Session 6

Everyone is present. I congratulate you all on your presence.

Raegar: both involve stabbin’
You are all authorized one cookie.

Waitaminu—-nevermind, stop

—-Heroic Adventure Resume—-

When last we met, the party had rooted out the undead at the RURIK LUMBER MILL, fighting a pitched battle alongside the noble lumberjacks of Rurik

You had fought two more of the vile rot creatures and a multitude of skeletons.

And after a night’s rest at the mill, were preparing to march back to Rurik…

Raegar: “Well, now that we are all unoccupied by a craving for brains. We could see if Rurik has imploded in on itself.”
Raegar: “Selene, are you up to another fight?”
Raegar: how’s she look?
None the worse for wear, given the hit she took yesterday.

Raegar: im getting the feeling im the one who might look the most worst for the wear.
Yes, you are, short of the lumberjacks.

Raegar: “Shall we then?”
Ilphvrae: “Shae, give those shortswords and the light crossbows to the mill workers. They need better weapons.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ok, on the journey from the mill to Rurik I would like to have everyone move together in pairs. Keep an eye about you and shout a warning if you see or hear anything that may want to ambush us. Hoxton and I will lead, and if you dont mind Raegar and Ilphvrae can see to the the rear flank.”
Raegar: “Sounds like a plan.”
Shae Vanderin: “Anyone who does not have a weapon, we have a few spare shortswords you can borrow.”
Ilphvrae: “Sure, I will watch the rear.”
The head lumberjack nods in agreement and moves off to spread the word.

Shae Vanderin: Form up when ready, pass out weapons as needed, and start making our way.
You distribute weapons and form up to march the couple miles to the mill.

Shae and Hoxton are in the front, and roll spot checks.
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 23]
Shae, you see a couple figures crouched over something on the side of the road.

A most unpleasant odor is carried on the breeze.

Shae Vanderin: “Hold the march! There are some figures ahead.”
Raegar: “Probably some local townsfolk come to greet their conquering heroes.”
Raegar inches towards a tall tree.
Shae Vanderin yells to them, “Hail, who goes there?”
Both figures startle, righting themselves and turning towards you

Ilphvrae readies her bow and moves off the road into cover
Raegar: I climb a tree.
They then begin loping in your direction, at times on all fours and sometimes erect, hands outstretched, showcasing the gnarled claws they’ve become.

Strips of bloody flesh hang from their open mouths

Shae Vanderin: “To arms!”
Doug (Ilphvrae): I become a rock
Doug (Ilphvrae): Be the rock, feel the rock
Raegar is up a tree. Ilphy is pretending to be a rock.


Shae Vanderin: Initiative [1d20+5 = 14]
Ilphvrae: Initiative [1d20+9 = 23]
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+5 = 11]
Raegar: oh its going to be one of those nights again. I can feels it.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): add 4 to Raegars roll
Raegar: 15
Raegar: I can do maths all day man..
Raegar: =P
If the party does not object, Hoxton will be acting after Shae for the rest of the night.

Raegar: yes and standing in front of the frail elf.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): no worries
Raegar: when possible
Raegar: =P
I have enough to roll :P



Doug (Ilphvrae): Are they flesh type or bones?
Flesh. Definitely flesh.

Ilphvrae draws back an arrow and lets fly at the nearest
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 21]
She’s a hit.

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 4]

Raegar: Ranged attack [1d20+6 = 9]
She’s not.

Raegar: yay!

Raegar: + 2
so.. 11?

Raegar: undead?
Raegar: yea
Raegar: + 2
She’s a miss.

Shae Vanderin

Selene puts an arrow in the same one Ilphy hit. Shae!

Shae Vanderin: Set to receive their charge.
Shae Vanderin: And attack as they get within range.
Shae Vanderin: Two-handed Sword (Attack 1) [1d20+3 = 11]
You prepare.


Hoxton charges down the road to meet them.
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1)
[1d20+4 = 21]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 6]
Shae, you are mildly disconcerted as you hear a whizzing all around your head.

This is somewhat overturned by the sight of the second undead falling, poleaxed, in a flurry of crossbow bolts.

Doug (Ilphvrae): OMG! get out the umbrella! Someone is peeing on you!
Raegar: Undead mosquitoes is my guess.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Or it is the arrows…
The lumberjacks let out a cheer, which turns into a moan of despair at the implications of the situation.

Shae Vanderin: “Good job all. Reform the line, lets get those bodies set aflame and off the road. And lets see what they were looking at over there.”
Raegar: “Im guessing its a corpse.”
Raegar climbs down from the tree.
Ilphvrae: “That they were eating.”
Raegar, from your vantage point and with your eyes, you are reasonably sure you are correct.

Shae Vanderin nods in somber agreement at Raegar’s statement.
Raegar: “Is it little Suzie?”
Raegar: “Poor little Suzie..”
You continue down the road to the corpse?

Raegar: yes
Shae Vanderin: yes
Shae Vanderin: well
Shae Vanderin: not me, staying with the lumberjacks.
Raegar: im moving to within say 35 yards.
Raegar: and im tossing a rock at it.
Raegar: fact, just shoot the corpse.
It does not respond to your attack.

Raegar: ok, move in.
It appears to be the guard from the temple of Horus in town.

Raegar: With the shinny armor?
Not much left of it – its been torn to ribbons along with the rest of him.

Raegar: loot him, put the gear in a seperate pouch
Raegar: or my backpack.
Raegar: of*
Raegar: “Im sure Hiram would appreciate having this back…”
Shae Vanderin: Pile up the corpses, if they can be identified do it, otherwise prepare to set them on fire.
Raegar: “Uhh… Folks..”
Shae Vanderin: “Best to burn them no?”
Raegar holds up a scroll case.
Raegar: “I think we best hurry to town. If Hiram tried to dispatch a message. The town must be… Troublesome..”
The lumberjacks have set the first two corpses alight at this point.

Raegar: “We should pick up the pace..”
Raegar: “Never mind the corpses. We can clear out any stragglers. Lets hurry to the town.”
Shae Vanderin: “Reform and lets move out. Double pace.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Burn em! BUUUURRRNNN EM ALL!
You hustle.

The town’s meager cemetary comes into view.

All is still. The town beyond is quiet.

Raegar: any tombs opened that werent when we first came through here?

Raegar: ok
Ilph, wisdom check, or survival if you have it.

Shae Vanderin: “Slow and keep your eyes sharp.”
Raegar: I have survival..
Raegar: I have high survival.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Let me see
Ilphvrae: Wisdom check [1d20+3 = 14]
Ilph, you smell something on the wind; its faint, some sort’ve herbal smell. Almost sickeningly sweet. You’ve never run into it before.

The rest of you; there’s no activity in the town that you can see from here.

Raegar: head to the temple
Ilphvrae sniffs “What is this smell? look to Selene Smell that? What is it? Kind of herbal.”
Raegar: “Herbal?”
Selene cocks her head to the side, then starts sniffing at the air.
Shae Vanderin: “We will make our way to the Temple and try to find Hiram and any survivors. If we are attacked seek shelter inside the Temple, we will be safer inside.”
Raegar: Is there some kind of check for remembering things?
If you remember it, you can remember it.

Raegar: “Sickly Sweet herbal?”
Raegar draws his bow.
Selene nods, “Undead; this place is crawling with them I expect.” She draws her sword and starts eying buildings nervously.
Ilphvrae: “What? Whats going on Raegar?” readies her bow
Raegar: “Same odor as when we went to the cemetary?”
Raegar: “Selene?”
Selene: “Ilph, what you’re smelling is some sort’ve alchemical preservative – the Mishrians used it to embalm their dead.”

Selene: “Its the same thing, Raegar.”

Raegar: “Does it smell worse in any particular direction..?”
Selene: “I really can’t tell.”

Shae Vanderin groans, “The town is quiet, we have to assess the situation and see if it is overrun or whatnot.”
Ilphvrae: “Does that mean the crypts have opened?”
Raegar: Can I detect anything with my favored enemy trait?
Selene: “It means that something’s stirring up the old undead again..”

Raegar: Morgan?
There’s really not much to detect here.

Raegar: ok
Ilphvrae: “Head to the temple, there is a priest there that should be able to help us. He will or better have a damn good reason why not.”
Raegar: “Yes..”
Raegar: “I agree..”
Raegar: im keepin my bow out
You begin heading for the temple?

Raegar: yea
Shae Vanderin: Yes.
Shae Vanderin: Same formation.
Raegar: do we see ANY civilians?
None what so ever.

Raegar: as we walk to the temple
Raegar: knock on the door of the nearest hovel
Ilphvrae looks to Selene “Did you get the clan that the priest is from? Who his family is?”
Selene: “No, I never spoke to him much.”

Raegar – no answer.

The door is ajar, though.

Raegar: push it open.
Ilphvrae: “He is not ours, he would have come greet you if he was, yeah?”
Raegar: “Guys.”
Its a simple one-floor home, the room the door opens into is ruined, furniture broken, belongings scattered on the floor.

Doug (Ilphvrae): come to greet you*
Raegar: As in left in a hurry?
Raegar: or fight?
Looks like ransacked more than fight.

Raegar: ok
Raegar: Keep going I guess.
You continue on, turning a corner to approach the temple.

The approach to the temple is a scene of horror; all manner of things appear to have been dragged together to form an impromptu barricade around the entrance; furniture, barrels, crates, even doors.

Bodies litter the street and the steps, some draped as well over the barricades.

Raegar: “Oh I just have a feeling this is going to be great.”
Parts of the road are virtually mud from the blood.

Mixed among the dead townsfolk are the bare bones of skeletons and the rotting forms of zombies.

Ilphvrae: “Well now, looks like we missed the excitement here last night.”
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, can you get an idea if any of these tracks led out of town, as in if there were any survivors that fled the city?”
Raegar: “I’ll take a look.”
Raegar: Morgan?
Roll survival.

Raegar: Skill [Survival]
[1d20+4 = 13]
Shae Vanderin turns to the lumber mill workers, “I know what you see before you is grim. But right now I want you to think of our own survival and helping others here that may have been left behind. We will find a shelter for you all away from all of this but for now I ask you to be strong and look after each other with vigil.”
Raegar: “Well, I will say this.”
Raegar: “There werent more than 40 people killed here.”
Raegar: “We are missing many townsfolk.”
Shae Vanderin: “We should inspect the temple and then find where the townspeople went. Then we can reunite these mill workers with them.”
Ilphvrae: “My guess is it could be 4 things. They are in the temple, zombies, hiding in the forest or surounding hillsides, or taken captive.”
Shae Vanderin: whats the dragon god of death’s name?
Raegar: “The undead dont take captives.”
Raegar: “There’s no need…”
→ Shae Vanderin: Faluzure.
Selene: “No, but their masters might.”

Shae Vanderin murmurs a prayer to Faluzure.
Ilphvrae looks at Raegar and whispers “I did not want to say they may be living food in front of the mill folk.”
Raegar: “Oh.. Right.. Friends and family..”
Raegar: “IM sure they are alive and well. Most likely hiding.”
Raegar: move to Shae
Shae Vanderin: “Lets head into the temple.”
Raegar: in a big showy voice.
Raegar: so the mill workers can hear
Raegar: …never mind that
Raegar: changed my mind
Doug (Ilphvrae): Does it look like the temple was breached?
The doors are open.

Hoxton stomps into the temple, mace held high.
Ilphvrae readies her bow and lets it be known she is ready to go
Shae Vanderin heads inside behind Hoxton.
Raegar: hide
Raegar: outside
Within, the great statue of Horus has been cast from its pedastal.

The lesser shrines have been defiled with the bodies and blood of townsfolk.

Shae Vanderin: “This, this was deliberate.”
A body lays, impaled, on the scepter that the statue of Horus was previously holding.

Doug (Ilphvrae): Anyone we know?
The door to Hiram’s chambers has been broken, and you can see the room beyond is in ruins.

Shae Vanderin: Look for Hiram’s body.
Hiram is the one on the scepter.

Ilphvrae: “Move towards his chambers and look inside”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): I need a minute to take all this in.
Ilphvrae, you move towards Hiram’s chambers. The room has been ransacked, thoroughly. Books ripped from shelves and torn to pieces, page by page.

Shae Vanderin: “I did not expect this. This was supposed to be a simple undead problem that needed to be cleared out.”
Shelves are torn from their mountings and emptied on the floor.

Raegar wanders around the temple.
And what was apparently a secret door has been revealed when one of the bookshelves was ripped from the wall.

Ilphvrae: "Carefuly step into the room, scaning the room for anything of use
Raegar, wandering around the temple, you come to another door.

This one is only half ripped from its hinges.

Doug (Ilphvrae): I will go slow and make a detailed search
Raegar: inspect it
Initiative rolls.
Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 15]
Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 10]
Raegar: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 22]
Raegar, you carefully peak around the doorframe and into the room.

A wave of heat and impenetrable shadow washes over you out into the main temple.

Raegar: oh fun
Fortitude save.

Raegar: im gonna die
Raegar: Fortitude save [1d20+3 = 20]
Raegar: ..i picked a good time to find my good dice
You maintain your footing in the blast; the rest of the group notices a definite rise in temperature.

The braziers lighting the temple all seem to go out at once.

Raegar: Can I see anything?
Standing in the middle of the temple, crouched on the pedastal that once served as Horus’ mortal seat, is a reptillian form, winged and with a whiplike tail ending in a scythe-like blade. Horns of flame extend from the back of its head and vile ichor drips from its serpentine muzzle.

Raegar: yelled
It stretches lazily, its neck cracking audibly as it flexes its muscles, and looks at those of you still in the room somewhat bemusedly.


Raegar: is it undead?
Raegar: my rolls.
Not from what you can tell.

Raegar: k
Raegar: hell am i gonna do..
Raegar: dice
Raegar: dont fail me now..
Raegar: Called shot, eye.
Roll it.

Raegar: Ranged attack [1d20+6 = 23]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+3 = 6]
The arrow lodges itself firmly in the beast’s right eye. Black ichor runs like a river from the wound.

It roars in agony and rage, bellowing, “A-rul shach kigon az Agril-Shanak, gor’om Illythiiri haguul!”

Shae Vanderin

It leaps to attack Raegar, only to find him no longer where he was.

Shae Vanderin: Draw sword, full defensive action.

err, assume that was your action, Nick?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): yes cant attack this round

Doug (Ilphvrae): Where in relation to the alter is the thing?
Doug (Ilphvrae): err
Doug (Ilphvrae): Stature with the dead priest
Doug (Ilphvrae): statue*
D – > critter.
S – > statue pedastal.
A – > Altar.
South door – > main entrance.
Right side door – > hiram’s chambers.
NOT TO SCALE, don’t bother trying to use minis.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I have LoS on the thing?

Doug (Ilphvrae): Its back is to me?

Doug (Ilphvrae): OK
Ilphvrae peeks from around the doorway and lets fly an arrow then ducks back around
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 18]

Ilphvrae: [2d6+2 = 13]
Ilphvrae: if the BS hits
one of those is a sneak attack die?

Doug (Ilphvrae): yes
No SA.


Doug (Ilphvrae): damn
Hoxton bellows in rage and charges it!
GM: 20 [1d20 = 20]
GM: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) 6 [1d12+4 = 6]
His mighty mace connects with an awe-inspiring ker-thump


Raegar: whats the situation
Raegar: where am i with relation to it
Nick (Shae Vanderin): selene?
ah, thanks Shae. <cough>

Raegar – you are infront of it. He’s not seeing too well, though, so he missed.

Hoxton is in melee, and Ilph and Selene are shooting it.

Raegar: how does this work
Raegar: can i try to shoot its eye
Raegar: and move somewhere?
Raegar: door maybe?
He would get an attack of opportunity.

Two, potentially.

Raegar: can i tumble to deny that?
It would prevent the one from moving, but not from firing in melee.

Unless you move and then shoot.

In which case, tumble away?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): yeah move first
Raegar: so i could move and shoot with a tumble?
Raegar: so roll for tumble now?
Raegar: yea?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): yup
Eyup, roll the tumble.

Raegar: Skill [Tumble] [1d20+5 = 7]
Woo, ping pong time!

Raegar: aaaand fuck
Raegar: ROLL BAD
Raegar: he didnt roll bad
Raegar, lets play a game.

Raegar: that was a damage dice
Good news first or bad news first?

Raegar: im probly dead
Raegar: im dead arent i
Raegar: yea.. im dead.
Raegar doesn’t want to play. Shae, good news or bad news?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): bad news first.
Raegar: im dead.
Raegar, you’re unconscious and bleeding.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): and the good?
But you’re through the door!

Raegar: Well, at least i got the eye..
Raegar, you’re at -5 and bleeding. Does somebody remember what it takes to stabilize?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): heal check.
Raegar: luck?
Raegar: =P
You can’t heal yourself.

If you’re KO’d.

Raegar: do i get a bonus for being witty?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): by someone else.
But there’s a chance to automatically stabilize, no?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): dont remember
Raegar: yes, there is. its a dex check.
Doug (Ilphvrae): I think so, yes.
Raegar: cough
Doug (Ilphvrae): Fort save, in 2nd edt it was a death ray

10% to stabilize.

So… 1-2 on a 1d20 or 1-10 on a 1d100. Take your pick.

Raegar: bonus for con or something?

Doug (Ilphvrae): I think it is a fort save morgan with his con bonus to off set the DC some
good try, I just looked it up

One roll a round.

Raegar: [1d20 = 9]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): pg 145 players guide
Raegar: thats a russian one.
I see.

Raegar: how much i need to die?
- 10

Raegar: oh lawd
Shae, your AC at full D is…?

Shae Vanderin: 19
The demon springs over the pedastal and takes a swing at Shae, missing; doubtless due to blood loss. And possibly being half blind.

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Arc slash the thing on the back of its neck.
Roll them bones.

Raegar: that sounds deadly.
Shae Vanderin: Two-handed Sword (Attack 1) + 3 [1d20-1 = 5]
Raegar: make it die.
The bones don’t lie; you miss.


Ilphvrae peeks from around the doorway and lets fly an arrow then ducks back around
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 14]


Raegar: kill eeeet..
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1)
[1d20+4 = 17]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 8]
Hoxton leaps from the pedastal, hammer arcing down before him to smash the creature’s spine with a sickening crunch!

As the creature collapses to earth, you swear you can see its very soul writhing as it is reclaimed by the fires of hell, the sound of its shrieking grating upon your hearts and minds.

Raegar: Yay! I might survive!
It falls still, a final, dying gasp of “A-kiel… Agril… Shanak..” escaping its lips.

Selene charges across the room to Raegar.

Shae Vanderin: “No time to tarry, see to Raegar, secure the area.”
Selene: “He’ll live, but he’s in bad shape.”

Shae Vanderin: “Hells.”
Hoxton: “So fall all who defy the loving embrace of Horus!”

Raegar: lol
Shae Vanderin: “We cant travel in our current state. We may have to rest here until we are well enough to move.”
The demon’s body combusts and burns to ashes.

Raegar: precious precious ashes
Shae Vanderin: “Lets get everyone inside and barricade the doors.”
Ilphvrae continues her search of the chambers but even more carefully now
Ilph, you get the feeling someone was looking for something.

Judging from the destruction though, they didn’t find it.

The lumberjacks slowly file inside, then begin barricading the entrance.

Shae Vanderin: “Were going to hole up again for the night. What kind of supplies do we have? Enough food and water for all?”
You appear to have supplies; the room Raegar was about to enter seems to have provisions in it.

Shae Vanderin: “Our first bit of good news.”
Raegar, in the side room, you suddenly come to. Still hurts like hell, though.

Shae Vanderin: “Tomorrow we will decide a plan, whether to continue looking for survivors or to get the hell out of this village.”
Raegar: “…I got it in the eye though.”
Selene: “Calm down; you’re still in a pretty bad way.”

Shae Vanderin: “I have no idea what it was.”
Raegar: “Everything still where it should be?”
Raegar pulls out a mirror.
Selene: “Uh; you didn’t want kids, right?”

Selene: “Kidding.”

Raegar: “That would be a loss for all elven kind.”
Raegar: “Less of a hastle for me though..”
Shae Vanderin: Set watch rotations while we rest.
Selene: “I don’t know exactly what it was, other than a demon; but we thought most of them had left before the war.. and the ones that were left mostly fled afterwords.”

Raegar: “Well, those things never mean anything good.”
Raegar: “Ever..”
Shae Vanderin: During the time we rest visit with the lumberjacks, try to get a feel for their morale and try to bolster it.
Morale is pretty low.

They’re afraid, they’re worried about their families and their whole town.

Raegar: “I’m hungry.”
Shae Vanderin: “We will find them and make sure every last townsperson is accounted for. They probably fled the city and this place held off the invaders long enough for them to escape.”
Ilphvrae: Selene, I found these. shows Selene the two red vials Not sure what they are though.“
”color:#540000;“>Selene takes one of them, uncorks it and takes a sniff.

”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Important thing is that we stay together. Nobody goes off on their own.”

Selene re-seals it and tosses it to Raegar, “Drink.”
Raegar: “Oh.. I just love drinking unknown liquids…”
Raegar: “What is it?”
Ilphvrae: “Ear enlargement potion, just drink it.”
Selene: “Do you want to spend all night with your back torn to ribbons, or would you rather be able to fight if they show up again?”

Raegar: “..theres more?”
Raegar: “Bottoms up.”
Raegar tosses back the vial.
Raegar: “If this turns me into a frog or kills me. I’m haunting every single one of you.”
Raegar: “huh.. I feel better.”
Raegar: “Interesting..”
Raegar: “Lets find another one of those so I can blind it.”
Selene: “Ilph, pass that other one around to Shae, Raegar and then take a good sniff of it yourself. Remember that smell.”

Raegar: “ébetter yet, get the last one back.”
Raegar: “So I can blind it some more..”
Raegar: “It smells like wet sick.”
Raegar: “But it makes you better so..”
Raegar shrugs.
Selene: “I don’t know how many of them you’ll run into, but all of ours have that same smell. If you find a red potion that smells like that, it’ll heal you.”

Shae Vanderin: Do so, although I doubt my human sense of smell is acute enough to recognize it.
Ilphvrae passes it around and then does as told and takes a sniff to remember the smell
Iiiits pretty vile.

Raegar: “So, Hiram kicked it.”
Raegar: "Guess there no sense not opening this then.
We’re talking real, real bad medicine here; but judging from Raegar’s back it works.

Raegar pulls a scroll case from his bag.
Shae Vanderin: “What is the scroll case?”
Ilph – cure light wounds potion, 1d8+2.

Raegar: “Well, I’m guessing Hiram sent for help.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Awesome
Raegar: “Lets find out.”
Raegar: crack it open
Shae Vanderin: “Wait, he gave you the scroll asking for help? That may be what the undead were looking for here.”
Raegar: “No, no..”
Raegar: “I found this on the road.”
Raegar: “It was on the dead guard.”
Raegar: I waved it around btw Nick
Raegar: =P
Nick (Shae Vanderin): k
Raegar: when i found it haha
Raegar opens the casing.
Raegar: im gonna get a face full of poison..
Raegar: should’ve asked the lumberjack to open it.
No poison. No nothing. Just a rolled paper.

Raegar: yay
Raegar: Reaaad it
Raegar: “Its a recipe for Dalrithaar egg soup…Odd..”
Raegar: “I kid.. I kid..”
Are you reading this outloud, or no?

Raegar: who the heck reads things outloud?
Drama teachers and characters in spooky stories.

Raegar: yea..=P
Raegar: Im neither
Raegar: “General so and so… Require urgent assistance.. Rurik undead resurgence.. Unknown strength.. Require at least one company… Looks like I was right.”
Raegar: “The worrying part is that Hiram did not seem to know more than we did.”
Raegar: “Well, the way I see it, we have a choice.”
Shae Vanderin: “He was telling the truth then, his first knowledge of these undead came with our report of Saxtus.”
Ilphvrae: “Or he did not feel the need to share it with you.”
Raegar: “He would’ve shared it in this message to his superiors though, dont you thnk?”
Selene: “But he would have shared it in a letter to Talas, and he did not.”

Raegar: think*
Selene nods at Raegar.
Ilphvrae: “He was right about what?”
Hoxton: “We must look at all of this as Horus’ will. Though grim days be upon us, Horus evidently did not will the town be Cleansed, for he did not allow the alarm to be spread!”

Shae Vanderin sighs, “Hells.”
Raegar: “I suspected this was what the scroll contained.”
Raegar: “Thats why I said so before opening it.”
Raegar: “I wanted to keep it sealed if Hiram were still alive, I could have handed it back. Still sealed.”
Raegar: “All the while knowing full well what was in there..”
Raegar: “Good opinions can go a long way..”
Selene: “I do wonder… Hoxton and I recovered a prisoner – a woman – at the crypt before you arrived..”
Raegar: “Suppose thats not the case anyways..”
Hoxton: “So we did! But I never saw her after we brought her here; she’d not regained consciousness when we left, I do wonder what became of her..”
Shae Vanderin: “Maybe she went to the druids grove.”
Shae Vanderin: “That place still concerns me, I would like to check to see if the old druid is still there and knows of what became of Rurik.”
Raegar: “Have you considered she might be the source of this corruption?”
Shae Vanderin: “That speculation is as good as any we have at the moment.”
Selene: “The trouble had begun before we saved her from a demon at that crypt.”
Raegar: “Perhaps.”
Raegar: “Well, you saved her from a demon eh?”
Raegar: “So thats demon number 2.”
Raegar: “Where should we gonext?”
Hoxton: “Yes; truly despicable creature, but no match for Horus’s love and affection.”
Raegar: “Yes yes, Horus loves me this I know, for the Book of the Dead tells me so.”
Raegar: “Whats next.”
Ilphvrae: “Lets have a few hours of rest”
Raegar: “As you wish.”
Raegar: “I need a wash basin..”
Raegar: “I’m feeling dirty..”
Shae Vanderin: “I say we first set to finding where the rest of the populace of Rurik went, my guess is that they left. Once we determine that I think the druids grove would be good to investigate. But in the end we have to get these mill workers to safety.”
Raegar: “I’ll take a look outside, see if I cant pick up a trail.”
Ilphvrae: “Come gather around friends. Let us have a meal and give thanks to the gods that we are safe and ask that those we love find saftey.”
Raegar: “Im quite alright.”
Shae Vanderin turns to Ilphvrae, “That is a nice sentiment Ilphvrae, thank you.”
Raegar: “Mine, are long dead.”
Raegar: “I’ll take a look outside.
”color:#540000;“>Raegar heads to the door.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Nobody goes alone Raegar.”
Selene: “I’ll go..”
Shae Vanderin stands up and follows.
Ilphvrae: “You millers must be starving, battling beasts last night and this morning.” Come have some food and replenish your energy.“
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Very well Selene.”
Shae Vanderin sits back down.
The lumber-men sit down for a very tense meal.

Raegar: Skill [Spot]
[1d20+7 = 23]
Ilphvrae Walk over and nudge Shae with my foot and motion for her to come back here with me.
Shae Vanderin follows Ilph.
Ilphvrae in a whispered voice “Your suposed to be a leader why are you sitting down? Should you not try and inspire those men and women millers? They have lost everything, everything. Homes, loved ones, everything! You need to speak to them, help them see thay can assit in mak
”color:#000054;“>Ilphvrae: making this better. You want troops, they are sitting there, just waiting to be told what to do, to be inspired.”
Ilphvrae is very vexed at the moment
Shae Vanderin: “Ive spoken with each of them. Tried to bolster their spirits. The thought of them becoming troops did occur to me but I dont see it as a possibility right now.”
Shae Vanderin: “These people will fight for their homes, and many likely have no place to go.”
Shae Vanderin: “But many of their families lived here in Rurik. Finding them should be paramount.”
Ilphvrae: “They need some inspiration, you need to peak to them as a whole. Trust me, they will perk up.”
Shae Vanderin: “When morning comes I will speak to them.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you for your candor.”
Raegar and Selene return.
Ilphvrae: “By then it may be to late, moral is a delicate thing. Do as you wish though.”
Ilphvrae shrugs and walks away
Raegar: “Gentle townsfolk. Some of your numbers survived.”
Raegar: “They fled though.”
Raegar: “We could not locate them. Some of the tracks headed back to town.”
The chatter turns somewhat excited.

Shae Vanderin: “Which direction?”
Raegar: “Town, sides, it went all over.”
Selene: “Most just into the forest; some south – towards the city you call Garmol.”
Raegar: “But some survived the initial onslaught. That, is sure.”
Raegar: “We WONT be able to catch up.”
Shae Vanderin: “Its going to take days to find them all if they are scattered.”
Raegar: “They are most likely safe and waiting for you at some other location.”
Raegar: “Best thing to do now is to look to our own safety.”
Shae Vanderin: “How far is Garmol from here?”
Selene: “Four, maybe five days steady march.”
Shae Vanderin: “Is the road relatively safe?”
Selene: “In these days? What is safe?”
Selene: “I would say that within two days of Garmol, the roads are patrolled – at best.”
Selene: “But the garrison is spread thin over too much ground.”
Shae Vanderin: “Can I speak with all of you privately?”
Shae Vanderin moves into Hiram’s office.
Ilphvrae: “Selene, were there weapons and armor left on someof the casualitys? We could better arm and armor our friends here if we can recover more gear.”
Selene: “Arms, little to no armor though.”
Selene follows Shae. Hoxton trails along as well.
Ilphvrae: “Well lets get them better armed then!”
Ilphvrae follows along as well.
Raegar: same
Shae Vanderin: “What say you all as far as a plan for morning comes? Do we try and get these workers to Garmol, or try and arm them to retake and rebuild Rurik. It will have to be one way or another as we cant split up to do both.”
Selene: “Garmol is five days from here; if the people are going to make it, they will make it. Nothing we can do about that.”
Raegar: “All they’ve seen us do is kill a few undead shamblers.”
Raegar: “None of them saw the demon.”
Raegar: “They will need a goal if we are to make them stay with us.”
Hoxton: “There may still be people here! We cannot leave until the village is searched.”
Raegar: “I agree with Hoxton.”
Raegar: “Not to mention we have no clue where the undead went or what they were looking for.”
Hoxton: “Horus spared this village from being put to the sword – we must use that gift. To flee now would be to spit in the face of his gift.”
Raegar: “As I rethink our encounter with the Druid. I’m not sure we asked the right questions.”
Raegar: “Do any of us know much about the practices of this area..?”
Raegar: “They KEEP the dead bodies useable.”
Raegar: “Sort’ve like you would oil a sword for storage..”
Raegar: “I still think the druid had a part to play..”
Selene: “I don’t know the mechanics of it, but the crypt near Rurik doesn’t seem to have been used actively any time recently.. I don’t think the druids were involved.”
Selene: “We never had any indication they took part during the war, either.”
Shae Vanderin: “I think I know Ilphvrae’s thoughts as well and they match yours. Fine then, we stay and see this through. We will search the village for survivors, tally the dead and burn the corpses to prevent any undead from rising. Then we will head to the druid and see what we can find there.”
As a DM reminder; the druid is in the middle of the village.

Ilphvrae: “While druids don’t go about smiting undead like a priest, an undead creature is an abomination to nature and the living world, which is what a druids does care for.”
Selene nods at Ilph.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): is it? lol ok I thought it was in a grove outside of the village.
Hoxton: “It also interrupts their godless, profane moonlit naked dances and moon-worshipping orgies.”
The grove is in the center of the village.

Ilphvrae: “While I am not up on the history of this village, I am sure that grove was here long before this church and the druids cared for the people of the village.”
Raegar: “Well, if we are to rest, lets do it now so we can get moving in the morning.”
Hoxton: “Certainly it was here long before the temple was built; but fortunately, Horus’s light was brought to us and some of us have been guided away from their vile practices!”
Hoxton: “Alas, that Hiram should be robbed from us at such a time..”
Raegar: “Where the hells did Hiram wash up…”
Raegar pulls some soap out of his backpack.
Selene coughs, “Yes, its probably best if we get some rest before we set out tomorrow.”
Raegar, there’s a wash basin in the room, but its overturned at the moment.
Raegar: turn it over
Raegar: does it magically fill with water?
Raegar: =P
You do so, and manage to acquire some water from the supply room.

Raegar: try to wash the smell of demon and undead out of my skin!
Raegar: aaand rest
You may wash; everyone may rest.

Those of you who are wounded are watched over by Selene and/or Raegar and regain two HP per hit die overnight.

Raegar: weee
Raegar: Morning?

Ilphvrae: “So shall we see to that hidden door in the priest chambers?”
Raegar: “Aye..”
Raegar: checkHirams pockets.
Raegar: try to locate the reward me and hoxton gave back
Raegar: I gave him back his bag at the time. Look for that.
Ilphvrae waits for everyone to join her in the room
Shae Vanderin: Address the mill workers before following Ilphvrae.
Shae Vanderin: “People of Rurik. Many of your fellow townsfolk have left and are making their way to surrounding settlements or perhaps forming temporary camps in the wilderness. You are the last of your people that remain here and it is up to us to search the village building by building in hopes of finding survivors, routing undead, tallying the deceased, and burning the bodies to stave off the undead plague. This grim task falls to us in these dark times but your bravery and diligence will forever be remembered for you to tell your grandchildren and thus write your legacy in Rurik’s history.”
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Diplomacy]
[1d20+13 = 32]

The twenty brave and noble lumberjacks look at you, and then at each other.

Before letting out a resounding chorus of "Huzzah"s and “Woo hoo!”s and “Lets go break some bones!” and one “We’re all gona dieeeeeeee”

Because there’s one in every group.

Shae Vanderin: “Form up we will leave within the hour.”
Shae Vanderin heads into the room with Ilphvrae.
You meet in the room.
[1d12 = 3]
Shae Vanderin: Look around.
Selene: Hold up
GM: …
Ilphvrae: “So how do we want to go about this? Who know what may be behind that door.”
GM: hold up
‘Pitr De Vries’ disconnected
‘Pitr De Vries’ connected
Dave crashed
Campaign saved.
Raegar: sorry about that
No problemo.

Raegar: Last i saw was Shaes roll

The twenty brave and noble lumberjacks look at you, and then at each other.

Before letting out a resounding chorus of "Huzzah"s and “Woo hoo!”s and “Lets go break some bones!” and one “We’re all gona dieeeeeeee”

Because there’s one in every group.

Shae announced we would leave within the hour.

And then the party began re-convening in Hiram’s room to investigate the secret door.

Shae Vanderin: So its an office with a bookshelf that was a secret door?
it was an office slash personal room.

Raegar: “Hmmm strange. Hoxton and I left some gold with Hiram. Its missing.”
he has a cot in there as well

Shae Vanderin: “Lets go.”
Shae Vanderin: The secret door is ajar right?
No, it is locked; Ilph has the key.

Ilphvrae: “I wonder if it is trapped…”
Selene shrugs, “Could always open it and find out.”
Raegar: "What would be trapped..?É
“The keyhole… the opening mechanism…”

Ilphvrae: “I am sorry if I blow us all up or we get stuck with darts or something.” insert the key
Selene: “Perhaps its on the inside, rigged to drop on you as you enter..”
The lock goes click.

Ilphvrae keeps turning until it unlocks
..Its unlocked.

Ilphvrae push on it to see if it opens that direction
It swings open easily.

Shae Vanderin: Is it dark?
Within is a small room, probably not more than twenty feet by twenty feet, illuminated by a small oil lamp.
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm.”
There’s a cot along one wall and a shelf, currently mostly bare except a couple books. A next to the bed supports the lamp and a number of sheets of paper.

Shae Vanderin: “Lets search the room but be delicate about it, lets not break anything.”
A human woman sits at the desk, looking rather surprised at your entry. Black haired and pale, her most striking feature is two piercing blue eyes that shine in the lamplight.

Shae Vanderin: Take 20 on search.
Shae Vanderin: ok nm
This is why Nick needs to stop trying to act while the DM is still typing that much.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): sorry
He does this at least once a session, you see.


Raegar: “Hello.”
Raegar: “We killed the demon.”
Raegar: “Its… Relatively safe.”
Shae Vanderin: “Please identify yourself miss.”
She cocks her head to the side, blinking in confusion, “But.. who… where’s Hiram?”
Raegar: “He’s met his maker and joined the choir invisible.”
Selene: “Yeah, that’s the bint we dragged out of the crypt. Talks more now, though.”
Selene appears to lose interest and goes back to the main room of the temple.
Raegar: “He has passed away.”
The woman looks at Raegar in confusion for a moment before turning to look at Shae, "Las.. Lasariel. I really don’t understand, who *are you people? Hoxton? Who are these?"
Hoxton: “They are friends, noble woman! Come to Rurik to act as the avenging Light and Loving Hammer of Horus!”
Raegar: “Oi.”
Hoxton: “Oh. And that’s Shae.”
Hoxton points at Shae.
Hoxton: “She is a woman as well, but made of sterner stuff than most of your fair sex. Why, she was almost able to smite the foul undead on her own!”
Selene calls from the other room, “SHUT UP, HOXTON.”
Shae Vanderin: “Do you not know of the recent calamity that has befallen Rurik? Did you not hear the battle outside?”
She looks at you, “Its surprising how much these walls apparently block out; the last thing I was aware of was Hiram telling me to stay in here until it was safe. That was.. Yesterday, I think? I haven’t heard anything since then, until you opened the door.”

Shae Vanderin: “Im afraid Lasariel that Rurik has been overrun by undead and demons. It is no longer safe for you here but if you travel with us we will do our best to keep you safe.”
Raegar: “…We can’t happen upon a cobler witout you wanting them to tramp around with us..”
Shae Vanderin rolls her eyes at Raegar.
Hoxton: “Ha ha! A cobbler would be useful, at least; good strong hands for the fighting. Not another woman for the protecting! Ah, but we cannot be choosy, nor can a chosen of Horus abandon the weak to their fates!”
Shae Vanderin: “Come, let us apprise you of the situation in full.”
Raegar: “Well, to be fair. We dont exactly know much.”
She gathers up the pages on the table, rolling them up and putting them in a scroll case before getting up to follow you out.

Raegar: “Wait a moment.”
Raegar: “The undead took great care in destroying the books out here.”
Raegar: “You dont suppose they were looking for those would you?”
She blinks, “I would be surprised; I wrote most of these during the night.”

Shae Vanderin: “They may have been looking for her for all we know. Didnt Hoxton say she was previously captured by a demon?”
Raegar: “Hmm.. Then we arent any closer…”
Hoxton: “She was imprisoned in the crypt, yes!”
Hoxton: “Clearly this was an act of vengeance, meant to re-capture their sacrificial offering.”
Hoxton: “BUT BY THE LOVING LIGHT OF HORUS, we have foiled their plan!”
Shae Vanderin: “Lasariel, do you know any reason why demons and their undead minions may want to capture you?”
She shakes her head slowly, “I don’t know.. I can’t begin to imagine why demons do most of what they do.”

Hoxton: “They do what they do because their hands are guided by villainy! They were placed here to test the faithful!”
Raegar: “Think about it, unending life, power..”
Raegar: “I think demons get bored.”
Hoxton: “Yes, and that.”
Hoxton: “Imagine, immortality! With that, I could serve Horus for ages. Perhaps even forever!”
Selene yells from the other room, “I can hear Hoxton speaking still; can we get going and find him something to kick?”
Raegar: “Ive heard of holy-men who take vows of silence.”
Raegar: “that wouldnt be your case Hoxton, would it.”
Shae Vanderin: “Well if it was you they were after then there is something special about you. But this is just speculation. For now you are the first of hopefully many survivors to be found in Rurik.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: "
Hoxton: “Silence does not serve Horus!”
Raegar: “..I’m going to go join Selene.”
Raegar joins Selene
Hoxton: “Good idea, she gets in trouble, I’ll come too.”
Hoxton stomps out to Selene, who barely suppresses a groan.
Shae Vanderin: Bring everyone (Lasariel) up to speed on the entirety of the situation and then muster the troops.
They muster, fire in the hearts and murder in their eyes.

Raegar: “We should head to the circle.”
Shae Vanderin: “We will use the Temple as our temporary base of operations. A few of us should stay behind and guard the Temple. Dont be a hero if attacked, simply barricade yourself inside. Call for help if attacked and fight to the last if it comes to it.”
Shae Vanderin designates 4 mill workers to stay behind if nobody objects.
They fall out and prepare to stay behind.

Ilphvrae follow along
Shae Vanderin: “Rest of us move out. To the grove in the center.”
You approach the grove in the center of town.

The first thing you notice is that the trees and hedges making up the grove are.. different.

Spikey, thorned growths twist throughout the perimeter, and the forms of zombies and skeletons are stuck in it or piled at the bottom.

Several places before the entrance to the grove, the road is scorched black and littered with charred bones

Ilphvrae: “It seems nature has shown it’s discontent with the undead.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets hope it can differentiate between us and undead.”
As you grow near, you swear you see large, four-legged shapes prowling unharmed through the trees and underbrush that make up the perimeter.

About ten yards from the entrance, a wolf howls.

Raegar: =)
Don’t bother.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): lol
Raegar: aww
Ilphvrae calls out Druidess, how fares you?
A man steps from behind the hedgerow to look out from the entrance over a crossbow; he brightens up when he sees you and lowers it, waving you to approach.

Shae Vanderin: “May we enter the grove? It is us, the adventureres that visited you 2 days ago.”
Shae Vanderin: Approach.
Doug (Ilphvrae): follow along
The wolf does not make its presence known again. When you get into the grove, you see a number of people, including a handful of women and children, in groups around the grounds.

You estimate a dozen wolves prowling the area, and a large brown bear is snoring near the pool in the center.

The sentry shoulders his weapon, “Glad to see someone else made it.. Gemma is asleep at the moment, she was up through the night and most of yesterday, and it seems quiet finally.”

Shae Vanderin gives silent thanks.
Shae Vanderin: “This is the majority of the workers from the lumber mill. There are 4 others at the Temple of Horus which was badly defiled. Weve found one other survivor as well so far.”
Shae Vanderin: “Can you tell us what happened to Rurik from your perspective?”
The sentry looks crestfallen when you finish your tally, “That’s.. that’s it? Then Rurik is gone.. what you see here is all that’s left in the village.”

“Yesterday, around noon, people started reporting seeing things in the woods around town.. Hiram sent his guard north with a message for help early afternoon.”

Raegar: “Yea… That messenger did not get far.”
Raegar: “We found him being snacked on.”
“The messenger had barely left when they started the attacks.. we beat them off initially, and people began holing up here and at the temple..”

“But they came back, and people panicked.. a lot of the women and children fled the village, either into the woods or south along the road. We stopped hearing fighting from the temple by nightfall.”

Raegar: “There was a very nasty demon at the temple.”
Raegar: “Did it come this way?”
“Yes? I think we saw him here, as well. But he never came near the grove. He started to, but its like he didn’t.. like.. it.”

Shae Vanderin: “We think we killed it, if a demon can be slain.”
Shae Vanderin: “What of the other survivors you mentioned that fled south or to the woods, will they be able to survive on their own?”
Selene: “If there are survivors, they’ll filter back into town because they won’t have gone far.”
Selene: “Any of them who kept going.. if they make for Garmol, they may live.. if they went into the forests, I doubt it.”
Shae Vanderin nods solemnly, “And finally what of the undead, are there more threatening Rurik?”
Campaign saved.
At this point, the lumberjacks are dispersed into the grove, finding out who else is alive.

The sentry shrugs, “We haven’t seen any this morning, and last night was mostly quiet.”

Shae Vanderin: “Understood. We will go get the 4 workers we left at the temple and send them here. If you would allow us to stay for a night as well that would do us well.”
He nods, “Certainly!”

Shae Vanderin: Short order: head back to temple, get workers, return.
You do so.

Raegar: “Hmm..
”color:#000054;“>Raegar: Rest thursday?
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “Well, its not a total victory, but I think we came out ahead.”
Break here?

Raegar: not sure, what do you guys think?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): lets break for xp and levels
Raegar: i wanna listen to the speeches.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Sure we can break until thursday :)
Raegar: aaaaaand i gotta get to bed soon hehe
uhm, I don’t care, I just thought Dave wanted to
Ah, okay
Raegar: bah never mind me
Raegar: lets keep going then
Raegar: i can watxh tv at the same time
no, we can break here, pry not a bad idea

gimme a sec
Raegar: ok
call it 400 XP a piece
Nick (Shae Vanderin): just enough.
Nick (Shae Vanderin): new hp
Shae Vanderin:
[1d8 = 3]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): Ill take 3
[1d6 = 3]
Raegar: d6 for rangers right?
Raegar: ah, no, d8
[1d8 = 6]
Ilphvrae: [1d6 = 5]
Shae Vanderin: Spell [Major Aura – Hardy Soldiers + 1] – > + 4 on initiative and Dex based skill checks
Shae Vanderin: oops
Shae Vanderin: sec
Doug (Ilphvrae): Nope, good session tonight.
Shae Vanderin: Spell [Major Aura – Hardy Soldiers + 1] – > Allies gain DR 1/-
Nick (Shae Vanderin): there thats in effect now.
ugh, another thing for me to trip over in logs :P
Nick (Shae Vanderin): sorry
LOL, no problem
its not so bad now that I know whats doing it :)
Nick (Shae Vanderin): that was easy lol this class is very simple
not necessarily a bad thing.
Raegar: saaaay helllooo
Raegar: tooo Raegar the two handed swordsman
Raegar: woosh woosh
wait, two handed?
I think you mean two swords
Raegar: ..uhh
Raegar: yes
Raegar: thats what i meant
Nick (Shae Vanderin): picked up some ranks in knowledge geography too Morgan.
Shae Vanderin: Resetting Marshal Powers
Aight folkses, we done?
Raegar: all except my skills
Raegar: but i can just do those thursday
K, k.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Yeah done enough for now. Will have to lookover the phb to see if I missed anyting
Or I can throw this up again tomorrow if you want. Just let me know.
I’ll try to get the log up tomorrow.
Doug: grovvy
Nick: sounds great
‘Doug’ disconnected
good, now scram so I can get back on guild wars
Nick: night guys, Im gonna head out for about bit then ill see you on gw
‘Nick’ disconnected
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Campaign saved.

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