Session 32

Kiergath: so, any questions before I attempt to remember what happened last week?
Raegar: err
Raegar: nope
Raegar: no questions
Nick (Shylo): I think we left off in the inn but I do not recall
Nick (Gregory Morrow): What was the name of that village we had stopped in?
Kiergath: one moment.
Raegar: Darkon
Nick (Gregory Morrow): good joke. This is not the territory of Azalin the Lich.
I thought you said you weren’t drinking yet.
Raegar: This is how I am – Sober-
Raegar: I think you know the regular me as the drunk me
right, start drinking.
Raegar: …not drunk
Raegar: lets call it a juicy twist on sobriety.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Did the paladin really just convert a town of the undead to a religion that tries to get rid of them?”
It was the morning after your night in Gravemoor.
Lasariel: “Uh.. He doesn’t seem to have decided he wanted rid of Hasso, either..”
Lasariel: “There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly anti- undead about Hoxton’s Horus.”
Raegar: “So he’s a heretical paladin of Horus that doesnt mind the undead.”
Lasariel: “For a heretic, he still gets an awful lot of blessings.”
Raegar: “Oh.. I can just – feel- some kind of curse coming our way in the future..”
Raegar: “I KNOW! It confuses me to no end.”
Raegar: “Where I’m from, gods have principles.”
Raegar: ….Horrible… Horrible principles."
Hoxton: “Horus cares only if you accept him into your heart and soul, Raegar. The vessel is unimportant.”
Gregory Morrow: “I have been taught, and do beleive undead to be an insult to nature.”
Raegar: “Yes well… Hoxton, I give you too little credit.”
Raegar: “Keep spreading the faith I suppose.”
You eat a hearty, homecooked breakfast!
..inn- cooked?
A hearty, inncooked breakfast!
Raegar: If there bacon?
Nice, crispy bacon!
Raegar: Tatties and scones?
Gregory Morrow: “How much longer till the ruins?”
Raegar: Rashers and Bangers?
Raegar: “I don’t know, I’ve never been.”
Lasariel: “According to the map we were given, which, well, isn’t filled in.. I have no idea.”
Raegar: “I say we keep rashly going forward, knowing nothing about the area and hope for the best.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Plans just get in the way of hopeful optimism and improvisation.”
Lasariel: “To be fair, we’re still inside Mishria – so I doubt we’re close.”
Gregory Morrow feeds Shylo a nice piece of bacon.
Ye eat! Ye drink! You gather your belongings!
Raegar: MERRILLY gather our belongings
Yes, yes, we already covered that.
Gregory Morrow: Will try to buy some baked treats for the journey.
Raegar: Also, ask the innkeep if theres anyone in town what can indumicate us what fer lies ahead of us on the road what may want to eat us.
Raegar: He said, in the West Virginia fashion..
Gregory – you are easily able to do so. A kindly old woman gives you all the baked goods you could want for the low low price of whatever you’re willing to pay for it.
Its just that kind of town.
Barkeep: “Well now, yer honor, I’m not knowin’ of any troubles here- abouts. See, the roads are patrolled – this ain’t some lawless backwater!”
Gregory Morrow: Ill give her 5 coppers.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: Thank him for his time
Raegar: and wait outside
The party reconvenes outside.
Gregory Morrow walks outside with a basket full of cookies, “Ready!”
The streets are abuzz with morning activity. Cheerful chatter abounds as the local townsfolk go about their business.
Peasant: “I say, its rather odd we’ve not heard anything from the capitol for so long!” “But why should we? We obey the laws, we pay our taxes. I’d say they’ve just got bigger concerns.”
“Quite right, quite right! Fresh tomato?” “Why, I don’t mind if I do.”
Peasant: “Quite right, quite right! Fresh tomato?” “Why, I don’t mind if I do.”
Lasariel: “Can we leave now?”
Raegar: “..Yes.”
Raegar: Leave
You leave. The nice corpses guarding the hedge gate bid you a cheerful, whispered farewell.
And you return to the road.
Campaign saved.
You estimate you’ve got another two days travel before you reach the frontier of Mishrian territory and, as such, the end of mapped territory.
Raegar: “Well, that was fun.”
Gregory Morrow: “I like that place, the people were very nice.”
Hoxton: “Good, honest, hard- working folk! And now they walk the path of the light, as well!”
[3d4+ 9 = 15]
The first day on the road is uneventful, and you make good time through the rolling hills.
Gregory Morrow: Search for herbs along the way.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Survival]
[1d20+ 11 = 27]
[3d4+ 9 = 15]
As the night falls and signals the end of your march, you come to an intersection in the road.
You see you would have the option to either continue west, or turn south towards the mountains and Aldsea.
Campaign saved.
The road south seems, if possible, even less used than the one you are on.
Gregory Morrow: Did we run into any travelers along our journey?
Gregory Morrow: “I thought the innkeeper said the road was patrolled.”
Raegar: What does the map seem to indicate
Raegar: is it west or is it south
South takes you towards Aldsea and Carthon. It is not likely to be what Semara was after.
Raegar: West it is
She indicated whatever it was along the western coast.
You make camp.
GM: [3d10 = 13]
And the night passes in a largely uneventful fashion.
Gregory Morrow: Ok! :)
no, seriously, I know you set watches, but nothing happened.
Gregory Morrow: hehe ok
It really is a rather peaceful place, from what you can see.
The landscape is still dotted with farms, sometimes even little clusters of farmhouses.
Gregory Morrow: “I cant wait to see what is further ahead. Ive never been away from Rurik until recently.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Nor had I, young Gregory! But Horus works in mysterious ways – had I not been sent forth from Rurik, I would never have been able to spread his loving light to so many.”

Gregory Morrow: “Yes that is right Sir Hoxton!”
Gregory Morrow bounds ahead with Shylo to play as they walk.
On this day, you see a pair of riders in the distance drawing closer.
Gregory Morrow: In front or behind?
Raegar: “I say, hide.”
Raegar: “See what they want first.”
They are moving at a rather unconcerned walk.
Raegar: “Then again, if its just the two of them, we could easily take them..”
Hoxton: “Friend Raegar! Everyone who walks the roads you happen to be on is not a foe, sometimes a traveller is just a traveller.”
Raegar: “Sure.”
Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “And sometimes they’re not.”
They draw closer, and as they do you can see that their mounts are quite gaunt and emaciated.
Raegar: “I bet thats the patrol.”
Lasariel: “I was thinking the same.”
Gregory Morrow moves to the side of the road away from them.
The riders are shrouded in black, with armor over the wrappings and with their heads cowled.
They seem to be paying you no mind and appear to intend to simply pass you.
Gregory Morrow is not interfering.
Raegar: “Funny fellows them.”
They pass you by without a word.
Raegar: “Right, lets keep a steady pace then.
”color:#000054;“>Gregory Morrow: Did the horses appear undead?
”color:#000054;“>Gregory Morrow: Keep walking.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;“>As the second day wears on, you begin to see trees in the distance, and the hills begin to get a little more severe.
”color:#000054;“>The number of farms slowly drops off.
”color:#000054;“>The land becomes somewhat more wild as you get to places that have never seen a plow.
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “This place is ancient.”
Lasariel: “Ancient and farmless does not mean unclaimed, though – no sense in being careless.”
Hoxton: “Bah. If it is claimed, then there are souls here that have not heard of Horus!”
Gregory Morrow: “Looks like the road is fading into wildland. Will you be ok keeping up Sir Hoxton?”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “My stride is long and my heart determined. No mere brush will keep me in check.”
Gregory Morrow smiles then bounds ahead a ways.
Afternoon sets into evening, and the hour begins to grow late. You have reached the trees, and the hills ahead look to be turning more into mountains.
Rolling, tree- covered mountains.
Gregory Morrow: “Ive never imagined mountains could be so tall.”
Gregory Morrow: I presume we make camp.
indeed you do.
The sun begins to set, and the sounds of day give way to the sounds of night.
Raegar: “Right, I’ll take the watch during the dead of night.”
Hoxton: “I shall take third watch, then.”
do I hear first watch?
Gregory Morrow: “Shylo and I will take first watch.”
[1d20 = 7]
Campaign saved.
First watch passes uneventfully.
[1d20 = 5]
Second watch also passes, as Raegar is serenaded by wolves in the forest.
[1d20 = 15]
You assume third watch passes uneventfully as well, as you awaken in the morning to find Hoxton at his prayers.
Gregory Morrow: What is the weather like?
Clear, crisp, cool.
It is autumn.
It has been for a long time. The DM thinks its getting near to time to decide to let the season shift.
Because.. yeah.. its been autumn since campaign start and thats before we had a 1 month hiatus. :P
Raegar hums a song while getting his gear ready.
Gregory Morrow: Close to winter then.
Indeed. The trees are turning.
Many are already turned.
Some are already losing their leaves.
Indeed, its been a strange year.
GM: [1d20 = 12]
Interestingly enough, after you get into the treeline and the land turns to forest… the road becomes more passable.
Its not cobbled or anything of the sort, but its a well travelled path.
Gregory Morrow: What kind of tracks? Humanoid?
Campaign saved.
Indeed they are.
Some horse tracks, some humanoid.
Gregory Morrow: Keep walking I guess.
You keep walking.
About a mile into the forest, the path splits.
One branch heads west, the other north- west.
Gregory Morrow: Which has more tracks?
Raegar: “Well, where are we goin’.”
Once you get to the intersection, there are far more tracks than before.
Going both ways.
From here to the forest edge (behind you) seems to be less travelled than either of these.
And its difficult to say which way is more heavily used, both are very well travelled.
Raegar: “I say we keep off the roads.”
Raegar: “Travel to the sides.”
Gregory Morrow: “I dont know. Maybe northwestern path?”
Raegar: “Why?”
Hoxton: “Why not?”

Raegar: “Cuz he’s a child.”
Raegar: “Always question children.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “No reason. I dont know.”
Raegar: “Honest answer, Northwest it is.”
Lasariel: “We really have very little to go on. Seems as good as anything.”
Raegar: “An old coot we had around sometimes, I think he wasn an insane homeless beggar, he used to say, you should follow your nose when you don’t know which path to take.”
Lasariel: “I can’t smell anything but plants.”
You walk as you talk.
Raegar: “Thats the problem with this place, can’t tell where you’re heading, too many trees in this forest.”
Lasariel: “I can’t burn them down, if you’re thinking about asking.”
Raegar: “Shame..”
You follow the path a mile through the forest.
And after that mile you notice a change in the trees.
This is newer growth.
Still old, but no longer “standing since the dawn of time” ancient.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Does it look like there may have been a fire here and this is the new growth?
No signs of fire, no.
Raegar: “I’d be willing to bet we are headed towards the ruins of a city.”
But even if it was.. there would be few signs – though this is newer growth than the rest, its still centuries old.
Raegar: “A city large enough to clear out a considerable amount of acreage for its use..”
Raegar: “Now abandoned, forest takes its place back from the hands of civilization.”
Raegar: “With that said..”
Raegar: “Whats with the traffic on the road if its abandoned?”
Gregory, you’re sensing power here. Old power – nature magic.. but its dormant. Like its been asleep and untapped for ages.
Raegar: Do I feel anything?!
Not a damn thing.
Raegar: Ask me what my elf eyes see
Raegar: =P
You do however see a wall up ahead through the trees.
Gregory Morrow kneels down and put my hand to the ground.
High and made of stone, though now covered in ivy.
Gregory, knowledge (nature) or spellcraft? whichever’s higher.
Gregory Morrow: “This place holds a great power. I can feel it. But I cannot tell what it is.”
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Knowledge (Nature)]
[1d20+ 10 = 17]
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “Something quite old. It is teeming with power.”
Across the path looms an old gatehouse.
Whatever door may have barred the way has long since deteriorated beyond recognition.
The stonework is all quite impressive, the blocks flawlessly cut and laid.
The integrity of the walls themselves looks to be as good as when it was first built.
Gregory Morrow: Is this the end of the road or does the road continue on beyond this?
The road continues on.
The walls of the gatehouse have been intricately carved – the decorations appear somewhat familiar to Raegar’s eyes in style.
Gregory Morrow: “I want to go inside and try to find some clues.”
Gregory Morrow: “Do you want to come with me?”
Hoxton: “Splitting up in this unknown land would be folly.”
Raegar: How familiar…
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Assuming everyone is comming then, walk forward carefully trying to find the source of the power.
Raegar: “This place is Elven…”
Raegar: “Why would elves abandon a settlement.. We never abandon settlements..”
Gregory Morrow: “I wonder why it is unoccupied.”
Raegar: “…”
Raegar: “I’m betting…”
Raegar: “It wasn’t abandoned..”
You see ruins beyond the gatehouse, as of buildings.
Raegar: “IN we go.”
They don’t appear damaged, except by being ill- maintained.
You pass through the gatehouse.
Raegar: 697710
Raegar: (disregard)
Beyond, the dirt path turns to stone streets; what once may have been beautiful tiled streets has become rather inconsistant.
Buildings everywhere, overgrown and occasionally with trees growing up through them.
Gregory Morrow: “I dont like to see this. Why would the elves leave this home?”
You see smoke rising into the sky up ahead, though.
From multiple sources.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Can we see whats causing the smoke from our current location?
Not really, its past a lot of buildings.
Rather large buildings, as well. Most are at least two stories, and here and there a tower spirals off skyward.
The remnants of what must have once been beautiful mosaics and murals can be seen on many walls.
Raegar: “This was a large city.”
Statues and fountains adorn intersections in the streets.
Raegar: “Cities this size dont just disapear from the maps.”
Gregory – while you can’t see what is actually causing the smoke, it doesn’t look like, say, a building burning down or a forest fire- more like what you’d expect from a settlement.
Many small plumes of smoke.
Gregory Morrow: Whats the approx distance to the smoke sources?
a dozen city blocks.
Lasariel: “I don’t think it disappeared from the maps we were given.. it was never on them.”
Lasariel: “Daltigoth doesn’t seem to have done much exploring prior to encountering Mishria.”
Gregory Morrow: Are there tracks in the ground?
Lasariel: “And Mishria seems rather.. insular as well.”
Campaign saved.
Tracks are rather harder to tell here, as most of the streets are still stone.
But there’s been traffic – how much is difficult to gauge.
Gregory Morrow: Ah right.
Gregory Morrow looks at Raegar, “What should we do?”
Raegar: “Someone needs to sneak over, see whats over there.”
[1d20 = 12]
Gregory Morrow looks around, “Any of us can do that except Sir Hoxton.”
Lasariel: “I do not ‘sneak’.”
Raegar: “I do.”
Raegar: “Wait here.”
Raegar: PROCEED!
Raegar: Activate stealth mode.
Campaign saved.
can I get a hide check?
Raegar heads off towards the smoke, keeping to the side of the buildings, hugging the walls..
Raegar: Sure
Raegar: Skill [Hide]
[1d20+ 13 = 33]
Gregory Morrow: wow
Raegar: yea
Raegar: cept thats all wrong now
yeah, thats wrong.
But its still a 20.
You sneak ahead.
And you sneak.
Aaaand you sneak.
And you get pretty close before you realize that there’s a second wall after about twelve blocks.
Campaign saved.
This one is also covered in moss and vines.
But the gate in this one is open – not because the doors have fallen from it, but because the doors are currently open.
Raegar: hmmmm
Raegar: peak in
Looking through it, you see more buildings beyond, but they are not in disrepair.
Raegar: or do I…
Listen check?
You also see people moving about through the gatehouse.
[1d20 = 3]
Raegar: Skill [Listen]
[1d20+ 2 = 21]
Gregory Morrow: nice
You hear a footfall behind you.
Raegar: Turn ‘round
A man is standing behind you, longsword hanging loosely in one hand. He is mostly covered by a mottled grey- green cloak and hood, and there’s a quiver and slung bow on his back.
Raegar: “..Hello.”
You see another figure perched on a second story roof nearby, an arrow nocked and half- drawn.
Campaign saved.
Ranger: “What are you doing here?”
Ranger: “And why are you sneaking about like a thief?”
Raegar: “Mostly for fun.”
Raegar: Is it an elf?
It appears to be. The weaponry certainly is.
Raegar: “I’m a … What the devil are those called… Archeologist.”
Raegar: “Looking for .. Artifacts.”
Raegar: “I figured, smoke, must be a fire, if theres a fire, there are people, if there are people, there is danger.”
Ranger: “And you came here for artifacts, which makes you either a thief or a grave robber. The latter is most likely if you didn’t expect people here.”
Raegar: “But now that I see who built the fire…”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I was hired by some military big- wigs. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for.”
Ranger: “I see.”
Raegar: “What – Is- this place… I was looking for ruins, not an active town..”
Ranger: “You stand in the remains of Caras Morlad, which once stood watch over the western borders of an entire kingdom. Now a shadow of itself, much like the land it protects.”
Ranger: “But such are the ravages of time.”
Raegar: “And you people are?”
Campaign saved.
Ranger: “We are among the last of our people. We watch the border as our ancestors did, to shield what cities remain.”
Ranger: “But it has been two years since the dead approached the forest.”
Ranger: “You are the first outsiders to approach in some time.”
Raegar: “So, hmm, well. I guess this job is over then.”
Raegar: “I don’t suppose I could bring myself to pillaging the past of a people that still live in part of their city.”
Ranger: “We would be obligated to attempt to stop you.”
Raegar: “You should know that the powers of this age are starting to take an interest in you.”
Ranger: “It would not be the first time we have slain our kin, no matter how distant. But it would still be unfortunate.”
Raegar: “I haven’t killed an elf in a while either, so we have that in common.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Perhaps, we can come to some arrangement, my employer, unless I misread her entirely, was mainly interested in your history.”
Raegar: “Artifacts are used to gleam the past through interpretation.”
Raegar: “You could just tell me.”
Ranger: “I am not a tour guide. Gather your companions and enter the city honorably, we do not kill visitors, only thieves.”
Ranger: “I am sure the library will have all you might need.”
Raegar: “Very good then.”
Raegar: go fetch the others
The two sentries disappear into the ruins, no doubt drifting back to their patrols.
Gregory, Raegar returns!
Raegar: Relate the tale as it happened
Gregory Morrow: “So they are friendly.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “Lets look into that library.”
Raegar: “Yep.”
You head down the once beautiful avenue towards the city center!
Raegar: “This is so bleeding strange.”
Gregory Morrow: “Maybe these people just mainly want to keep to themselves.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I’d say.”
Gregory Morrow: “But they seem to not mind visitors. I wonder if they have a bakery..”
Raegar: “…What is it with you and bakeries?”
Raegar: “Why you aren’t as fat as a house, I haven’t the slightest idea.”
Gregory Morrow: “We didnt get many baked goods in the grove. Mostly just raw foods.”
Raegar: “So… Turnips.”
You pass through the gatehouse. Standing just inside and to the side, where they can’t be seen from outside, are a pair of elves in green- trimmed black robes beneath gleaming gold armor.
Gregory Morrow looks at Raegar and frowns nodding.
They watch you enter, but otherwise do not react.
Each leans upon a two handed sword, blades bare and resting upon the flagstones.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “Odd choice of weapon for elves.”
Gregory Morrow: “Is it?”
Raegar: “Unusual.”
The streets beyond the gate are bustling with activity, as elves both young and old go about their business.
Not many of the former, though.
Gregory Morrow: “Do they have an inn?”
Lasariel: “I’m afraid we’ve never been here before either.. perhaps we might ask?”
You see that, towards the center of the city, there are a number of much, much larger buildings.
Judging from the commotion in another direct, there appears to be a market quarter as well.
Gregory Morrow: So, the city is pretty damn big.
Even with the outer areas not in use, this is… a very large city.
Gregory Morrow: “Can we head to the market? We could ask someone there about an inn.”
Raegar: “Yes..”
Raegar: “We will be spending some time here..”
Campaign saved.
Raegar, having been there to compare.. this city appears to be larger than Tombshade by a fair margin.
Gregory Morrow: Are there any elven children?
You’d guess the population isn’t anywhere near it, though, judging from the spacing.
There are some, but they’re very few and far between.
Gregory Morrow: Going to look about for:
Gregory Morrow: 1. A merchant that sells alchemical equipment to try and buy some metal or glass potion vials.
Gregory Morrow: 2. A merchant selling elven pastries.
Gregory Morrow: 3. The location of an inn we would be welcome to stay at.
Raegar: sounds good to me.
Raegar: Cept that I’ll be waiting at the inn
Campaign saved.
Raegar: trying to charm information out of people, getting to know the place
sorry, DM went for food.
Gregory. 1.) Glass potion vials, can be found. 2.) Pastries, easy. 3.) You find one.
Raegar: You go to the inn Gregory found out about.
Raegar: try to find out about famous places around the city e.i. landmarks
Gregory Morrow: How much are the glass vials?
Raegar: in the center or otherwise
I do not know what the standard price is.
Gregory Morrow: k
Raegar: fifty million yen.
so.. whatever it says in the PHB.
Gregory Morrow: ill look it up
Gregory Morrow: I may have to borrow some money from Raegar.
Raegar, the inn is a spectacularly lavish facility.
Raegar: try to find out what this city was famous for…
Raegar: fun
Circular, built around a large open plaza.
Raegar: inquire about the going rate for rooms for a month.
Two floors, each room with a balcony looking out over the plaza.
You get the feeling that these elves aren’t the tree- huggy type; for the entire central ‘common area’ is laid with mosaics, and any plant life is carefully arranged and tended.
Campaign saved.
There is however a spectacular fountain in the center, built around an amazingly well detailed statue of a dragon.
The statue’s eyes are some of the most beautiful emeralds you’ve ever seen.
Come to think of it – and this isn’t just in the inn – now that you’re in the inhabited part of town, dragon motifs aren’t uncommon.
Raegar, rooms for a month. How many? Call it two gold a room.
Raegar: to be clear, Raegar, is making pleasent, polite conversation.
Raegar: trying to make friends essentially
Raegar: he also knows its not an instantaneous process
Especially not here, you’re finding.
The innkeeper is the only one who seems to be particularly outgoing.
Gregory Morrow: “Raegar! Its 1 gold each for the vials can I buy some? I want to practice my alchemy while we are here.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “When did I become your nanny? I seem to have missed that bit..”
Raegar: “… I mean..”
Raegar: “SURE you can kiddo!”
Raegar: “How many do you need?”
Gregory Morrow: “Um.. maybe just 6 to start?”
Raegar: “Alright.”
Raegar: hand over 6 gold
Gregory Morrow: “Thank you!”
Gregory Morrow runs off to buy the vials.
You buy vials.
As the one doing most of the running around the marketplace.
You also see what appear to be temples in this city.
Oddly enough, it also carries on the same dragon obsession as the rest of the city’s decorations.
Gregory Morrow: I will go investigate while chewing on on whatever treat I was able to find.
Gregory Morrow: “Shylo, lets go see whats in the temple.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Just going to peek in.
Gregory Morrow: Then head back to the inn.
The temple seems to be connected to another complex, and there you see a large number of younger elves.
There are a few priests about the temple, and others seem to be instructing the ones in the.. school, perhaps?
Gregory Morrow: Try to listen in. Are they speaking common?
They are not.
Gregory Morrow: Head back.
Gregory returns to the inn!
Gregory Morrow: Collapse on the bed and take a nap.
Campaign saved.
You take a nap!
Raegar is still trying with mixed success to talk to the locals.
Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.
RIGHT, naptime is over.
Gregory awakens refreshed, to find Raegar and Lasariel deep in conversation at a table.
Gregory Morrow: Wander over sleepy eyed.
Hoxton is off doing his own thing and has been since you all arrived.
Probably preaching on a streetcorner.
Gregory Morrow: “Im going to go out and explore the city, Ill see you both later.”
Lasariel: “Well, I’d say ‘be careful’, but they seem rather friendly.”
Raegar: “Suspiciously so..”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Going to the temple and offer to help with anything they need in exchange for knowledge and wisdom.
Raegar: “I’m not used to friendly..”
Raegar: “I’m used to ulterior motives and knife- play..”
Raegar: “And friendly for a purpose..”
Raegar: “Plans within Plans my mother used to ssay..”
Gregory.. your offer of assistance is met with a certain amount of thinly veiled amusement.
They seem, however, willing to answer questions and teach such as they can, assuming you can tell them something which you want to know about.
In short.. they won’t drop you into a classroom, but one of the priests is more than willing to sit and talk, and even teach, if you give him a direction to teach in.
Lasariel: “I don’t think there’s anything sinister here.. they seem almost naive about everything.”
Lasariel: “They don’t seem to have the faintest idea whats going on just outside their borders.”
Raegar: “Which is even odder”
Raegar: “Right, lets find the munchkin and head to the library. Will you be able to translate our findings?”
Lasariel: “I should be able to, yes.”
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: unrelated, but sort’ve: when do we want to cut tonight?
Raegar: probly here
probably not a bad place, in any case.
Raegar: i have a feeling the library…
Raegar: might be longer
Raegar: so yea..
Depends on you guys, really.
I have no plan, I’m just building the sandbox.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): sounds good to stop here. Only because Im distracted atm by neverwinter.
Kiergath: lawl.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): I should be shot.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): real dnd > computer dnd
Kiergath: LOL
Kiergath: honestly, its still a good place to pause
Kiergath: and its my fault you got distracted :P
Kiergath: I could’ve waited til’ after the session to say how much fun I was having with it :P
Nick (Gregory Morrow): hehe its ok

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