Session 8

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Raegar: Good.. Good
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you’re good; I just put it up and boom, there you are.

Raegar: yes
Raegar: I have cameras

Raegar: yes
Nick (Shae Vanderin): doctors appt at 2:30pm, I wait and finally see him at 4:45pm
Raegar: thats short
tum di dum…

any questions while I wait?

Raegar: I have many
Related to D&D?

Nick (Shae Vanderin): whats the damage of a wrist xbow?
‘Alex’ connected
What he said.
Raegar: 1d4 i think
Raegar: did i get it right?
Uh, probably on the order of 1d2; you do realize how miserably weak the bow would be?

Raegar: i think i did
Campaign saved.
The only purpose it would serve would be the delivery of poison, unless it were a very lucky shot.

Raegar: or to legolas some demons
Nick (Shae Vanderin): is there a fighters guild in garmol?
Raegar: an’ stuff
There is no fighter’s guild in Mishria.

Raegar: only Crom
Alex connected…
Nick (Shae Vanderin): we could start a fighters guild as an alternate business.
You could certainly look into it.

Raegar: or a mail order bride emporium
I like Raegar’s ide—-erm.

Raegar: New! Fresh from the moutains! Garanteed virgin Dwarven maidens!
Nick (Shae Vanderin): only if they dont have beards.
Raegar: There might be a demographic that only wants beards
So you want to deal in illegally young dwarf maidens?

Raegar: oh you..
Raegar: i was being facetiou
Raegar: …
Raegar: Facetious
Raegar: so, lets do this thing
Raegar: BUT FIRST!
Raegar: is it my turn first morgan?
Raegar: or..

Raegar: what’re we doin’..
Err.. “turn”?


are we in combat??

Raegar: campaign
…whatever, dave has an announcement he’d like to put forth.

Raegar: time is limited, ill do it tomorrow
Raegar: go
okay, good

since doug isn’t here to hear it

Now, as you all know because I nkow you all read the wiki religiously, the patch notes mentioned that the four lumberjacks withdrew armor and shields from party stores, unless there’s any objection.


Raegar: i have no objectifiv
Raegar: cations
Nick (Shae Vanderin): heya alex
Nick (Shae Vanderin): whats your announcement Dave?
Irrelevent, he’ll have to do it again when Doug gets here.

Raegar: yez
Raegar: im preggers.
Raegar: lumberjacks
Nick (Shae Vanderin): no objections of course

As we left off, you were a day out from the city of Garmol.

Morning had just arisen!

Night was dispelled!

You all got your four HP back!

Hoxton and Shae are still wounded though.

And I’m talking to a collection of dead bodies, apparently.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): damn I wanted doug here for this, well just have him weigh in later if thats cool.
Doug will be a bit late because the furnace repair peeoples still ain’t left.

Raegar: damned troglodytes.
Shae Vanderin: “I wanted to say some things before we get into Garmol. And I apologize in advance if this seems long winded.”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): WoT incomming sorry
Woo, I’m just glad someone other than me is WoTing.

Shae Vanderin: “I’ve gotten the feeling that our group has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start as to our goals and methods in doing things. I wanted to take this time to clear some things up about me so that you know why I do the things I do and the best way for us to go on from here.”
Shae Vanderin: “I am from the southern city state of Carthon. I was raised by my parents who were prominent merchants in the importing/exporting/warehousing industry there. I was raised in my parent’s hopes of following in their footsteps and for a time that is exactly what I wanted to do.”
Shae Vanderin: “On the eve of my 12th birthday as I was about to head to the grand hall of Carthon for a celebration I received word from one of our servants that my parents had been murdered by bandits for their coin while traveling. My life from that day on was changed forever. I was taken in by my uncle a career military man and under his tutelage and my eagerness I learned the arts of combat.”
Shae Vanderin: "In regards to recent events where some of you have questioned my judgment I can offer these explanations: “
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “In matters of negotiating for reward for tasks to be rendered, my parents foremost lesson to me was ‘never sell yourself short’ that is the reason I negotiated with Hiram as I did.”
Shae Vanderin: “In matters of the brigands that were obviously out to rob us on the road, I let my rage get the better of me and I perhaps did underestimate Hoxton’s understanding of the situation. Seeing bandits, the same type likely that killed my parents dare to do the same to me or those that I care to protect – namely all of you, drove me to anger. It was all I could do at the time to even demand they let us through. Paying them off is not something I could do and I don’t know if it ever will.”
Shae Vanderin: “In matters of the coin split after the battle with the bandits I offered my idea of a split merely as a suggestion and I did so in front of the men in order that they had a say in the matter. While Raegar’s plan that we split everything equally did make sense at the time, I was thinking more towards the future if our company grows and we have say a hundred members when equal splitting would not be logical or feasible in sustaining the company expenses. I believe that you all misunderstood my suggestion as an act of greed on my part, where in fact it was a suggestion towards organization.”
Shae Vanderin: “Finally in matters of the orders I give and the statements I make. Please know and understand that as of now those orders and statements are only suggestions. I make those orders and statements not to stand above anyone but rather for the purpose of efficiency. If any of you see a more efficient way and want to be vocal about it then by all means do so. My purpose is for us maximizing our overall success and reducing our overall failure.”
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar suggested we gain some additional members and draw up a charter. I have had time the past 2 nights to ponder on this and I have come up with a rough draft. I would ask all of you to read it and offer your input on if it is acceptable or offer any revisions you think are needed.”
Raegar: “That was a speech alright.”
Raegar: “I couldn’t care less what happened to the bandit. Might’ve been nice to try and bring them onboard instead of leaving a bunch of corpses behind.”
Raegar: “But I suppose, given your past, its easier to understand.”
Selene seems uninclined to get involved, and is talking with Ilphvrae in hushed tones at the edge of camp.

Shae Vanderin: “Garmol lies ahead of us. Possibly the beginning of a new and opprotunistic frontier for us. I just want to make sure we are going forward without any misgivings about each other.”
Raegar: “Well, im sure the city will be quite different.”
Raegar: so..
Raegar: is the charter on the wiki or somethign?
I linked it to you last week.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): yes under party
And everyone else.

Raegar: Well
Raegar: I forgot what i readt
Raegar: so
Raegar: “I will read over your ideas for the company I suppose.”
Can we agree that we’ll discuss the charter “later” (tomorrow’s session) so people can read it between?

Raegar: yea
Raegar: “So, unless anyone has any objections. Lets move on to Garmol, yes?”
You begin to proceed down the road to Garmol.

About a day out from the city you begin to leave the open rolling hills behind in favor of farmland and small hamlets. Many of the fields appear to be entirely barren or half-tilled, and small bands of peasants work half-heartedly at the land, including many women and children. As you near a fork in the road leading to one such hamlet, a macabre sight greets you. Ringing the intersection are ten great crosses, each one mounted by the corpse of a man, half eaten by crows and vultures. A placard hung from a nearby post proclaims them to be bandits.

Raegar: “Well… This place certainly is cheery.”
Shae Vanderin: “Let’s do our best to keep on the good side of the law while we are here. They obviously deal with things harshly.”
Selene: “Yes, yes we do. Its a tradition, I suppose.”
Raegar: “Ahhh traditions…”
Shae Vanderin: “Selene, you are from Garmol?”
Selene: “No, I am Daltrithaar, and Garmol follows our laws.”
Selene: “As such.. well.. we don’t look kindly on, shall we say, disruptive elements.”
Shae Vanderin: “I see. Is there any special laws we should know about while here? Or is it pretty much common sense.”
Selene: “As you say – common sense.”
Selene: “I suspect even this wouldn’t have occurred without a wide-spread problem.. but the dwarf told us things were bad.”
Raegar: “Hmmm…”
Raegar: “A thought occurs.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets head into the main city area and see what we can learn.”
Raegar: “What made it bad?”
Shae Vanderin: “The war Id guess.”
Shae Vanderin: “Combined with the poverty that followed.”
Selene: “As she says – the war. Many of the fields were worked by skeletons before the war.”
Shae Vanderin: “Are undead outlawed by Daltrithaar law?”
Raegar: “Hmm.. So that explains the.. how should i say this.. relaxed! attitude towards the undead in these parts..”
Selene: “I would be the wrong one to answer that one Shae.. but I suspect any Mishrian making use of necromancy would be put up against a wall and shot.”
Raegar: “I’ve seen some great undead butlers in my day.”
Raegar: “You have to make sure to get the ones without any meat left. The smell you see.”
Raegar: “It just wont do to be having tea and a piece of rotting flesh falls into it. Ruins the entire affaire.”
Selene: “..yes.”
Shae Vanderin: Head into Garmol.
You continue on down the road.

As you get within sight of Garmol, you see before you a sprawling city surrounded by a stone wall. However, as you draw closer you see many of the buildings within are in disrepair, and in several places the walls are crumbling. Here and there, work parties struggle to patch the defenses under armed guard, and vultures circle over the gates and the approaching road. As you draw nearer, you see the road for a hundred yards from the gate is lined with crosses while gibbets rise from the gatehouse itself.

Raegar: “You know, for a place where necromancy used to reign, the authorities sure leave a lot of corpses around.”
Selene: “Yes, and all of them lashed to wooden beams or locked in cages. I suspect they feel the warning is worth more than the potential risk.”
Shae Vanderin: Approach the main gate.
The main gate stands open with two guards flanking it.

Both appear to be of elven extraction; their surcoats are black edged with crimson and they wear mail.

Shae Vanderin: “Greetings. We seek refuge and work in the city of Garmol. Is there anything we should be aware of?”
Shae Vanderin looks about to the disrepair.
One of the guards cocks his head to the side, “If you seek lawful employment, no, there’s nothing to be concerned with. There are shortages in the city, and I suggest you stick to the merchants’ or nobles’ quarters.. otherwise the… smell.. may get to you.”

Shae Vanderin: “Was there some sort of rebellion or uprising?”
“Unless you mean ongoing bread riots, or the plague of banditry, no, there’s no rebellion that we are aware of. The local farms are in shambles across most of the country without their old laborers.”

“This is compounded by the fact that many of the city-folk have turned to banditry rather than get their hands dirty behind a plow.”

Shae Vanderin: “I see. Thank you. What is your name good sir?”
Raegar: “So.. these people would rather starve than work..?”
“Many of these people feel victimized, by us or by their own upper class. They see the wealth of the merchants and the nobles and feel they should do something to help them. The nobles and merchants disagree.”

Raegar: “Hmmm…”
Raegar: “Well, thank you for your time.”
Raegar: move along
Shae, he shows no indication of answering your question.

Shae Vanderin: Fair enough.
Raegar: that means morgan dont wanna make it a named npc
Raegar: =P
That’s one answer.

Raegar: haha
Shae Vanderin: Head inside aiming for the merchants/nobles area.
Raegar: “It seems to me…”
Raegar: “We have a choice…”
Shae Vanderin: “We have many choices.”
Inside the city, you find yourself surrounded almost immediately by what is most likely the district you seek. However, peering down the streets, you see that if you veer off the main road through the city very far the buildings deteriorate rapidly.

Raegar: “Do you really wish to help the kind of noble that would rather enrich themselves than see a city restored.?”
Raegar: “Then again, coin is its own reward.”
Beggars congregate in small pockets on the main road, mostly women and children, presenting a drastic clash with the apparent wealth of the people moving about the streets here.

Raegar: children you say.
Yes. Children.

Shae Vanderin: “We have time to answer all those questions. For now lets find an inn and set up a base of operations. Then we can plan our strategy here.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or I can see to that and you can meet me later if you wish.”
Raegar: “Great idea.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ill look for you here by the main gate once Ive secured us lodgings.”
This district seems to have a fairly significant military presence, both some fairly shabbily equipped town watchmen and more soldiers garbed as those at the gate.

Shae, you are going off in search of an inn?

Shae Vanderin: Yes I think we are splitting up.
Shae Vanderin: I am going to an inn with whoever wants to follow me.
Shae Vanderin: Securing rooms.
Selene and Raegar split off.

Shae Vanderin: And then meeting everyone back at the main gate to relay the info.
Lasariel and the lumberjacks go with you, along with Ilph and Hoxton

Shae Vanderin: “Keep your eyes sharp in the city. Watch for pickpockets and shamsters.”
Hoxton shifts his grip on the cuddle-hammer of Horus.

Shae, you have a fairly wide choice of inns in this district, ranging in quality from “ok” to “good”

Shae Vanderin: Looking for good quality with a fairly large size/ bar.
Shae Vanderin: Hopefully they have baths as well.
Innkeeper: “How many rooms are you looking at for how long?”

Shae Vanderin: “Im assuming its the standard 2 persons per room. We have… 10 people so 5 rooms.”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): did I get that right? 10?
Kiergath: Yes. I believe so.
Shae Vanderin: “As for how long, I dont know yet but at least 3 nights.”
Shae Vanderin: “Do you have a deal if we book for an entire week?”
Innkeeper: “Ten gold for the week, five rooms.”
Kiergath: ( 5 sp / day, 2.5 / day normally, you’re ahead. )
Shae Vanderin: “Agreed, are baths included in the room stay?”
Innkeeper: “Yes.”
Shae Vanderin pays the inkeeper.
Hoxton: “Figures, the lass is worried about smelling pretty.”
Hoxton sees about finding the location of the nearest temple.
Hoxton, you have a choice of temples in the city.

You are able to get directions to a temple of Horus, a temple to Bast, and one to Set.

Hoxton: While the party settles in, go see to the non-blaspheming temple and make my donations and pay my respects to the local clergy.
Shae, the lumberjacks disperse to their rooms to dump off some of their gear, then hit the bar.

Shae Vanderin: Ok.
Lasariel disappears in the name of bath.

Raegar nods at Hoxton as he passes him at the door.
Shae Vanderin: Short order what Shae is doing: Heading to inform others of of accomodations, heading back to room for candles/bath/relaxation, changing into my black merchants robes, getting armor repaired/reoiled, and heading down to bar for food/drink.
Everybody has regrouped at the inn, except Hoxton who just left.

Alex (Hoxton): Cos IM A REBEL
IT IS SOME TIME LATER, and you end up in the bar area.

Raegar tosses around a gold coin.
Raegar: “Shae, what would you say to me keeping an eye on the money for the outfit?”
Raegar: “…Oh, and didnt you say something about a wagon..?”
Shae Vanderin: “As in the treasurer? I cant see anything wrong with that.”
Raegar shoots a sly smile at Selene.
Raegar: “Trust me, you’ll have your wagon in shorter order that way.”
Shae Vanderin: “Sounds good. Anyone opposed to Raegar being our company treasurer?”
Raegar: “I prefer paymaster.”
Raegar: “It conjurs up less of an image of a lonely gnome in a backroom..”
Shae Vanderin: “Paymaster then.”
Nobody makes any objection.

Shae Vanderin: Order some wine/drinks for the table.
Raegar: “Well.. We currently have 5 gold on account.”
Shae Vanderin: “Its a start.”
Raegar: “You’d be surprised how business savy Selene and I where today.”
Selene tosses five gold down on the table, “Ten.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you Selene, very generous.”
Shae Vanderin: “So regarding Garmol. I think our first plan in finding work should be to make ourselves known.”
Shae Vanderin: “There has to be a council clerk that is offering commissions. I suggest we start there.”
Raegar: “Well, I’d like to know commissions for what, exactly.”
Shae Vanderin: “If not we can hit up some of the local merchants or town guard.”
Raegar: “Oh yes, I’m certain we can do that.”
Shae Vanderin: “Of course we wont accept any job that we dont know the task for.”
Raegar: “How about we rob the nobles instead?”
Selene: “Not like they’re using any of it…”
Shae Vanderin chuckles, “Good joke.”
Raegar: he said quite matter of factly
Raegar: “Yes! Joke..”
Raegar: “Do you want to know what Selene and I did this afternoon?”
Selene: “No, I don’t think she does..”
Raegar: “Go around the bad parts of town.”
Raegar: “There are people starving while some idiot with puffy pants eats figs off a gold tray down the street.”
Raegar: “It … Annoys me.”
Shae Vanderin: “It is unfair. Those with wealth and the have-nots are often only seperated by their stations in life.”
Hoxton stomps in from outside the bar, looking somewhat troubled.
Shae Vanderin waves Hoxton over to the table.
Selene: “This city certainly has its problems.. as Raegar said – what sort of work do you propose we look for?”
Raegar: “I’ll come out and say it.”
Raegar: “If we find work with a merchant. Its to better rob him blind.”
Hoxton stomps over and sits down. “Not good news… more derision and demonmongering is taking pace to the south. Tombshade in particular, and in the Bonemurk, dark happenings… the dead rising again, and caravans that aren’t making their return trips…”
Raegar: “See, that, I can get behind.”
Selene: “All of which contributes to the food shortage, I imagine.”
Shae Vanderin takes a sip of her wine, “No doubt they could use the help of a capable mercenary company.”
Selene: “Yes – do any of us know of one?”
Raegar: “HAH!”
Shae Vanderin: “We could try and gather recruits here and then set off to offer our assistance.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or we could go our own, the 10 of us.”
Selene: “If we just go on our own, there’s more for us. But if we get into trouble out there…”
Raegar: “I like the idea of going it alone..”
Lasariel looks up from her wine glass, “This city is full of wretched and poor, down on their luck. If we wished to go the other route, this would be the place to do it.”
Shae Vanderin: “What is the extent of the attacks, is it just simple skeletons and the like or are we talking real demons like the one we faced in Rurik?”
Raegar: “If we get recruits here, in my opinion, it won’t be much more than rabble or overpaid..”
Raegar: “Once we become famous as the heroes of Garmol..”
Selene: “A valid point. But the Bonemurk is not close.”
Selene: “I suggest we seek work closer to the city of Garmol, and then venture south to Tombshade and the ’murk.”
‘Doug’ connected
Shae Vanderin: How far is Tombshade from Garmol?
Nick (Shae Vanderin): heya Doug.
Ilphvrae staggers down from her room and a bath to join the group.

Doug (Ilphvrae): ‘ello
Shae – about another 4 and a half days through forested country.

Shae Vanderin: “Good point Selene.”
And the Murk is a few days beyond.

Shae Vanderin: “Welcome Ilph, have some wine.”
Raegar: “We should get some jobs in town first..”
Raegar: “Now, do I have a private room?”
Shae Vanderin: “No we have 5 rooms 2 per.”
Raegar: “…Right.”
Shae Vanderin: “You can stay with me Raegar, I do not mind.”
Shae Vanderin: “Or wherever you like.”
Raegar raises an eyebrow.
Shae Vanderin: “At any rate however, tomorrow I will check to see if there is a clerks office that is offering commissions and then poke around the merchants district for jobs.”
Shae Vanderin: “If you all want to poke around the city with the town guard or temples and see what they have that would help also.”
Shae Vanderin: “Then we can convene, see what jobs are being offered and decide on a course.”
Raegar: “Certainly.”
Shae Vanderin: “For tonite I intend to rest, its been a long journey.”
Shae Vanderin orders more wine.
Raegar: “I need a bloody bath.”
Raegar stands up.
Ilphvrae: “Eww! Why would you want to take a bath in blood?”
Raegar: "I’m off to do just that in fact.“
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Just going to rest the remainder of the evening/night here.
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: Get some more hp back :P

By morning you can all be healed. Amazing, no?

Shae Vanderin: ITS THE WINE!
Hoxton, you Lay-on-Hands yourself before bedtime prayers.

Morning comes, and you make yourselves comfortable in the tavern area.

Most of the clientele here appears to be travelling merchants.

A mix of caravaneers and guards.

Shae Vanderin: Picking up armor (let me know cost of maintenence), grabbing breakfast, then heading to find jobs!
Shae Vanderin: let me know if you want a gather info roll
Where are you looking?

And are you bringing Hoxton or Ilph, cos they’re not talking at the moment.

Shae Vanderin: government buildings first
Or is Hoxton trawling for rumors at the temples.

Shae Vanderin: Whoever wants to come with is welcome.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Ilphy is going to troll the merchant quarter looking for information
Shae Vanderin: and then merchant area, shopkeepers, ect.
Hoxton I’ll spend a bit more time at the temple praying and spreading goodwill.
Nick; you have a choice as far as government buildings. There is a town hall type structure.

There is also the military quarter.

Shae Vanderin: skip the merchant area then, Ill check both the government sections.
Shae Vanderin: first town hall
Shae Vanderin: then military
The town hall is, this early in the morning, largely vacant. A few clerks bustle about their daily routines, and a few merchants are there filing their paperwork.

Shae Vanderin: Walk forward and ask where newcommers to the city can find work. If there is a comissioner who offers rewards for jobs.
“What kind of work are you looking for? You don’t look like the type for chimney sweeping.”

Shae Vanderin: “Problem solving of a martial nature.”
Shae Vanderin puts her hand on her sword hilt.
“Are you threatening me?”

Shae Vanderin laughs, “No gods no. Just answering your question.”
“You want the military district, we have no authority over criminal or military matters here.”

Shae Vanderin bows and leaves.
You head to the military district.

Shae, the military district appears to be a pretty recent addition. Part of the city appears to have been demolished and repurposed for the role.

Shae Vanderin: Look for the main building or barracks structure.
There is a main building that seems to be serving as a headquarters.

The guards let you pass without much of a glance.

Shae Vanderin: Head inside look for someone in charge, introduce myself and explain that our small mercenary company is looking for lawful work for profit.
An officer behind a desk looks you over, “Well, there’s a bounty on bandits – five gold an ear.”

Shae Vanderin: “Any bandit leaders you want to see removed?”
“If all I want is their ears, how do you propose I identify them? Heads are messy.”

“Prisoners are two and a half gold per body.”

Shae Vanderin looks at the man for a long moment, “Very well… 5 gold per bandit and 2 and half gold for prisoners.”
Shae Vanderin: “Ill check back with you while we work on this for any other jobs you may have as well.”
“Other than that, there’s a standing bounty on undead of five gold a skull.”

Shae Vanderin: “Undead within the city or outside its limits as well? Forgive me, I have no idea how far out your borders go.”
“There’d damn well better not be any undead in the city, but if there are, yes, the bounty would apply.”

Shae Vanderin: “Very well and we bring our proofs here to you to collect then. Very good.”
“Aye. All proof back here.”

Shae Vanderin: Head back to the inn and report my findings to the party.

Alex (Hoxton): YAY
and the DM considers docking everyone for splitting up.

lord, my head.

Selene and Raegar enter the inn together some time after Shae returns. This is the first anyone has seen them since last night.

Raegar: “Well, how are we all this morning?”
Shae Vanderin: “Ready for lunch actually. How did it go with you two?”
Raegar: “Let just say we can buy a wagon.”
Selene: “Maybe two..”
Selene: “With pretty matching ponies..”
Raegar: “And leather seats!”
Alex (Hoxton): I didn’t do much!
Shae Vanderin: “The seargant or whatever his rank was at the barracks was offering 5 gold per skull on undead and 5 gold per ear on bandits. 2 and a half if delivered alive as prisoners.”
Ilphvrae: “The nobles think the commoners are just too lazy to work the land, not sure what the commoners think. The merchants need food to sell, thats the hot commodity. There was also a robbery in the merchant area last night, the owner is not talking much about it.”
Raegar: “Poor guy should get some better security.”
Raegar: “Maybe he’d hire us?”
Ilphvrae: “The commoners are resorting to banditry because they are hungry”
Shae Vanderin: “What is the source of the lack of food? Is it lack of labor for the fields, insufficient storage, or these caravans being attacked and cutting the city off from aid?”
Lasariel: “Look at these people – they’re not farmers. Yet now they’re presented with a choice – become farmers, or die.”
Lasariel: “Some are working, certainly. Others, from the sounds of it, have decided to live off those they see as responsible – by taking from the wealthy.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, can’t priests create food in times of need?”
Shae Vanderin: “Hmm. Well this is a shame and it doesnt help us any. What do you all suggest we do?”
Hoxton looks over at Shae.
Ilphvrae: “I think some of these commoners could be of use to us. We need gainful work and then they could be hired and taught to fight as needed.”
Hoxton: “Miss, food is brought forth from the land by hard working men who toil and bleed to see that it comes out. These men are the lifeblood of nations. Some of them are priests, for certain, but most are hard working men like myself.”
Lasariel: “For that we need work – has anyone found anything in the way of a lead on that?”
Ilphvrae: “The representitive for the commoners should be located and then presented to the nobles. Let it be known that they would be willing to work the land once farmed by the undead. Some work is better then none and any honest commoner would rather work then steal.”
Shae Vanderin: “Nothing formal, only bounties on undead and bandits.”
Ilphvrae: “Of course the commoners would need be shown how much better working is than feeding worms or the crows.”
Lasariel: “I suspect there is a reason the commoners would sooner take up arms in mass and live by banditry than working the fields…”
Ilphvrae shrugs “Thats just my opinion.”
Shae Vanderin: “So if you want to go bandit hunting thats definately something we could do.”
Raegar stares at Shae.
Selene: “Bandit hunting? I have no interest in slaughtering people for no reason than being down on their luck and oppressed by their own countrymen.”
Raegar: “So, how do you figure they’d be willing to work te land?”
Ilphvrae: “Maybe we points at shae should find out why they would rather risk a painful death over farming first before we go and kill those that may be innocent.”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets ask the barkeep, Im sure hes heard his share of rumors.”
Raegar: “You know, I bet I can find out why they won’t farm..”
Raegar: “Follow me.”
Innkeeper: “Of course I have! I’m a barkeep! I know everything that goes on in my town, and my country, because everyone talks to me!”
Raegar stands.
Raegar heads towards the door.
Innkeeper collapses weeping on the countertop.
Shae Vanderin: LOL
Raegar: if anyone is following
Selene and Las, yes.
Raegar: im headed to the spot where i emptied a cart yesterday
Ilphvrae: sighs My father says rumors are like jackholes, they all stink. We need facts not I thinks or I heards.“
”color:#000054;“>Shae Vanderin: Follow Raegar.
”color:#540000;">Ilphvrae follows Selene
Selene: “Sometimes, Ilph, a hole is a hole.”
Ilphvrae: “I suppose so.”
Raegar: When we get to the spot

Raegar: try to find one of the people i fed yesterday
Raegar: some is even better
Easily done. They recognize you and Selene and gather around.

Raegar: “I had a question for you fine folks that I did not think to ask yesterday. Why do you resist going out into the fields? Is there danger?”
Raegar: “Is it something else? What is causing the misery?”
Peasant: “I’m a baker, I don’t grow wheat, I use it!”
Raegar: “Other than.. you know.. the war and crushing poverty..”
Peasant: “I’m a painter! Why should I work a field?!”
Raegar: “I see..”
Campaign saved.
Peasant: “My uncle worked one of the farms. Something ate him two weeks ago and all they found was his boots!”
Peasant: “Why should I work a farm for one of these rich bastards that only came to Garmol after we lost the war?!”
Peasant: “Shameless, blood-sucking profiteers, the lot of them!”
Raegar: “I see..”
Peasant: “My grandfather used to oversee one of those farms! Now these so-called merchants won’t even pay laborers enough to feed their families!”
None of these peasants is the same one twice, for the record.
Raegar: “Well, that was instructive.”
Peasant: “Burn the merchant quarter! See how they like being reduced to nothing!”
Peasant: “Yeah!”
Raegar: “STOP!”
Peasant: “Maybe we should burn the merchants—-what?”
Raegar: “Wait, wait, what if, instead, we made sure for you folk that the outside of the city, the farms. Where safe?”
Peasant: “But…”
Peasant: “But there’re undead out there..”
Peasant: “And bandits!”
Peasant: “Bandits? The bandits don’t attack the farms, they’re our kinfolk!”
Raegar: OK
Raegar: guys… lol i need to hit it
Raegar: i have work toorrow
Raegar: and i gotta get up
Shae Vanderin: k
Raegar: earlyyyy
Session 8 or 9 halt.

Ilphvrae: I know the early feeling

Raegar: see ya tomorrow guys!
Nick (Shae Vanderin): cya Dave
‘Pitr De Vries’ disconnected
Nick (Shae Vanderin): im out too heading to gw
K, k.
‘Nick’ disconnected
Off with ye!

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