Shae Vanderins Proposal

Charter of the Company

Mission Statement: The goal of the company both long term and short is to travel the land in search of mercenary jobs that are unable to be performed by the local law enforcement of human and fair dealing races. The company is a for-profit enterprise seeking to grow and expand as time goes on.

The following is a breakdown of the organization of the company.

1. Leadership – Leadership of the company is a joint effort of its members. Decisions regarding the course of the company be it long or short term are settled by council vote. Votes are weighed on topics and the majority shows the direction taken. Each founding member receives one vote. Each group of a given rank within the company receives one vote.
Example: The choice has come to take a given job or not. Some members consider the job too great a risk and others see it as a worthwhile cause. A vote is conducted with each council member having one vote for a total of 6. The group of regulars(see ranks) then vote and their majority serves as 1 vote. The group of lieutenants (see ranks) then vote and their majority serves as 1 vote. In the end 5 votes are for accepting the job and 3 are against. Majority rules and the job is taken.

1.1. Delegation of Tasks based on specialty – Trust between the members is paramount in the company. Skills and knowledge differ from one member to the next. Therefore it is expected that those who have specialized skill and or training in a given area of expertise should be the ones delegated to those specialized tasks. Other members should trust the expertise of their more skilled company mates above their own gut feelings or hunches. All information affecting the nature of a specialized task should be shared with the member delegated to perform it in order to best ensure success. This is not to say that on a member’s own time or in the absence of other members who are more adept at the undertaking that no action should be taken; common sense and proper judgment come into play here. Also should a member require help with a task, it is expected that other on duty members who are not occupied with other company tasks assist in doing them.

1.2. Organization of Leadership and ranks – There are currently 3.ranks within the company. Each rank is to follow the orders of their superior ranking officer in matters of the company. While a member of the company each member is considered “on duty” at all times unless specifically granted leave. The three ranks are Regulars, Lieutenants, and Founders.
a. Council – Members of the company who generally oversee the direction of the company and the acquisition of jobs. Each council member has a set of specialties that they are considered more skilled in than their peers. As a result of this, see to section 1.1 for specialized skill among members.
b. Lieutenants – For jobs that require a formal breakdown of tactics and leadership, lieutenants are those who issue orders to regulars based on information and insight about a given job.
c. Regulars – Full members who have proven themselves and receive the full benefits of the rank in regards to votes and compensation.
d. Recruits – New members who are on a trial period basis. After such time a recruit is either promoted or cut loose. Recruits do not have a vote on matters of the company.

2. Compensation and distribution of profit – All funds brought into the company via the completion of jobs are company property. Members receive wages and bonuses based on their rank and performance of the company. Firstly all members are entitled to food and shelter while on duty. These items are provided for by the company usually at the mobile base of operations. Additionally set wages are as follows:
a. Council members receive 1gp per day paid weekly from the company treasury.
b. Lieutenants receive 5sp per day paid weekly from the company treasury.
c. Regulars receive 3sp per day paid weekly from the company treasury.
d. Recruits receive 1sp per day paid weekly from the company treasury.
e. The company receives all proceeds from jobs which go into the treasury.

Shae Vanderins Proposal

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