Session 33

Kiergath: considering I rolled a one, yes. Yes you do.
Kiergath: Folks, Chris. Chris, Folks. I believe you know each other.
Raddy (Septhsis): Its true
Alex (Hoxton): What
Kiergath: Alex, Chris. Chris, Alex. I still believe you know each other.
Alex (Hoxton): Someone is lying to me.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): whoa, hey Chris
Septhsis waves
Raegar: àYour guys name sounds like something you catch in a back- alley in Bangkok.
Septhsis: Hi all. Sorry its been… forever and a day.
Alex (Hoxton): Did you figure out how to connect to your own client, Morgan?
Septhsis: (i did catch it)
Septhsis: …
Alex (Hoxton): Surely that must be what’s going on.
Campaign saved.
Septhsis: I can prove it Alex… Something about your sister and fruit loops.
Septhsis: …hmm..
Alex (Hoxton): Son of a bitch.
Alex (Hoxton): HI
‘DM NPC’ connected
Septhsis: Hi!
DM NPC (Lasariel): Yes, but thats neither here nor there, alex.
Kiergath: :P
Alex (Hoxton): So Chris is playing an Indoctrinated of Horus, right?
Kiergath: no, he’s playing a veneral disease.
Septhsis: Yes
‘DM NPC’ disconnected
Septhsis is leaking down your leg.
Septhsis smells strangely of rotten meat, goat farms and your grandmothers funeral.
Raegar: Raegar is going to have a fit.
Kiergath: no, he’s not.
Kiergath: Chris, get on with making your character and let me know if you need questions answered.
Kiergath: :P
Septhsis: yes yes
Kiergath: The rest of you, some of whom were here and some who were not (alex)
You are currently in an elven city, identified as Caras Morlad, one of the last bastions of what the locals say was a mighty nation west of Mishria and Daltigoth.
The party is situated in a local inn, a fine establishment, not used to having guests anymore but seeming to cope quite well.
The party had become aware that the local elves seem to have a fixation on dragons in their art.
Campaign saved.
Raegar had discovered they were also speaking a dialect of elven that hadn’t been in style for a very, very long time.
Gregory had set about learning what he could from the local clergy.
Hoxton: “So, is there any drink to be had in this strange and exotic land? I will sample some of your finest, that it may receive the blessing of Horus on high!”
You are given wine.
It is a fine wine. It makes you feel more cultured just sniffing it.
Hoxton: “Truly this place deserves the blessing of Horus! Only He might have blessed the grapes to turn them into this liquid ambrosia!”
Barkeep: “I’m glad you approve, sir! We have few travellers about to taste of the fruits of our labor.”
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: ugh, need drink
Hoxton: “Perhaps if you had a small shrine to Horus out front you may attract a larger crowd – I know all of my disciples would flock to this place as though birds to a roost!”
Barkeep: “A shrine to.. who, did you say?”
Hoxton: “Horus- Re, he who brings the light down. His love is open to all those who embrace the light, regardless of their past lives.”
Barkeep: “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of this Horusray. Perhaps you should speak to the priests?”
Hoxton: “I should gladly do what you ask – Horus protects!”
Hoxton stomps off to find a priest.
You stomp off to one of the temples in the city, a great statue of a dragon marking the entry stairs.
Raegar: “Oh god, I can smell the torches and pitchforks.”
Inside, you see Young Gregory and a Priest sitting and speaking.
Gregory Morrow: “Oh hello Sir Hoxton!”
Gregory Morrow: “Come meet my friend. Hes been teaching me of his people’s religion.”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Gregory! I am glad you have been here laying the foundations for the good word to be spread, my son.”
Gregory Morrow smiles proudly.
Hoxton: “Ser Priest, I am here on this Horus- blessed day to bring you good news! The light is shining down on this lovely temple you have here.”
Priest: “Ah… what?”
Hoxton: “Yes indeed – this locale has been most blessed by his benevolence – you can taste his love in the delicious fermented grapes that go into your fine cultured wines.”
Hoxton: “Horus truly does smile upon this place.”
Priest: “Who?”
Priest: “I’m sorry, sir, you seem to be confused; this is a temple to Aasterinian. We don’t worship this, ah.. what was it, Horus?”
Gregory Morrow: “Sir Hoxton is a paladin of Horus- Re.”
Hoxton: “Nonsense – have you ever revelled in the way a flower turns to cup at a drop of sunlight? Have you never basked in the warmth of His glorious Orb in the Sky? All have the capacity to love Horus, and as all are loved by him in turn.”
Priest: “I’m afraid I’ve never heard of him. Where in the Empire is he worshipped? By whom? Perhaps he is only newly ascended to the heavens?”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Ah, Horus is he who brought the first light – the oldest of the pantheon, worshipped by all creatures who enjoy the blessing of the Sun.”
Gregory Morrow: “There are many symbols of great dragons in their religion Sir Hoxton, it is very interesting and I am learning a great deal!”
Priest: “I’m sorry, you seem to be mistaken on some quite basic levels – the world was created by Io, the nine- fold dragon.”
Gregory Morrow: “Oh yes thats right! I keep confusint the nine- fold dragon with nine seperate dragons.”
Raegar: “Excellent.”
Raegar catches up!
Hoxton: “So you have heard of the first aspect of Horus, then? For after he breathed light into the world, he created an aspect to speak to each of the races, so that the word of his light may be embraced by all.”
Gregory Morrow: “Heya Mr. Raegar!”
Campaign saved.
Priest: “My good sir, your ignorance borders on the realm of blasphemy.”
Hoxton: “I might say the same to you, sir – to deny Horus is an affront to He who gives us light. It is heresy most foul.”
[1d20 = 7]
Kiergath: Yeeeeeeeeeah…
The priest casts a spell with no noticeable effect.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): can you spellcraft divine spells?
Kiergath: I have no idea.
Kiergath: Go for it.
Kiergath: while I look it up
Alex (Hoxton): Hard to spellcraft something that won’t take effect due to Horus not giving his blessing.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Spellcraft]
[1d20+ 9 = 18]
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: Yes you can, you don’t know what it was.
The priest stares at Hoxton in silence.
Hoxton beams a smile at the priest. “I would like to offer you this chance to welcome Horus into your heart and mind.”
Kiergath: Listen checks, for those so inclined?
Gregory Morrow: “I’m hungry.”
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Listen]
[1d20+ 7 = 12]
Gregory Morrow hears his stomach growl.
Nobody else?
‘Raddy’ disconnected
Raegar: Skill [Listen] [1d20+ 2 = 9]
Nick (Shylo): where did chris go?
Kiergath: not sure
Kiergath: he may have tried to minimize the window again. lawl
Hoxton: Skill [Listen] [1d20+ 1 = 3]
Right, nobody hears a thing until a voice from behind you calls out, “What’s the trouble here?”
Shylo: Turn around.
Gregory Morrow: Turn around.
Campaign saved.
‘Raddy’ connected
You turn around. Three elves stand at the entrance to the temple, gleaming armor over black robes; all two carry greatswords, one simply a longsword.
Priest: “Ah, thank you for coming. I believe this heretic was about to leave our fine city.”

He gestures dismissively at Hoxton.
Kiergath: your portrait appears to have a dead bear on its head, chris.
Gregory Morrow: “Oh please dont make us leave good sir! Cant we all just get along?”
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Diplomacy]
[1d20+ 3 = 8]
Hoxton: “You dare to call me a heretic? You foresake the light?”
Gregory Morrow looks at Raegar.
Hoxton: “Gregory, what did I tell you all that time ago?”
Hoxton tests the weight of his maul by barely lifting it off the ground.
Gregory Morrow: “You’ve told me many things Sir Hoxton!”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “This is true, Gregory. But most importantly – suffer not the witch to live.”
Raegar: “Does not the nine- fold dragon teach us to pardon those who do us harm?”
The two greatsword wielders shift their weapons into guard, and the other draws his sword.
Raegar: “How can this man be turned back to the proper beliefs if he is thrown out?”
Hoxton: “I know nothing of heretical gods, Raegar, but if that is indeed what they believe, they will surely pardon us for doing Horus’ work.”
Hoxton: “And Raegar, you are my sworn sunbrother – would you speak such words of heresy?”
Priest: “With some there can be no guidance, and such a one must be removed lest he do more harm.”

Hoxton: “If spreading the truth is harm, remove me at your peril.”
Raegar: “Oh gods.”
Shylo whines.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath: Oh my god what is that?!
Alex (Hoxton): lol bg ports
Kiergath: Xzar, isn’t it?
Kiergath: the crazy zhentarim mage?
Alex (Hoxton): da
Kiergath: Alrighty…. that’s that.
Kiergath: Initiatives.
[1d20 = 12]
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 8]
Gregory Morrow: Initiative [1d20+ 3 = 7]
Kiergath: Raegar?
Raegar: Raegar..
Raegar: Raegar…
Raegar: We are in the city center correct?
You’re in a temple in the center of the city’s market district.
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+ 5 = 12]
Priest casts a spell.
No visible effect.
‘Alex’ disconnected
Nick (Gregory Morrow): can I roll for spellcraft again?
Kiergath: Yep
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Spellcraft] [1d20+ 9 = 28]
And.. alex.. vanishes…
Campaign saved.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): gotta relog also my windows went off screen brb
‘Nick’ disconnected
‘Nick’ connected
‘Alex’ connected
Alex (Hoxton): back
Welcome back, o’ damned souls!
Horus will welcome you to his loving embrace, be not afeared!
As I said before Alex officially DC’d, the priest casts a spell which Gregory identifies as Bless.
Elf Guard: “Sir, you need to come with us. I would prefer not to shed blood in a temple, but…”

Even if you’re not doing anything, you really ought to say so.
Raegar: what to do…
Campaign saved.
Raegar Leans back against the wall.
Raegar: “Dont get involved Gregory… Its suicidal.”
Raegar: “Hoxton, stand down…”
that all?
Raegar: yup
Hoxton: “How can you stand idly by in the face of such heretical injustice, Raegar? You swore the sun- oath with me!”
Hoxton hefts his mace in his hands, delaying until the guards move to make the first move.
Raegar: “I didn’t swear to convert the unwilling or put my life on the line for the gods.”
Gregory Morrow
Shylo: Target self.
Shylo: Spell [Barkskin] – > Grants + 2 (or higher) enhancement to natural armor.
Shylo: damn…………..
Gregory Morrow: As I said
Gregory Morrow: Target self
Gregory Morrow: Barkskin
Gregory Morrow: Interpose myself between Hoxton and the guards.
Gregory Morrow: “Dont hurt him!!!”
Gregory Morrow: done
The guards spread out – the leader stays in such a place as to be blocked by you.
The other two close in on Hoxton.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton, you readied an attack if you want to take it.
Alex (Hoxton): I’m only going to attack if one of them goes to do the same, or makes a move towards touching me.
Raegar: “Oh stop this bloody nonsense. The gods are all real and don’t spend their times looking down at mortals who are ready to spill their blood in their name for so little gain. This is silly.”
Then yes, you can attack, one of them looks to be meaning to grab you.
Alex (Hoxton): Right!
Raegar: “Put away your weapons, we’ll leave if we have to.”
Alex (Hoxton): Time to smite!
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1)
[1d20+ 10 = 11]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Hoxton swings..
And misses..
The first guardsman is someone taken aback by this.
The other (the non- intended- victim) swings.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 24]
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 20]
Campaign saved.
Elf Guard: [4d6+ 2 = 14]
The greatsword drinks deep of Hoxton’s holy blood.
Raegar: aggg
Raegar: “Hoxton, you won’t be listening to reason will you?”
I’m not sure its “reason” anymore when you’ve just get hacked at with a greatsword.
Raegar crosses his arms…
Hoxton: “I hear the reason and the song of Horus singing in my veins – Horus demands justice for this greivous assault!”
Hoxton: “If you aren’t going to help combat these heathens, leave!”
Raegar sweeps himself off the wall and stands in front of one of the guards and faces Hoxton.
You really can’t, since in game terms, they are occupying adjacent squares.
Unless you really want to interpose yourself between a brandished greatsword and a brandished maul.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: no no, im going at the one that was attacked
Raegar: the one that was surprised
You put yourself between the two of them.
Anything else?
Raegar: nope
Hoxton: “By the mighty fires of Horus, I send you to your death!”
Hoxton hauls his maul above his head, bringing it down on the man who sliced into him.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 14]
Hmm…. that sounds a good bit like invoking a demon.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 13]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Did Hoxton hit with that 14?
it wasn’t a 14, it was higher – smite.
Gregory Morrow: Is the guard still up?
Gregory Morrow: Transmute spell targeting the square behind that guard.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Delay Poison] – > Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/level.
Gregory Morrow: Summon Natures Ally II
Gregory Morrow: [1d6 = 5]
Gregory Morrow: 3 Dire rats.
‘Raddy’ disconnected
‘Raddy’ connected
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 18]
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 15]
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 15]
One hit.
Dire Rat: Bite (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 3]
Campaign saved.
Dire Rat: and uh I forgot to cast defensively so rolling that now.
Dire Rat: Skill [Concentration] [1d20+ 8 = 23]
no need, since they didn’t think you were a threat.
Dire Rat: ok.
Gregory Morrow: ok
Gregory Morrow: done.
Elf Guard: [1d20 = 9]
AC of those rats?
Gregory Morrow: 13
Priest: [5d8 = 19]
A ray of blazing light lances out from the priest’s palm, incinerating one of the rats.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 5]
The uninjured guard misses Hoxton, probably because he had to go around Raegar.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 14]
Hoxton, the one you just smacked hits you again.
Elf Guard: [2d6+ 1 = 9]
Elf Guard: [3d6 = 12]
There is a zzzzzzzzap as the blade strikes you and the smell of ozone and burned paladin.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 21]
Campaign saved.
Elf Guard: [1d8+ 2 = 10]
Gregory, the guard you put yourself infront of attacks and hits with his longsword.
Raegar: flpppp
Raegar: FINE
Alex (Hoxton): There is no such plan.
Alex (Hoxton): I am cleansing the temple.
Raegar: This is all a highly ritualized suicide.
Raegar: choices must be made..
Take your time, I’ve got all night.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “…I’ll be outside.”
Raegar leaves.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): everyone still here?
Raddy (Septhsis): yeah
Kiergath: I didn’t realize Dave was going to answer so soon, so I went to take a piss. sorry.
Raddy (Septhsis): lol
‘Dave’ disconnected
Hoxton: “My blood will sanctify this place as a shelter for Horus’ light to take root and flourish!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 21]
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 20]
He flies backwards into a pillar!
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: 5 foot step into the square where that guard was just knocked out of.
Gregory Morrow: Target Hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Moderate Wounds] – > Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level (max + 10).
Gregory Morrow: [2d8 = 5]
Gregory Morrow: 10
got it.
Gregory Morrow: also direct the rats to attack the guard with the longsword.
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 16]
‘Dave’ connected
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 5]
one hit.
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 3]
Gregory Morrow: done.
DM goes.
Raegar, outside there is a crowd forming, drawn by the commotion.
Gregory, will save.
Gregory Morrow: Will save [1d20+ 7 = 25]
No effect.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 4 = 6]
Hoxton is missed by a greatsword.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 5 = 6]
The rats are missed.
Raegar, you see guards approaching the temple at a run.
Raegar: Take in the sights
Raegar: comment on how pleasent the weather is.
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): Next biggest threat?
The other guard who’s trying to introduce your cranium to a greatsword.
Hoxton: “Lo and behold the true might of Horus! He seeks to embrace your heart and mind!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 11]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Target Hoxton again.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] – > Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max + 5).
Gregory Morrow: [1d8 = 4]
Gregory Morrow: 9
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Then going to move to the wall closest to me.
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 10]
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 17]
Dire Rat: Bite (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 4]
Dire Rat: Any other exits in the room?
Plenty, most of them go outside.
Gregory Morrow: Back door perhaps?
there are doors. Where they go you do not know.
Gregory Morrow: k
Gregory Morrow: done
Raegar, more guards are at the crowd and shoving their way through it.
The cleric casts a spell.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): I forgot that Im + 1 spell level here so hox is healed another 1 point from cure moderate.
Hoxton, Gregory, Rats (x2), – 1 luck penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves and skill checks.
Alex (Hoxton): Woot.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 5 = 20]
Elf Guard: [2d6+ 2 = 9]
Hoxton is smitten by a greatsword, though there is no ozone.
Elf Guard: [1d20+ 6 = 15]
Elf Guard: [1d8+ 2 = 5]
One of the rats takes 5 points.
Raegar: can.. I..
Raegar: uhh..
Campaign saved.
Raegar: I see no way out of this situation
Raegar eyes the door nervously.
Raegar waits.
Hoxton: “Your believfs are weak – you will falter and Horus will stand victorious!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 21]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 18]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Move back to Hoxton and cast my final cure spell.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] – > Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max + 5).
Gregory Morrow: [1d8 = 2]
Gregory Morrow: 7
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) + 3 [1d20+ 2 = 5]
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) + 3 [1d20+ 2 = 14]
Dire Rat: Done.
Reflex saves, Hoxton, Gregory.
Hoxton: Reflex save [1d20+ 4 = 6]
Alex (Hoxton): – 1
Elf Guard: [9d6 = 38]
Gregory Morrow: Reflex save + 4 [1d20+ 3 = 16]
Gregory Morrow: thats including the – 1
A pillar of flame blazes down from above.
Campaign saved.
The rats are toast, whether they save or not.
Hoxton, you are KO’d.
Gregory, KO’d.
You are both stable.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): lol what hit us?
the priest.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): flame strike?! gah
WHEN you awaken, you are in a cell.
It is not a dark, dim cell. It is illuminated by a glowing lantern.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): I take it Shylo wasnt hit by the flame strike? I purposely left him out of combat.
I assumed as such he wasn’t in the fighting area, so he wasn’t in the blast.
You are in the same cell, and you are not alone.
There is a man within the cell.
Gregory Morrow: “W- where are we?”
Wild looking, somewhat unkempt.
Also completely naked.
Hoxton: “You see, young Gregroy? Horus has seen fit to illuminate us in this hour.”
Nick (Gregory Morrow): LOL
Gregory Morrow: Are we naked as well?
Septhsis: They got you too…? The heathens!
Campaign saved.
Septhsis: “They got you too…? Heathens!”
Raddy (Septhsis): cough
Gregory Morrow: “H- hello. Who are you?”
Septhsis: “Praise Steve they spared you.”
Hoxton: “Those foul creatures struck at you as well, friend? Be not afraid, for I am Hoxton, faithful of Horus.”
Hoxton: “I cannot be struck down, for in his light I stand tall.”
Septhsis: “Horus? I once knew a Jim, are they in any way related… No they couldnt be.. They call me Septhsis… And in this light, I sit down.”
Septhsis: “You really will get tired of standing…”
Septhsis: “I tried for some days to stand without stop – but then I stopped.”
Hoxton: “For what were you persecuted, friend?”
Raddy (Septhsis): Miss me?
Kiergath: god yes
Septhsis: “It seems they think that I am a heathen of sorts… Idiots.”
Septhsis: “I tell them of the wonders of steve… and they stick me here”
Hoxton: “That they are – for all of their competency in winemakingn, they lack a certain intelligence found in most lesser species.”
Septhsis: “Yes exactly my thoughts!”
Septhsis: “We should leave this place at once!”
Septhsis Walks to the door and attempts to open it
…uh. Hm.
Gregory Morrow: “But how can we live Mr. Septhsis? We are trapped.”
Campaign saved.
Strength check? Bend bars / lift gates?
Septhsis: 21
Septhsis: er
Septhsis: cough
Right, hit the mini page.
err, button.
on your main sheet.
Septhsis: Strength check [1d20+ 5 = 16]
Septhsis: thanks
Raddy (Septhsis): thanks*
You heave. You pull. You grunt. You strain.
You sound a little constipated.
The flexing of your nude muscles disturbs young Gregory.
You fail.
Hoxton: “Ho there friend, let one with the true strength of Horus bend our cage to our freedom.”
Septhsis: “Sorry… Im a little constipated…”
Hoxton: Strength check [1d20+ 4 = 21]
You strain and you pull and you struggle.
The door does not budge.
Septhsis: “Oh right.. its locked.”
Gregory Morrow: Look outside the cell. Dont suppose the keys are lying on a table nearby..“
”color:#000054;">Septhsis: “LIGHT OF STEVE BE WITH ME”

Septhsis backs up to end of the room
…is this followed by a charge?
Raddy (Septhsis): A tackle
…Of the door, or Hoxton?
Raddy (Septhsis): ….good question…
Alex (Hoxton): They are equivalently shaped.
Septhsis: odd door
Septhsis: [1d20 = 19]
Raddy (Septhsis): lucky bastard
Campaign saved.
Hoxton having weakened it.
Your 19+ 5 goes crashing through the door.
Gregory Morrow: “It worked!”
Hoxton: “It would seem that your Steve walks with the blessing of Horus, friend. Come, Gregory, let us alight from this place.”
Gregory Morrow: “Praise Horus! Praise Steve!”
Hoxton leaves, looking for where his gear might be stashed.
You depart, seeking out the place of the stashing of the gear.
Septhsis follows Hoxton irritatingly closely like a lost dog
You find it. You also find a pair of bemused guards.
Septhsis: “Steve be praised!”
Raddy (Septhsis): poor bastards are like…. not this guy again. :P
Elf Guard: “Now now, how did you get out of your ca- – - oh dear.”

Septhsis Attempt to bear hug first guard
Gregory Morrow: Initiative
[1d20+ 3 = 19]
Raegar: you
Raegar: stupid
Raegar: people
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 1]
Elf Guard: [1d20 = 12]
Raegar facepalm
Septhsis: Initiative [1d20+ 3 = 20]
Alex (Hoxton): Nothing wrong with a good bit of combat.
Kiergath: wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Raddy (Septhsis): lol
Septhsis bear hug closest guard
Attack roll!
Raddy (Septhsis): ….for a hug… deal
And also oh god I hate you you just made me acknowledge the grapple rules.
…Oh.. you’re.. literally just…
Alex (Hoxton): WOO GRAPPLE
you’re just hugging him?
Septhsis: …Yes
Gregory Morrow: Free AOO if hes got a weapon drawn.
Campaign saved.
He doesn’t..
Alex (Hoxton): In a big naked manhug.
Raddy (Septhsis): yes big ass naked manhug is what im going for
The first guard screams in terror.
Septhsis: “YOURE NEXT! OH IMA TICKLE YOU SO GOOD!” – Towards second guard
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Head over to grab hoxtons maul and will bring it to him.
Hoxton! Gregory brings you your maul!
Guard #2 flees the room.
Another elf runs IN to the room, saying “What in the Nine is going on here?!”
Raegar follows him in.
Raegar: “Oh gods.”
Raegar, you see a large naked man hugging a terrified elven guard.
Gregory Morrow: “Mr. Raegar!”
Hoxton: “Thank you, young disciple! Truly you are blessed with the foresight of Horus. Raegar! Just in time to enter the fray against these heathens! Quickly, slice that man’s throat that he may not scream!”
Raegar: “…I came to get you out of here.”
Hoxton: “Your rescue efforts are appreciated, Raegar, but we have that well in hand.”
Septhsis: “Thank steve…”
Raegar: “…They are letting you leave, Hoxton.”
Hoxton: “Indeed, Septhsis and I have managed to extricate ourselves from this situation, freeing ourselves and young Gregory. We shall fight our way out!”
Hoxton: “To arms, comrade Raegar!”
Raegar: “…You are in a castle.”
Hoxton: “Valor awaits us all!”
Raegar: “Surrounded by an army.”
Raegar: “Oh gods.
”color:#005500;“>Raddy (Septhsis): im so hugging you next…..

”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#000054;">Hoxton: “Even in the darkest hour, Horus is with us all! Horus protects!”

Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 30]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+ 10 = 16]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 10]
Septhsis: “Wheres this whores ass you keep talking about…”
You are showered with the burning brain matter of the elf officer next to you.
Septhsis slowly start backing out of room dragging greatsword on the ground
Raddy (Septhsis): …and what the hell attempting to move silently while doing it!
Septhsis: [1d20 = 20]
Septhsis retrieves a greatsword from the weapons racks and leaves the room in complete silence, even as he drags the sword.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Finish gathering our equipment and then head over to Raegar.
Gregory Morrow: “Which way out Mr. Raegar?”
Gregory Morrow: done
Raegar: I aint doin’ crap to help the crazy paladin.
Raegar: I wash my hands of this whole affaire.
Raegar leaves.
You depart!
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Following Raegar, “This way friends!”
Alex (Hoxton): Anyone left down there?
like prisoners?
one guard, who fainted when Septhsis dropped him.
Alex (Hoxton): I’ll leave then
You follow after Gregory.
Campaign saved.
Okay… sorry. You follow Raegar back out of the dungeon.
Raddy (Septhsis): fuckin great there was just a driveby down the street brb
Alex (Hoxton): That’s no good.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): same thing happened on my street last month.
Raegar: well
You arrive in the courtyard of the city garrison.
Raegar is standing off to the side looking somewhat frustrated, I imagine.
There is a fairly large collection of elves in varying states of combat readiness.
Bows, spears and swords abound.
Gregory Morrow distributes everyones gear.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “Please! Just let us leave.”
Elf Guard: “As I recall, you leaving is what we wanted in the first place.”

Gregory Morrow nods and heads over to Raegar, “I dont like this place anymore, can we please leave?”
Elf Guard: I think Raegar already left.

I think Raegar already left.
but forgot to say i tanywhere in public
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: I assume we all followed him then.
That’s the trouble.
I know you might follow him.
I have no reason to believe anyone else would.
They let Gregory through.
Hoxton: I guess I’m following Gregory, dragging Septhsis behind.
Gregory Morrow: “I guess we should continue our mission then right?”
Gregory Morrow: “I mean keep searching these lands and mapping them out for Miss Semara.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “I’ll forgive that last statement because you are a child.”
Raegar: “Hoxton, apparently, decided our mission was for naught.”
Raegar: “We weren’t suppose to map the area.”
Raegar: “We were suppose to bring back information on the city, that we so gallantly got kicked out of.”
Raegar: “And I suspect, you’ll all be better for it if we leave before they find the corpse you all left inside.”
Hoxton: “There was a mission?”
Hoxton: “I was not informed of any such thing.”
Gregory Morrow looks at Hoxton, “Yeah, remember Miss Semara sent us out this way?”
intelligence check, greg?
Gregory Morrow: Intelligence check
[1d20+ 3 = 23]
Hoxton wasn’t at that meeting.
Gregory Morrow: “Oh yeah you werent at that meeting!”
Gregory Morrow: “I figured someone told you along the journey out here.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “Well, our mission was to come out to these eastern lands and bring back as much information as we could on people, ruins, artifacts, rumors, maps, and anything else. She gave Raegar our payment in advance.”
Gregory Morrow: “Thats how I bought these vials and alchemy set, see?”
Gregory Morrow holds up 2 empty glass vials.
Hoxton: “Ahh, very nice, Gregory. I can see you doing much good in Horus’ name. We can certainly gather information on this town without problem.”
Raegar, where are you headed?
You are being followed by a number of guards.
…“you” meaning the party.
Gregory Morrow whistles.
Raegar: “Outside of the city.”
Raegar: “I had payed for rooms for all of us for a month..”
Raegar: “I’ll go fetch what we left at the inn and warn Lasariel that we are leaving..”
you fetch whatever and hwoever was left at the inn.
Gregory Morrow: Wait for Raegar to return.
Campaign saved.
One guard follows Raegar.
Another eight stay around Gregory and Hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: Were we able to get some clothes for Septhsis?
Have you tried?
Gregory Morrow: If there was some where our equipment was stashed.
There were no clothes in the guardroom.
Gregory Morrow: k
Raegar returns with luggage and Lasariel.
And then continues the exodus out of the city.
How far “out” are you going? Into the ruined, abandoned portion, or entirely out of the perimeter?
Raegar: whereever the guards will stop followin’ us
You leave the perimeter entirely.
Campaign saved.
Once you re- enter the forest, the guards stop.
Gregory Morrow: Yeah.
Gregory Morrow: “Lets try to find the road and then decide which way to go.”
You’re on the road.
I assume this time you intend to take the other fork?
Gregory Morrow: Yes.
Raegar: yup
Splendid. At the risk of seeming like I’m cutting this off prematurely short, I’m going to say we’re going to break here.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): sounds good.
Because I have not really given any thought to “farther in” yet.

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