Session 3

‘Nick’ connected
‘Alex’ connected
Alex (Hoxton): Greetings unbelievers!
Kiergath: you don’t have your wolf, you sent it away remember
Alex (Hoxton): GO AWAY DOGGIE!
Nick (Gregory Morrow): there
Kiergath: yon doggie is a heathen.
Hoxton: …give me my non-heathenous mephit anyday
Kiergath: speaking of which

Nick (Gregory Morrow): yay
Kiergath: because this crap ain’t worth keeping track of between sessions.
Alex (Hoxton): woot
Alex (Hoxton): Horus rox kkthx
Kiergath: w/e.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: the funny part is that prior to this, Horus hadn’t actually been acknowledged as part of the pantheon
Kiergath: congrats, you’ve expanded a religion and forced me to figure out where he fits in
Nick (Gregory Morrow): how have you been alex? And when are we playing PS again :P Oh thanks for updating the wiki btw, I was getting a kick out of reading the logs.
Alex (Hoxton): Huzzah!
Alex (Hoxton): …also, I have added in a band!
Alex (Hoxton): …Btw, Nick!
Alex (Hoxton): A.) Good, B.) You? C.) Whenever doug can get his ass on as he has the harlot macguffin, D.) No problem, glad I finally got around to it.
Kiergath: the problem is he and Sekhmet clash heavily, so there’s pry gonna have to be overlap.. ugh
Alex (Hoxton): eh… no worries
Kiergath: I suppose he could focus more on cosmic good-vs-evil in a planar sense.
Kiergath: not a war god so much as goodness, light, heroism and RIGHTEOUS ASS KICKINGS
Kiergath: in short, he becomes Minsk elevated to godhood.
Alex (Hoxton): …yes.
Alex (Hoxton): Hoxton is a disciple of Minsc!
DM note #1; add miniature giant space hamsters into TSTS.
Alex (Hoxton): Where were we?
Alex (Hoxton): and regular sized ones too
thats what I’d like you two to figure out, and I’ll fill in the holes when I get back. I need food. Brb.

Nick (Gregory Morrow): when I talked to Doug he was stuck on a job away from home not willing to get internet for his hotel room.
Alex (Hoxton): lol
Alex (Hoxton): They dont have free wifi?
Campaign saved.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): no
Nick (Gregory Morrow): have to pay for it.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): is what he said.
Alex (Hoxton): …he needs to pick better hotels
Nick (Gregory Morrow): right.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): Hows your mage game going?
Kiergath: ………………
Alex (Hoxton): It is stalled
Nick (Gregory Morrow): what I mean to say is, if you have time.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): to run another game.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): oh crap morgans back :P
Alex (Hoxton): I think we were having just crushed some evil
Hoxton: and obtained a mephit
Alex (Hoxton): I do have time, but the planning is a bitch
Nick (Gregory Morrow): well if you ever get the incling count me in as a player.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): and we will force morgan to play too so that he can break out of d20
I quit. You can’t even complete a simple task.

y u no do mah job for me, write recap

Nick (Gregory Morrow): Im old remember? I have no memory
yah, golf and rectal exams 4 u

Nick (Gregory Morrow): lol
Hoxton: …er
Nick (Gregory Morrow): not sure which of those is worse.
Hoxton: …
I plead “no contest”

Hoxton: Golf is much better, gayboy
Hoxton: :P
GM: ^

Nick (Gregory Morrow): Golf is torturous.
Hoxton: …the opposite of torturous is pleasurable?
but it doesn’t involve a headlight-adorned dildo being rammed up your tender and, hopefully, virginal posterior.

Hoxton: …RIGHT
Nick (Gregory Morrow): at least its over fast.
Hoxton: …he never implied duration
Nick (Gregory Morrow): golf is 4 hours of misery
golf isn’t all bad

Hoxton: …and we had ignored the evil axe or something
remember the last five minutes of Caddyshack

Hoxton: and you said some thing picked it up
When last we met, the party ventured down into the deep dank depths of the evil tunnels of the crypt where they suspected a NECROMANCER MOST FOUL to have shacked up, raising the dead to harass the INNOCENT TOWNSFOLK.

It was there in the crypts that the party discovered the POWER OF FAITH, as Hoxton stomped stoically forward, narrowly avoiding traps left and right.

It was also here that Hoxton’s STOIC STOMPING awoke the long dead form of UKLA THE INEVITABLE, CHAMPION OF YAWGMOTH, and in a short but ferocious battle involving BEATING THE FLOOR WITH HAMMERS in a symbolic comparison of reproductive viability, and UKLA THE INEVITABLE was found wanting.

Hoxton: LOL
To be fair, anyone who knows Ukla would realize that proving higher reproductive viability than him is somewhat like shooting ducks in a barrel with a grenade launcher.

Nick (Gregory Morrow): noted
AFTER BESTING UKLA, the party advanced further into the depths, discovering a VILE PARAGON OF EVIL, doing his dastardly deeds and no doubt plotting CORRUPTION MOST WICKED, a VILE PLOT involving the ROASTING OF HOTDOGS OVER AN OPEN FIRE and OFFERING TRAVELLERS A MEAL!

Alex (Hoxton): blasphemy against horus…
Fortunately our noble party bested this vile source of CORRUPTION and WICKEDNESS, turning the evil Mephit to the Light and Love of HORUS, which he appears to be expressing by following Hoxton of the Keen Eyesight as a squire.

You pressed on, opening a door with brute force, dashing panache, and HOXTON’S NOSE, where you were accosted by SKELETONS.

They sought out Hoxton’s brains by way of his nose, but were sorely disappointed, and after a vicious skirmish you won the day! You still stand, basking in the glory of victory!

stop bitchin’ bout my tildes.
Have we any questions?!
Nick (Gregory Morrow): no
Alex (Hoxton): Nope
Gregory Morrow: Press on!
Did I miss anything? Shall we begin? Would you like me to just dispense with the DMing and narrate the rest of the adventure for you?

no takers? I’m sort’ve surprised.

Gregory Morrow presses on, and Hoxton the Noble advances to the fore, unwilling to allow Gregory to advance into danger alone.
Gregory Morrow follows peering ahead for danger.
Hoxton does not peer ahead for danger, but rather allows danger to flow around him like water off of a duck.
Now that the battle is over, you find yourselves in a rather well made hallway, perhaps fifteen feet wide with burial alcoves lining each side and sarcophagi embedded down the center of the floor about one every fifteen feet.

Gregory Morrow may make a spot check, while Hoxton may make a reflex save.

Gregory Morrow: Skill [Spot] [1d20+4 = 16]
Gregory Morrow, you see a pressure plate just as Hoxton’s foot stomps down upon it, uncaring and heedless of the danger!

Hoxton: Reflex save [1d20 = 9]
Gregory Morrow ducks yelling a warning to Sir Hoxton, “Watch out!”
As the floor depresses with a click, Hoxton makes a will save!

Hoxton: Will save [1d20+1 = 18]
A salvo of projectiles lances out from the wall to the right, but Hoxton stands his ground as they pass, avoiding a volley of javelins that go on to strike the opposite wall.

Had he but flinched in fear, he would have placed himself in their path.

Hoxton: “See, young Gregory? The ill maintained devices of this necromancer fail to touch one of faith.”
Gregory Morrow: “It seems so! Onward then!”
Selene mumbles something about the gods loving and protecting the insane.
Alex (Hoxton): I’ll take it!
Hoxton: marches onwards, unstoppable!
Hoxton marches onwards, unstoppable!
Indeed you march. After a hundred and twenty feet or so you find yourselves at a large double-door.

Glowing sigils line the archway over it, and the wood seems intact.

Hoxton: “The heart of this evil den… cast your eyes away from the darkness contained in those sigils, Gregory! They may corrupt your soul, and a shame that would be!”
Hoxton readies his warmace to batter down the door.
Selene pipes up cheerfully, “Maybe they just say ‘abandon all hope, ye who enter here’?”
Hoxton: “In which case, they certainly do not apply to us… just to he who walked in before.”
You ready your war-mace.

Gregory Morrow: “Your faith will smash thru that magical ward!”
Hoxton smashes through the magical ward with his faith!
Hoxton …faith, not face.
Alex (Hoxton): …also, the mace will follow if faith is not enough.
You stare ferociously at the door, but it does not flinch.

Selene sits down for a long wait.
The Mephit joins you in staring down the door.

Hoxton follows through his faith with the mace!
Alex (Hoxton): After having…suitably weakened it…
You batter at the door, give me a damage roll.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 10]
It shakes in its anchorings.

You hear it crack in places.

The door yet stands.

Alex (Hoxton): AGAIN!
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 12]

A third blow brings it down!

Alex (Hoxton): HUZZAH!
The sigils glow an angry red, give off one pulse of light, and die.

A howling, keening wind blows forth from the door like the shrieks of the damned.

The candles that had been illuminating the hall go out, leaving you with nought but the light from Hoxton’s mace.

Gregory Morrow ducks and braces against the wind.
Another glow, softer and silver-blue in the darkness joins that as Selene draws her sword.

The wind dies down as suddenly as it came, though you hear the keening fade in the distance with it.

Hoxton grins, holding his mace before him, parting the darkness and advancing!
Beyond the door you see a massive room with a high vaulted ceiling, your light barely penetrates it it is so large.

Gregory Morrow: “What is this place, Sir Hoxton?”
In your sphere of light you see numerous sarcophagi, above the floor here, in rows.

There is about enough room to walk two-by-two between the rows, and a single person could get between a row to the next walkway.


between a pair of sarcophagi to the next path we’ll say.

that makes a bit more sense.

Gregory Morrow listens for any sound of movement.
Hoxton: “This, Gregory… is the heart of darkness…”
Roll it, Gregory!

Gregory Morrow: Skill [Listen] [1d20+4 = 15]
You hear nothing; the room is silent save for your little band.

The Mephit is hyperventilating, perhaps out of fear.

As you slowly advance through the room, you see a faint glow to your right, perhaps a candle.

Gregory Morrow peers about and steadies his will against what may lie ahead.
Hoxton: “See, Gregory? Nothing to fear here – the light of Horus will guide and protect us from the evils within.”
A low, rumbling laugh rolls across the room.

Gregory Morrow covers his ears in fear.
Hoxton: “Show yourself, demon, and be vanquished! You will not stand against the purity of Horus’ will!”
The laugh slowly dies off, and a shadow casts itself over your lights as they seem to cower before a presence each of you can almost *feel upon your soul. A whispering, mocking voice murmers as if in your ear, “Asj adare kanrethad, nagas rakir maladath soranaman.”

It laughs again as the presence retreats, your lights slowly returning to their initial radiance.

Gregory Morrow: “This is a terrible place, so corrupt. The dead cannot rest here, I.. I can sense it.”
The candle light remains stationary, not far away now.

Yet even as the presence withdraws, you can still *feel something there, a prickling at your neck as if watched.

Hoxton approaches the light, prepared to smite at a whim.
Hoxton: “Be strong! I know you have the strength of will within you.”
Gregory Morrow follows looking about.
The light is a candle, protruding from the opened ribcage of what was once a woman. Her insides have been removed, her limbs severed at the shoulder and upper thigh. Her face remains twisted in a now silent scream, and blood is strewn around the corpse, along with other fluids.

Hoxton: “Be strong Gregory, woman… this is what evil will wrought… you must not let the fear get inside of you!”
The presence returns and whispers at your back, “Daz ur enkilgular?” A short, barking laugh follows, “Zenn modas karaman nagas zar refir.”

Gregory Morrow: “I will not waiver… I, I will fight.”
Gregory Morrow: “That voice!”
Gregory Morrow covers his ears again.
Hoxton: “That is the voice of fear, Gregory. It speaks because it cannot face our faith directly. Flee, spirit, or we will exorcise you by force!”
Gregory Morrow looks around for any clues near the dead woman’s corpse.
It laughs – a loud, hearty guffawing. It yells out, “Achor she-ki!” and fades away, but you immediately hear a rustling of bone.

Hoxton: “Gregory! The dead rise! We must deal with them, and quickly locate the source of this corruption, before more souls are denied Horus’ light!”
In each corner of the room a brazier erupts, casting light over the room.

At the center you see a pit with stairs spiraling downward, and you see several of the bodies interred in the wall niches approaching.

Gregory Morrow raises his quarterstaff imitating Sir Hoxton’s stance.
Initiatives, my world-weary friends!

Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 4]
Gregory Morrow: Initiative [1d20+2 = 17]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Delay till right after Hoxton.
The Mephit brandishes the holy symbol swinging from the end of his staff, screaming “Back to the Hells with you, spirits! This plane is not for you!” The holy symbol sputters with light as he speaks, but falls depressingly dark when he stops. The Dead seem unimpressed.


Hoxton: “Despair not, Initiate! Conviction and faith must be strong to cow these abominations!”
GM: roll a charisma check

Hoxton rushes towards the nearest target, mace brandished high in Horus’ name.
Hoxton: Charisma check [1d20+3 = 22]
The Mephit glows with a holy light, bellowing in his squeeky voice again and swinging his staff to-and-fro, the holy symbol on the end gleaming like a golden torch in the dull light!

A holy light dances across the skeletons, making them easier to hit!

Hoxton, an attack roll!

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 9]
Unfortunately, not *that much easier.

Alex (Hoxton): Apparently the light is a bit too bright…
Selene suffers from your problem and misses.

Gregory Morrow

I know, you delayed until after Hoxton, but Hox and Sel were tied.

Gregory Morrow charges in at the same one that Hoxton attacked swinging his quarterstaff overhead in a chopping motion at the undead’s skull.
Gregory Morrow: Quarterstaff (Attack 1) [1d20 = 6]
It seems that even illuminated as they are, the skeletons are still too elusive to be hit. Perhaps the Mephit should have tried to conjure arrows saying “Hit Here” instead.

The skeletons dart in to attack!

Hoxton! Two skeletons dive at you, lashing out with their fists, and connect!

Two skeletons attack Gregory, but miss.

Another two attempt to flank Hoxton, but find themselves opposed by Selene.

The final two move towards the Mephit.

Gregory Morrow


Gregory Morrow: delay again
Gregory Morrow: scratch that
Gregory Morrow: Quarterstaff (Attack 1) [1d20 = 2]
The DM considers imposing an “Opposite Day” on attack rolls, so that a 1 is a 20 and a 20 is a 1.

Alex (Hoxton): LoL
Alex (Hoxton): Do not worry…
Alex (Hoxton): Hoxton’s next will be a faith-filled 40.
Gregory Morrow: better than a 1 at least
The Mephit lashes out with his holy symbol onna stick!

A skeleton splinters!

Hoxton: “Resume your rest, Spirit! Horus commands it!”
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 19]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 9]

Alex (Hoxton): CLEAVE!

carry on

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 5]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
moving on

Hoxton: …shut up.
Hoxton: I never got a cleave before..
Selene strikes down one of hers.

The skeleton on Hoxton lashes out!

And attempts to force its fingers up its own nostrils.

Alex (Hoxton): They seem to do that a lot…
…One of the skeletons on Gregory lands a hit, while the other beats itself in the shin.

Selene is hit, hard, and sent reeling into Hoxton!

The Mephit is missed.

Gregory Morrow

Gregory Morrow: Quarterstaff (Attack 1) [1d20 = 2]
The Mephit dives through the combat!

He slides between the legs of his surviving skeleton!

He dances around Selene’s skeleton!

He successfully touches Selene!

She is healed!


Hoxton: “Woman! This is hardly the time for you to be making such advances on me! At least control yourself until I have vanquished this vile demon!”
Alex (Hoxton): – 1
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 12]
– 2, Selene is staring daggers at your very soul. You still hit.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 9]
Hoxton: + 2
You still feel as if something were squeezing you in a very tender place.

But you kill your second skeleton and may take a cleave.

Gregory Morrow: “Smash them all to bony bits Sir Hoxton!”
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 8]
Alex (Hoxton): Damn.
Selene rolls back to her feet

And misses one of Gregory’s skeletons.

The skeleton attacking the Mephit attacks Hoxton instead!

The Skeleton formerly on Selene attacks Hoxton!

One of the skeletons on Gregory turns to attack Selene.

Alex (Hoxton): …I’ve upset the DM :P

And hits her.

The other skeleton on Gregory is chewing its own foot.

Gregory Morrow

Gregory Morrow: Quarterstaff (Attack 1) [1d20 = 13]

Hoxton: YAY!
Hoxton: GO GREGGY!
Gregory Morrow: Quarterstaff (Damage) [1d6 = 5]
Given the damage it already did to itself, you slay it!

Gregory Morrow: “I got one!”
Hoxton: “Horus’ light burns bright in you, Gregory!”
The Mephit slaps Gregory with his holy-symbol-onna-stick! You take one point of healing from an orison!


Hoxton: “Back, foul beastie!”
Alex (Hoxton): Power attack, -1
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 8]
Alex (Hoxton): …not that far back!
I’m trying to justify giving you a bonus, but that battle cry was a little lame.

Selene misses again!

Alex (Hoxton): Yeah… I wasn’t feeling it.
Hoxton! The skeleton you just cordially warned to duck your impending attack strikes you!

Alex (Hoxton): Next time.
The other two miss.

Gregory Morrow

Gregory Morrow: “Sir Hoxton, dont give up!”
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] – > Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max + 5).
Gregory Morrow: Target Hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: [1d8 = 6]
Hoxton! Your wounds close, but the power of a foreign religion washing over you gives you a serious case of the willies.

Nick (Gregory Morrow): it feels like pine sap.
Hoxton: “This place is unholy! We must leave as soon as possible!”

it smells like pinesol

The mephit flails about with his HSonnaS

and narrowly avoids hitting Hoxton. Fortunately he was behind him and Hoxton remains none the wiser.

Alex (Hoxton): Hsonnas?
Holy Symbol onna Stick

Alex (Hoxton): …nice!


Hoxton: “Horus, I am your hammer! Guide my hand so that I may do your bidding!”
Alex (Hoxton): PA – 1
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 15]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 15]
Alex (Hoxton): + 2
Selene groans at the potential double entendres, but your stroke lays a skeleton low, cleave.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 19]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 11]
Hoxton: + 2!
Alex (Hoxton): I am the favourite.
Verily, you strike down two beasties.

Selene still can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

…With a final roll of one, the skeleton gnawing on its own toes kills itself.

Alex (Hoxton): Choked on the pinky, eh?
Gregory Morrow: “WE WON!”
Hoxton: “…this unholy place is a good place to do the work of Horus. I pray, woman, keep your urges in check until we are gone from this place.”
Will save?

Gregory Morrow: Will save [1d20+2 = 21]
You feel no unfortunate ill effects from the glare you are currently getting.

Hoxton: Will save [1d20+1 = 7]
…oh, that was Greg.

Sorry, Greg didn’t need one.

Alex (Hoxton): lol
Alex (Hoxton): Can I have his roll?
Sorry, no. See your character sheet main page.

Your ego whithers under the assault of Selene’s glare.

Meanwhile, little Gregory tries to figure out what Hoxton’s talking about. What urges, he wonders?

Alex (Hoxton): Eep.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): not THAT young.

Alex (Hoxton): LOL
Alex (Hoxton): He is a druid… he’s seen birds fucking bees.
Alex (Hoxton): I never understood that analogy.
and bears and trees.

Alex (Hoxton): It makes NO SENSE
Alex (Hoxton): Bees and flowers, sure. Birds and OTHER birds, sure.
and possibly his mistress and a wolf.


In any case, it’ll wear off on its own.

Hoxton shivers, feeling the evil of the place all around him.
Hoxton casts about, searching for the source of the evil.
Gregory Morrow: “The staircase. Maybe there is more evil to smite there.”
The voice echoes up from the pit in the middle of the room, “Kar arakal, anach kyree? Aman re’shat, aman!”

Hoxton: “He wishes to surrender to the light! It is too late for conversion to Horus, demon!”
Hoxton rushes down the steps!
Hoxton rushes down the steps!
Gregory Morrow: “Wait!”
Gregory Morrow tries to catch up.
You can. Hoxton’s wearing alot of armor and his faith slows him to a dramatic lumber.

Running full tilt is not dignified, stoic or dramatic.

Thus Hoxton is unable to do it.

Alex (Hoxton): indeed.
Alex (Hoxton): It’s more of a hurried stomping.
This could be unfortunate if Hoxton ever finds himself needing to retreat.

Alex (Hoxton): Hoxton does not retreat!
Gregory catches up to Hoxton after yelling “Wait!”
Selene and the Nameless Mephit catch up as well

Alex (Hoxton): …odds are, anything he’d try to retrat from would probably be eating him before he could run anyway.
Gregory, were you planning to say anything else, or just “Wait!” and run after him?

Nick (Gregory Morrow): just running to catch up.
You descend the stairs.. As you go down the winding steps, a glow from below illuminates, growing steadily brighter as you descend.

Hoxton: “We are near, Gregory! Stay close! My faith will protect us!”
From below, you hear a voice, distant at first but growing nearer and nearer as you go down.

“Azhir uval nutarus, azhir mudas ethanul.” The voice pauses, the light gleams red and a puff of foul black smoke rises swiftly from below.

Gregory Morrow covers his mouth trying not to inhale the smoke.
Though you do not understand the language, the words give you a sense of forboding. The smoke smells of sulfur and blood.

Hoxton: “Cease, demon! Face your destruction! Your blood magic will not save you from the Hammer of Horus!”
“Dalektharu il dask daku. Riftuuz e thara samanar utamus,” The chant reaches a level as if the speaker were yelling his blasphemies to the heavens, “Elas umanes azarathan rakas ibna!”

Gregory Morrow: “M-Maybe we should get more help.”
The sound of a blade rasping on a scabbard and a woman’s scream follows as the illumination ceases altogether. The voice continues, almost as if in afterthought, at a whisper; “Belanora mordanos nenaar ila mornu farlos kada.”

The silence that follows is deafening, and the light slowly begins to return, showing you that you have reached the bottom.

Hoxton: "Horus will provide, Gregory! We cannot back down and let this evil wound fester in the earth! "
Stepping off the last step, you find yourself in shallow liquid. The light shines forth from a doorway before you, illuminating a chamber beyond.

It seems to be coming from a four-legged brazier, the wrought metal legs carved into the likenesses of serpents.

Hoxton: “The heart of sin, Gregory! Steel your heart!”
Hoxton: “Be strong, woman!”
Hoxton hustles forward!
A woman’s voice, not the one which screamed a few seconds ago, calls out from behind a door across the room, “Help me! He’s going to kill me next!”

You hustle forward; at the doorway you see the room is rectangular, with four doors on the far wall.

Hoxton: “Quickly, Gregory! There is an innocent in danger!”
Hoxton hustles towards the voice.
At the end of the room to your left is an altar, a body laying upon it.

A dark figure stands before it, shrouded in shadow.

Gregory Morrow rushes forward towards the womans voice but looks around for any traps as he goes.
At the other end of the room, opposite the altar and to your right is a heap of bodies.

The four doors gleam with glyphs.

Brb, Afk, smoke if you’ve got ’em.

Nick (Gregory Morrow): afk also
Words flash across your vision. The glyphs read; “Game save failed; memory could not be read. Good luck!”

Alex (Hoxton): Shit!
Ready to go, waiting on Nick.
Alex (Hoxton): Hear hear.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): ok
Alex (Hoxton): wb!
Anyway, desc’s finished, actions.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): can we tell which door the womans screaming is comming from?

One of the four.

Hoxton is currently rushing towards door number one!
Gregory Morrow is going to wait.
You get two feet from the door and your advance ceases, a shimmering field of purple-red ikkyness stopping you in your tracks

when it pushes you back out of contact, the field disappears.

The floor is still covered in liquid perhaps to a one inch depth.

A coppery smell saturates the air within the room itself.

Hoxton: “Vile sorcery is at work, Gregory!”
Gregory Morrow looks down. What is the liquid?
Alex (Hoxton): Try door 2.
Difficult to say, poor light and a dark stone floor, but it doesn’t run like water…

Same thing happens when you attempt door number two.

The shadowy figure at the altar throws its head back and laughs, the same laugh as you heard above.

Hoxton: “Demon! Let the woman go!”
Hoxton wheels on the figure, preparing to charge forward.
Gregory Morrow pulls out his darts.
The shadows cloaking its form draw back, showing a red, scale-colored figure with goat-like legs and a tail lashing behind it. Its face is reptillian, covered in ridges of horns, matching the spines running down its back between the wings it spreads in its mirth.

It points one taloned finger at Hoxton, hissing out, “A-rul shach kigon az Agril-Shanak! Katra zil shukil, gor’om haguul!”


Gregory Morrow: Initiative [1d20+2 = 10]
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 7]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: “Evil creature!”
Gregory Morrow: Dart (Attack 1) [1d20+2 = 20]
A hit.

Gregory Morrow: Dart (Damage) [1d4 = 4]
The Mephit calls out to Mighty Horus, and you are all bathed in his loving Light!

Like, literally, you’re all glowing with a golden nimbus.

Hoxton: “Horus speaks through the little one! He says that your time here is at an END!”
Alex (Hoxton): CHARGE/Power attack – 1
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 20]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 12]
Hoxton: + 2
Hoxton: plus whatever chargey goodness
Verily, you land a sound hit

Your blow does not seem to do all that it should.

Alex (Hoxton): it never does…
The creature hisses in pain, dark energy wreathing one hand before darting into you. It strikes the nimbus of light and the two conflicting powers flare and go out. He thrusts his other hand, palm-out towards you, snarling, “A-kreesh, haguul!”

Fortitude save.


Hoxton: Fortitude save [1d20+5 = 15]
Alex (Hoxton): sry
A wave of force batters into you, doing little damage and failing to drive you back.

An arrow clatters off the wall behind the demon.

Gregory Morrow

Gregory Morrow: Dart (Attack 1) [1d20+2 = 15]

Gregory Morrow: Dart (Damage) [1d4 = 4]
The Mephit sends a ray of sunlight forth from his hand at the demon!

and misses.. thats awesome.


Hoxton: “You are not long for this world! Begone, and let your ashes scatter to the winds, purified!”
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 17]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 14]
A sound hit!

The demon looks at you, pain visible on its features, “Shaza-kiel!” it spits out, the very words laced with venom. Fortitude save!

^ Hoxton

Hoxton: Fortitude save [1d20+5 = 14]
Red energy wreathes your body, and you feel your life being sapped away, motes of red light fluttering from you to the demon.

An arrow buries itself in the demon!

Gregory Morrow

Gregory Morrow steadys himself and throws another Dart!
Gregory Morrow: Dart (Attack 1) [1d20+2 = 16]
A hit!

Gregory Morrow: Dart (Damage) [1d4 = 2]
It grunts in pain!

The mephit misses with a large rock!


Hoxton: “Steal my life force in you must, but you are NOT FOR THIS WORLD!”
Alex (Hoxton): Power attack, – 2
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 21]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 9]
Alex (Hoxton): + 4
The beast falls to its knees before your assault, gasping out through its black blood as it falls, “A-kiel.. Agril-Shanak.”

It falls forward, its body splashing into the blood soaking the floor, and lies still.

Hoxton flattens the skull of the demon with a mighty blow of his mace.

Demon brains add to the wonderful soup upon the floor.

Gregory Morrow: “This whole place should be sealed or purified somehow. Why though? Why was this creature doing these things, killing these people?”
Hoxton: “Where is that woman? We must save her! We will worry about purification later!”
As the creature dies, the red motes around Hoxton fade.

Hoxton rushes to door 1!
You rush to door #1.

The glyphs have faded, and the barrier does not form

Hoxton crack it open with a mighty “STAND BACK!” and the mace.
The door shatters inward, spraying the cell beyond with shrapnel. Fortunately, nobody was inside.

Hoxton: “Nothing…”
Alex (Hoxton): Repeat the process on the next doors.
Alex (Hoxton): but uh…less forcefully


Glad you said that before I typed things up

You open the next three doors less forcefully..

The first three show signs of having been inhabited recently. The fourth still is.

A pitiful looking young woman lays upon the ground, unmoving.

Hoxton rush to her side, check to see if she is untouched by evil.
Gregory Morrow will search the altar.
The woman is gaunt and pale, like nothing is left but skin and bones.

The body is still warm

Gregory, the altar reveals another slain woman, probably the scream you heard on the way down.
Hoxton, spot check?

Hoxton: Skill [Spot] [1d20+1 = 15]
You see something odd about the back of this cell.

The stonework doesn’t match.

Hoxton: “Gregory! There is more evil afoot!”
Gregory Morrow heads over to the cell where Sir Hoxton is.
Looks like someone bricked something over.

Gregory Morrow: “Can it be smashed through?”
The Mephit squeeks out, “With Horus’s loving and wrathful might, any wall can be laid low!”

Hoxton: “Where there is a will, Gregory…”
Selene: “Loving.. and wrathful?”

Hoxton smiles piously at the Mephit.
“Horus works in mysterious ways, heathen!” says the Mephit.

Hoxton: “You will see, my dear.”
Selene: “I.. see.”

You apply Horus’s Loving and Wrathful Might to the wall!?

Hoxton hauls back on the mace, bellowing: “HORUS! THIS BARRIER STANDS IN THE WAY OF YOUR FAITHFUL! REMOVE IT!”
Alex (Hoxton): Apply HLWM!
Selene ducks. The Mephit does not, but stands there holding his HSonnaS over your head, glowing like a miner’s lamp.
Give me damage.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage)
[1d12+4 = 15]
It buckles under your furious assault!

Brick and mortar flies as the thin layer of brick at the back of the cell is shattered!

A reinforced door stands behind, covered in sigils. A narrow grate provides the only way to look through.

Hoxton: “Gregory, what can you see beyond?”
Many of the glyphs glow in the darkness, but some do not and appear actually to be script of some sort.


Gregory Morrow: “I see glyphs. But some o-other kind of language maybe. I dont … know, no wait theres some kind of script actually. Maybe it was sealed off by the evil that was once here!”
You can all see the glyphs, I think he wanted you to look through the grate.

Gregory Morrow: I cant see in the dark :P
he’s waving a hammer around that glows in the dark :P

Gregory Morrow Peers through the grate.
It appears to be another cell. There’s someone chained to the wall. A woman, her clothes hanging loose from her body. Two icy-blue eyes, shining in the light of Hoxton’s mace, look back at you.

Gregory Morrow: “Another captive, a woman! Ho there Miss, we will try to set you free.”
Her eyes are all you can make out of her features, though, through a mane of unkempt black hair.

It looks like she’s been there quite some time.

Gregory Morrow turns to Hoxton, “She has glowing blue eyes though, what does that mean?”
You notice that Hoxton’s eyes also shine when the light of his mace reflects off them.

Hoxton: “It could be a manifestation of Horus’ will, young one. We were meant to save her.”
Hoxton: “I do not know if I can sunder this barrier, however.”
Gregory Morrow: “No it was only your mace… and my surprise.”
Alex (Hoxton): brb – keep going. Hoxton does what he’s told!
Gregory Morrow: “I will help.”
A voice croaks out from the cell, “Blood. The wards. Cover them.”

Gregory Morrow sets to covering the wards with blood.
Selene: “Uh.. gentlemen?”

Gregory Morrow: “Who are you miss? Why were you trapped in there?”
Selene: “That writing.. I’ve seen it before.”

The woman attempts to speak through dried lips and a parched throat, “Demons.. trapped.. don’t know.. been.. so long..”

Kiergath: sorry, trying to delay until Hoxy’s awake again
Alex (Hoxton): Awake
Gregory Morrow: “We are good people of the town of… well the human settlement near here. We would like to set you free but want to be sure you were not part of the evil of this place.
”color:#000054;">Gregory Morrow: "

“Part… what? No..”

Hoxton slips his waterskin through the bars as much as he can.
doesn’t work, she’s not in reach.

Nick (Gregory Morrow): does the grate have any hinge or lock?

Nick (Gregory Morrow): solid metal right?
Iron bars.

Alex (Hoxton): I was thinking more along the lines of tossing it at her.
Gregory Morrow: “Selene you said you saw this writing before?”
wouldn’t do her much good, her wrists are chained to the wall.

Selene: “Its some sort of demonic..”

Hoxton: “Is it instructions on opening her prison?”
Selene: “No.. its not a form I’m familiar with. Its not infernal or abyssal common.”

Gregory Morrow: “Shall we take a leap of faith and set her free then?”
Selene: “The alphabet’s similar, but not identical.. and there are similarities in the words, if I’m connecting characters right.. Its like its the language that led to the other two.”

Gregory Morrow: “By covering these runes it may release her bonds.”
Selene: “But I think its a warning.”

Hoxton: “A warning?”
Selene: “You know, ’don’t open this’?”

Gregory Morrow: “Let’s go then. My elder or someone in the town will know what to do. She does not need food or water to live and we can come back.”
Hoxton: “…she looks like she’s in pain without water!”
The woman sags in her chains at Gregory’s words.

Gregory Morrow: “I dont know what to do…”
Hoxton: “We must set her free!”
Gregory Morrow: “I will defer to your choice then, hold on Miss we will set you free.”
Gregory Morrow uses blood to cover up the runes.
The runes cease glowing as they’re covered. Without much trouble (you have an awful lot of blood in the other room) you can cover them all.

Hoxton attempts to open the door!
You bludgeon the door open once the glyphs holding it sealed are inactive.

Hoxton rushes to get the woman some water.
Gregory Morrow heads inside the womans cell and looks around it for anything suspicious.
Hoxton: “Find a way to get these shackles off her… there must be a way.”
They’re not particularly secure.. If she could get at one of them with two hands, she could’ve removed them herself.

Hoxton unbinds the woman after making sure she has had some water.
You do so. She chokes on it, but gets some down. When you undo her shackles, she sags to the floor unless you catch her.

Hoxton indeed, make sure she’s comfortable.
Gregory Morrow helps catch the woman.
Hoxton: To the mephit: “See what you can do about some purification rites. Horus will guide you.”
The Mephit blinks, then begins waving his holy symbol onna stick around like a holy water sprinkler, chanting gibberish.

Try as he might, this doesn’t do much but look impressively dramatic.

Fortunately, that’s about all Hoxton probably expects.

I have been advised we should break soon, and this is a lull in the action.

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