Session 9

‘Pitr De Vries’ connected
‘Alex’ connected
Raegar: Nick is comin
Raegar: hey alex
Raegar: hows it goin’?
I need a drink.. and we’re out of sake.. sigh
Raegar: Sake..
So. This is cozy.
‘Nick’ connected
It is bids good day to all and a fine happy hello!

Raegar: HI
Raegar: My names dave
Mine is not.

I still have not received any word from Doug, so I guess we’re a go.

Raegar: so where were we
When last we convened, not 24 hours ago, Raegar had begun stirring up a hornet’s nest in the poor quarter. He inquired as to why they would not work, why they were upset, and was answered with a variety of things. Including someone who relayed that his uncle had worked a farm, until he was eaten last week and all they found were his boots.Sorry, two weeks ago.

Alex (Hoxton): Hoxxy in the houssssssssssssse
Raegar: yes
Raegar: and they were calming down
Raegar: Since i asked how theyd feel about safe farms
They had begun to stir themselves into a frenzy, having decided momentarily that burning down the noble quarter – and possibly also the nobles – was a good solution. Raegar then said “WAIT!”

Raegar then proposed an alternate solution – making the farms safe for human habitation!

Peasant: “But that still won’t get the bastards to give us enough money to live!”
Peasant: “We’ll just live long enough to starve!”
Raegar: “What if I bought the farms?”
Peasant: “I’ve got a kid and two wives to feed!”
Peasant: “You’re drunk, Harry. You got that backwards.”
Raegar: “You run it for me, grow things, sell things. You people live there..”
Raegar: “I pay you..”
Raegar: "We kill things that murder you in the night.
Peasant: “Wots yore angle, guv?”
Raegar: “I like killing things.”
Raegar: “But it has to be guilty things..”
Peasant: “Look ’ere! Now this is the face of honesty!”
Peasant: “But he wants them guilty.”
Peasant: “Are we supposed to try a bunch of undead??”
Raegar: “Or dangerous.”
Peasant: “Oh, dangerous OR guilty.”
Peasant: “Well that changes things.”
Peasant: “Buy the farms, hey?”
Peasant: “I likes the sound of that, I does!”
Peasant: “We could be an autonomous collective!”
Raegar: “You could!”
Alex (Hoxton): …I am reading this with the alternate meaning of Buy the farm…
Peasant: “But how will you buy the farms?”
Raegar: LOL
Raegar: what if i bought the farm..
Raegar: “Well.. They can’t be that expensive at the moment can they?”
Raegar: “Are there any amongst you that know what they are doing farm-wise?”
Peasant: “I used to oversee one before the war!”
Raegar: “Good good..”
Raegar: “Do you know of any disused farm around the city?”
Peasant: “Not right near, no, the merchants bought those all up; they’re the safest of the lot. You’d have to go to the outlying hamlets.”
Raegar: “Shae? Hoxton?”
Raegar: “Thoughts?”
Shae Vanderin: “I really dont know Raegar. No doubt the problem here is dire with the people. My idea would be to have them unionize themselves and demand a pay rate that allows for fairness on both sides.”
Raegar: “Union..?”
Peasant: “Wots a yoonyun, miss?”
Shae Vanderin: “Some of the commoners of Carthon felt they werent being treated fairly by the city council. The lot of them got together, chose a leader and decided to stand together firm on matters like fair wages and treatment. It took a while, a year in fact, but a settlement was eventually reached.”
Peasant: “In a year, half of us would be dead.”
Peasant: “And the other half would only be alive from eatin’ the first half!”
Hoxton coughs and looks at Shae. “If I may?”
Shae Vanderin: “It would be difficult to be sure.”
Shae Vanderin nods at Hoxton.
Hoxton: “Before I was embraced by Horus’ light, I grew up on the farm. These people need a safe place to work – a place to work on their own. They are paid in successful yields and well spent days. Their union is one with the land. If we were to secure them a suitable farmland away from town and help to secure it, pe, then we might be able tosee that their endeavor succeeded. They are men of the land, and cannot be shackled by legal proceedings.”
Peasant: “Praise Horus!”
Peasant: “Horus has sent his cleric to show us the way!”
Peasant: “The gods have seen fit to answer our plight!”
Peasant: “Shut up.”
Shae Vanderin: “So the idea then is to purchase a piece of land, ideally a farm and have these people work upon it fairly?”
Raegar: “So, overseer person, will you show us to one of the old good farms?”
Raegar: “Well, yes.”
Raegar: “Just let them have at it, they will be free of the nobles, able to feed themselves.”
Peasant: “I can take you around to one of the hamlets outside town; they’ve been hit worse than any of us here by the undead; the guards can’t keep the entire area safe.”
Peasant: “Thats because the soldiers mostly stay in the cities to keep us from BURNING DOWN THE MERCHANT QUARTER!”
Peasant: “To be fair, they also keep the merchants from leveling whats left of our houses.”
‘Doug’ connected
Foreman: “Sirrah, I suspect you have gotten all you can out of these here; may I suggest we decide when you wish to visit the hamlet?”
Shae Vanderin: “Im ready now.”
Raegar: “Aye, lets go.”
Lasariel: “A hamlet? How… rustic.”
Selene: “Come on, girly, it’ll do you good to get your skirts dirty for once.”
Foreman coughs, “Yes? Very well, let us be off then.”
You leave the mob behind, although some portions of it trail along with you, still arguing over whether the soldiers are protecting them from the merchants, or the merchants from them.

The soldiers at the gates look somewhat confused as you pass.

Also, good morning Douglet.

Doug (Ilphvrae): ‘lo
You head out down the road with your entourage, and the ex-foreman leads you back to the first hamlet you had passed, with the turn-off ringed by crucifixes.

It is, unfortunately, growing dark by the time you arrive.

Shae Vanderin: “Couple of questions… First is this hamlet abandoned currently, and second who owns it?”
Foreman: “Why, the people wot live here own it.”
Foreman: "I do believe my sister and her folks are still here.. and the Rigby’s… and possibly also the Sumters. Maybe twelve people left.“
”color:#000054;">Shae Vanderin: “That is good news.”
Shae Vanderin: Does it look big enough to support the entire city of garmol’s food needs?
A quick glance around the town says there used to be a lot more people here at one point, if he can only come up with 3 families.

Heavens no.

Raegar: nick lol
Raegar: we know the city is ringed by farms all owned by the merchants
Raegar: odds are one more wont do much to the balance
Shae Vanderin: oh I was thinking this was a series of farms, not just one.
Foreman: “As for the land.. well.. truth be told, far as I know no-one owns it – the lands used to be crown controlled.”
Its a hamlet and the lands surrounding it; you’re a day out from the city and fairly far from the merchant-held farmland.

Foreman: “If we could get this starting up again, I expect we could expand a fair bit in time – posession bein’ nine tenths of the law and all.. its just a question of defending it, if anything comes outta the wilds.”
Shae Vanderin: “Its a start…”
Shae Vanderin: “How much coins worth of supplies would you need to get the farms running again?”
Shae Vanderin: “Seeding, animals, ect.”
Foreman: “It’ll take some time to come up with that estimate, I’m afraid.”
Foreman: “I’ll have to take a look in daylight.”
Hoxton waves the Foreman over. “Nevermind that – how many axes do you have, and how many able bodies can you scare up?”
Shae Vanderin: “Lets check in with the families still living here and hear from them.”
Foreman: “Oh, certainly – my sister Gertrude lives over there, her husband Jamethon is sort’ve the voice of reason around here.”
Foreman: “Ah, both good questions, sir knight. It depends very much on how many people we could drum up in town, and how many of these here would stay.”
Hoxton nods to the man. “When we’re back in town, I’ll ask around. I can get this place defended for you, I just need strong backs and women to keep bringing the water.”
Raegar heads off towards Gertrude’s hovel.
Shae Vanderin: “And with that comment of brilliance from our knight, lets go check on the families.”
Shae Vanderin follows Raegar.
The foreman nods at Hoxton, then follows Raegar. He pounds on the door to the hut, “Gertrude? Jamethon? Its Hermann, I’m here on business.”
An older gentleman opens the door with a lantern, “Yes? Oh, visitors! Um.. come i—no, no, there’s no room.. Ah, what can I do for you?”

Raegar: “We are here to solve your problems.”
Peasant: “Oh? I’m listenin’, go on.”
Shae Vanderin: “Have there been any attacks on the hamlet recently by undead or other creatures?”
Peasant: “Stranger, we generally don’t even come out of our houses at night. Nobody’s willin’ to work the fields around here for fear of attack.”
Peasant: “Half our population has gone over to the bandits.”
Raegar: “Thats what we are here to fix…”
Raegar: “So, let me get this straight.”
Raegar: “With the fields being unsafe, people have turned to banditry?”
Peasant: “Would you rather congregate in small numbers, poorly armed because our militia’s been disarmed, and fight undead..”
Peasant: “Or congregate in mass, well armed because you’re already pretty much hoist by a petard anyway, and harass merchants?”
Raegar: “So, the bandits we might encounter, are regular folks.”
Raegar: “Turned to a life of crime becuase they have no choice?”
Peasant: “The merchants don’t fight, the boys wave their swords around a little, food and coin changes hands, nobody gets hurt. At least for the most part.”
Peasant: " ‘course, sometimes they get a little excited, somebody dies, and the soldiers come out.. then you get things like that little display on the road."
he gestures towards the crucifixes.

Raegar: “Well.. That story makes me sad.”
Peasant: "Listen guv, I know it ain’t right – you don’t have to tell me that. But we’ve got three families left in this hamlet, and we’d all be dead or forced to live in that rat-nest of a city if it weren’t for what those boys bring in.“
”color:#000054;">Raegar: “What would you need to make sure your boys come back here and resume the life you had before?”
Peasant: “Permission from the military governor in Garmol to bear arms would be a good start; the supplies to get the farms running, people to work ’em.”
Peasant: “We’ve got a lot of empty land here – we’re far enough from Garmol that the merchants don’t want the risk of their quotas gettin’ mauled by undead. But we need to be able to defend ourselves.”
Hoxton: “Leave that to me, sir. I have a plan that will keep you and yours safe, once we get you permission and a few more bodies.”
Hoxton: “Horus’ light will defend you in addition to the earthly defenses I will erect on your behalf.”
The foreman turns to Hoxton, “This will require more than bodies and noble words – there is the matter of funds and organization.” He points at Raegar, “You, sir, had a plan for this?”

Raegar: “I did.”
Raegar pulls out his gold purse.
Raegar: “How much do you need?”
Raegar: “I wanted to purchase the farm.. Allow you fine folks to run it and sell the excess produce.”
Foreman: “Given the current situation… alot of people are selling their animals in the city.. I should say sixty to seventy gold would get us going, if we could bring in labor.”
Raegar hands over 70 gold coins.
Foreman: “Thank you sir! I’ll give the grounds a once-over in the morning to get an idea of what needs done, and head back to town for supplies.”
Raegar: “Ahhh one moment.”
Raegar: “I just handed over 70 gold pieces to you.”
Raegar: “Would you care to take a guess what would happen if you were to go missing? With the gold pieces?”
Foreman: “Yes sir, and thats why I’m going to be out there as soon as the sun’s up to get to work. My pa didn’t raise no sneak thief. Leave that ta’ gnomes.”
Raegar: he seem to be lying?
Raegar: any nervous twitches
Not really, no.

Raegar: mmkay good
Achievement Unlocked: Bought the Farm.

Raegar: “Alright then, go ahead and make the necessary arrangements.”
Jamethon, the peasant, pipes up: “You folks can stay the night in the empty huts if you’ve a mind. There’s plenty of room.”

Shae Vanderin: “Thank you for your hospitality.”
Raegar: “Sounds like a plan. Is there anything particularly dangerous in these parts? Something we could remove.. It might make people more interested in coming back.”
He thinks for a moment, “Hard to say, sir. The undead, they wander.”

“We ha’ent seen none for awhile, though, but we mostly stay in doors after dark.”

Lasariel: “Undead are sometimes drawn to life.. if more people congregate here, the undead may return.”
Raegar: “Hmmm…”
Hoxton: “Let them come. I’ll keep this settlement safe, Horus willing.”
Raegar: “Lets see how the night goes.”
Raegar: “I suggest we set watches. We might have stired things up around here.”
Shae Vanderin: “Standard watch rotation then.”
You settle in for the night.

First watch, Hoxton, a lumberjack, and several of the locals / the mob.

The watch shifts to Shae, a lumberjack, and rabble.

And moves on to Raegar and his rabble..

In the morning, a head count reveals no losses.

Doug (Ilphvrae): I will take last watches again I spose :)
The sun rears its foul head, and a cock crows.

The foreman and two of the men from town are already out and about.

Raegar: “Well, we survived the night.”
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, it might be prudent to search for tracks along the perimeter of the hamlet to see if the place is being skulked at night.”
Shae Vanderin: “And on the matter of arming the workers, do you think we should speak on their behalf to the military general about rearming, or just bypass that and arm them anyway?”
Raegar: “Grand idea.”
Raegar: “Foreman, would you show us around please?”

Foreman: “There’s really not much to see at the moment, these fields haven’t been tended in near a year, by my guess.”
can I get, say, four survival checks?

Raegar: Skill [Survival]
[1d20+4 = 7]
Raegar: good lets just clear out the bad rolls first
Raegar: Skill [Survival]
[1d20+4 = 16]
Raegar: Skill [Survival]
[1d20+4 = 6]
Raegar: Skill [Survival] [1d20+4 = 14]
There are no fresh tracks other than animals.

Raegar: “Nothing looks amiss. Just wild animal tracks.”
Shae Vanderin: “Good sign.”
Hoxton: “I think we should head back to town. Nothing more can be done here.”
Foreman: “Aye. I’ll be headed that way as soon as I’m done here – please remember to plead our case with the military, though. If we can’t arm ourselves, the whole thing is for naught.”

Raegar: “Agreed, we need to get the military governor to allow us to arm these folk..”
Shae Vanderin: “Let’s go then.”
Raegar: “We can’t have Hoxton stand guard every day..”
Raegar: “Shae, it might be a good idea if we left the lumbermen here.”
Raegar: “At the very least, they’ll have some measure of protection.”
Shae Vanderin: “Its up to them.”
Raegar: “I’ll talk to them.”
Raegar: go off and find the lumberjacks
You find them easily.

Raegar: “I have a job for you.”
Lumberjack: “Yes?”
Raegar: “I would like to have you 4 stay here while we head back to town to convince the governor of bringing more arms here.”
Raegar: “These people need to be kept safe.”
Lumberjack: “That seems reasonable. How long do you expect to be gone?”
Raegar: “That depends on the military governor, I will send a messenger from the city if it is to be more than a week.”
Lumberjack nods.
Raegar: you can hire messengers right?

Raegar: ok
With this set, you return to Garmol?

Shae Vanderin: yes
Raegar: i think so yes
It is getting into evening when you arrive back in the city. Your rooms are still booked for I believe … 5 nights.

Shae Vanderin: yes 5 more nights
Shae Vanderin: “I suggest we head to see the governor in the morning.”
Raegar: “sounds like a plan.”
Shae Vanderin: Sleep.
You eat, and spend the rest of the evening recovering from the two days of trouble.

Raegar: “There is some small business i need to attend to..”
Ah, sorry. Carry on

Raegar: “Selene? Would you assist me, we need to find the merchant bank..”
Raegar: “IN fact… Shae.. Arent you the negotiating type?”
Shae Vanderin: “Please do not get into trouble Raegar. And do not steal from innocent merchants if that is your intent.”
Raegar: “…Never mind.”
Raegar stands and heads for the door..
Ilph, activity?

Morning comes!

Shae Vanderin: Get up, bath, get dressed (no armor, just my alternate clothes), head down for breakfast and wait for the party.
Shae Vanderin: Leaving weapons as well except my boot dagger.
Hoxton wakes up, eats a sparse meal then says a brief farewell to the grop before stepping out of the inn.
Shae Vanderin: “You have other plans Hoxton, very well. We will let you know how things went with the governor.”
Raegar stretches and heads down the stairs.
You convene in the tavern area.

Shae Vanderin: “Do we have the Foreman’s name?”
Raegar: “I just call him Foreman.”
Raegar: “Foreman McWorkaster.”
Hermann Schultz.

Raegar: “Good old Hermann..”
Shae Vanderin: “Well lets cross our fingers and hope we can convince the governor, let alone get an audience with him.”
Shae Vanderin: Head out unless anyone has anything else.

Ilph tags along.

You meander to the military quarter.

Shae Vanderin: Look for the same commissioner that pays bounties.
Shae Vanderin: Ask him where to go to get an audience with the governor.
“Name? And whats the issue?”

Shae Vanderin: “Shae Vanderin. Here to speak on behalf of the northern hamlet for a proposal.”
“Northern hamlet..that’d be Ashby… population nine.. spokesperson.. Jamethon Black… Right.”

Shae Vanderin: “Correct.”
Officer: “If you’ll just wait here a moment.”
Raegar: what did that mean..
Raegar: how did he say it..
Raegar: how many guards are there
He gets up from his desk and goes through a doorway.

Guards.. one, outside the building.

Raegar: ah
Raegar: ok
Raegar: who gives a flip then
In here.. none. Two pencil pushers and him.

A minute or two later he returns, "Oddly enough, I have not been instructed to tell you to come back “tomorrow”."

Officer: “Through that door over there, down the hall, second door on your right.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you.”
Shae Vanderin: Head to that door.
Officer: “Make sure its the second door, the first door opens into a well.”
Shae Vanderin: Listen at the first door.
Your little group, which mostly just consists of the three of you, heads to the instructed portal.

The first door? There is no sound at all.

Shae Vanderin: Continue.
The second door is ajar.

Doug (Ilphvrae): follow along
Shae Vanderin: Knock softly and then swing the door open a bit more.
A female voice calls out, “Yes? Come in.” as you knock.

Shae Vanderin: Push the door open and enter.
Within is a rather plain looking office – shelves line most of the walls, littered with books and ledgers. A window on the back wall lets in light, and the center of the room is dominated by a large desk – currently littered with papers.

Raegar: “Hello.”
Raegar curt bow.
Seated at the desk is a woman, black haired and wearing blood-red robes. She looks tired and overworked, but still manages to force a passable immitation of a friendly smile.

Shae Vanderin: “Governor?”
“I am colonel Dareia Semara, currently the military governor of this charming.. city, yes.”

Raegar: “As it would so happen, we are here to make your job esier.”
Colonel Semara: “I don’t recognize your name, so I assume you’re not with the local nobles.”
Raegar: easier*
Colonel Semara: “Which means I am somewhat more likely to believe you when you say that.”
Shae Vanderin bows deeply, “It is both an honor to meet you as well as be welcomed guests to the city of Garmol.”
Raegar: “The local nobles are that only in title.”
Colonel Semara: “Yes, but it is a title we find it more useful to let them keep.”
Colonel Semara: “Not that I quite understand why… but thats not my business.”
Raegar: “But thats a simple elfs opinion…”
Raegar: “Of course.”
Raegar: “We are here to solve, in part, your peasent problem.”
Ilphvrae smiles at the response from the Col. Semara
Shae Vanderin: “We have come here to speak on behalf of the hamlet of Ashby. Raegar or Ilph, would you care to explain or would you like me to do so?”
Raegar: “But as these thing often go, we need your help.”
Raegar: “I recently acquired from the people of Ashby a rather promising strip of land. I intend to let them work it as they please and to sell the excess produce. That should get them out of your hair rather well.”
Raegar: “The only problem is rather simple, whoever goes to live in Ashby has a fear of getting eaten alive by the roaming undead.”
Raegar: “Now, when we are around, thats not much of a problem.. When we aren’t… People die.”
Ilphvrae leans aginst the wall and listens to Raegar
Raegar: “You might be concerned that I am here to ask for what little military aid you could provide, as I’ve seen, you have done much with tight resources, what I want is a local lifting of the ban on keeping arms in the Mishrian countryside. In Ashby.”
Raegar: “Let us defend ourselves, the city will be the better for it.”
Colonel Semara: “The merchants and the nobility won’t like it one damn bit.”
Colonel Semara: “Fortunately, that means I do.”
Colonel Semara: “I’m willing to allow it – but I’ll need assurances from you that Ashby will keep us apprised of their situation.”
Colonel Semara: “I’ll need records on their armaments and their population, as regularly as is feasible.”
Raegar: “They will, in fact, if all goes to plan, it should go some ways to curing the city of the bread riots.”
Colonel Semara: “I’ll have the proclamation drawn up and a copy sent by rider by the end of the week. They shouldn’t be troubled in the meantime – I’m sorry to say we don’t get out that way often.”
Shae Vanderin: “That is great news, you from my perspective are both generous and wise.”
Colonel Semara: “Wise? Bless you, if I were wise I’d keep my nose clean and stay out of this whole spat between the locals.”
Shae Vanderin: “Have you considered offering some of the outlying farms, subsidized work? That is to say offer the city’s funds to the farm workers in exchange for the excess food or material they produce at a market value stated by the government?”
Colonel Semara: “You give us too much credit – I have no control over the city treasury or the day to day workings here. My power lies only in defending the region and ensuring our laws are not broken.”
Shae Vanderin: “Understandable, mere food for thought. I thank you again. We have traveled a ways from the village of Rurik to the north. We also are in seek of work as a fledgling mercenary company. Please keep us in mind if anything comes up. Here is one of our references.”
Shae Vanderin hands her the scroll.
It has been brought to mind

You don’t have the scroll in question.

You loaned it to Raegar for “light reading” on the road to Garmol; he never returned it.

Shae Vanderin: Oh ok.
Raegar: is with me
Raegar: =P
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, can you hand her the scroll?”
The colonel looks on curiously.

Raegar hands over a scroll to the commander.
Colonel Semara pulls it open and glances over it, her eyes going wide. “Is this current?”
Raegar: “It is. We did slay the infestation though.”
Raegar: “I beaned a demon right in the eye.”
Raegar: “It was hillarious…”
Raegar: “Then he mauled me..”
Colonel Semara: “Hells, this is all we needed – I’ll send a patrol in that direction as soon as I can spare the men.”
Raegar: “That wasn’t as fun..”
Colonel Semara: “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”
Shae Vanderin: “As far as we know, the situation was returning to normal when we left.”
Shae Vanderin: “Hiram however did not survive.”
Ilphvrae chuckles at Raegar and in a soft voice “It was entertaining to watch you stand and yell I got em in the eye then get thrown through the door.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): Ilphvrae is on the Wiki now for those that care to read about her a bit. shrugs
Raegar: “Well, Colonel.”
Colonel Semara: “Well, it appears I now have more troubles to worry about. Thank you for the news, in any case.”
Raegar: “I would request one last thing from you.”
Colonel Semara: “Yes?”
Doug (Ilphvrae): I dont think she has any Hoxton muzzles :P
Raegar: “I will not lie and say that having an authentic Dalrithaar letter with us hasn’t been a gods-sent. In light of what we plan on doing for the city and that we succesfully brought to you this grave news.. I dont suppose we could have some kind of safe-passage letter could we?”
Raegar: “Should you think it not in Dalrithaar interest, I understand. It is however… Quite useful.”
Colonel Semara: “You realize that, should I give you such a thing, it would be on my head if you caused trouble.”
Raegar: “I understand, we will do our outmost to follow your laws and help Dalrithaar interests, should you choose to trust us wth such a tool.”
Colonel Semara: “I will have to give that some thought. You will be in the city or your hamlet for some time, I assume? Or, at the very least, if I send it to the hamlet, it can get to you?”
Raegar: “Aye.”
Ilphvrae: “Would the word of a Do’ghym aid you in feeling better, Col?”
Colonel Semara: “No, it would not.”
Raegar: “Perhaps we could help you out with a particular problem you’ve been having?”
Ilphvrae shrugs
Raegar: “Judging from the amount of paperwork you have on your desk, i’m sure there are some place where you wish you could allocate more ressources.”
Colonel Semara: “Nor, if I can give you some friendly advice, would I suggest waving that name around the military posts in Mishria.”
Ilphvrae smiles
Ilphvrae leans back aginst the wall
Colonel Semara: “Now, I’m afraid I have a great deal of paperwork.”
Shae Vanderin: “Thank you for your time.”
Shae Vanderin heads for the door.
Ilphvrae: “Be well Col.” heads out
You retire from the office.

You safely leave the premises of the military quarter! regroup at your inn?

Shae Vanderin: yes.
Lasariel and Selene are still at the inn, having not gone with.

Shae Vanderin: Relay the news.
Raegar: “Shae, you should really consider what you hand to mages in the future..”
Raegar slips out a scroll from his cloak.
Raegar puts down the letter of recommendation on the table.
Shae Vanderin: “The governor agreed to allow the people to arm themselves, so it was a win for everybody.”
Raegar: “Aye, it was.”
Shae Vanderin: “I suppose we can let foreman Schultz know that he and his friends willing to work can return.”
Shae Vanderin: “To Ashby that is.”
Raegar picks up the letter and tosses it into the nearest fire.
Hoxton rendezvousizes with the group!

Shae Vanderin: Order wine.
Lasariel: “So, what, we’re becoming farmers?”
Shae Vanderin: “A toast to the success of the people of Ashby!”
Selene: “Sod that – to a successful business venture – and may we have more in the future.”
Campaign saved.
Shae Vanderin: “Cheers!”
Lasariel: “Oh, do tell me we aren’t becoming farmers. I don’t know if I could handle the.. the mud.”
Raegar: “We arent becoming farmers.”
Raegar: “I just became a landlord. The farmers remain farmers.”
Raegar: “I wonder… Should I have the hamlet renamed Raegartown?”
Raegar: “I like that idea..”
Selene: “Paperwork.”
Raegar: “Daned paperwork..”
Shae Vanderin: “You should probably visit the records office so that its recognized as yours.”
Raegar: “You are most likely right.”
Raegar: “I dont really intend to do much with it, but i wouldnt want some of the local nobles to stake a claim..”
Achievement Unlocked: Deed to Ashby

Raegar: Raegartown
Raegar: =P
Achievement Edited: Deed to Raegartown

Hoxton: “Well, Raegar, I’ve found you sixteen more residents, and they’re on the way as we speak.”
Raegar: “that is great news.”
Raegar: “I just can’t stand destitute children. It makes me unhappy.”
Raegar orders some ale.
Selene: “If I don’t put a sword in something soon, I’m going to be very disappointed.”
Selene: “You lot got me used to excitement.”
Raegar: “I agree..”
Raegar: “This is Mishria isnt it? Theres bound to be a crypt somewhere.”
Raegar: “I dont suppose you found anything out at the temple eh Hoxton?”
Selene: “I should think there would be several near a city the size of Garmol – probably why they have an undead problem.”
Raegar: “Hmm..”
Raegar: “Barkeep!”
Raegar: “..Then again, arent those, armories, for the Mishrians? Seems unwise.”
Barkeep looks up wild-eyed from the counter, “Yes? People talking to me! Because I’m a barkeep! Everyone’s my friend! I KNOW THINGS.”
Shae Vanderin: “This guy is such a drama queen.”
Raegar: “..I just wanted to inquire about the status of my ale.”
Selene: “An armoury seems to be exactly the sort of thing we need, no?”
Raegar: “I think our barkeep is one mishrian short of a necromancer..”
[1d20 = 1]
The barkeep throws a mug of ale at Raegar and hits himself in the foot.
Shae Vanderin: “Agreed Selene, but perhaps we should look for one near Reagarton. That way it protects the farm as well.”
A barmaid saunters over with another round of drinks, and then saunters away.

Ilphvrae moves over and sits down next to Lasariel and whispers “So are you a mage or magic user? Thats so exciting!
”color:#540000;">Lasariel looks at Ilph over her wine glass, “Yes, I am. Yes, I suppose it is.”
Selene: “Raegartown is on the road north… it would make sense for a crypt near that point.”
Raegar: “That was a joke, nobodycall it Raegartown.”
Raegar: “Thats attention I really dont want.”
Shae Vanderin: Do I know of any crypts near Reagerton?
Raegar: “I should invent a pseudonym for myself…”
Shae Vanderin: geography?
Barkeep: “A crypt? A crypt! On the road! ON. THE. ROAD. There’s a crypt! In the north! Yes!”
Raegar: Raegarton!
Raegar: i like that
Sure Shae, roll it.

Shae Vanderin: Skill [Knowledge (Geography)]
[1d20+3 = 12]
Raegar: Skill [Knowledge (Taxidermy)]
[1d20+1 = 3]
You saw one on a map once. Oddly enough it was near the road, maybe even on it.

You don’t *remember a crypt on the road.
Raegar: maybe it has cloaking capabilities..
Shae Vanderin: “I remember something on a map near the hamlet.”
Shae Vanderin: “It could be nothing…”
Shae Vanderin: “But if you would all like we can explore the area and see what we can find. The undead have to be comming from somewhere.”
Selene: “Can’t hurt to take a look.”
Shae Vanderin: Is it still early enough to get there with daylight?
You’d end up at Raegartown around nightfall.

Raegar: ive created a monster
no, that’s Raegarstein’s Monster. Thats whats in the crypt.

Shae Vanderin: “Lets head to Reagarton, spend the night there, and then search in the morning light.”
Raegar: Dr. Raegarstein..
Lasariel: “Oh, I do enjoy a good crypt. Lets go!”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): all of are names have ae in them except Hox
Nick (Shae Vanderin): our*
You set forth.

As expected, you reach Ashby around nightfall.

Shae Vanderin: Check in with everyone, let the lumberjacks know the plan, eat dinner, sleep with standard watch.
A wagon has been parked near one of the buildings, and a group of people are unloading supplies from it as you arrive.

A small collection of mules grazes nearby.

Raegar: I shall name one of them butt stallion.
You notice on your approach that several areas have been set apart via marker posts, possibly earmarked for extra construction.

Another set of markers seems to cordon off the hamlet as a hole, outlining the perimeter.

Morning comes without incident, and you are roused by the sound of an off-key chorus singing working songs.

Hoxton’s doubtless among them, ringing out over the sound of croaking peasants and swinging picks and shovels.

Breakfast is prepared by the women of the hamlet, and you all eat before setting out in search of the crypt.

Shae Vanderin: “Who all is going with us? More specifically are the men from Rurik comming as well?”
Shae Vanderin: Ask them if they want to come or stay here at the hamlet.
Selene: “Shouldn’t someone stay and watch the hamlet? Crypt’s liable to be cramped, we could do without ’em.”
The four lumberjacks volunteer to watch the town.

Raegar: “Well, that settles it.”
Shae Vanderin: Thank them and head out.
Where are you searching for the crypt?

Raegar: i could try to track,
Shae Vanderin: Area along the road and to the sides of it in a 1 mile radius. Will start in the area I best remember marked on the map I saw.
You start with the area you remember it being on on the map.

Raegar, give me a survival check.

Hoxton calls back to the workers as he’s leaving down. “Don’t be afraid to have a woman run you some water if you get tired, lads!” He shrugs into his armor on the move as he catches up with the group.
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, if you see any tracks, say the word.”
Anyone else, give me a search check.
Hoxton: Skill [Search]
[1d20-1 = 1]
Shae Vanderin: Skill [Search]
[1d20 = 6]
Ilphvrae: Skill [Search]
[1d20+12 = 25]
Raegar: Skill [Search] [1d20+5 = 10]

Searching along the road.

Shae got it right – there’s something *in the side of the road.

Its built on an embankment here, and… what at first appears to be a culvert or something in the embankment is.. actually not.

Ilphvrae: “umm… Raegar.. I did not find any foot prints but there is something…. in the road…
”color:#540000;">Ilphvrae points
An opening about three feet high, grated over.

Ilphvrae: “A sewer out here?”
Raegar: “Ehh… Hoxton, I think you might be best suited at taking it off.”
Raegar: “It cant be.”
Raegar: “It has to be a crypt.”
Ilphvrae: “Looks like the entrance to the sewers back home…”
Hoxton sizes up the grate, then hefts his mace mightily and heaves into it with all his might.
Lasariel: “I’ll bring up the rear.”
Ilphvrae: “well sorta, kinda”
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage)
[1d12+4 = 10]
Raegar, you duck to the side as Hoxton’s mace plows through the grate.

Raegar: “I was thinking you might lift it off.. But I suppose that’ll do.”
Hoxton: “Lifting is for girls, Raegar. Shae could have even done that. Men open doors for women.”
Hoxton tromps down into the entrance.
Hoxton, tromping with any dignity is going to be difficult.

The ceiling comes to your belt buckle.

Alex (Hoxton): Who ever said I tromped with dignity?
Alex (Hoxton): I can trompcrawl.
Alex (Hoxton): I have a massive mace. Everything is tromping.
Raegar: i have to look up tromping now.
Hoxton blazes a trail down into the tunnel.

Selene follows him in.
Raegar: follow untrompishly
Shae Vanderin: 2nd to last.
You file into the tunnel, which is a stunning three feet high and about three feet wide.

Fortunately, you also find that it only goes about ten feet.

Raegar: befooore?

You’re in the lead, yeah?

Alex (Hoxton): Yeah
Alex (Hoxton): Always
Can I have, say, a spot check?

Raegar: we’re doomed.
Raegar: 3×3..
Raegar: all in a line..
Raegar: that or spiders..
wtb lightning bolt

Hoxton: Skill [Spot] [1d20+1 = 20]

Raegar: huzzah huzzah!
Alex (Hoxton): On the plus side, Raegar, your meat shield is out in front.
Hoxton jerks to a halt, Selene bumps into him, Raegar isn’t in the tunnel yet.

Hoxton – the tunnel *stops after ten feet, mostly because it turns into a chute. There’s a ladder leading down.

Hoxton: “Woman, I realize you’re attracted to me, but this is not the time. Maybe when we get back to Raegarton I’ll have time to discuss this with you.”
Hoxton: “Interesting place to put a ladder…”
Hoxton stomps down the ladder.
goody, reflex check

Raegar: go forth noble meatshield
Raegar, Selene motions for you to not enter the tunnel yet.
She does however relay to you what Hoxton has run into.

Hoxton: Reflex save [1d20+3 = 13]
Hoxton, you find yourself holding on for dear life from a rung of the ladder as the ones under your feet break.

Selene: “We’re gonna need a rope.”

Ilphvrae: “We can’t hang Hoxton, we might need him.”
Hoxton: “Make it two. This ladder is obviously sub-human craftsmanship.”
Ilphvrae passes her rope and grapple forward to Selene
She hands one end back and suggests you tie it to something outside the tunnel, like the ruins of the grate.

Hoxton! You have a rope and part of a ladder going down!

Ilphvrae does as directed.
Hoxton slowly begins climbing down.

And the rest of the party is finally able to follow.

You find yourselves in a square chamber, forty feet to a side, probably twenty feet below the road.

The ladder comes down along one wall.

Hoxton readies his mace, taking a practice swing to loosen his armor.
Shae Vanderin: Any source of light or is it pitch black/
It is pitch black.

Shae Vanderin: Light lantern
It is illuminated.

Shae Vanderin: Any features inside the room? doors, rubble, ect?
There’s rubble all over – some of the stonework appears to be in pretty bad shape, including on the ceiling.

There’s a doorway on the south wall, opposite the ladder.

Hoxton stomps over to the doorway.
This particular room however is devoid of features.

Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton, are you sure you wouldnt like Selene or Raegar to scout ahead a bit for us?”
Raegar: “Well, I can see just fine down here.”
Raegar: “Nice work on the stonework.”
Raegar: “These guys really liked their tombs.”
Lasariel: “Rather poorly kept, though.”
Hoxton, the doorway leads to a corridor.

Hoxton: “I doubt anyone would trap a crypt. What sense would that make?”
Selene: "In his defense – I don’t expect traps. Mishrian crypts serve as “barracks” for the undead.. traps would decimate their own forces.“
”color:#540000;“>Hoxton stomps along through the hallway.
”color:#540000;">Shae Vanderin sighs, “Ok lets move on then.”
The corridor here is lined with burial alcoves, all of them empty.

Shae Vanderin: Will stay some 20 feet behind Hoxton.
Shae Vanderin: Assuming the others are behind me.
However, after about a hundred feet, you come to a door.

Not a door way, a door.

It is constructed of wood, reinforced with metal banding, and does not appear to be any the worse for wear.

Hoxton tests to see if it’s unlocked. If not, he puts his back into his lockpicking effort.
Hoxton! The door opens!

The light of the lantern illuminates another chamber.

Hoxton, just barely in the light of Shae’s lantern, you make out figures standing in the chamber.

Alex (Hoxton): Any ID on the figures?
Humanoid and still.

Not skeletal.

Raegar: I dun like this
Shae Vanderin: Move up to the doorway.
Shae Vanderin: Allowing for more light.
Ah, now you can see better.

Standing in three rows, back to back, are twelve human-sized figures, swathed in burial shrouds.

Hoxton: “Oh, that’s a relief. I had thought them to be graverobbers.”
Each stands at rest, sword infront of it with both hands clasped on the pommel, blades resting on the stone.

Hoxton enters the room.

Ilphvrae moves to the shadows and takes cover

As soon as Hoxton breaks the threshold, twelve swords flash upwards, blades glinting in the lantern light.

Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 15]
Raegar: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 19]
Raegar: Initierteeve
Nick (Shae Vanderin): add 4 to all your rolls for init
Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 14]
Raegar: ahh
Raegar: while hes away
Raegar: and everyones here
Raegar: Morgan knows already anyways
Hoxton: Initiative [1d20 = 10]
Raegar: Me and morgan were talkin’ and he’d like to run a second campaign that can replace this one when he needs to recharge his batteries
Raegar: and I have one I could run.

Raegar: more on this latter, ill just take veryones email and send a synopsis
there we go

Raegar: well
Raegar: lets see
Raegar: 12 of them..
Raegar: two melee people types holding the doorway..
Raegar: SHOOT
au contraire.

One person on your side of the doorway

one person on theirs

Roll it!

Raegar: screw it
Raegar: these guys undead?
Raegar: charge

Raegar: Longswords (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 18]
Raegar: Shortsword (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 7]
one hit.

Raegar: Longswords (Damage) [1d8+3 = 7]
Raegar: + 2
Raegar: since i hate the undead
Not quite, no

Selene manages to miss.

Shae Vanderin
Shae Vanderin: Move in to protect Raegar’s flank. Defensive stance, draw sword.
Shae Vanderin: Done.

Doug (Ilphvrae): I have LoS on anyone?

Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 27]

Ilphvrae: [2d6+2 = 8]
one die only please.

Ilphvrae: OK
New one or Raegar’s?

Doug (Ilphvrae): The dmged one
Raegar, you have one less about to try and ruin your day.

It falls.

Raegar: huzzah!
Shae, current AC?

Shae Vanderin: 19
Shae, two of them manage to hit you, somehow.


Two of them hit you. One of them is a crit.

Raegar: thatll learn me

Its nothing personal, Dave.

Raegar: im sticking to arrowing
yeah. Shae’s the only reason you’re standing.

Raegar: …i need to move out of combat pronto
She knocked two points off the top


Hoxton: …how did everything bypass the meat shield?
Because Raegar went past you.
Hoxton: Not that I’m complaining in particular, but…
Hoxton: Ahh
And Shae followed him

Hoxton: Silly Raegar.
Raegar: i have a natural 18 ac
Raegar: 18!!!!
And not many hit points :)

Raegar: …well yes
Raegar: thats true
(I also rolled crazy well this round)

Hoxton: Lock on to the Raegar attacker and let loose a sun-fused roar. “Horus forbids the dead from inflicting harm on his servants! Back to the un-life from which you were animated!”
Alex (Hoxton): If I can PA, that’s good by me.

Alex (Hoxton): I’m happy enough to – 2 whatever attack I can get.
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 18]

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 14]
Hoxton: + 4
Raegar: WEEEE
It dies

Raegar: nd kill all 12
Having already moved, can you take a five foot step to cleave?

Raegar: you have one round. go go
Shae Vanderin: Your call I dont remember.
Alex (Hoxton): I only have regular type cleave, Raegar.
Raegar: sure you can…
I don’t remember either.


Alex (Hoxton): I don’t but I’ll do it anyway!
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 12]
yeah. Next!

Raegar: so
Raegar: whats up next to me now?
Raegar: if i move
Shae. Hoxton.

Raegar: do i get attacked of opportunitied?
If you disengage, you can get clear without ill effect.

Raegar: move and shoot a motherfucking skeleton with an arrow


disengage is the action

Raegar: move away from the skeletons…
Raegar: oh
“Disengaging” is a full round action. If you just move and shoot, it provokes AoOs.

Raegar: disengage and move away from the skeletons
Its a silly little rule.

Raegar: so theres a skeleton
Raegar: next to me?
uh.. if you dont move, there’s two.

Raegar: im movin
Raegar: like all the way to the back
Raegar: with the ginger kids
righto, Raegar goes back out the door with Ilph and Selene

Selene misses again

Lasariel demonstrates that magic missile is a pitiful little spell.

Shae Vanderin

Shae, one of yours just got hit by MMs.

Shae Vanderin: Defensive strike at the one that just got hit.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) 4 [1d20 = 6]
Your dice are strange.

Meaning, its like someone filed off all the numbers higher than 10.

Doug (Ilphvrae): all yer numbers are belong to meh!
Nick (Shae Vanderin): ya rly

Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow at one of the wounded ones
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20
10 = 19]

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 7]
Shae, the one you just missed keels over.

Shae Vanderin: “Good shot Ilph!”
Hoxton! Two hits!

Shae.. three misses.

The way this combat is going, I’m never going to get another 18, 19 or 20 in the campaign.


Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton! Lets fall back to the doorway and fight them 1 or 2 at a time!”
Hoxton: How many are nearby?
You have two infront of you and one in the space vacated by Raegar.

Shae has two infront of her and one on her right.

Alex (Hoxton): Trying to think if I can make a fighting retreat – not sure if there are rules on that.
Three are waiting for room to move up.

Only via 5 foot steps.

Hoxton: Okay…. So a strike and a 5 foot step backwards?

Hoxton: “Shae, get back to the door! I will delay them! Horus, lend me strength to defend these women!”
Alex (Hoxton): PA – 2
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 14]
Thats a hit.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 14]

Alex (Hoxton): + 4
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 15]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 15]
Hoxton splinters two and steps back.


Raegar: line of sight on skellies?

Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 21]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+3 = 9]
Raegar: + 2
Shae, one of yours’ collapses.

Hoxton, your third is shot.

Magic missiles on one of Shae’s.

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: 3 left?
You have two. Hoxton has one. There are three waiting to advance.

Shae Vanderin: Withdraw to the doorway not letting any of them through to attack the ranged fighters.

Ilphvrae lets fly a 3rd arrow to stike the wounded one by Hox
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 4]
Hoxton, your last one now has an arrow sticking out of it. It looks a little comical.

Shae. One of yours follows you to the door.

And misses.


Your surviving skeleton is joined Shae’s second.. and the other three.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): I have the death music from the movie gladiator playing right now.
Probably a good call.

One moment.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): coincidence.
The first skeleton lands a blow on Hoxton, before the second brings his sword crashing downwards, leaving it buried deep in his shoulder. With a most un-characteristic (for undead) act of spite, he then boots the paladin’s corpse off his sword.

Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton!”



Raegar: …we’re dead.
Raegar: shoot a skeleton
Nick (Shae Vanderin): he gets 10% to auto stabilize no?
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 13]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 8]
You kill one of the wounded ones!

Raegar: already adjusted damage
Selene drops the other wounded one.

Raegar: if im still up, i can heal Hoxton
Raegar: but morgan aid corpse..
…there is no dramatic word for “suddenly and very thoroughly knocked out person”

Raegar: haha
Raegar: ok
Raegar: how many skellies are left?

Doug (Ilphvrae): 3
Raegar: …THERES 3 LEFT
Raegar: Right?!?
Now there are three. A ray of flame strikes one of them in the chest and it keels over, burning merrily.

Shae Vanderin

Doug (Ilphvrae): There was 5 cause one on shae, 1 I hit then the 3 behind
Doug (Ilphvrae): I thought
There were two on Shae. One on Hoxton. Three behind.

Shae withdrew.

There were then one on Shae, five on Hoxton.
Now there are three.
Ilphvrae: OK
Shae Vanderin: Full defense, sweeping strike to the knees of the closest one to me.
Roll it!

Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) 4 [1d20 = 14]

Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6
3 = 9]
That is, unfortunately, insufficient.


Ilphvrae lets fly a 3rd arrow to stike the wounded one by Shae
Ilphvrae: 4th arrow*
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 12]
Yes, that is a hit. Sad, no?

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 3]
Doug (Ilphvrae): sigh*
You finish the one Shae hit, because it had only one HP left.

Shae Vanderin: “Good shot again Ilph!”
Shae, you are missed twice.


Hoxton, roll them bones!

Hoxton: [2d10 = 13]
and – 7.


Raegar: its dead at – 15 right?
– 10.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): lol
Raegar: FUCK
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 19]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 12]
Another down

Raegar: That one ‘splodes
Doug (Ilphvrae): Hox in the doorway?
no he is not.

The last one falls to a combination of arrow and magic missiles.

Raegar: time to try healing the paladin
Roll it.

Raegar: i have no clue what im rolling
Shae Vanderin: Move to stand guard over Raegar and the fallen comrade.

Raegar: Skill [Heal] [1d20+4 = 24]
*Hoxton, you’re stable.
Raegar: hes at full hp
Raegar: and stuff
You no longer see the light.

Raegar: and so am i
Doug (Ilphvrae): lol
Alex (Hoxton): Rats.
Alex (Hoxton): But… Horus…!
Alex (Hoxton): I was so close…
I was looking forward to brother Boxton.

Ilphvrae walks over to Hox and removes a small vile from her pouch. Then she kneels down whispers “You are being saved by a woman.” unstopper the vile and open his mouth and pour it in
Selene: “Perhaps we should retreat to the first room… and lock this door.”

Shae Vanderin nods to Selene, “Wise. Lets move back.”
Hoxton! Roll 1d8+2.
[1d8 = 1]
I love you man

Alex (Hoxton): 3 points!
Alex (Hoxton): lol
Hoxton is still unconscious, despite the potion

Doug (Ilphvrae): LOL
Alex (Hoxton): Aint being saved by no woman.
Alex (Hoxton): :P
Raegar: how the fuck are we going to haul a fully armored palladin up a broken ladder and rope
Raegar: the answer is we arent
Ilphvrae drags Hox back into the other room by his…. armor…
And into a 3 foot high tunnel? You’re not. Exactly.

Raegar: the answer is we are camping right here
Alex (Hoxton): I don’t know if Ilph has the str for that.
dragging isn’t actually that hard.

Ilphvrae: “we could tie a rope around his legs and pull him up and through the tunnel.”
Alex (Hoxton): Cos THAT will make for a happy Paladin.
And re-open the wounds..

Get him stuck in the tunnel where nobody can help him..

And make him bleed out in a glorified drainage ditch.

Go for it

Doug (Ilphvrae): :P
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, you dont look well either. Let’s stop and rest for an hour in this first area and figure out what we are going to do.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): We could use him to block the door tonight :P
Raegar: “Right..”
Raegar: “I need to rest..”
Raegar: “So does Hoxton..”
360 XP a piece.
Shae Vanderin: I think a stable character gets a 10% to become disabled (0 hp) after resting for an hour.
err, nevermind that

I’m doing my math like the lumberjacks are still here

hang on

600 a piece

Ilphvrae: “I read about the great Dorgmel Starstrike, he was a mighty warrior, and he spit in the dirt to make mud and slaped that on his wounds to heal them. Why he did not just use water to make the mud I dont know. Maybe he had magic spit.”
Raegar: “Because.. No..”
Raegar picks some food out of his bag.
Hoxton awakens.
Raegar: “I can get Hoxton right as rain, all i need is time.”
Campaign saved.
yar, just looked, thats how it rolls.

Ilphvrae: “You sure the mud spit thing wont work? It did for Dorgmel.”
Ilphvrae: “Maybe it was magic dirt… I will have to find that book again.”
Raegar: “I dont think so…”
Raegar: “..Well, maybe.”
Raegar: “you never know with magic.”
Shae Vanderin: “Raegar, you really hate undead dont you?”
Raegar: “they annoy me.”
Raegar: “Walking around like they own the place.. All clitter-clattering with their bones..”
Hoxton slowly takes a raspy breath in, causing a rattle in his throat, before exhaling a slightly golden mist and sitting up. “Are there any left? Are the women safe, Raegar?”
Shae Vanderin: “They annoy you enough to charge into 12 of them? Remind me to never get on your bad side.”
Raegar: “Sure they are Hoxton. Not a-one died.”
Raegar: ‘I had a momentary lapse in judgement.“
”color:#000054;">Hoxton: “Good, good. Of this I am glad.”

Hoxton hauls himself up, bracing on his great mace for support before clanking over towards the bodies.
Shae Vanderin: “Hoxton that was.. incredibly brave holding them off for us. Thank you.”
Raegar: “Im not sure what to do… We are in no shape to explore this place tonight.”
Selene: "Door’s locked – we can either stay here, or we can try to make it out.“

”color:#000054;">Hoxton: “Of course, Shae. I did what I had to do to protect the women we travel with. Raegar looked like he was in a bad way, so I did what must needs doing.”

Selene: “But I’m not sure you or Hox are up to the climb.”

Raegar: “We should camp here, I can look after us while we rest a bit.”
Ilphvrae: “You looked liked Pealee Petronis the Elven Bard I read about once. He was called PP by his friends, anyways he use to charge into the fight just like you did! Excpet he dodged the swords…”
Selene: “Dodging is important..”

Raegar: “I’m a superbe dodger. I’ve never seen skeletons move like that.”
Hoxton slams his mace into the skulls of the creatures they just fought off, clearly annoyed.
Raegar: “Bloody horrible.”
They’re not in the room with you.

Alex (Hoxton): …can I not go and smash them?
Alex (Hoxton): I don’t want them getting back up.
Raegar: well
Raegar: raegar was acctually thinking of looking in the other room again
Raegar: see if this was it or if theres more
Shae Vanderin: “Hold up on skull smashing there. Those skulls are worth 5 gold a piece.”
Raegar: “says what he just said OOC
Raegar walks up to the door..
You do so!

Raegar opens it ever so slightly and looks into the room..
There’s a door on the far side, past the heap of dead bodies.

Raegar: boom dracolich
Oooh, good idea, I should’ve thought of that.

You see a dracol—….

Hoxton: “They never said the skulls needed to be intact. But if you’re insistant on collecting them, you’re carrying them. I will not touch such filth.”
Hoxton proceeds to smash the chests of all of the skeletons.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Hehehe :)
PARTY TREASURE : 12 skulls

12 longswords

Raegar: is there another door in there?
Raegar: anything else?
There’s a door on the far side, past the heap of dead bodies.

This room was barely bigger than necessary to hold the guards.

Nick (Shae Vanderin): whats everyones timetable look like? should we continue or pause here?
Ilphvrae carefully searches the room, looking for secret doors, etc…
No secrets.

Ilphvrae: Not even Vickys?

Doug (Ilphvrae): damn
I imagine this is a good place to call it, but I don’t care either way.

Raegar: im still good
Nick (Shae Vanderin): I can keep going, you all
Raegar: thursday is a good night for me
Either way, you settle down to rest in the entry-hall?

Raegar: yea
Shae Vanderin: yes 8 hours.
Overseen by Raegar, you sleep soundly.

Hoxton and Raegar still look like hell in the morning.

But hey, they could be dead!

Raegar: i need to buy a healer kit
Shae Vanderin: “Well we cant stay here for sure. What do you think, should we press on or head back to Raegerton and rest more?”
Raegar: “Lets give it a full day resting. Another 16 hours. Then we can press on.”
Hoxton mutters his morning prayers, standing up by bracing himself on Raegar’s shoulder, allowing Horus’ healing energies to flow into him.
Hoxton: “We could likely press on.”
Alex (Hoxton): 6 points to heal Raegar.
Shae Vanderin: “Ok.”
Full day’s rest…

Raegar: “I am feeling much better.”
Becaues its a headache, you’re all full!

Raegar: wee
Shae Vanderin: Press on!
You press on into the guard room.

Shae Vanderin: Collect the skulls.
You do so.
There is a door on the far side of the room. It is closed.
Shae Vanderin: and swords.
Doug (Ilphvrae): Shit respawns! :P
Not yet.

Its not that fast, yet.

Although I wouldn’t advise leaving the dungeon.

Shae Vanderin: “Suggested party order, 2 by 2 Hoxton and I in front, Lasariel and Ilph in the back.”
Look on the bright side – you could go back to Rurik and grind the crypt there!

Doug (Ilphvrae): We will just hold it with a corpse and come abck to res :P
Selene: “I can agree with that.”

Lasariel: “I like that!”

Raegar: “Sure”
You have a door.
Shae Vanderin: “Ok, lets move on carefully this time.”

Raegar: open it
Ilphvrae: “Sure the back is fine with me, easier to run, I mean evade back here.”
The door creaks open.

Beyond, a hallway, lined with burial alcoves.

Each one holds a body in repose, sword clutched to its breast.

Shae Vanderin: For the record Im holding the lantern in one hand, sword in the other.
Shae Vanderin: “More undead.”
Ilphvrae: “They prefer living challenged.”
Raegar: "Are they moving?
No movement.

Shae Vanderin looks back to Selene and the others, “Anyone crazy enough to sneak down there and disarm them?”
Raegar: “Disarm what?”
Lasariel: “I think she means take away their swords.”

Shae Vanderin: “Yes.”
Raegar: “I can try it…”
Ilphvrae: “I think he wants someone to sneak down and ‘borrow’ their swords from them.”
Ilphvrae: she*
Doug (Ilphvrae): “We wil cover you. If they start to eat you, should we kill you first or them?”
Raegar: “…If those things start eating me, toss Ilphvrae in as a distraction.”
Selene: “Got it.”

Doug (Ilphvrae): :P
Raegar: right
Raegar: so
Raegar: move silently
Raegar: or hide?
You cross the threshold, they start moving.

Raegar: move back
You do so.


Shae Vanderin: Initiative
[1d20+5 = 15]
Ilphvrae: Initiative
[1d20+9 = 26]
Hoxton: Initiative
[1d20 = 18]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): + 4 peeps
Raegar: Initiative [1d20+5 = 20]
Alex (Hoxton): I am going to block the crap out of that door…


Doug (Ilphvrae): How mnay bonemen, how far back am I and do I have LoS?
You have LOS. You’re behind four people. Unknown.

(in reverse order)

Ilphvrae takes a shot at one that she can see
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 29]

The magic number here is 11, folks.

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 8]

You have LOS. You’re behind two people. Unknown # opfor.

Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 10]
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Raegar: GRAND

Hoxton blocks the crap out of that door and readies a swing on the first one to come in range.

We all saw him say that was his intent.

Shae Vanderin

Selene finishes the one Ilph shot. Lasariel MM’s another.

Alex (Hoxton): Truth.
Shae Vanderin: Put down the lantern, draw javelin as a move action, and throw it full force into one of the things eye sockets.
Roll it.

Shae Vanderin: Javelin (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 24]
Shae Vanderin: Javelin (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shae Vanderin: Javelin (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+4 = 5]
No crit, hit.

Shae Vanderin: Javelin (Damage) [1d6+3 = 8]
You finish the one Lasariel MM’ed.


Hoxton, it comes in range.

Auto-roll in 3.



Hoxton splinters one!

Shae, you and Hoxt are in the door?

Shae Vanderin: yes.
Hoxton is smitten for his inattentiveness!


There are two in melee.

Doug (Ilphvrae): cant see one not in Melee?
you could, but its a bit awkward to shoot past them.

Doug (Ilphvrae): OK
Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow at the one on Shae, near shae.
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 7]
Nick (Shae Vanderin): precise shot feat lets you fire into close combat
you can anyway, you just have a – 4.

In this case however, to be entirely honest…

they’re piled up so thick you can’t miss.

…unless you’re raegar and roll a 1

Raegar: ehyuup
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 15]
Doug (Ilphvrae): and if we live to make it to level 3 I may take that feat :)

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 7]
Ilph’s target dies!

Raegar: “Hold the line!”
Selene and Las drop one.

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Full swing.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 23]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+4 = 12]
yar, no crit.

Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+3 = 10]


Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 19]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 6]
Alex (Hoxton): That was pitiful. I should have declared PA.
For the first time in his glorious life..

Hoxton fails to one-shot a trash mob.

The undead miss!


Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow at a wounded one if there is one
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 22]
Ilph kills the one Hoxton poked!

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 8]

Alex (Hoxton): In my defense I Just DIED
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 18]
Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 11]
Raegar kills another!

Raegar: oooh nice one
Selene kills one..

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Arc slash to the chest cavity.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 17]

Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Damage) [2d6+3 = 12]
It falls!


Hoxton! There are two left! One in melee, one five feet back!


Alex (Hoxton): OK!
Hoxton: “As you walk through Horus’ earthy domain, he finds you not to be welcome here! Get thee hence!”
Alex (Hoxton): PA – 2
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 16]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 8]

Alex (Hoxton): + 4
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 20]
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 15]
Hoxton! Your blow carries you forward!
Which means you’re the first one to notice the lone figure at the end of the hall.

Doug (Ilphvrae): LICH!
Hoxton: “…another abomination awaits your cleansing light, Horus. Lend me your strength to strike it down.”
It stands, boney form swathed in wisps of black cloth. Glowing embers burn in its eye sockets, and two gleaming blades rest in its claw-like grip.

The rest of you see what Hoxton just saw.

Shae Vanderin: Does it look incorporeal?
Unfortunately, you see it as it blinks into view behind Hoxton, next to Shae, and infront of Selene.

Shae Vanderin: Oh crap
Hoxton, you are hit. Shae, you are also hit.


Shae – its very hard to say.

It appears corporeal one moment, and the next it seems not.

Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow at this foul creature
And its inconsistant, as if its continuously phasing from one to the next, and its entire body isn’t in the same state.

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 24]
Roll another attack please?

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 11]
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Your arrow goes screaming through the creature, but misses Hoxton.


Raegar: oh thatll be interesting
Doug (Ilphvrae): Well that was a good time to roll a 1 I guess, lol

Raegar: is there a part of it that is consistently solid?

Hoxton: “Woman! Guard your aim!”
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 22]
Roll damage.

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 7]
Ilphvrae: “Tell it not to go transparent!”
You land a hit!

Selene tumbles backwards and fires, the arrow scratching the creature.

Lasariel proves that you *can roll well on magic missiles.

Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Upward slash through the creature.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 8]
That will miss.


Hoxton: “For all that is right and true in Horus’ path, I cast thee out of this place, demon!”
Alex (Hoxton): Can I combine a smite and a PA?
afaik, yes.

Alex (Hoxton): Lets smite some evil, hardcore.
Hoxton: + 3 to hit, + 3 damage, – 2 to hit, + 4 damage
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 7] + 1 to hit, + 7 damage.

Alex (Hoxton): …I give up.. Can I just die?

Raegar: dude
Raegar: might i remind you that i didnt hit anything in combat till like, our fifth session? =P
Alex (Hoxton): I never hit anything with smite.
Raegar: youll snap out of it haha
Raegar: ahh
The creature misses.. three times.


Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]

Shae Vanderin: my ac is only 17 atm so you know.
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 6]
doesn’t help a roll of 2, 7 and 1 :)


Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 15]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 6]
Raegar: baaad rolls
Raegar: its undead right?

Raegar: ok
Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: “Faluzure silence you forever!”
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 7]


The draconic god of death holds no power here, apparently.

Shae Vanderin: its the worst curse I know.

Hoxton: “Horus, hear me now!”
Alex (Hoxton): PA – 2
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 17]
…Okay, that’s a hit.

Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Damage) [1d12+4 = 6]
Alex (Hoxton): + 4
Alex (Hoxton): Worst damage ever.
Fortitude save. Everyone.

Shae Vanderin: Fortitude save [1d20+5 = 13]
Ilphvrae: Fortitude save [1d20+3 = 12]
Raegar: Fortitude save [1d20+4 = 23]
Hoxton: Fortitude save [1d20+9 = 11]
Waves of bitter, agonizing cold radiate out from the creature, sapping the life from your bodies.

Raegar: cept me?
No, you just took half.

Raegar: wee
Some of the damage to the skeleton has repaired itself.


Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]

Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Damage) [1d6+2 = 8]

Ilphvrae: bah
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 10]
Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Raegar: that aint good
Shae Vanderin

Shae Vanderin: Going defensive now. Cross slash to the things head.
Shae Vanderin: Greatsword (Attack 1) + 4 [1d20 = 6]

Hoxton: “Long have I battled your kind, and Horus will not fail me!”
Hoxton: Warmace (2h) + 1.5 Str (Attack 1) [1d20+5 = 16]
And your war-mace sails right through its body.

Shae, you are hit!

Hoxton! you are hit!


Ilphvrae lets fly an arrow
Ilphvrae: Composite Shortbow (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 24]

Raegar: Longbow (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 17]

Raegar: Longbow (Damage) [1d8+5 = 7]
With an unholy, agonized wail, the creature disappates in a flash of black mist.

Its weapons fall to the ground with a clatter.

Raegar: “What in the nine hells was that.”
Selene: “You tell me.”

Shae Vanderin: “A powerful undead.”
Lasariel: “Very interesting – I would like to have studied it.”

Shae Vanderin: “Hopefully you will get your chance. Lets fall back and rest again, at least a while, Im not feeling so well.”
Party treasure: 12 skulls, 12 longswords, … two shortswords

Raegar: whats with the asterisk
Exceptional. Take note.

Shae Vanderin: Gather everything up, retreat back to the entry room, ask Lasariel to take a look at the shortswords and other weapons we found for magic properties, rest for 8 hours.
Translation: When you mouse over these, the text is in blue and it says “Unidentified”

Shae Vanderin: ^suggestion not order.
Raegar picks up the shortswords and swings them around.
Raegar: anything seem odd?
Raegar: balance?
Well, they’re high quality.

Quite well balanced, very light.

Raegar: “Will anyone use these or will they end up with the lumberjacks?”
Lasariel perches on a pile of rubble and offers to take a look at them for you.

Raegar passes the swords to Lasariel.
Ilphvrae: “I would prolly use one if they are better then my current sword.” shrugs
Raegar: “Im still using the shortsword we got in Rurik.”
Two hours later, you receive both swords back with the customary postit notes of identification.

900 XP, and two +1 shortswords

Raegar: “Well? Who wants one of them?”
Shae Vanderin: “I personally prefer heavier weapons.”
Raegar: “Theres two.”
Hoxton: “That would not be of any use to me.”
Doug (Ilphvrae): DING!
I believe Ilph wanted one.
Selene: Ding!

Shae Vanderin: “Selene? Any interest in the blades?”
Doug (Ilphvrae): yeah I would use one if it was offered.
Doug (Ilphvrae): but if it can be used better by someone else then I am fine with that too.
Raegar tosses a sword over to Ilph
Raegar: do that in caaaracteeer
Raegar: =P
Doug (Ilphvrae): :P
Ilphvrae takes the sword. “now to find a scabard for it.”
Nick (Shae Vanderin): I vote we call it here but level up now if you can leave the server up a bit Morgan.
no reason I can’t.

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