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Session 1 – Our initial heroic duo, Hoxton the paladin and Gregory the druid, are brought together for the stomping of horrific evil and also uppity flagstones. They meet their contact in an abandoned crypt complex, once used as a staging ground for the Undead legions of Mishria.

Session 2 – Direct continuation of session 1.

Session 3 – Direction continuation of session 2.

Session 4 – In which our original heroic duo is broken, Gregory returns to his studies, and Hoxton is joined by two new comrades.

Session 5 – In which our new heroic trio is joined by another pathetic lifeform!

Session 6 – In which our valiant party returns to Rurik, fashionably late…

Session 7 – In which our valiant party leaves Rurik for bigger and better things.

Session 8 – In which our party arrives at Garmol. . . .

Session 9 – In which our party does some crazy shit.

Session 10 – In which our party goes tomb-diving.

Session 11 – In which our party does.. uh… something? Oh, god, help.

Session 12 – A short session in which our party sets out to save the townsfolk who were driven to banditry by their oppressors!

Session 13 – In which we returned to Garmol, incorporated many peasant revolutionaries into Ashby, caused a massive class-based pogrom, liberated the serfs, and turned Hoxton into a…

Session 14 – The party chases Shae to keep her from committing suicide. Shae fails to commit suicide. Raegar looks for a lumber mill site. The party hunts a spider. There are dwarves in here, too.

Session 15 – In which our party does things. Terrible things. And signs registration papers to begin a mercenary company.

Session 16 – In which.. things.. happen? Nah, just kidding, they just talked a lot. And Raegar took ill.

Session 17 – …… I have no idea.

Session 18 – Tombshade!

Session 19 – And some more Tombshade..

Session 20 – In which our party schemes to prevent or start an insurrection for personal gain.

Session 21 – In which our party stumbles into something Greater Than Itself, and witnesses the fall of Tombshade.

Session 22 – Tomb diving, yay!

Session 23 – In which our party discovers an unpleasant thing. Also, gnomes.

Session 24 and 25 – In which … help?

Session 26 – In which Chapter 1 ends.

Session 27 – Chapter 2 Start.

Session 28 – Stuff.

Session 29 – Our party begins exploring the Bonemurk.

Session 30 – In which we reach an impasse and the party splits. And in which Shae moves up in the world.

Session 31 – In which our party is rejoined by Gregory Marrow and heads west.

Session 32 – In which our party discovers a lost Elven kingdom.

Session 33 – In which our party becomes wanted murderers and international terrorists.

Session 34 – In which our party flees the scene of last week’s crimes in the hope of finding more easily converted locals elsewhere. Things go poorly.

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Gaming Sessions

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