae: “We tell the military and they come in and deal with it. This is WAY above our heads, way above.”
Lasariel: “I can imagine that meeting.”
Shae Vanderin: “Sure Raegar, it would buy time if they decided to emerge, but they have eternity and limitless stamina to dig. Theyd find a way out eventually.”
Lasariel does a passable immitation of Semara’s voice, “Why Raegar, what brings you here today?” She switches to an immitation of Raegar, “Oh, nothing, we just stirred up an entire legion of undead behind your lines while you’re busy worrying about an open revolt in Tombshade.”
Ilphvrae: “I was more thinking from my home where they have many more resources…”
Raegar: “For a professional military… These Dalrithaar sure leave a lot of loose ends…”
Lasariel: “A lot of ground to cover, if nothing else.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “From what ive heard it was a war of speed not thorougness.”
Ilphvrae: “There were some other issues that came along during the war that are painful to think about…”
Shae Vanderin: “We have time to think about this. For now I suggest we stop by the other tomb and check on the excavations of stone and whatnot.”
Raegar: “Wait a minute.”
Raegar: “You have memories of the War Ilphvrae?”
Lasariel: “I don’t think the war is the problem.. the problem is the end.”
Lasariel: “The death of the Lich is the single most important thing here.”
Ilphvrae: “As many as someone who lived while it was going on, yes.”
Raegar: “Im rather certain Selene was in the war.”
Ilphvrae: “Who… who lost very important members of their family… extended as it may have been…”
Lasariel: “I’d offer to ward the entrance, but I doubt I could come up with anything that could hold the numbers in there.”
Ilphvrae: “They want to see the death of the Lich, I am not sure Selene even seen that.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Perhaps we should simply leave them be, to watch the portal until the day they fall apart.”
Hoxton: “Thus might they do one good deed in their existance, to redeem them unknowingly in the eyes of Horus.”
Raegar: so
Ilphvrae: “Let us return to the village
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “We have more crypts to explore.”
Raegar: “This was the first one.”
Raegar: “theres 3.”
Ilphvrae: “before our talk offends them and they come out”
Ilph plucks her lute.
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Well will you look at that. It seems that, that ginormous sword is magic.”
Ilphvrae: “The shield and the armor seem to have a magical aura about them as well.”
Raegar: “Grand.”
Raegar: “And me without a new source of stone..”
Raegar: “We should simply go on to the next crypt..”
Shae Vanderin: “Can you identify them? Ilphvrae?”
Ilphvrae: “That is beyond my abilities at the moment”
Ilphvrae: “I can only detect that they are magic.”
Ilphvrae: “Maybe Las can.”
Lasariel: “Sure, given some time.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ok. Lets lug all this back to town then rest up and head to the 3rd crypt.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Sounds like a plan”
Raegar: do so.
Shae Vanderin: Resetting Powers
You lug everything back to Ashby!
Shae Vanderin: Resetting Marshal Powers
halfway there, you meet William and a band of guardsmen.
They somewhat befuddlely turn back and accompany you back home.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Yup resting and refreshing myself and stuff
You refresh. You resupply. You drop off a ton of stuff.
Morning comes, and Lasariel has slapped postits on all three magic items.
Campaign saved.
1 heavy steel shield. +1 half plate. Keen +1 greatsword
Nick (Shae Vanderin): what is max dex bonus on the half plate?
I haven’t a blessed clue.
Raegar: heeeeeeeh
Raegar: not for meeee!
Shae Vanderin: it only applies to defensive dex bonus so if its better you could take it
Raegar: it aint
Shae Vanderin: Its probably one better than my banded.
Shae Vanderin: Ok well Ill decide along the way ill let you know before we enter the 3rd crypt.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: onward
Raegar: to n.2
Doug (Ilphvrae): yup, follow along
William stubs his toe in town and stays behind.
Raegar drags Lasariel and Selene along.
Hoxton stays home to tend the flock.
oddly enough..
a little stone mausoleum standing alone on the plane.
well, plane too
if we’re looking at it in a wider sense..
Raegar: approach
Raegar: da crypt
you approach the little stone mausoleum.
It has a little wrought iron fence around it.
the gate swings back and forth in the autumn breeze.
Creeeeeeeak. Creeeeeeeeeeak. Creeeeeeak.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “This is odd, I was expecting something decidedly more massive.”
The entrance is masked by a heavy wooden door.
Ilphvrae: “Well it could go deeper”
A heavy wooden door that is currently laying in the dirt.
As you draw nearer, you see that it was ripped from its mountings, with the hinges also torn from their place.
Great gouges have been rent in the stone near the door.
And something large was standing outside the crypt, where it flattened a great deal of grass and tore great furrows in the earth.
Raegar: “Blech…”
Beyond the doorway, you do indeed see a stairway leading downwards.
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “big something.”
Raegar: move in carefully
you see the flicker of torchlight at the foot of the stairs.
Doug (Ilphvrae): how old does the dmg outside look?
not very.
Doug (Ilphvrae): bleh
The light does not move.
Shae Vanderin: “Shall we proceed then?”
Raegar: i thought we were
Raegar: haha
Raegar: “Indeed, lets.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): sure lets go
Shae Vanderin: Head in try to find the source of the light.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Down the stairs.
Sorry, stepped out.
At the foot of the stairs is a torch.
Its sitting in a wall sconce.
Raegar: “Whatever it is.. it needs light to see..”
You see a number of other wall sconces ahead, all occupied by lit torches.
Raegar: “I wonder if we aren’t going to bump into our Drow friend..”
Ilphvrae: “I was thinking the same thing, but the Drow would not need a light source.”
he does if he wants to see more than about 60 feet.
Shae Vanderin: 120 for drow isnt it?
its still not far.
Shae Vanderin: “Lets keep moving.”
GM: (I’m not actually sure.)
Shae Vanderin: Searching the floor and walls carefully for traps.
You inch down the corridor, searching for traps.
Doug (Ilphvrae): it is 120 feet unless the changed it.
I won’t ask you to roll because there’s nothing to find.
I’m not a sadist.
Campaign saved.
Ahead, after about a hundred and fifty feet of corridor, you see a doorway and a room beyond.
This whole thing so far has been sloping slightly downward.
Shae Vanderin: Were there staggered torches every so often?
Roughly every 30 feet.
Shae Vanderin: Move up and look into the room.
Shae Vanderin: check that.
Shae Vanderin: Stay behind and let someone quiet move up and look into the room.
Raegar: ..Thats me!
Or Ilph.
Or Selene.
Raegar: or Ilph!
Raegar: Or Selene!
Or Bob the Gnome.
Raegar: Someone care to check out the room?“
”color:#000054;“>He’s not here though, so you’re out of luck.
”color:#540000;“>Ilphvrae moves forward to peer into the room. sricking to the shadows
”color:#000054;“>A square room. The left and right walls are lined with sarcophagi, all with lids cast aside. A brazier stands in the center of the room.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): move back and fill them in
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “There is most definately something in here..”
Raegar: go inside
Raegar: keep going
Shae Vanderin: Move up
Ilphvrae follows along
Shae Vanderin: Enter the room behind Raegar and look around.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Assuming there is a lightsource.
returning from AFK, the DM pauses you as Raegar enters the room.
Raegar, nothing happens when you cross the threshold.
Shae, you cross the threshold of the room.
The brazier in the center springs to life, an eerie purple flame rising from within.
A breeze seems to rush through the room, carrying whispered words with it, " L’elamshin d’lil Oloth Ser ulu harluth jhal!“
”color:#000054;“>Two figures appear in the shadows of the room, swathed in black robes, with heavy plate gauntlets clutching bastard swords. Glowing red eyes blaze in the otherwise empty hoods.
”color:#000054;“>Initiatives, please.
”color:#660066;“>Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 15]
”color:#660066;“>Raegar: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 12]
[1d20 = 2]
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: these undead or nae?
[1d20 = 7]
”color:#660066;“>Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 15]
”color:#000054;“>Indeed they are.
[1d20 = 14]
”color:#000054;">Ilphvrae: “I wonder what this black tower they speak of is.”
Campaign saved.
she says rather calmly as the wraiths lunge to attack.
Raegar: thts what I be thinkin
Nick (Shae Vanderin): add 4 to their init
Nick (Shae Vanderin): raegar and Ilph
One throws itself at Raegar, the other at Shae, each screeching out in a voice that grates on the ears, “Faelezure tlu malla! Kiergath Ultrin!”
GM: [1d20 = 15]
GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: [1d10+5 = 8]
Raegar, you are struck.
GM: [1d20 = 19]
GM: [1d20 = 9]
GM: [1d10+5 = 14]
Shae, you as well are hit.
All three of you are probably aware that Faelezure is a god of death. Draconic, to be specific.
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae strums her lute, “Yet again the fair adventures are set upon by the foul beings that deny death. Stand FRIM my fiends, for good shall prevale against death!”
Shae Vanderin: I understood that much, its the main temple in Carthon.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Inspire courage
Just reminding.
Ilphvrae: 1 to saves vs fear, charm and +1 to attacks and dmg
Raegar: full
Raegar: attack
oh good, I was afraid I broke dave.
Raegar: on mineeee
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d2011 = 13]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+9 = 17]
Raegar: well, at least i got max damage.. I guess..
Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: Aside from the damage they hit us with any other effects? Also do they appear ethereal?
Their robes and armor certainly seem real, so do their swords.
Shae Vanderin: Full defensive cross-slash on mine.
Shae Vanderin: Erikur’s Greatsword (Attack 1) 7 [1d20 = 8]
An 8 will not do it.
Shae Vanderin: My AC is now 23
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Shae, yours is now flanked. Selene missed, though.
GM: [1d20 = 8]
Las misses with a bolt of crackling purple yucky energy.
GM: [1d20 = 4]
Dave, yours is now flanked. Spot missed though.
GM: [2d20 = 31]
GM: [1d20 = 5]
booo.. missed the crit.
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d10
5 = 10]
Raegar, you are hit!
GM: [2d20 = 25]
Shae, you are missed.
Doug (Ilphvrae): would I be flanking either one from where I am ?
Doug (Ilphvrae): inside the door way a bit
Doug (Ilphvrae): If not move to get a flanking bow shot off
afaik you don’t flank with projectiles – nick?
Shae Vanderin: I dont remember that one.
nix that, you don’t apply flanking bonuses for your friends
but you do deny the enemy dex on rear shots iirc
Ilphvrae: OK
roll it.
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 14]
She’s a miss.
Raegar: come on..
Raegar: nows the time for a crit..
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 25]
yeah, waste a 20, please.
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 31]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+12 = 14]
undead, crit immune. Two hits, though
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+10 = 13]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+9 = 12]
with an unholy shriek, the wraith disappears in an explosion of dark energy
Shae.. .Raegar.. Selene.. fort saves.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: aaand no more flanking.
GM: [1d20 = 1]
Raegar: Fortitude save [1d20+5 = 7]
Raegar: grand
Shae Vanderin: Can I activate my aura reflexively? I forgot.
I have no idea.
Shae Vanderin: says its a swift action
Doug (Ilphvrae): would be a free action would it not if it is done with just a thought?
I’m ruling no, you can’t.
You’d still have to be expecting to need it.
Shae Vanderin: true, ill look it up after
Shae Vanderin: Fortitude save [1d20+6 = 10]
GM: [2d6 = 8]
And Selene rolled a one..
You all feel your life being sapped away.
Spot, suffice to say, looks healthier than ever.
Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: yeah I read it can only be activated on my turn.
Shae Vanderin: So Im activating it now.
Shae Vanderin: Step back 5 feet and then throw a vial of holy water at the wraith.
Shae Vanderin: Thrown Projectile (Attack 1) [1d20+6 = 13]
The wraith is now wet.
That would be the Horus holy water, yes?
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: yes.
Yeah. The wraith’s robes are now wet.
GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: [1d8+3 = 9]
Selene hits…
GM: [1d20 = 15]
GM: [1d6+1 = 2]
Spot hits..
Las touches Shae.
GM: [2d6 = 4]
Shae, your wounds close, but it feels a little icky.
GM: [2d20 = 21]
The wraith whirls on Selene.
GM: [1d20 = 15]
GM: [2d10+10 = 26]
GM: 26
Selene collapses in a heap.
Ilphvrae lets out a deep growl and fires off another arrow
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 20]
A hit.
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+3 = 7]
Raegar: mm…
Raegar: Full attack possible?
I would think.
Raegar: flank?
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 15]
Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 28]
Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+9 = 16]
Shae Vanderin
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Full swing.
Shae Vanderin: Erikur’s Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+7 = 26]
Shae Vanderin: Erikur’s Greatsword (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shae Vanderin: Erikur’s Greatsword (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+7 = 10]
Shae Vanderin: Erikur’s Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+4 = 16]
Fort saves, Shae and Raegar.
Raegar: Fortitude save [1d20+5 = 14]
And I believe Shae gives you both a 4?
I think? From the aura?
Shae Vanderin: yes
Shae Vanderin: Fortitude save +6 [1d2010 = 18]
You’re both fine.
Raegar: “Selene!”
Raegar: go to Selene
Raegar: an’
Raegar: see whats up
Its… not a pretty sight.
Ilphvrae rushs to Selene
Raegar: try to heal her
There’s nothing to heal.
Shae Vanderin stands guard while they tend to Selene.
Raegar: “She’s… Dead..”
Ilphvrae: “No, no, nooo! She can’t be!”
Raegar: “I’m sorry… There’s nothing to do.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “…”
Ilphvrae emits a low growl
Shae Vanderin: “..Take a moment. Well finish this room and then bring her home to Ashby.”
Ilphvrae: “I will not leave her in this foul place. She is a hero and I will se her trated so.”
Ilphvrae Picks Selene up and carries her back outside
Shae Vanderin: “Ilph. Please. Let her go for now, we need you here with us.”
There’s not actually anything in the room.
10 empty sarcophagi.
And a brazier.
Shae Vanderin: Ok then.
And a doorway leading out.
Shae Vanderin: Search it anyway for any clues. If none are found then head out.
Ilph. The first thing you notice when you exit the mausoleum is the shade.
The mausoleum should be blocking some of the sun, but.. not that much.
Campaign saved.
Its not that high.
Ilphvrae growl and look around
There’s… a large critter sitting on the mausoleum.
Raegar: =P
Black scales..
Teeth like daggers..
Claws like scimitars…
Ilphvrae step back inside
Currently looking at you, head cocked curiously to the side.
You back into the crypt.
The head cranes downward on a long, serpentine neck, looking at the group of you.
Ilphvrae still holding Selene in Draconic say “Good afternoon”
Ilphvrae and back up a bit more
Shae Vanderin: “Faeluzure?”
The creature blinks slowly at Shae, its head recoiling a bit, before it begins to laugh loudly.
Dragon: “I am fairly certain the gods have better things to do than walk the mortal plane.”

Dragon: “And Faeluzure would certainly not trouble himself with insignificant specks like humans. … As entertaining as you can be.”

Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “W-what is your name then great one?”
Dragon: “My name? Let us call me Amar for the moment. My full name would doubtless be too great a bother.”

Raegar: “Where those Wraiths yours?”
Raegar step out into the open.
Shae Vanderin follows and stands behind Raegar.
Dragon: “Wraiths… wraiths..”

Dragon: “Ah, yes. Those.”

Dragon: “Yes, I suppose you could say they were mine.”

Raegar: “Destroyed.”
Amar: “Alas.”

Raegar: “All I want here is the stone from the building. We just happened at the same spot at the same time.”
You can almost see the sarcasm dripping from his mouth in his utterance of “Alas”
But on second glance, its probably just acid.
Campaign saved.
Amar: “Stone. You want.. stone… so you’re robbing tombs.”

Amar: “Truly, the mortal races never cease to amuse. I’m sure if you return in a day or two’s time you can scavenge all the rock you wish.”

Shae Vanderin: “W-what is happening in two days?”
Amar: “Nothing, except the tomb will be empty. Truthfully, I imagine you could get to work by tomorrow morning, but it never hurts to be careful.”

Raegar: “Is there aything you need in there..”
Amar: “Nothing that I’ve not already got.”

Amar: “Its a remarkable tomb, quite large for the number of undead present.”

Amar: “It seems Mishrian nobility is rather vain.”

Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Do you mean to make it your… home?”
Amar: “My home. Really, now, a dank crypt? I have a home, and it is far, far from here.”

Amar: “No, no, I was simply here to free her ladyship. It just wasn’t.. fair.. to keep a noblewoman like that locked up in a dirty old tomb.”

Shae Vanderin: “Her L-ladyship?”
Amar: “Yes. Ahhh, the countess Mirelle, late of the Ebon Hold, I believe. Really, I’m surprised. You’re not from here, are you? I gather she was something of a legend.”

Nick (Shae Vanderin): ever heard of her?
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)]
[1d20+4 = 24]
God, yes. You think she died over three hundred years ago, though. Reputable wizard in her day, very involved in the upper echelons of Mishria. Bit of a mean streak, though. Very quick to provide the motherland with more soldiers, if you get my meaning.
“Not quite the raging beauty she was in life, I’m afraid, but such are the prices of power.”
Amar: “Not quite the raging beauty she was in life, I’m afraid, but such are the prices of power.”

Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Oh hehe well thats quite nice of you to free her whoever she is (bluffing).”
Ilphvrae: “What is the black tower the dead were speaking about?”
Amar: “Darkspire; the Black Tower; the Shadowspire. Call it what you will. The last bastion of the Empire before the uncivilized, savage north; guardian of the Empire from the pestulant masses.”

Campaign saved.
He turns to Shae, “And hellsteeth, girl – what’re you on about? Nice? I haven’t got a nice bone in my body. Her ladyship is going to bathe this place in blood, and we will laugh.”
Raegar: kay guyyys
Raegar: this isnt a good place to stop but its late
Nick (Shae Vanderin): Thursday it is.
unrelated, if people are going to start thinking about Dave’s theoretical game, I’m planning on going druid.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): for all intents and purposes its like ravenloft right?
Raegar: see ya thursday
Ilphvrae: I was thinking Priest maybe
Raegar: magic in this world will be rare AND there will be a system for magic
Raegar: so far what ive worked out
Raegar: We are going to throw out the spell levels.
Raegar: throw out magically learning spells every level
Raegar: you know it, if you learn it.
Raegar: If you learn a spell way out of your league
Doug (Ilphvrae): Been a while since I have played a Barb or a Firghter though too…
Raegar: you can still try to cast it
Raegar: with unexpected results!
Shae Vanderin: sounds fun
Raegar: also..
Shae Vanderin: maybe rename them so that we OOC dont know what they are
Raegar: what do you mean?
Campaign saved.
I don’t think he particularly wants to disguise that its out of your league.
Doug (Ilphvrae): In place of fire ball call it Fingals flaming rock
he’s just giving you the option to blow yourself to smithereens.
for a chance of success
Raegar: exactly
Raegar: or turn into a newt
Shae Vanderin: k
Raegar: chicken..
Doug (Ilphvrae): is what Nick was meaning I think
Raegar: blow up..
Raegar: ect.
Raegar: Well, keeping in mind that you must learn the spell, whoever teaches it to you should give you a description
Raegar: unless you learn it from a goblin or something
Raegar: “Mek ting boom”
Raegar: thats a goblin fireball
Doug (Ilphvrae): Dave is taking a twist off the I.C.E game system from ages ago and having a unique spell table for things. Theres was based for crits or epic faiulres
^ favorite goblin shaman spell evar
Raegar: ill give you more details on what to expect from the game world
GM: can you steal something from a system you’ve never heard of?
Doug (Ilphvrae): I am sure Morgan is familier with the I.C.E Games sighs
Raegar: I’m familiar with Ice the drug
Raegar: not the game system
Raegar: g’night!
Shae Vanderin: nite
Nick (Shae Vanderin): wonder if hell allow sorcs
Ilphvrae: laters
‘Pitr De Vries’ disconnected
‘Doug’ disconnected
Nick (Shae Vanderin): pry not under that idea
GM: who knows
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok well ill figure it out later. good game tonite man, signing off Ill chat you on steam
‘Nick’ disconnected

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Nick (Shae Vanderin): heya
Nick (Shae Vanderin): did you want to assign xp from last game now or later?
Raegar: We can dance
Raegar: We can dance
Nick (Shae Vanderin): doug said he will be here shortly.
Raegar: Everybody look at your hands
Nick (Shae Vanderin): you can dance if you want to. You can leave your world behind.
Raegar: clap clap clap clap
Nick (Shae Vanderin): that woke him up
Raegar: I left my home in Norfolk Virginia..
do you really want your DM awake given what mental state your wake-up call put him in?
Raegar: California on my mind..
Raegar: I straddled that Greyhound..
Raegar: And rode into Raleigh..
Raegar: And on across Caroline..
Nick (Shae Vanderin): Dave you are singing your xp away
Raegar: nO ONE?
Campaign saved.
Raegar: watchu talkin’ bout
you’re antagonizing the DM. He’s marking away XP with his little red pen.
Raegar: pff.. that only applies to Dougs singing.
Raegar: Mine is graceful and stuff
‘Alex’ connected
GM: also not happening during game :P
Raegar: that too!
GM: Dave isn’t using it as immitation bardic music
GM: .
Nick (Shae Vanderin): alex today?
GM: he just logged into the server. lol
Raegar: Is that the sister publication to the Dave Herald?
Raegar: or the Morgan Free Press?
Shae Vanderin: And the New Nick Times.
Raegar: or the Doug Gazette?
Alex (Hoxton): Hello lads
Raegar: Welcome oh ye of big hammer
Nick (Shae Vanderin): Alexir! welcome.
Alex (Hoxton): I would buy Alex today.
Raegar: “10 tips to please your Alex”
Raegar: “What is Alex wearing this season?”
GM: >.<
Raegar: “Hurricane Alex Wrecks New Orleans”
Raegar: so, we waiting on Douglin McDouglinton Esqu. ?
‘Doug’ connected
Alex (Hoxton): Dude, Hurricane Alex is ftw
GM: le. sigh.
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): Dougleton!
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sup winter storm Alex?
Alex (Hoxton): Not much, yourself?
Doug (Ilphvrae): Send some water to the midwest, they need it!
Alex (Hoxton): No.
Raegar: OKAY
Dave has an announcement.
or, rather, more information on a previous announcement.
Raegar: I wanted to take a moment and talk a little bit more about my upcoming campaign
Doug (Ilphvrae): Not to much, second half of the semester is starting. IT Ethecis and Security Management this half
carry on
Raegar: Give a little more background information.
Alex (Hoxton): What is IT Ethecis?
Alex (Hoxton): (I am listening)
I would assume
but doug can’t spell
Alex (Hoxton): I thought it was a new computer term
( in all seriousness, is it intentional or a typo of ethics? )
Doug (Ilphvrae): Ethics in Information Tech
so ethics. okay.
Raegar: So, setting, I’ve gone over the fact that this campaign will be Gothic Horror.
Doug (Ilphvrae): cat in my lap that feels the need to bump her head into my hands everytime I start to type
Raegar: You’ll all start at level 3.
Raegar: This will not be classic fantasy
Raegar: this is a human world
Alex (Hoxton): WHAT?!
Alex (Hoxton): BLASPHEMY
oh, right, I was going afk
Doug (Ilphvrae): I know right?
Raegar: There will be however, various nationalities to pick from for added variations in characters.
Alex (Hoxton): Shotgun the germans
Doug (Ilphvrae): So much for blindly walkign the grey line
Raegar: Anything non-human will be unplayable as they will be undergoing a good deal of change
Raegar: The tech level will be early renaissance
Raegar: meaning that there will be firearms, in limited numbers.
Raegar: and they will be ‘spensive.
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I call the scots/irish!
Raegar: the party will be a bunch of monster hunters for lack of a better term
Raegar: this world will be cheap on life, so people hire you out of desperation.
Raegar: Two important things
Raegar: you’ll be in a setting where most people you meet distrust magic
Raegar: meaning that using magic around civilians may or may not be a good idea
GM: “We found a witch! May we burn her?”
Raegar: Exactly
Raegar: Add to that, magic will be considerably different from what it is in 3.5
Raegar: you will have at any level the ability to cast spells of any level, provided that you know said spell.
Raegar: So a level 3 wizard could try casting wish.
Hoxton: nice
..just let the rest of the party know before you do
Raegar: Now, that also means you wont be automatically getting spells when you level up.
I want time to get a long, long way away
Raegar: AND
Alex (Hoxton): Spellhunter!
Raegar: Casting spells beyond your level may result in a really bad result
Raegar: or it may work
Hoxton: I love bad results
the destruction of time and space as we know it!?
Alex (Hoxton): Tuesday
Raegar: So, questions?
oh. That’s all? I hate tuesday
Shae Vanderin: What is the religeon (sp?) of the setting?
Raegar: Ahh good question
Doug (Ilphvrae): All hail the mighty Ion!
Raegar: The pantheon will be considerably reduced.
Raegar: I dont have a final form its going to take
they get bonuses to Perform (Sing and Dance), right?
Campaign saved.
Raegar: but theres going to be far less real gods
Raegar: Currently, theres 3
Raegar: with a special 4th category
Raegar: One evil god
Raegar: one good god
Raegar: one god of nature
Raegar: the 4th category is things I like to call elder beings
Raegar: so thatll be where you’ll find strange gods with little or no followings
Alex (Hoxton): Ryleth?!
ia! ia!
err, wait..
Raegar: any other questions?
how’s it feel to have your campaign Off the Rails before you even finished selling it?
Doug (Ilphvrae): Divine Magic under the same contraints?
Raegar: im not sure about divine magic.
Raegar: Im saying yes.
Raegar: but its likely there will be a different table of results
GM raises hand, waves it around.
Raegar: for casting stuff beyond your capabilities
Nick (Shae Vanderin): stop :P
Kiergath: I was just going to ask if I could go to the little DM’s room.
Kiergath: But you knew that :p
Nick (Shae Vanderin): LOL
Raegar: so…
GM: Dave, I think what he really wanted to know…
GM: and I don’t konw if you answered it or not…
GM: But will divine casters – who normally don’t need to find spells – have to find scrolls to learn about god-granted magic?
Doug (Ilphvrae): That was part of it, yes. He answered the other part
well, my part is the important one to me ;)
Raegar: yes, they will.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I agree it is to me too
Doug (Ilphvrae): since I am thinking about going priest
I was thinking about druid – emphasis “was”
Doug (Ilphvrae): yeah
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): could wind up being to much of a hassle to be anything related to casting a spell
Raegar: one last thing for spell casters
Raegar: since you wont be able to cast as many spells off the bat
Raegar: all classes will be upgrade to the next dice set
Raegar: to make you more viable in melee
Raegar: and leather armors will not create penalties
Raegar: because i think thats bunk..
Nick (Shae Vanderin): Sounds good. Id like to suggest to everyone here that we keep an open mind about the pathfinder rules instead of 3.5 or at least borrowing things from it.
Raegar: No, sorry..
I object to your idea of leather creating no penalties.
instead, I move leather armor be stricken from the lists entirely and studded lose its penalties
Raegar: I like what Ive read about pathfinder
Or move studded to Leather’s place, and add brigandine as a new intermediate.
Raegar: but im not familiar with it in the least
Raegar: …Armor will be re-examined before we start
Raegar: but thats where im at at the moment.
Raegar: sound good to everyone?
Doug (Ilphvrae): sure
Nick (Shae Vanderin): yup Im making a rogue.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): we all know each other right?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): IC
Raegar: yes
Raegar: in facgt you’ll all have traveled together for a long time
Nick (Shae Vanderin): k rogue :P
Raegar: and the campaign will begin with you all on the road to a job for which you have been contracted
Alex (Hoxton): I have an idea for a character, but it is pending some things.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: send them to me over steam
Raegar: so..
Raegar: im pretty much done..
further questions can be directed by email or steam. Joy. WHEN LAST WE MET
The party had entered a crypt.
Someone had beat them to it, and they awoke two guardian wraiths.
One of those wraiths proceeded to split Selene from collarbone to pelvis.
The party then began beating a hasty retreat.
You emerged from the crypt, to find a black dragon perched upon it.
You reluctantly struck up a conversation with it.
Raegar: then we struck it down and got 7 levels from it.
It introduced itself as Amar.
Campaign saved.
And it said in no uncertain terms that it had released an ancient Mishrian sorceress from her tomb.
so that the undead could once again bathe Mishria in blood – and then the dragon would laugh.
No doubt it would be a deep, dark, booming evil villain laugh.
For that is how dragons laugh.
Unless they’re faerie dragons.
Shae Vanderin: “I had no idea th-that dragons cared about human affairs. Why do you want to see destruction?”
Amar: “We care a great deal about mortal affairs.. your conquest of Mishria, for example, presents a problem. You have created a unified state on this continent- a threat, if you will.”

Amar: “And we do not like… threats.”

Hoxton: “Then it is simple, great winged beast. Accept the light of Horus into your heart and join us in the purification of this land.”
Raegar: “… I’ll be in the crypt over there.”
The dragon’s head jerks back in surprise, eyes blinking madly and mouth hanging open in shock.
Shae Vanderin looks in horror at Hoxton.
Raegar tiptoes back into the crypt..
Amar: “I.. you.. what…?”

Doug (Ilphvrae): Thank goodness Hox is in town…
Campaign saved.
Hoxton – Achievement Gained: Rendered a Dragon speechless.
Hoxton: “Horus loves all creatures, and as you are so much larger, there is much more of you to give his love to. Engage with me in the ritual of the Sunblood, accept Horus-Re’s power as your own. Raegar and I will be your brothers henceforth, as with most of Mishria.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): cause if he was here Selene would not be dead cause he would have deaded the undead before they deaded her…
No he’s not – and the logs will back me up after I retcon them and post them.
And sure she would be, because it only took them one hit.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Good cause I really dont want to roll a new character today…
Amar: “But… I… what… …. ugh.”

Doug (Ilphvrae): cause that dragon is gonna eat us…
Nick (Shae Vanderin): I know this is a stretch Morgan but can we get any idea on the dragon’s age?
Seen them before, huh?
Alex (Hoxton): Time of day?
Hoxton digs his wooden cup from his pack, holding it up to catch some rays of sunlight in it.
Honestly Shae, you’ve never seen one before – except the one that swooped over your head.
I can’t imagine you’d have much of an idea.
Hoxton: “Good Amar, as we stand here, bathed in the light of Horus-Re, I invite you to take his power into your heart, to feel it well up inside you and enhance your life.”
Amar: “You know, logic does sort’ve say the elf has a point.”

Hoxton pierces his hand, allowing some blood to well and drip into the cup before bowing and offering the cup to Amar.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “What does the universal spirit care for fear when one walks with the light of Horus? Come, walk with me and feel the certainty that only Horus can provide.”
Amar reaches down to gingerly grasp the cup between two talons, and investigates it.
Amar: “You know, usually when I ‘experience new religions’, it means ‘eating a priest’.”

Hoxton: “Consume some of my blood, then, great one. Become my brother, rejoice in the warmth of Horus!”
[1d20 = 19]
The cup rapidly disappears over the horizon when the dragon tosses it away.
Amar: “I really don’t have time for this sort of thing, I’m afraid. Places to go.”

Hoxton: “That is a shame. Next time we meet, then.”
Hoxton bows deeply to the dragon.
Amar: “…what?”

Hoxton: “Horus will shine on you as you go.”
Raegar, you dodge a falling chunk of stone as the dragon uses the roof of the crypt to push off from, taking wing.
It flies away, to the south.
Raegar: “Hoxton, you are a deeply disturbed individual.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Disturbed, brother? Surely not – driven by love for Horus. What did I stand to lose? Horus’ will is carried out regardless, and if I could sway our great scaled friend to his cause, so much the better.”
Raegar: “…Sure.”
Shae Vanderin: “We need to return to Ashby. Selene needs a ceremony fitting her people. I am not familiar with such things.”
Ilphvrae starts heading back to Ashby with Selene
Shae Vanderin: Same.
You head south.
Campaign saved.
You arrive at Ashby the next morning.
Raegar: “I’m afraid I have to say something before this goes any further..”
Raegar: “Selene has in her possession most of my gold. I’ll be wanting it back, Ilphvrae.”
Ilphvrae: “I will sort her things and find your money.”
Raegar: “Ah, no. You won’t.”
Raegar: “Selene and I had a great relationship.”
Hoxton: “He is of the light of Horus – he would hardly stoop to molest the poor woman’s body.”
Raegar: “I’m not quite sure how you’ve gotten it in your head that this is your task to bear..”
Shae Vanderin: “They are both northerners Raegar.”
Ilphvrae: “I really don’t care what you think, she is one of MY people, not your elf.” /em turn and walk to Selens hut
Raegar: “thats grand. Selene and I however, were more than friends.”
Shae Vanderin: “The two of you were romantically involved?”
Lasariel: “Good gods, thats a stuffy way to put it.”

Raegar: “I’m frankly surprised none of you caught on earlier.”
Campaign saved.
There is a large congregation of townsfolk around at this point, having gathered when they saw the body being carried in.
Hoxton: “It is none of my business if you were involved in the dance of Horus’ love under his Moon.”
Ilphvrae keeps walking to Selene’s hut and once there lays her out on her bed. Then starts to prepare her as per her clans burial custom
Shae Vanderin: “I dont know how we could have, you nor she ever told anyone nor showed your love publicly.”
Hoxton: “Custom does dictate that her posessions fall to her male consort in any case, and failing that, to the community.”
Lasariel: “Okay, if Shae was stuffy… Hoxton was just … I don’t know.”

Raegar: “Right..”
Hoxton: “As Raegar was her consort, custom demands that all of her posessions fall to him.”
Ilph, who’s hut did you take Selene’s corpse to?
Shae Vanderin eyes Lasariel and shrugs, “I- I only meant..”
Doug (Ilphvrae): If she does not have one of her own and I dont share one with her then mine.
Doug (Ilphvrae): If she has her own then hers
Raegar: Oh she has a hut.
No, she does not; you’ve always found her either in Raegar’s during the day or wandering the town.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Then mine
Raegar: Exactly..
Campaign saved.
Raegar heads off to find Selene’s body.
That’d be Ilph’s hut.
Raegar: “Stop your stupid nonsense. I don’t intend to let you bury her.”
Ilphvrae start prayers to Bast
Alex (Hoxton): BLASPHEMER
Raegar: “Her body will be preserved and we will be setting off to find a holy-man who can return her to us.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, for what its worth, which isnt much to you. Good job back there. I admire the fact you stay true to your beliefs be it bandit or dragon.”
Hoxton: “Thank you, Shae. I find some comfort in your words. It is… comforting to have the support of a female.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae after finishing her prayer stand and looks at Raegar, claws out. “Do not speak to me that way, Raegar. My people have customs that must be adheared to. What you want at this time matters little to me. I do not intend to bury her here in this foul land, but send her home as befits one of my peo
”color:#540000;“>Ilphvrae people.

”color:#000054;">Raegar: “She. Isn’t. Dead. Permanently.”

Ilphvrae Your thoughts of bring her back to life have merit, but still there are customs that MUST be met.
Raegar: “If you try to leave the town with Selene. I will kill you.”
Raegar: “Do what you will here.”
Raegar turns and leaves.
Ilphvrae: “Things that have to happen before she can join Bast if your plan fails to have her brought back.
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “…”

Raegar keeps walking..
Hoxton: “Ilphvrae! Cease your heathenistic prattling and get out here at once!”
Ilphvrae: “Go away, you must have not really known her to say such as you just did. Bast is her patron.”
Hoxton slams his hammer into the ground.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I am in my hut :P
thats why he said “and get out here at once”
Ilphvrae continues with her prayers
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, let Ilphvrae finish her people’s custom. It serves a purpose if nothing else than to help her greive.”
Shae Vanderin: “Besides, we have work to do.. mainly in finding your brother or some other who can channel healing. Both I and Raegar took some wounds.”
You do indeed find Hansen
He prays over your wounds and restores them to un-wound state.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ahh sweet health returns
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you Hansen.”
Shae Vanderin bows.
“Of course, child!”
Brother Hansen: “Horus cares for all his children, even those whose faith is occasionally lacking!”

Hoxton: “Horus would have sheltered our heathen friend, prevented her from being struck down – his faith is what keeps all of us strong! To defy him is to invite weakness into your heart! The only option is to turn to the light and seek solace in it’s warmth!”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Instead of allowing Horus to step in and nurture her wounded soul, this misguided child is preventing Horus from reaching in and preserving the soul, to bring it back to this plane, to allow it to continue to do Horus’ work!”
Alex (Hoxton): And yes, all of this is well within earshot of yon heathen’s hut.
Alex (Hoxton): To the gathering there.
Shae Vanderin smiles weakly then heads for the ale keg.
Shae, you head off into the tent city to one of the many ale tents.
taverns in all save having solid walls.
Doug (Ilphvrae): You would think that even Hox would know that Bast is the Daughter of his god…
You belittle the goddess.
That’s the DM saying egyptian theology doesn’t necessarily mean much here.
Doug (Ilphvrae): unless were going by some other story about Bast…
although… to make one point..
Hoxton probably wouldn’t anyway :P
Or, in Mishrian fashion, would therefore consider her not worth considering
because, as you say, She is his daughter
Alex (Hoxton): Moreso, anyone worshiping Bast is by default NOT worshiping Horus, and is a heretic.
Which means the father knows better than the daughter in all things – which is what Hoxton is pretty much saying.
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): Yep
I think you’re reading too much into “heathen” here, though – a heathen isn’t necessarily believing in something that’s not true… its just not whats right.
Hoxton: Both in the Horus/Bast sense and the Hoxton/Ilph sense.
Raegar: “Hoxton, follow me, we have to find Shae and Ilphvrae.”
Raegar: “Brother Hansen has given me some leads..”
Raegar: “We have to go into Garmol..”
Hoxton: “Garmol – converting more of the faithless, brother?”
Raegar: “Bringing back Selene.”
Brother Hansen:
[2d100 = 4]
err, hmm…
Hoxton stalks over to Ilph’s hut and slams on the two two times with his hammer before opening the door. “Come now, girl. I have need of the unfortunate’s body.”
Fortitude save.
Hoxton: Fortitude save
[1d20+10 = 22]
Campaign saved.
You retain your footing, though you are still knocked backwards by a shockwave when you slam on the door.
[1d4 = 4]
…20 feet.
Raegar: LOL
oh my god
Alex (Hoxton): oh my Horus
Alex (Hoxton): Better.
Alex (Hoxton): :P
Doug (Ilphvrae): :)
Ryasi comes running from the tent city, “What in the Mists is going on?? Are we under attack??”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “There is just a stubborn little heathen who’s locked herself in her room and is refusing to come out into the light, Ryasi. Could you get the little blighter out? We have need of the corpse.”
Raegar: “…Knock again.”
Hoxton saunters up to the door and knocks three more times with his hammer. “Do not make me knock again, woman!”
Fort save.
Hoxton: Fortitude save [1d20+10 = 25]
GM: [1d4 = 4]
…yeah, 20 feet, but you’re still standing.
So I’m sort’ve picturing you sliding backwards
Alex (Hoxton): hahahaha
Ryasi: “So…. Ilph is in there…. doing.. what?”

Hoxton: “Very well, if you refuse to let me in, I will bring the light of Horus to you!”
Raegar mounts the roof.
Fort save, Raegar.
Raegar: Fortitude save
[1d20+5 = 21]
Ryasi: [1d4 = 3]
Hoxton: “Defiling a body, preventing Horus from caring for her soul.”
It occurs to me, Dave, that I was misleading.
I think a reflex save would be more appropriate.
Raegar: Reflex save [1d20+9 = 25]
“remaining standing” isn’t really the concern here.
The concern is not taking damage after being blown 15 feet in the air. From on a roof.
GM: :P
Hoxton heads to a nearby firepit, grabbing a burning log and setting it next to the wall of the hut.
Raegar: …
Raegar hits the ground and rolls, but doesn’t take any damage from impact beyond being somewhat out of breath.
Hoxton: “I will not tolerate this disobediance, girl! Leave your room at once!”
Raegar: “I am going to kill her..”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Does she have some kind of explosives in there?”
Raegar: “Shes going to blow Selene to smitherines.”
Ryasi: “Can’t imagine she does.”

Raegar: “…Then what the blazes is going on.”
Hoxton: “This is why we must purify the hut, cast out the heathen spirit. Horus will not be denied.”
Ryasi: “I think she’s praying… and you’re seeing the results.”

Raegar: “Thats not what you have to do at all.”
Raegar rolls the log back.
Raegar: “Bring wet hay.”
Raegar: “And more fire..”
Hoxton: “No, Raegar. With a disobediant girl such as this, this is the only option. Purifying flames.”
Raegar: “Oh.. No…”
Hoxton goes to fetch more fires.
Raegar: “No flames…”
Raegar: “Smoke.”
Hoxton: “It’s not Horus’ purifying smoke, Raegar…”
oh my god
Nick (Shae Vanderin): haha
Raegar: build a fire
Shae, by now you’ve probably heard the commotion
Raegar: and stack wet hay on it
Raegar: that should produce sufficient smoke
you may also have seen Raegar flying through the air :P
Raegar: “Now.. How do we get the smoke inside the hut..”
Shae Vanderin wander back over and try to make sense of the absurdity.
Thats about the word for it, yeah.
Raegar: “I’m going to kill Ilphvrae.”
Raegar: “Shes dead.”
Lasariel: “You know.. she is just doing what she thinks is right – misguided as it may be.”

Lasariel: “Of course, you can say that about most religions..”

Raegar: “Dont care. Shes keeping me from perhaps bringing Selene back.”
Raegar: “Brother Hansen was quite helpful..”
Lasariel: “To be fair, do you have a cleric lined up to do that?”

Lasariel: “If not, I’d say there’s not really any harm here.”

Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I’m going insane.”
[2d100 = 8]
GM: …..
Hoxton: “Not as insane as the heretic. Raegar, trust me – I can liberate Selene’s soul.”
GM: Two things happen at once.
Nevermind, three.
Hoxton – and his burning brand – go flying backwards.
Raegar: “Either Ilphvrae is a really creative thief or theres more going on here than meets the eye.”
Raegar, you are knocked flat on your posterior.
Raegar moans.
and blown about the same distance as Hoxton.
Raegar: “What did I do?”
which would be…
[1d6 = 4]
20 feet.
A glowing column of light lances down from the heavens.
Raegar: “…Right.”
Raegar: “Someone tell me whats going on before I lose my bloody mind.”
Raegar: “Is this a dream? Or is this just fantasy?”
[1d20 = 19]
Lasariel is blown backwards and looks like she may be on fire.
Raegar: “…”
The column of light, however, lances down into Ilph’s hut, causing the shockwave that blew the three of you backwards.
…Las is the only one it tried to immolate, though.
Raegar uses his sleeping sack to put out Lasariel.
Raegar: “Are you alright?”
Raegar: “You know.. I’m starting to think I know what may be going on here..”
Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “You know.. no matter how many times I may get set on fire by divine energy, it still NEVER REALLY FEELS GOOD.”

Lasariel: “I think I’ll just lay here for a few minutes, if you don’t mind.”

Raegar: “what the bloody hell is she doing in here?”
Raegar: “Shes not a priest.”
Raegar: t*
Ryasi: “Neither is Hoxton.. but he gets results.”

Hoxton: “She is Blaspheming. Thank you, Ryasi.”
Hoxton: “Raegar, can I PLEASE Purify that corrupt ground?”
Raegar: “…No.”
Shae Vanderin runs over, “Look whatever is going on in there its beyond us now, that bolt of light.. lets just wait it out.”
The beam of light has disappeared.
Raegar: “I dont know how shes doing it but Ilphvrae is getting some kind of result..”
It was a momentary thing.
Hoxton: “I will not let this heresy to continue any longer.”
Raegar: “…Knock down the door.”
Hoxton: “…I tried that twice. Be my guest.”
Ryasi: “You knocked. He wants it knocked down.”

Ryasi: “Subtle difference.”

Hoxton begins pacing out a circle around the hut, arranging burning logs in a perimeter.
Raegar: “thats a door demon Hoxton.”
Hoxton: “Let me see what happens when Horus comes knocking, little girl…”
Raegar: “A dangerous Door Demon. It eats souls converted to Horus.”
Hoxton: “Raegar, that door is coming down.”
Hoxton Hoxton begins chanting out loud, standing inside the ring of purifying flames, facing the door.
Shae Vanderin: “Have you both gone mad? This is Ilphvrae we are talking about, she doesnt mean Selene any harm, a few hours or even days, hells weeks wont make much difference to a priest who agrees to ressurect Selene.”
Hoxton takes two steps sunwards, then lets out a holy howl and charges at the door to smite it down.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: Maul (2h) 1.5 Str (Attack 1)
[1d209 = 29]
Hoxton: Maul (2h) 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Hoxton: Maul (2h) +1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CONFIRM]
[1d209 = 19]
Alex (Hoxton): Fuck yes.
…that isn’t a door
its kindling
You see Ilph kneeling over a sleeping body on her bed.
Ilphvrae continues praying
Raegar rushes in.
You get about abreast of Hoxton before you draw up and halt suddenly
You do this for the same reason Hoxton doesn’t necessarily continue moving forward.
Materializing infront of you, with two gleaming sabers, one appearing at each of your throats, is a decidedly female figure with the features of a black panther, and black-and-gold feathered wings.
It is wearing bronze armor.
Hoxton: “Stand aside, woman. I will not suffer your interference when I am doing the work of Horus.”
Ilphvrae Stands up “Will you all be quiet. Selene is sleeping and you will wake her up. Ry will you get Brother Hanson (sp?) please.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#540000;“>Ilphvrae stops spekaing suddenly
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “…SLEEPING?”
Raegar faints
Hoxton: “It is nothing but a demon’s trick, Raegar.”
Ilphvrae: “Holy mother of all thats beautiful and pure!” /em drops to her knees
Hoxton: “Ryasi, get Raegar out of here before he too is corrupted.”
As raegar collapses, the cat angel thing flicks one sword back, away from him so as not to accidentally nick him. The other hovers at Hoxton’s throat.
Hoxton begins chanting and forming Horus’ holy sigil in front of the demon he faces.
Angel(?): “While the Goddess appreciates your zealotry, paladin, she would prefer you practiced it where it was needed. Horus doubtless has bigger problems than a divine resurrection being performed.”
Ilphvrae: All be the glory to our holy mother Bast, please do not hurt him, he is just misguied but I am sure means well.“
”color:#540000;“>Ryasi ducks in long enough to start dragging Raegar out of the way.
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath: oh god, I brought this on myself
”color:#000054;">Hoxton: “Get thee back to the kitchen from whence you belong, demon. You do not belong in this world, nor the celestial realms. BEGONE.”
Kiergath: watches Hoxton chat bubble in fear
Shae Vanderin: “What the? Ryasi bring Raegar here.”
Shae, Ryasi shrugs and drags his limp, unconscious form over to your feet.
Angel(?): “…what?”
HOXTON! Achievement Unlocked: “Rendered a Celestial Speechless”
Ilphvrae: “Bast has returned Selene to us, my prayers were answered. Please stand down, Hoxton.”
Alex (Hoxton): Two achievements in one session! Sweet! :)
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin picks up Raegar and takes him to his hut and puts him in his bed.
Ilphvrae: “Selene is like a sister to me and one of my people, I was doing what is right amongst my people. I do not tell you how to be a shovanistic male do I?”
Angel(?): “Paladin, I am here to make sure you do not do anything rash regarding the girl or the … other.. girl. I will ’get thee hence” as soon as I have your assurances that you will do nothing foolish.“
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: chauvinistic.
Angel(?): hoxtonish.
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: haha
”color:#000054;“>GM: new adjective
”color:#000054;“>GM: woo
”color:#005500;">Kiergath: “You’re such a hoxton!”
Hoxton: “The moment you flee from Horus’ might, foul beast, I will see that woman’s body taken to a proper priest for healing, as should have been done from the start. Horus’ light should be the only thing to grace her skin in her time of need. I will need to educate this whelp of her place in the role of things, but that is my right.”
Ilphvrae: “She is no more a demon then you Hoxton. I asked for time to pray and Bast granted me that boon. As for putting me in my place, you will have more luck fornicating with a rock then gettingme to change how I am.”
Angel(?): “And on that divinely joyous note…”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: LOL
Ilphvrae looks to the angel “My thanks glorious one, we are blessed by Bast, truely.”
The second saber flicks back from Hoxton’s throat.
Ilphvrae: “May I ask a boon, holy one?”
Angel(?): “I certainly cannot stop you from asking.”
Hoxton storms into the room, throwing Selene over his shoulder. “Girl, if you ever interfere with the business of Horus again, you will regret it most sincerely. HANSEN! WE REQUIRE YOUR MINISTRATIONS.” He stomps over to Raegars hut to lay Selene down in a comfortable environment.
Initiative, and the angel takes her AoO
Ilphvrae: “If it right for me to ask, I am new to this holy stuff, would you be able to heal Selene, please so she may walk from her on her own power?”
Ilphvrae: “Oh sweet mother!”
[1d20 = 9]
Anyone who intends to get involved will need to roll initiative. Hoxton doesn’t have an option.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I am gonna have a lot of grey fur whn this day is over… ;)
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Ill roll but not sure if Im going to get involved… this is too crazy.
Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 25]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): did everyone disappear?
Alex did, yeah.
Raegar: im watchin
Alex (Hoxton): am back
Ilphvrae: “Please holy one, do not let yourself be injured over the likes of me. If it will sate his blood lust to smite me I will give myself unto his hammer as to purge his hateful and sinful need.”
Campaign saved.
Hox, initiative.
Hoxton: Initiative
[1d20 = 12]
Hoxton, you attempt to go after Selene’s body.
GM: [1d20 = 15]
Ilphvrae: “If he truely knew the will of Horus, he would not act so against an agent of good.”
Strength check, please.
GM: [1d20+4 = 11]
Hoxton: Strength check [1d20+4 = 5]
Ilphvrae: “He is blinded by what he thinks his faith demands, let him killme if that makes him feel more of a man.”
Simultaneously, a transparent golden energy sphere raises, enclosing Hoxton and the cat.
Round 1.
Shae Vanderin
Hoxton: “Insouciant child! Bind thy tongue!”
Ilphvrae: “I will serve Bast in life and in death if her will so demands.”
Shae Vanderin: Move towards the hut stop there.
Shae Vanderin: thats it
Ilphvrae: “Shae, please stay back, please. Selene is back with us, Bast has given her back to us. I prayed and she answered!”
Hoxton: Stand. “Stay back, demon. I am protected by a faith far greater than any thou might ever think to posess. To interfere with my duty is to interfere with Horus’ will itself.”
Ilphvrae: “She is still very injured though. Any rough handling could hurt her even worse!”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Please find the brother, maybe he can talk to Hox and get him to listen.”
Hoxton does not attack…
The angel does not attack.
Round 2.
Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: Run to get Hansen.
You turn around.. go five feet.. and stop before bumping into an open-mouthed, stupified Hansen.
Shae Vanderin: “Hansen, do something! Convince Hoxton to stand down I beg of you, he wont listen to me!”
Ilphvrae: “Bring him here, Shae, bring him!
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Walk with Hansen towards the hut entrance if he will allow it.


”color:#000054;“>You can’t really get around the golden sphere.

”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): Oh that big..
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Not going to touch it either.
”color:#000054;“>Its not a large hut.
”color:#005500;“>Alex (Hoxton): Touch it. It’s fun times inside.
”color:#000054;“>Even at its smallest, the sphere would be 10×10
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): wow ok
”color:#000054;“>well, its got two people in it, therefore it has to be 10 feet wide.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;“>Hoxton and the Angel aren’t actually doing anything apparently.
”color:#000054;“>Neither one seems willing to attack first.
”color:#000054;“>Correction, they’re talking
”color:#000054;“>But you can’t hear what they’re saying.
”color:#000054;“>So… everyone else.. can act at leisure.
”color:#000054;“>round count is over.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Ilphvrae): I am stuck in my hut so I keep offering prayers to Bast and thanking her for the return of Selene.
”color:#000054;">Hoxton and the angel move over to one side of the bubble. It becomes a little less “bubbly” and more “cell”, and ceases blocking the doorway.
They remain deep in conversation.
Ilphvrae: “Now that you can get in, Shae please bring the Brother in
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#540000;">Shae Vanderin escorts Hansen in.
Brother Hansen: “Whats wron—-oh. Oh my. What happened? Is she hurt?”
Ilphvrae: “Brother please, will you heal Selene? Bast has brought her back to us, please offer the healing to her, please”
Shae Vanderin: “Ilphvrae, what did you do? Selene was dead! You are no priest. What did you, how did this happen?”
Brother Hansen: “Stand aside, both of you! Take thy prattling elsewhere, I must have room!”
Brother Hansen shoves his way to Selene and lays a hand on her forehead before lapsing into prayer.
Ilphvrae moves out of the way
Shae Vanderin: need a few mins afk npc me
Brother Hansen: Horus Horus woman, get thee to a kitchen Horus Horus HOOOOOOOLY LIGHT! Horus Horus Horus
Wounds close.
Brother Hansen: “I have done what I can, but she will still need time to recover. It is a traumatic thing, being brought back from the dead.”
Ilphvrae: “Thank you brother Hansen. I will tell of your deeds to Bast in my prayers.”
Ilphvrae: “I will also sing your name to the heavens, in the epic song I will write.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “As soon as I figure out how to write music…”
Ilphvrae: “I know this is a meager offering hond over 5 gold but it is what I can do now. Thank you and Horus for the healing of Selene. Can you ask Raegar to to my hut, please.”
Raegar is standing outside, talking to Ryasi.
Raegar: Looking rather dumbstruck
Brother Hansen: “All donations are accepted in the spirit in which they are given, child.”
Ilphvrae: “Once there is room, invite to enter”
Raegar goes into the hut.
Raegar stares at Ilphvrae.
Ilphvrae: “Selene has been returned to us.”
Ilphvrae: “Bast in her great wisdom seen how much she ment to us, and granted us a boon.”
Raegar tilts his head to the left.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “How you pulled this off I’ll never know.”
Ilphvrae: “She may be more comfortable in her own, bed. Will you escort her home?”
Ilphvrae: “Then in your convienance, come back and kill me if you want” /em shrugs
Raegar: “You somehow brought back Selene. I needed her because I wanted to bring her back. You did that alone.”
Raegar: “Im not going to kill you.”
Ilphvrae go and sit in a coner of my hooch
Alex (Hoxton): You can’t sit in the corner of a beer bottle. FYI
Raegar: I know, Ive tried
Kiergath: Alas.
Doug (Ilphvrae): :P
Shae Vanderin continues to look at Ilphvrae dumbfounded.
Raegar: “This is all kinds of weird.. But it works somehow so.. Why question it.”
Shae Vanderin: “This is.. a miracle?”
Brother Hansen: “I… …”
Brother Hansen: “I have things to do.”
Shae Vanderin: “No. Yes, things to do.”
Shae Vanderin leaves.
Ilphvrae: “I am very tired, very, very tired.”
Raegar leaves with Selene.
Brother Hansen: “I have done Horus’s will here, but I will not be party to the ramblings of other faiths.”
Hansen departs.
Campaign saved.
Leaving Ilphvrae alone with a 10×5 bubble containing Hoxton and an Angel.
Shae Vanderin: Take that back I didnt leave.
Shae Vanderin: “Can they hear us in there?”
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton?!”
Shae Vanderin tosses a random non breakable object at the barrier.
Alex (Hoxton): All objects are breakable
Alex (Hoxton): :P
What do you toss?
Shae Vanderin: A silver piece.
Ilphvrae: “Please dont throw rocks Shae, I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Shae Vanderin: “Me niether, but I dont want Hoxton to get himself killed.”
You hear a squeel of joy from outside the hut as Lasariel darts in to start scooping up the powdered silver resultant from the silver piece disintegrating.
Ilphvrae: “She is an Angel of Bast, as long as Hox does not attack her or me, he should be fine.”
Ilphvrae: “If he attacks her it is onhis head and he can explain himself to Horus when he is staning in front of him.”
Lasariel quietly ducks back out with a handful of silver powder.
Doug (Ilphvrae): LOL
Shae Vanderin: “I will sit and wait with you then Ilph.”
Ilphvrae: “Be my guest /em points to her doorstep”
Doug (Ilphvrae): she has no chairs
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin sits against a wall watching the Hoxton and the Angel show on goldenorbavision.
Alex (Hoxton): Best show on at this hour.
..It is next morning.
The golden bubble is still there.
Shae Vanderin: Go about the days business checking back in periodically.
They are still deep in conversation, though from somewhere or other a crystal caraffe appeared full of what appears to be wine.
Ilphvrae go see brother hansen and see if he has a general book on gods
He does not.
Shae Vanderin: I need to run to the corner store be afk for 10 mins.
Only a Mishrian introductory course on Horus.
Alex (Hoxton): Written by Hoxton?
gods no
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae OK go pray for guidance on the proper building of a Shrine to Bast
A man named Hiram.
You do so.
Shae, you stop in at Ilph’s hut in time for the sphere to go down.
Doug (Ilphvrae): The Angel still there?
Yep. … So is Hoxton, if you were wondering.
Alex (Hoxton): Thanks for the concern :(
Kiergath: LOL
Ilphvrae: “Thank her again for everything, and ask if I may have her name.”
Hoxton: stands and blinks at Shae and Ilphvrae. “You two ladies are still here? Isn’t it about time for supper to be ready?”
Hoxton stands and blinks at Shae and Ilphvrae. “You two ladies are still here? Isn’t it about time for supper to be ready?”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “Tell our mistress I will honor my pledge, M’lady”
Ilphvrae: “Oh and your fur is so beautiful! I wish mine glowed with such light!”
The cat looks at you as she stands, stretching her wings. “I’m sure you can tell your mistress yourself.. if she even needs to be told – she is theoretically a goddess.. it stands to reason she’d be able to figure things out for herself.”
Ilphvrae looks down “I am new to this whole higher power stuff, thank you for the correction, holy one.”
Hoxton: “The holiest of the holies, second only to Horus himself. Kelsaris, will you sup with me this day?”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae: “What is the proper umm.. rules, err.. way to build a shrine to our Mistress?”
GM: “Why would you build a shrine to her? Hoxton tells me you have a shrine to Horus, surely that will suffice?”
“Why would you build a shrine to her? Hoxton tells me you have a shrine to Horus, surely that will suffice?”
The cat, identified by Hoxton as Kelsaris, turns back to the paladin, “I would be honored, thank you. Wine aids conversation, but does little for hunger.”
Ilphvrae: “I will think on that.”
Hoxton nods reverently. “What is for food on this fine day, blessed as we are by Horus?”
Raegar steps out of his hut.
Ilphvrae goes to find Shae
Kelsaris: “I can’t simply materialize food on a whim. Well, I can, but it leaves a great deal to be desired. I assumed you had some idea in mind.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ilph.”
(shae is here)
Ilphvrae: “Oh hello Shae, there you are! When are you thinking about going to Gamol again? I need a few things…”
Campaign saved.
Raegar, you hear conversation / see people standing in Ilph’s hut.
Its rather crowded, so you can see them through the doorway.
Hoxton: “Apologies, dear one. I had intended the question for the young women who so frequently fetch food from the fires.”
Shae Vanderin: “I can gather my things and escort you there whenever you wish Ilph.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: "
Kelsaris: “I sense they lack that intent.”
Hoxton: “I do as well. Alas, the younger, mislead one lacks the proper motivation to provide for her elders.”
Raegar peeks into Ilphvraes hut.
Ilphvrae: I will complie a list and let you know when we can go. My mind is awash at the moment with thoughts and plans and ideas. I need to get them in order. I thank you for your offer and will take you up on it soon.“
”color:#540000;“>Shae Vanderin nods and then heads to the food hut to bring a platter of rations back to everyone.
”color:#000054;">Ilphvrae: “Raegar, Selene is well?”
Raegar: “…Yes.”
Ilphvrae: “That is good news.”
Raegar: “She also sais killing you would be wasteful.”
Hoxton: “Raegar, brother! Come, meet Kelsaris. She has joined to our cause!”
Raegar: says*
Raegar: “…What do you mean she joined our cause?”
Kelsaris: “Hoxton and I spoke long into the night.”
Kelsaris: “His faith and devotion have inspired me, beyond anything I have ever seen – you see, in the upper planes, we rarely see true, sincere feelings.”
Ilphvrae: “I am glad that ‘she’ thinks so.”
Kelsaris: “It touched me deeply.”
Raegar: “So you are going to join our party?”
Campaign saved.
Kelsaris: “Your? I have merely resolved to accompany Hoxton at this time.”
Kelsaris: “Are you also a companion of his?”
Raegar stares at Hoxton..
Raegar stares at Kelsaris…
Hoxton: “Raegar walks the same path of Horus that we do, Kelsaris. Though his methods are somewhat unorthodox, his heart is pure.”
Raegar blinks several times as his jaw drops slowly.
I think everyone in the vicinity hears that.
Hoxton: “You underestimate the power of Horus’ faith, my dear brother. I merely guided her to the correct path.”
Raegar: “Bast is going to torch us all into cinders isnt she..”
Raegar mulls it over..
Hoxton: “I simply hold out faith it is not too late for this young one here to follow Kelsaris’ example.”
Raegar: “Eh.. Bugger it all… These last days have been hard to bloody believe.”
Hoxton: “Bast holds no power here, Raegar – this place belongs to Horus, and to Horus’ followers only.”
Raegar: “I see”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Your citizens walk the path of Horus’ goodness, and do his work, whether they accept him into their hearts or not – it is Horus’ faith in them that helps make them strong.”
Raegar: “Well..”
Raegar: “time to check up on the work taking place at the first crypt.”
Raegar: “See if the stone is coming along..”
Hoxton: “I am sure it is proceeding nicely.”
its been a number of days – so there’s probably actually stone piling up in Ashby
It may even be getting used already.
Raegar: excellent.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I’ll have to go in to Garmol a little.”
Lasariel: “Quite, well, when you’re back, I’ve someone you need to meet. No rush.”
(to Raegar, from where she was listening in outside the door)
Raegar: “Unless we can find someone in town who saw the war..”
You doubt it.. nobody in town was a combatant.
….or we could all go quiet….
Raegar: what about…
Raegar: Ryasi?
Ilphvrae climbs on the train
Ryasi is not from Mishria. She also indicated she wasn’t from Daltigoth.
Raegar: ah,
Raegar: to garmol.
When you met her, she said she’d arrived in Mishria by ship only a couple weeks before you met her.
Alex (Hoxton): woot woot
Campaign saved.
Raegar: well
Raegar: off to garmol then
Shae Vanderin: “I fear that those one thousand plus undead are going to come under sway of the one the dragon released.”
Alex (Hoxton): What happens in Garmol stays in Garmol?
Raegar: to the commanders.
Shae Vanderin: Follow Raegar.
Shae Vanderin: When we left for Garmol.
Shae Vanderin: I would have asked the party if we could sell some of the equipment we found in the tombs.
Shae Vanderin: “It is just piling up, better to have it as coin no?”
Raegar: yep
Raegar: i see no problem with that
Ilphvrae: No problem here
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Off we go with a cart full of weapons and armor
Rows of tents have been erected outside the city.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): going to send you via steam the list of armaments we have from our first adventures plus recent ones
Farther outside the walls, a more erratic tent city has sprung up where you expect the refugees are camped.
Many of those camped outside the walls in the more orderly camp appear to be Dwarves from Tombshade.
You enter the city without incident, though.
You hear for the military quarter without incident, except for navigating the traffic.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “These poor people all need to feel the guiding hand of Horus.”
You arrive at the military quarter. It is busier than its ever been.
Riders pour in and out, dropping off messages and carrying them back away.
Wagons and carts stream in with bushels of arrows.
You do however manage to fight your way into the headquarters.
Raegar: “Here to see the General.”
“You and everyone else in the province.”
“Go on, I think the last clown just left.”
Raegar: “Clown?”
Raegar: “Did you just call me a clown?”
“No, I called the last sod that went in there a clown.”
“I haven’t called you anything – yet.”
Raegar: “mm hmm..”
Raegar: go off
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Easy Raegar..”
You approach the general’s room.
You notice a sign on the door, with an inscription in Common, Elven, Dwarven, and one you recognize by the scrawl as one of the paka languages.
They all read “Broom Closet”
Raegar: ..knock
“For sod’s sake, if you’re persistant enough to knock, you aren’t going to go away, so come and get it over with. What do you want?”
Raegar: “Heh.. I knew it was a trick..”
Raegar: “How are you General?”
Semara: “Overworked. You see, rumor had it that the war was over and we could give peace a chance. Then somebody decided, you know what, the hell with that.”
Raegar: “I think I may be able to point you in someones direction in that regard.”
Semara: “Do you know what the scouts are saying now?”
Raegar: “Not in the least.”
Semara: “Dragons. Black drakes over the ruins of the Ebon Hold. A drake over the plains west of Garmol.”
Semara: “They say there are undead pouring in to Tombshade from every direction.”
Raegar: “And a full fledged dragon near Ashby.”
Raegar: “We talked to it.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Sounds like a reason to bring the purification of Horus, right Raegar?”
Raegar: “Hoxton scarred it for the rest of its days by trying to convert it.”
Semara: “Lovely, I hope it drops out of the air one of these days in shock.”
Raegar: “We managed to gleam some peculiar information from it.”
Hoxton: “We should introduce it to Horus’ newest convert.”
Raegar: “It was at the crypt to raise Elizabeth, the bloody countess.”
Semara: “They say Shadowguard, near Ebon Hold, has already come under assault. Nothing major, but you can imagine what it means.”
…Or whatever her name actually was.
I think it was actually Mirelle.
Raegar: it was!
Raegar: I remember cuz thats the name of a girl i work with!
Semara: “The undead are probing east.. there’s nothing west for them to run into, which means they’ll probably rouse every body in the Bonemurk to their cause.”
Raegar: “Perhaps not all of them.”
Semara: “And now you say they’re rousing long dead Mishrian sorceresses?”
Raegar: “Indeed.”
Raegar: “Fortunately, they may not be able to get every dead body to their cause.”
Raegar: “We ran into some peculiar.”
Raegar: “We found another crypt, this one was different.”
Raegar: “It contains what I can only assume is a large Mishrian army.”
Raegar: scratch large
Semara: “…”
Raegar: “It doesnt end there.”
Raegar: “It was placed in said tomb to guard a gateway.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “As one of their commanders kindly pointed out, to another plane.”
Raegar: “They have two undead, sentient commanders.”
Raegar: “I only had the pleasure of meeting one..”
Raegar: “They don’t know the war is over…”
technically, they don’t know there was a war.
Raegar: yea
Raegar: “It mentioned not even knowing what Daltigoth was.”
Raegar: “So these things are very old.”
Semara: “So… I’m not sure where you’re going with this.”
Raegar: “I think they could be convinced to turn their arms agaisnt the newly risen undead.. I would like to try.”
Semara: “How.. do you propose.. we do that?”
Hoxton: “We could convert them to Horus’ light.”
Raegar: “We need someone who’s seen the war.”
Raegar: “They want to meet that person.”
Semara: “…Just that’ve seen the war? That should be simple.”
Raegar: “Ah… It was rather peculiar about it..”
Raegar: “It’d need someone who fought in Tombshade.”
Raegar: “When the Lich fell.”
Ebon Hold*
Raegar: sorry
Raegar: that
Tombshade is the capitol because the Hold is still haunted.
Semara: “That’s.. a bit more complicated.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “It may sound unbeleivable Commander, but it is true. The dragon set free a powerful Mishiran noble.”
Semara: “You see, the Hold was stormed primarily by clan Kilath..”
Semara: “A clan which then, for a number of reasons, began a civil war before the fog had even settled.”
Semara: “Most of those who were there for the fighting are either dead or vanished at the conclusion of that civil war.”
Shae Vanderin: “Someone who saw the Lich defeated, or someone who confirmed it.”
Semara: “If all you need is someone who saw the Hold fall and the war end, I can find someone, I imagine.”
Semara: “But if you need someone who was there, personally, to see the lich struck down, you are looking for someone who does not exist.”
Raegar: “We only need someone who saw the Hold fall.”
Semara: “Then I can send someone to Ashby within a week.”
Campaign saved.
Semara: “Was there anything else?”
Raegar: “If you find yourself with too many people on your hand, I could let them settle in Ashby.”
Raegar: “The planting will begin soon we may have extra food on our hands for now.”
Hoxton: “We have extra faith as well.”
Semara: “If faith could feed and equip soldiers, I’d have this rebellion stamped out in a week.”
Semara: “I’ll send refugees your way as we need to to clear space.”
Raegar: “We also have weapons.”
Raegar: “And armor.”
Raegar: “Shae?”
Semara: “Gods know its not safe for them to camp around this city.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “The weapons and armor that we brought here Im sure I could get a good price for. As far as refugees go that is your call Raegar.”
Shae Vanderin: “If you intend instead to use the arms and armor to equip more militia to defend Ashby that can be arranged as well.”
Shae Vanderin: “I will see to getting them in basic fighting shape if you feel it is necessary.”
Raegar: “That may be best..”
Shae Vanderin nods
Semara: “I’d offer arms, but we’re a bit strapped here as well.”
Semara: “That said, as a word of warning so you’re not surprised by it – we’re expecting reinforcements to begin arriving by road in about a week’s time.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Well, that rather does it. We will wait for your envoy.”
Raegar: “Deal with the undead…”
Raegar: “I would ask for one thing..”
Semara: “Yes?”
Raegar: “Could you spare a few barrels of powder? If we fail in our parley attempts…”
Raegar: “It would be best to seal the tomb..”
Semara: “I’ll see what I can do- whatever that may be, it’ll arrive with my envoy.”
Raegar: “Very well!”
Raegar: “We will tke our leave, thank you.”
She nods.
anyone who needs to buy o rsell crap that they haven’t talked to me about already. … talk to me at some point
otherwise, I’m assuming you head back to Ashby the next morning
Campaign saved.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Thats good with me
You return to Ashby.
Work proceeds apace..
Stone comes in… stone goes out.
Ilphy busies herself in her hut.
Lasariel intercepts … whoever’s left after Ilph wanders off to her hut.
Lasariel: “Given the lack of sun, could I impose on you for that meeting?”
Hoxton: “The sun is always with us, Lasariel.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Lets.”
Lasariel: “The sun may always be with us, but there are certain times when its not as likely to inflict harm on certain things.”
Raegar: “Who did you want me to meet?”
Lasariel: “I believe I mentioned her in Tombshade, ah, Triss Maurer, one of the nobles. Or, well, previously one of the nobles, I guess its hard to be a noble when you’ve been disenfranchised.”
Shae Vanderin: “Im going to divvy up the proceeds from sale of some of the equipment first and Raegar Im going to use some of the company as instructors for when we get refugees in. We will start looking for volunteers once they arrive.”
Shae Vanderin: How many of us were there in the tomb exploration? 5 including selene?
Raegar: “As you wish.”
Which phase?
Shae Vanderin hands 20 platinum pieces to each of you.
Shae Vanderin: All phases. Excluding William.
Shae Vanderin: Oh Las was there too.
And Selene wasn’t there for any loot.
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: Ok so 20plat to each of us including Las.
Ilph, 20 platinum land on your bed.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Mana from heaven!
Shae Vanderin: 10 gold to a plat.
Doug (Ilphvrae): ;)
Las heads to the hut she commandeered at some point, knocks twice, and goes inside.
Hoxton begs Brother Hansen over and hands him the twenty platinum, nodding to him piously.
Hansen takes the platinum with all due reverence and hastens to the shrine!
Campaign saved.
Assuming Raegar at least follows Lasariel, and I don’t know who else…
it matters mainly in that “Am I doing this here, or am I doing it privately so as not to hold things up”
Righto, private it is.
What are people other than Raegar and Ilph doing?
The door closes behind them.
Shae Vanderin: Not much just organizing things in preparation for the refugees.
Campaign saved.
Right, while things are happening “last night” in private, IT IS NEXT DAY IN PUBLIC!
Shae, being the early riser you are, along with Ilph, and Hoxton, and god damnit I don’t care who else.
Doug (Ilphvrae): :)
Rolling into town, and in some cases riding, are a dwarf on a cart, a dwarf on a large pony, and a man on a horse. And another dwarf in the back of the cart.
Shae Vanderin: Head out to greet them.
Doug (Ilphvrae): still semi afk
Ilphvrae follows along
Shae Vanderin: “Hello there, welcome to Ashby.”
The man in the lead halts as you arrive, “Good morning. The general sent us, something about an undead problem.. and needing someone who was at the Hold.”
Shae Vanderin nods, “Would that be all of you?”
Campaign saved.
He nods, “Aye. The dwarves here are incase the whole thing goes sour.”
You notice that the cart is filled with kegs.
Shae Vanderin: “Come, come, our ale is average but theres alot of it.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ill introduce you to Raegar.”
They follow you in to town, and leave their mounts / cart at the stables.
Delshan: “Excellent. You’ll be Shae and Ilphvrae, I believe? I am Delshan – I served under Semara in the war.”
Shae Vanderin: “Well met.”
Shae Vanderin: Find the rest of the party and make introductions.
Hoxton is easily found!
Shae Vanderin: “I think we can assume that war has broken out once again.”
Delshan: “I believe the brass prefers to call this a rebellion, for the time being.”
Delshan: “Me? I say you’re right.”
Campaign saved.
Ilphvrae gives a common Dwarven welcome to the dwarves in dwarven. /em bows
Shae Vanderin: “Ok. Well Raegar can explain the specifics. It includes speaking with some of the Mishiran ‘reserves’ and letting them know the war is over.”
Dwarf: “Honor to you and your House! May your beard grow long and full!”
Dwarf bows to Ilphvrae.
Delshan: “Lovely. So we’re engaging in a parlay with.. a bunch of undead..”
Delshan: “I’m glad I never get the hard jobs.”
Campaign saved.
Delshan: “Where is this Raegar chap, anyhow?”
Ilphvrae: “Yes, they seem to ot be aware that the war has been over for a while.”
Ilphvrae: “They also had no idea who my people were so they are either very old or not from around this area.”
Delshan: “Well, to be fair, if they’re in a Mishrian tomb, they’re from here. We, however, have only been here for a century at best.. so they could simply be rather old.”
Delshan: “Still… not sure I really understand the point of talking it over.. but I’ve got my orders.”
Ilphvrae: “The dragon is an odd creature, from all I have evere read and heard about black dragons. It talked and did not eat us, which seemed odd. Not that I am complaining mind you.”
I think, given the time, we should probably wrap up.
Raegar: eyep
Hoxton: “It was cowed by my faith, girl – it would not dare strike at a servant of Horus.”
Ilphvrae: “You make a good point about this being Mishrian lands.”
Raegar: its been great though
Alex (Hoxton): works for me
Doug (Ilphvrae): Well then, night
Raegar: still meeting with the dwarf and going for the tomb…
Raegar: itll take some time
Campaign saved.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): sounds about right
Shae Vanderin: Hey guys, Ilph and I are no longer broke!
Shae Vanderin: Yay!
Doug (Ilphvrae): Hehehe
Nick (Shae Vanderin): so when are we starting up your game Dave?
Raegar: ill need a few weeks
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ok do you want character backgrounds or just something simple?
Raegar: oh, feel free to write up a background
…we may need more information for that.
Raegar: eyep
Doug (Ilphvrae): lots more info
Raegar: so i dont think you’ll be able to do that until i put up some stuff on the wiki
Raegar: and i finish the map
Nick (Shae Vanderin): all alignments allowed?
Raegar: you’ll be fighting evil things
Delshan: and getting paid for it. sounds like a good day
GM: and getting paid for it. sounds like a good day
Nick (Shae Vanderin): sounds great
Nick (Shae Vanderin): see you all later, good game morgan
Raegar: i sorta think alignement as dnd defines it
Raegar: is sorta bunk
why yes
‘Nick’ disconnected
Raegar: so I’m tempted to say yes

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