Royal Province of Daltigoth

Kingdom of Daltigoth

Ruler Krenaste I Klashad
Capitol Kanzaran
Races Approximately 30% Paka
70% Demihumans
Adjective Daltrithaar
Major Deities Sekhmet, Bast, Astarte, Melqart

While the Kingdom of Daltigoth lays claim to most of its home continent, the province itself claims only the north-eastern portion. Cities here are divided into two categories – one group of them is occupied primarily by the Paka population, while the others serve as home to the demihumans that make up most of the national population. Most of the latter are far older settlements which predate the kingdom by quite some time.

The social hierarchy is heavily stratified by race, with the Paka at the top, followed by a small local Dwarven population. These Dwarves are largely exempt from taxation and are almost all employed either directly in the military or in its various supporting industries. The demihumans of Mishria come in third, while at the bottom of the ladder are the other people of Daltigoth. Daltigoth’s native demihumans form the bulk of the labor force and most of any military expedition.

Economically, Daltigoth is largely self sufficient at the moment. They have very little contact beyond their home continent since exploration took a back seat to the pacification of the Mishrian problem. Recently however the fleet has begun to venture beyond the home waters and probe the Dragon held lands to the south, in search of either trade or new potential conquests.

Equipment Availability

Armor :

  • Common : Gambeson, Aketon, Ringmail, Mail Shirt, Mail Hauberk, Light Mail
  • Uncommon : Coat-of-Plates, Lamellar Cuirass
  • Rare : Breastplate, “Plate Mail”

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Royal Province of Daltigoth

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