Session 34

Lets see… where were we.. since I didn’t read any logs.
AH, right, you have just set out down THE OTHER FORK.
….I think?
Raegar: yep
Nick (Gregory Morrow): Correct, and we were not in a good mood.
yeah, well, thats not my fault.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): But thankful to be alive.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): And we were discussing our mission.
Campaign saved.
Yes? What about your mission?
Alex (Hoxton): I dunno, I’m in a fine mood.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): That it was commissioned to us by Commander Semara to explore this western region for inhabitants, ruins, cultures, fill out the blank spots on the map, ect.
…sigh… yes.. I know that.
Righto, foil my attempts to force you all to do something IC. See if I care.
You march down the other fork, headed west deeper into the forests.
Much like the first fork, this road seems far more travelled than the segment of road you followed from the forest’s edge.
Gregory Morrow: “Im a bit tired. Do you think we can stop to rest soon?”
Traffic seems to come and go to and from the city you just left.
The trees overhead are actually thick enough so as to obscure much of the light, lending a dark, shadowy gloom to the entire place.
Gregory Morrow: Make camp unless anyone is opposed?
You find a small clear area along the road.
Raegar: yay
Hoxton: “Of course we can rest, young Gregory. This well travelled road will surely bring us to a population centre that is reknowned the world over for reason, allowing us to aid your Semara.”
Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “Reason.. meaning receptive to preaching?”
Gregory Morrow shrugs and digs in his pack for food.
Raegar: “Because, you know, we just left one of the beacons of the ancient world..”
Hoxton: “A truly reasonable individual is always willing to open their heart to the Lightbringer.”
Raegar: “Guess we’ll just have to find ANOTHER..”
Lasariel: “Its a shame, I would like to have taken a look at their library.”
As the hour grows later, absolute darkness begins to replace shadow. Only your fire provides any illumination to speak of.
Shylo: Rest and recoup spells.
Shylo: Dammitt….
Gregory Morrow: Rest and recoup spells.
Gregory Morrow: If you want a watch order ask Raegar because Gregory doesnt seem to care.
I don’t want or not want a watch order, really.
Raegar: ill take the middle shift
Raegar: the darknester..
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): I’ll take first one one of the others can take last.
Lasariel takes third.
Gregory Morrow: Last.
Nevermind, Lasariel sleeps.
The night passes uneventfully, oddly enough.
Gregory Morrow: Resetting Druid Powers
Nick (Gregory Morrow): hehe was waiting to hit that buton.
Gregory Morrow: Lets see I think we heal as well for a nights rest.
Gregory Morrow: Is it 2x char level? I forget.
no. wait. what.
its x2 if you had someone use healing.
So, yeah, between the three of you someone did.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Heal]
[1d20+ 8 = 15]
Gregory Morrow: neat ok.
Morning comes! You eat! You urinate on the bush of your choice!
And whoever is looking down the road westward when doing it notices a group on the road, standing off at a distance.
Gregory Morrow: “I hope the next place we find will be friendly.”
Several wagons, a few riders, and others on foot or on the wagons.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Take a closer look, humans, elves?
Gregory Morrow: Well dressed zombies?
Difficult to tell, but either humans, elves or halfbreeds from the build.
Weapons and armor in evidence among the riders, weapons on all of them, but not brandished.
Gregory Morrow: “Hey, maybe those people can tell us information we need for Semara.”
Raegar: “So, you all want to kill them too?”
Raegar: “I mean, while we’re at it.”
Gregory Morrow frowns.
Lasariel: “I think we should all just try to put that last city behind us…”
Gregory Morrow: “Im sorry if I got us into trouble Mister Raegar.”
Gregory Morrow: “I was only trying to protect my friend.”
Gregory Morrow looks at Hoxton.
Hoxton: “And an excellent job you did, young Gregory.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “That priest had his guards want to grab us and all we wanted to do was talk. Maybe it got out of hand.”
Hoxton: “That it did. I was simply trying to have an enlightened discussion with the man and he became increasingly irritated and hostile.”
Raegar: “Funny how telling a man of the cloth how his faith is wrong has a tendency to do that..”
Raegar: “But fine, I’ll put it behind me.”
Gregory Morrow looks back to the riders ahead of us.
Gregory Morrow shouts to them, “Hello!!!”
Gregory Morrow: Start with common.
Raegar: orcish
Raegar: speak to them in orc
Hoxton: Speak to them in the language of faith!
The lead rider looks at you, then turns in the saddle and calls out behind him.
There is some confused gesturing, shrugging and the like, before one of them rides forward. He speaks in slow, careful common, “Greetings! Where are you bound, and to what end?”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Is he an elf?
Appears to be.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): quick question, you get 1 bonus language for each + to int right?
Nick (Gregory Morrow): ok retook my languages
Gregory Morrow: Respond in Elvish, “We are explorers from the east, can you tell us where this road leads good sir?”
He and the first rider look at you, frustration visible on their features.
Gregory Morrow: Try again in common.
Raegar: “Speaks
Campaign saved.
After you repeat yourself in common, he thinks a moment as if trying to formulate a response, then responds: “In this direction lies Thystaur; beyond that lies Tyr Pelathrad and the sea.”
[2d20 = 23]
The other looks at Raegar, “Friend, it would be unwise to use that tongue save in the direst of emergencies. Many might get the wrong idea.”
Hoxton: “Tyr Pelahtrad sounds like a promising land of enlightenment.”
Gregory Morrow: “Are Thystaur and Tyr Pelathrad cities, and would the be welcome to accepting visitors?”
Rider: “They are cities. We have weathered the ages as best we can, and have faired far better than our cousins to the north east.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “What is this place? Is it a unified state? Do you have leaders? A capital?”
Raegar: “No one out of these lands knows that this place is even inhabited.”
Rider: “That is by choice. When the lich king ruled Mishria, it was to our advantage to remain hidden, so we prevented contact.”
Rider: “We are a unified state. The capital is at Tyr Pelathrad. Caras Morlad watches the western border of the woodlands.”
Gregory Morrow: “We want to learn of your history! Can we enter your capital and learn from an elder there?”
Rider: “Not mine to decide, I am simply a lowly guardsman, assigned to protect the caravans that run between cities.”
Gregory Morrow: “How long to Tyr Pelahtrad if we walk down this road?”
Hoxton: “You see? I told you that Tyr Pelathrad is the place to go.”
Gregory Morrow turns to Hoxton, “Yes, you are very smart Sir Hoxton!”
Campaign saved.
Rider: “You will arrive at Thystaur first, two days distance. Pelathrad and the sea are three days beyond. The only danger lies between here and Thystaur – beyond that is settled land.”
Gregory Morrow: “Thank you very much good sir. What kind of dangers might we face?”
Rider: “You are strangers, so you have more to fear than we – packs of wolves roam the forests; they do not bother us, though.”
Shylo whines.
Rider: “More recently we’ve seen spiders.. large beasts, growing larger as time passes.”
Gregory Morrow: “Wow giant spiders!? Ive never seen one before.”
Gregory Morrow: “Thank you! Lets go guys!”
Gregory Morrow starts ahead.
He looks.. confused.
Campaign saved.
But shrugs and waves the caravan forward.
Gregory Morrow: “Hmm. I hope nothing unnatural is affecting the animals.”
Gregory Morrow: “That wouldnt be right. Do you think we could check on that since we are traveling thru the area anyway?”
Raegar: “Ive seen some before..”
Raegar: "They aren’t fun…
Lasariel: “I thought one of your little friends…”
Raegar: “Different, im still not onvinced shes ot an elder god sneaking around and not murdering people for some reason or another.”
Gregory Morrow: “I mean Ive heard of giant varieties of spiders. But the guard seemed to say that they are growing larger as time passes.”
Lasariel: “I… seeeeeee…?”
Gregory Morrow: “Could be nothing, oh well, we will see lots of things, that will just be one of them!”
Lasariel walks a little farther away from Raegar, occasionally shooting him confused glances.
Campaign saved.
You continue on down the road.
It twists and turns its way through the woods, and the tree cover never really lightens up.
This day however passes as uneventfully as the first, and you make camp for the night.
[3d10 = 20]
Raegar: “Well, seems like there isn’t anything to fear around these parts.”
Raegar: “Might as well get a good night in.”
…no watches?
cos, you know, sounds like what you’re implying. :P
Raegar: it is
Gregory Morrow: I am going to spend some time searching for herbs before I pack it in and sleep.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Going to assist my success with a spell also.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Detect Animals Or Plants] – > Detects kinds of animals or plants.
Knowledge nature? Or an appropriate profession or craft. Whatever’s higher.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Knowledge (Nature)]
[1d20+ 10 = 11]
Gregory Morrow: grr
Raegar: You find poison ivy!
Nick (Gregory Morrow): afk 1 min.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): k
Raegar is about right.
Raegar: its in fact much worse
[1d10 = 1]
Gregory Morrow returns to the camp.
Gregory Morrow: “Not many herbs out here, just a few sprigs.”
Raegar: “ahhh yes sprigs. You can cure venereal siseases with those.”
Lasariel: “Be careful which sprig you use, some of them just make it worse.”
Gregory Morrow whistles a tune while setting up his bed by the fire.
Campaign saved.
Lasariel: “I once saw someone use the wrong sprig to cure a little problem. He thought it burned before.”
Watches pass uneventfully.
Gregory Morrow: fully healed?
Alex (Hoxton): You’re travelling with a Paladin – probably.
DM NPC: err, whoops.
The morning brings with it its own interesting surprises.
Gregory Morrow: Resetting Druid Powers
In particular, that you are all NOT DEAD!
Alex (Hoxton): I live eternally in Horus’ light. I cannot die.
Raegar: Lloth hates me this I know…
Raegar: for the scriptures tell me so..
And you arise and perform your morning rituals.
Gregory Morrow: Pack up and move on!
Raegar: Skill [Spot]
[1d20+ 8 = 9]
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Spot]
[1d20+ 7 = 22]
you were right, Lolth hates you.
Fortunately, Gregory is favored.
Campaign saved.
Gregory! You see a shimmering in what little light is filtering through the trees. It runs across the road ahead of you.
From foot level up to about 15 feet.
Hoxton: Skill [Spot] [1d20+ 1 = 21]
Hoxton sees this too!
Raegar: is it a grue?
Gregory Morrow: “Wow look! So shiny.”
No, more like netting.
Hoxton: “Oh, this is lovely. Gregory, don’t touch it.”
Hoxton approach it carefully.
Gregory Morrow: Is it a spiderweb?
indeed, on closer examination it may be so.
Hoxton: “Whatever made this is quite large… Does it continue around? Must we cut through?”
Gregory Morrow: “I want to see the spider. Just wanna see if its a normal giant spider or if something is wrong.”
Lasariel: “Its so large.. how could it expect anyone to stumble into it?”

Raegar: “Ahh yes… Run of the mill giant monstrous spiders…
”color:#000054;">Gregory Morrow: “They can sense you by your footsteps, dont actually have to touch the web.”
Lasariel: “I’ve seen a few in my time. Nothing like the run of the mill huge ones, though.”
Hoxton: “Maybe it doesn’t expect any to walk into it.”
Lasariel: “Which means the point is to either slow you down – destroying it – or to force you to go around.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “You’re right.”
Gregory Morrow: “Get ready guys, im going to poke the web.”
Raegar: “The only safe bet is to burn down the forest.”
Gregory Morrow: Move up to the web and poke it a few times with my quarterstaff.
You poke it a few times with your quarterstaff!
Gregory Morrow: Looking all around for any sign of movement, above as well.
[1d20 = 7]
Scrambling down from one of the trees the web is anchored to is a humungous spider.
It is about the size of a station wagon.
A black, hairy station wagon.
Gregory Morrow: Initiatives or can I get in an action?
[4d20 = 49]
The spider is not the only thing to make an appearance.
There is a whirring of projectiles all around you, most of which go whistling off into the brush.
One of them however buries itself in Raegar’s arm.
[1d4+ 2 = 5]
Gregory Morrow: Initiative [1d20+ 3 = 10]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+ 5 = 11]
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 14]
Hoxton: “To arms, all, we are besieged by the forces of darkness!”
Hoxton! Before you is a large spider!
Alex (Hoxton): Is the spider in range?
It can be if you want it to be.
Alex (Hoxton): Make it so
Hoxton: “With the might of Horus, begone from this place, you foul beast!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 30]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+ 10 = 26]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 13]
Alex (Hoxton): Heck yeah.
…crit, so…
Alex (Hoxton): Horus is with us today lads!
…I need at least one more damage roll.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 17]
I don’t know if you’re x2 or x3.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 11]
Alex (Hoxton): x3
Nick (Gregory Morrow): is all the damage multiplied by 3 or just the weapon damage?
extra dice aren’t
but its all tied to the same roll, so I’m just working the match out
Campaign saved.
….the spider tumbles off its web with a shriek
Nick (Gregory Morrow): sure let me know how it works after the game i always get confused on crit damage.
extra dice don’t multiply. everything else does.
Raegar: uhh
Raegar: Charge into the brush
You charge into the brush in the direction of the missile fire.
You find yourself confronted with a slender, dark clothed, black- armored figure
It currently brandishes a hand crossbow and a rapier.
Raegar: do I get one attack?
Raegar: or two?
Raegar: can i call the shot?
Raegar: so..yes?
go for it.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: The Razor (Attack 1) [1d20+ 9 = 12]
Raegar: ..damned I failed.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Move up behind Hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Wind Wall] – > Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.
Gregory Morrow: 10×10 square surrounding both of us.
Gregory Morrow: done.
Raegar: if they start throwing water buffalo at us we are screwed..
GM: [3d20 = 35]
GM: [1d4+ 2 = 6]
Three bolts come whizzing out of the trees at you!
One hits!
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 10]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 9]
The one in front of you however fails to hit.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton, you saw Raegar run into the woods, and you’re reasonably sure of where three other assailants are firing from.
Hoxton: “Stay safe, Gregory!”
Hoxton: charge off towards a potential target, maul raised high.
You find yourself facing down another slender figure, armed with a crossbow and rapier!
Hoxton: “I expel the demons from you, heathen! EMBRACE THE SUN!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 15]
them’s fightin’ words.
That’s a miss.
Campaign saved.
Raegar: The Razor (Attack 1) [1d20+ 9 = 16]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 9 = 15]
16 hits.
Raegar: The Razor (Damage) [1d8+ 11 = 12]
Raegar: stab
Gregory Morrow: someday you will have to teach me how to get + 11 to a damage roll.
Campaign saved.
Right. Maths fixed.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+ 4 = 8]
Raegar: The Razor (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 6]
Its still standing, but fairly wobbly.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Stay put but look at the spider and attempt to discern what type it is.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Knowledge (Nature)] [1d20+ 10 = 28]
It.. is.. a spider.
Of the large variety.
A hunter, oddly, not a web spinner.
Gregory Morrow: Ah ok. So non intelligent, and not altered.
Gregory Morrow: done.
Campaign saved.
Did your small town druidic training give you much knowledge of non- indigenous giant invertebrates?
Gregory Morrow: I figure one of the trainings was to recognize an invasive or unnatural species.
There are no giant spiders native to this continent that you’ve ever actually run into or heard of.
Gregory Morrow: Ah ok so probably brought here by these dark elves.
You can tell its a hunter by merit of its shape and characteristics.
Gregory Morrow: k
Beyond that.. its a pretty freaky big- ass bug.
with eight legs and a smooshy spot where its front end used to be.
…blame hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: yup lol
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 18]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 21]
GM: [1d6+ 1 = 7]
is stabbed.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 13]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
Hoxton.. is missed.
GM: [1d20+ 4 = 16]
Gregory, a bolt flies at your head and is deflected by the freak windstorm surrounding you.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 13]
Hoxton, a blade flashes past your head, coming from behind.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton wheels about to bring the HAMMER DOWN.
Alex (Hoxton): Smite!
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 25]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 13]
Hoxton drives a drow into the dirt.
Raegar: The Razor (Attack 1) [1d20+ 11 = 14]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 12 = 18]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+ 4 = 6]
second hits.
It collapses with a shriek!
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Stay put no further action.
Gregory Morrow: Shylo with me of course.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 7]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
Raegar, another one moves to engage, but he misses, as does his counterpart attacking Hoxton.
Hoxton: wheels about, bringing his hammer smashing down again.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 19]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 9]
Nick (Gregory Morrow): your damage rolls….
Campaign saved.
It is not dead.
Raegar: anything near&
Raegar: ?
Raegar, another one moves to engage, but he misses, as does his counterpart attacking Hoxton.
Raegar: attack
Raegar: do i get two called shots with two weapons?
Raegar: cuz im gonna try stabbing it in the head.
technically dave, called shots haven’t existed since 2nd edition
Raegar: ..oh
so I’m being rather generous allowing them at all.
Raegar: im still living in the past..
Raegar: i didnt know..
its fine, we’ve had this discussion before
Raegar: we have?
Raegar: …stab it in the eye.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 12 = 14]
Raegar: excellent
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Staying put staying alert thats all.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 9]
Raegar, missed.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 20]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 11]
GM: [1d6+ 3 = 6]
is stabbed!
GM: [1d20+ 7 = 19]
GM: [2d6+ 1 = 12]
Raegar, you feel a sudden pain lancing through your torso, possibly related to the small, narrow blade extending through the front of your armor.
…it went in the back, by the way!
Alex (Hoxton): PILEDRIVER!
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 29]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 19]
It falls!
You have now driven two of them into the dirt like so many tent pegs!
However, you still hear Raegar hard pressed in the brush nearby.
Raegar: uhhh…
At a guess, you now have another one behind you.
Raegar: good guess.
In addition to the one you already turned to fight.
Raegar: mm
Campaign saved.
On the bright side, target rich environment!
Raegar: stab the one in front of me in the eye.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 12 = 15]
Raegar: weeeeeeeeeeeee
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: No action.
Gregory Morrow: “Run to me if you need healing!”
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 19]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 22]
GM: [1d6+ 1 = 2]
GM: [1d4 = 3]
Raegar, you are struck by both rapier and a little blade at the front of a hand crossbow.
GM: [1d20+ 7 = 10]
The one behind you fails to drive its blade back through your body.
Alex (Hoxton): Time to run down the one behind Raegar.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 16]
You miss.
It is somewhat taller than the others and wields a single blade.
Alex (Hoxton): Poofter.
Raegar: same thing
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 12 = 19]
Campaign saved.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+ 4 = 8]
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Wind wall is down now. Will move to a tree and stand behind it so that it is between us and the fighting. Preparing my cure spells if Hox or Raegar come out in need.
Gregory Morrow: done
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 6]
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 12]
Raegar, missed.
GM: [1d20+ 10 = 30]
Can I get a sense motive check, modified by your BaB?
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): SURE!
Hoxton: Skill [Sense Motive] [1d20+ 1 = 6]
GM: [1d20+ 7 = 26]
Hoxton: + 5
GM: [2d6+ 1 = 5]
The drow infront of you lunges, shifting at the last minute and slipping its rapier through your guard.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 30]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+ 10 = 19]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 15]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 15]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 21]
… yeah, that’ll do it.
Campaign saved.
The drow is flattened.
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+ 12 = 18]
Raegar: The Razor (Attack 1) [1d20+ 11 = 21]
Raegar: Anklebiter – Shortsword (Damage) [1d6+ 4 = 6]
Raegar: The Razor (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 5]
The last one drops.
The forest falls silent, save for the drip- drip- drip of Raegar’s precious bodily fluids.
Raegar: searh the bodies
Raegar: carefully
Gregory Morrow: Once the sound of combat stops head over carefully to their location, “Are you both ok?”
Raegar: looking for house sigils.
Raegar: “I’m peachy.”
No insignia present.
Hoxton: “I am fine, Gregory. Thank you for your concern. Raegar, do you require healing?”
Raegar: but they are drow?
All are drow. Four males, one female.
Raegar: “Indeed.”
Raegar: the female, any peculiar marks?
The first four have hand crossbows and rapiers, studded leather armor.
Hoxton: [2d8 = 5]
Hoxton: + 10
Hoxton: healing to raegar, both CLW
um.. hmm…
Gregory Morrow: Target Raegar with some healing spells.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] – > Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max + 5).
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] – > Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max + 5).
A birthmark on her left cheek!
Gregory Morrow: [2d8 = 10]
Gregory Morrow: + 10
Raegar is intact!
The female has a rapier and, once you pull off her cloak, a chain shirt of shiny black rings.
Gregory Morrow: “Why did they attack us?”
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Fitless rebels worshipping a demon goddess.”
They all seem curiously devoid of jewelry or anything else.
The female even has piercings in her ears.
Gregory Morrow: “Maybe they have a camp nearby where they have stashed clues.”
Raegar: “I have a theory..”
Gregory Morrow: Going to search for tracks and see if I can find a location of where they might have a camp.
roll it.
Shylo barks and sets his nose to the ground.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Survival] [1d20+ 11 = 16]
Gregory Morrow: Not sure how wolves track but they have the track feat.
survival, like anyone else afaik.
In any case, though, you find a trail.
Gregory Morrow: Start following them unless anyone is opposed.
Hoxton: No opposition here
You start following the trail.
Campaign saved.
It seems to have been used fairly heavily.
There are also several places there other trails break off from it, heading towards the road.
where other

Alex (Hoxton): I’m game for whatever.
Gregory Morrow: Spend an hour or so using the tracks and trails to see if they all lead to the road or if any lead deeper into the forrest or to a hidden location.
The one you’re on appears to be the main trail.
Other routes to the road simply branch off regularly.
Gregory Morrow: “It might be as simple as a group of evil doers looking for slaves.”
Gregory Morrow: “Maybe we should just continue on our way along the main road to the city.”
Raegar: “No. Its not..”
Gregory Morrow: “How can you know?”
Lasariel: “No poison, they weren’t attacking for prisoners.”

Raegar: “Find the camp..”
Gregory Morrow: “Oh. Right.”
About two miles down the path, you see firelight ahead through the trees.
Gregory Morrow: Keep following trails then till nightfall.
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: What time of day is it when we see the fire?
Late afternoon.
Gregory Morrow: “Raegar, want us to move in closer to get a better look?”
You see several figures moving about in the trees, and several tents.
Others lounge about around a campfire.
Gregory Morrow: Can we tell their race from here?
Black, with pale hair.
Gregory Morrow: How many?
Gregory Morrow: Well
Gregory Morrow: How many minimum?
Gregory Morrow: “What should we do? Do you want to try and fight them?”
Gregory Morrow: “Theres at least eight. Thats alot.”
Campaign saved.
Raegar: “This.. is not easy..”
Raegar: “We cannot take them..”
Raegar: any family symbols visible?
Gregory Morrow: “Maybe we should move on and tell the city that they are here.”
Raegar: “I’m.. not sure..”
Hoxton: “Seems like a wise decision, young Gregory.”
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow: “We should be able to go around. That way they wont hear us. Ill find a path thru the forrest where we can rejoin the road down a ways.”
Gregory Morrow: Head to the side of the road opposite the dark elf camp and make a wide berth around them thru the trees to rejoin the road.
Gregory Morrow: will drag my quarterstaff along the ground
Gregory Morrow: in front of me in case any traps are there.
Gregory Morrow: Point is to avoid the camp and head to the Elvish city.
[8d20 = 80]
Okay. You followed a path. Away from the road. To get here.
The fastest way back to the road is to turn around a hundred and eighty degrees and go back the way you came.
Gregory Morrow: Yes Im realizing that now :P
Gregory Morrow: will do that!
Who’s in the lead?
Gregory Morrow: Not I, Gregory does not walk in front of his elders.
Gregory Morrow: Unless he is playing with shylo which he is not atm.
Can I have move silent checks from anyone bothering?
Gregory Morrow: Prolly hox and rae are side by side walking.
Gregory Morrow: Not bothering since Hox is here.
Campaign saved.
Okay then.
Get the initiatives out of the way now, folks.
GM: [1d20+ 3 = 13]
Gregory Morrow: Initiative [1d20+ 3 = 23]
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 6]
GM: [1d20 = 2]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+ 5 = 18]
Drow: (Yelled out)

Raegar responds.
Drow: (Response)

Raegar’s second response is met with what is very clearly a call to arms.
Gregory Morrow
Campaign saved.
The camp erupts into activity.
Most of it headed in your direction.
Raegar: “…Run.”
Raegar: run.
Gregory Morrow: “Lets go!”
Gregory Morrow runs away.
Gregory Morrow: down the road
Raegar: Runaway
[4d20 = 44]
Gregory Morrow: But will maks sure to keep just ahead of hoxton.
Gregory Morrow: Not abandoning him.
Crossbow bolts fly screaming through the brush, and not the dinky little bolts the raiders were throwing around either.
Several others charge through the brush towards Hoxton.
Hoxton: How many, and how fast do they seem to be moving?
Drow: You see four moving towards you and Lasariel (the only tow who haven’t had a chance to run yet)

And several others hanging back with crossbows.
Heavy, in this case.
Campaign saved.
They are moving at MOVEMENT SPEED SIXTY (huzzah double movement speed run)
You see several others going through the brush around you, though.
seeming to plan on avoiding you and keeping going after the others.
Alex (Hoxton): Can I stay ahead of them if I grab Las and run?
You could probably carry two or three Lasariels, tbh.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): heavy armor is speed 20 unless you have some way to move fast
Hoxton: Right!
Hoxton: “Flee, Raegar, Gregory. Lasariel, run, save yourself! Horus will keep them here alongside me! FLEE! HORUS COMMANDS IT! COME AT ME, HEATHENS! FEAR THE MIGHT OF HORUS! REPENT AND BE SAVED, SINNERS!”
Hoxton: Scream and charge the men coming at me.
. . . You’re in melee
Hoxton: Well time to bop them in the head
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1)
[1d20+ 10 = 28]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage)
[2d10+ 7 = 15]
Campaign saved.
GM: [3d10 = 17]
He wavers but does not fall!
Lasariel flees.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: Can any charge me from their current position?
Alex (Hoxton): You better get your ass running, little boy – Hoxton doesn’t sound happy!
Gregory Morrow: assuming they are moving at 30 and can charge at 60
The flankers Hoxton saw are moving faster than 30.
The ones who Hoxton is fighting were moving at 30 / 60
‘Dave’ disconnected
Gregory Morrow: well im going to summon on the ones Hoxton is fighting and moving away from the flankers in hopes they cannot charge me.
Gregory Morrow: Transmute Spell.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Cure Moderate Wounds] – > Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level (max + 10).
Gregory Morrow: Summon Natures Ally III
Gregory Morrow: [1d6 = 2]
Gregory Morrow: 1 wolf
Summoned Wolf: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 4 = 20]
Summoned Wolf: Bite (Damage) [1d6+ 3 = 5]
same target different target
Campaign saved.
Summoned Wolf: same
One dies!
Well, drops.
Summoned Wolf: also commanding shylo to guard me.
hrm.. dave’s interwebs seem to have collapsed…
I’m inclined to assume he continues fleeing.
Gregory Morrow: probably
Gregory Morrow: is he off steam as well
GM: [4d20 = 54]
GM: [1d20 = 20]
GM: [1d10+ 2 = 10]
GM: [2d10+ 4 = 13]
23 points on the wolf.
Two other bolts miss Hoxton.
GM: [3d20 = 32]
GM: [1d8+ 2 = 8]
Hoxton, you are stabbed!
But only once.
Campaign saved.
The flankers tear off into the woods after Raegar.
Hoxton: “Child, leave the wolves! Go to Raegar!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 11]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Lasariel is at this point disappeared into the woods.
Gregory Morrow
Gregory Morrow: “I cant leave you to die Sir Hoxton!”
Gregory Morrow: Transmute spell.
Gregory Morrow: Spell [Resist Energy] – > Ignores first 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Gregory Morrow: Summon Natures Ally II
Gregory Morrow: [1d6 = 4]
Gregory Morrow: 2 rats.
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 5]
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 15]
Hoxton: “I shall not Die, Gregory – these foes are not a match for me, but you need to protect Lasariel! She is a woman, and weak in the ways of the world. You will grow to be her protect her and bed her like a man should! NOW GO! HORUS COMMANDS IT!”
Raegar the Brave: I flee!

Raegar the Brave bravely runs away, away.
Campaign saved.
[4d20 = 38]
GM: [1d10+ 2 = 3]
…3 points on a rat.
GM: [3d20 = 43]
GM: [1d8+ 2 = 5]
5 on the other
GM: [1d8+ 2 = 5]
Hoxton, you are stabbed.
There is chanting from the direction of the camp.
Dire Rat: Uh oh… as in spellcasting?
Gregory Morrow: Skill [Spellcraft] [1d20+ 9 = 19]
Gregory Morrow: thats if I can see the caster
Gregory Morrow: if not no roll allowed
Afraid you can’t.
Gregory Morrow: k
You can however see the result – two skeletons come into existance in the melee.
GM: [1d20+ 1 = 21]
GM: [1d20+ 1 = 12]
GM: [1d20+ 1 = 5]
GM: [1d8+ 1 = 2]
2 points on one of the rats.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: “Gregory, if I find you are still back there when I finish converting these heathens, you will wish you had never met me! NOW RUN, YOU FOOL! I STAY SO THAT YOU MAY LIVE! NOW GO!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 19]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 18]
He falls.
Gregory Morrow
Campaign saved.
Gregory Morrow in anguish takes a few steps back, “Hoxtoooooon!” then turns with tear filled eyes and runs shapeshifting into a hawk and ascending into the afternoon sky.
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 22]
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 4]
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
first one hits.
Gregory Morrow: Bite (Damage) [1d4+ 2 = 3]
Drow or skeleton?
Gregory Morrow: drow
Raegar the Brave when danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
GM: [4d20 = 45]
Nick (Gregory Morrow): hope that was the rat
GM: [1d10+ 2 = 5]
GM: [1d10+ 2 = 3]
Hoxton! Two bolts find your precious tender bits!
GM: [3d20 = 37]
GM: [1d8+ 2 = 6]
6 on a rat
GM: [1d8+ 2 = 7]
Hoxton is stabbed!
GM: [2d20 = 15]
Skeletons miss rats.
Alex (Hoxton): What are the odds of me making it to the lady in back?
Hoxton: Without suffering death worth of AOO?
Campaign saved.
Two drow and two skeletons worth of AoO…
AC 14…
16 HP.
Hoxton: I’ll go for the lady. Always did like the ladies.
Hoxton: Amd I going to get to hit at her this round?
Hoxton: Shame I can’t smite anymore.
Sure, why not
GM: [2d20 = 7]
GM: [2d20 = 27]
GM: [1d8+ 1 = 7]
One skeleton wings you as you run by.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton lets loose a strangled scream of rage as he brings his maul down onto the mistress of the drow.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 16]
Gregory Morrow: might get + 2 for charge
Gregory Morrow: if there was a clear path
he had to go around people.
Its not a straight line. Still, hits.
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 14]
GM: [2d20 = 31]
GM: [2d8+ 2 = 11]
11 on the rat.
err, sorry
rat’s go!
Gregory Morrow
Dire Rat: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+ 3 = 10]
that’s a miss.
Dire Rat: did you say rat took 11
Shylo: nevermind then!
nevermind what?
Gregory Morrow: rat was dead
I skipped it by accident
Gregory Morrow: oh ok now its dead
Raegar the Brave is back on the road by now.
Campaign saved.
GM: [4d20 = 71]
GM: [4d10+ 8 = 32]
DM fiat is going to give Hoxton one final rage- filled smite. Emphasis on that last word.
Hoxton: “Mistress of the dark, pray we never meet again, for if we do, you shall bathe in the eternal light of your damnation!”
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 10 = 18]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 18]
The priestess crumples like a sack of … insert your matter of choice.
Gregory Morrow: potatoes?
Yes, potatoes.
Campaign saved.
Roll 1d10+ 3 or take 8.
Hoxton: [1d10 = 7]
Alex (Hoxton): 10!
Campaign saved.
Alex (Hoxton): Lay on hands, while laying on the smackdown.
I have no idea how much that gives you.
Alex (Hoxton): Enough?
Yes. You’re standing.
GM: [1d20 = 6]
The crossbowmen look at each other, look at you, and scatter.
Campaign saved.
The swordsmen bolt into the brush.
GM: [2d20 = 33]
The skeletons however lumber in to attack, but miss.
Alex (Hoxton): SMASH ‘EM UP!
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+ 11 = 27]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 2) [1d20+ 6 = 17]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 12]
Hoxton: + 1 Maul of Flame (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [2d10+ 7 = 18]
…You smite them both.
The forest falls silent, save for your heavy breathing.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): cant believe you survived.
Alex (Hoxton): Me neither.
Hoxton Slumps to the ground, making a small shrine to Horus with his maul and praying.
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: [1d8 = 4]
Hoxton tromps off towards where he knows the road to be after checking the woman’s belongings.
A whip. A holy symbol.
…You think they’re clothes, but you can’t imagine they’re outer wear.
Spell component pouches on a belt.
A dagger (adamantine)
Campaign saved.
Hoxton: Take them all, tuck them into my belt and smash the holy symbol with the maul.
Hoxton: Head to the road, then up it.
and you return to the road.
Lasariel is not far.
Gregory can be nearby if he so chooses.
Gregory Morrow: I would be in the trees watching Lasariel.
Gregory Morrow: Fly down at Hoxton.
Bloody and battered.
Hoxton, a hawk dives towards you!
Gregory Morrow: Return to normal form and hug the big lug.
Gregory Morrow: “Hoxton you made it!!!”
Hoxton: “Ah, Gregory. You seem quite capable of following orders after all. As if there is any doubt! Horus still has work for me to do.”
Hoxton: “Always remember, Horus protects.”
Gregory, take 900 XP from earlier.
Nick (Gregory Morrow): right!
Campaign saved.
Okay, folks, I think thats a place to stop for now.

Session 33
Session 35
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Session 34

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